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Kilburn Brothers

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  • Corporate body
  • 1865-1909

Kilburn Brothers is a American and Canadian photography studio and publisher founded by Benjamin and Edward Kilburn in 1865. In 1867 the company published a series of 30 views of Montreal and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Benjamin made all the negatives for the company until 1867. In 1877 Edward Kilburn retired leaving Benjamin to run the company until 1909.

Underwood & Underwood

  • Corporate body
  • 1882-1940

Underwood and Underwood was established in 1882 by Bert and Elmer Underwood in Ottawa, Kansas. Originally they distributed stereographs made by eastern photographers in the Western United States. In 1884, they had expanded their franchise across North America and by 1889 opened offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Liverpool, England. By 1890 Underwood & Underwood began publishing original stereographs taken by Bert Underwood. Underwood & Underwood was considered one of the most successful stereoscope publishers in North America in 1901.Underwood & Underwood began producing 25,000 views per day and 300,000 stereoscopes annually. It is suggested that in the earlier years of the company, Underwood & Underwood used H.C. White Company’s stereoscope model until developing their own. The principle stereoscope design by Underwood & Underwood included aluminum hoods, cardholders, and a folding handle. An easy identifiable feature of Underwood & Underwood stereoscopes is the friction joint built to fold the handle.

In 1910 the firm began specialising in news photography, ultimately stopping production of stereographs in 1920. Between 1912 and 1925 the company would sell the entirety of their glass stereo collection to competitor Keystone View Co.. By 1925 both brothers retired, leading to the reorganization of the company into four independent organisations all staying beneath the title of "Underwood & Underwood." These four branches included Underwood & Underwood Illustration Studios of New York, Chicago and Detroit; Underwood & Underwood Portraits, Inc., New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland; Underwood & Underwood, Washington and Chicago; Underwood & Underwood News Photos, Inc., New York.

Stereo-Travel Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1904-1916

Stereo-Travel Co. was founded ca. 1904 specializing in the production of boxed stereograph sets. By 1913, the company had put together 26 tours each containing 100 cards of various visits. This included images of New York City, Cuba, France, Italy, Japan, and England. Stereo-Travel Co. also published custom stereographs for private organizations. By 1913, Stereo-Travel Co. had reached its height in production but unfortunately was discontinued in 1916.

Léon & Lévy

  • Corporate body
  • ca.1867-1870's

In ca. 1864, Moïse Léon and Jules Lévy took over the stereoscopic department at the Ferrier Père & Fils & Soulier company manufacturing glass stereographs. In 1867 the company was renamed to Léon & Lévy. Furthermore, during that year the Léon & Lévy company held the monopoly over photographing the International Exposition in Paris, France.

London Stereoscopic Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1854-ca.1900

The London Stereoscopic Co. was created in 1854 by George Swann Nottage. They mass-produced card mounted stereographs.