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The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing

  • Corporate body
  • 1912-1974

The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing was founded in 1912, with the opening of the Wellesley Hospital. It graduated its first class of nurses in 1915. From the beginning, the Wellesley Hospital depended upon its student nurses - they provided the majority of nursing care for the patients in the early years of the hospital. Because of the small size on the Hospital (72 beds), the Nursing students did training at a variety of different hospitals to augment their training. One such relationship was with the Manhatten Maternity Hospital where they were sent for obstetrical training. This relationship lasted from 1915 to 1919 when Wellesley's obstetrical unit was large enough for adequate training of its own nurses. In 1923 the Ontario government registered the Wellesley school, along with other larger schools in Toronto. This meant the Wellesley Nurses could apply for qualification of Registered Nurse.

The school was run by Elisabeth Grace Flaws. She was also the Hospital Superintendent. This dual position would continue until 1967, when the roles were split into 2 positions. Miss Flaws stayed in this position until 1926. After her retirement, her position was filled by numerous women including Ida B. Smith (1926-1928), Jane McAfee, and Gladys A. Brandt. In 1929, Gertrude Ross was appointed superintendent. She worked in this role until 1937, when she was replaced by Elsie K. Jones. Miss Jones was superindendent until 1964, when she was succeeded by E. Dorothy (Dot) Arnot, who had acted as her assistant from 1948 until 1964. In 1967, the role was divided into 2 positions. Dot Arnot became Assistant Administrator (nursing and food services) and Dorothy L. Eden became director of Nursing Education.

The school's curriculum was subject to change as well. There were 3 major changes in curriculum. The first occurred in 1942, when nursing theory and nursing practice were correlated. The second change occurred in 1956 when the 2 year course changed to a 2 year academic program plus one year internship on the wards. The final change occurred in 1970 when the course was made 2 years with the third year interns were paid for their work and able to live outside of the Nursing residence.

The Nursing school remained in operation until 1973 when it amalgameted with Ryerson Polytechnical Institute School of Nursing. The Wellesley satellite site remained open until 1975, when the last class of Wellesley nurses graduated.

Singer, Sharon

  • Person

Donor, National Film Theatre programs, 2012.

Rochester Optical Department of the Eastman Kodak Company

  • Corporate body
  • 1903-1922

The Rochester Optical company was founded in 1883 by W.F. Carlton when he acquired the camera and dry plate manufacturing business of William. H. Walker and company. The Rochester Optical Company was best known for the Premo view camera, a product that continued to be manufactured after the company was taken over by Kodak in 1903, following an unsuccessful bid by five camera companies to merge into the Rochester Optical and Camera Company. The company was re-named the Rochester Optical Company. After 1907, the company was known as the Rochester Optical Division of the Eastman Kodak Company, changing again to the Rochester Optical Department of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1918.

Source: Kingslake, R. (1974). A history of the Rochester, NY camera and lens companies. Photographic Historical Society. Retrieved from:

Frederick W. Lyonde & Sons

  • Corporate body
  • 1921-[19--]

Frederick William Lyonde operated a photography studio at Yonge and Queen Streets, Toronto, Ontario from 1897-1925. In 1921, he partnered with his sons and renamed the studio "Frederick William Lyonde and His Sons".

Fogo, J. Gordon, 1896-1952

  • Person
  • 1896-1952

James Gordon Fogo (1896-1952) was a Canadian lawyer and senator. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he was appointed co-chairman of the Third National Convention of the Liberal Party in 1948, and summoned to the Canadian Senate in 1949, representing the senetorial division of Carleton, Ontario.


  • Corporate body
  • 1898-1914

Ignacy Romaszkiewicz, born in Lithuania in 1874, moved to the United States in 1896 where he learned the trade of a photographer. In 1898 he set up his own studio at 1017 Broadway, Buffalo, New York where he photographer many of the city's elite, including priests, businessmen and visiting dignitaries. In 1914 he sold his studio to Walter Grzelak.

Fisher, Eddie

  • Family
  • 1928-2010

Edwin Jack "Eddie" Fisher was an American entertainer. He was the most successful pop singles artist of the first half of the 1950s, selling millions of records and hosting his own TV show.

Damone, Vic

  • Person
  • 1928-2018

He was born Vito Rocco Farinola in Brooklyn, New York, one of five children, and the only son, of Mamie (nee Damone) and Rocco Farinola, who lived in Bensonhurst, a predominantly Italian neighbourhood. When Mamie was hospitalized with pneumonia in 1931, Rocco taught his son to sing "You’re Driving Me Crazy" at her bedside. Although Rocco expected Vito to follow him in becoming an electrician, the young boy was more interested in his mother’s skills as a pianist.
Vito attended Lafayette high school in Brooklyn and also worked delivering groceries from the age of 12. On leaving school, he became an usher at the Paramount theatre in New York. When the up-and-coming Perry Como performed at the Paramount, Vito stopped the lift between floors and asked Como to hear his voice. Como told him to stick with it, so he took his mother’s maiden name to attempt a singing career as Vic Damone.
In 1946 Damone had success on a radio talent show hosted by Arthur Godfrey. He had his first US hit the following year, with I Have But One Heart, which he sang in Italian and English, and he followed it with "Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart," a duet with Patti Page. He released a couple more hit songs, topping the charts in 1949. In 1951, Damone appeared in the film musicals Rich, Young and Pretty with Jane Powell and The Strip with Mickey Rooney and Louis Armstrong. He served for two years in the US army during the Korean war, entertaining the troops in Germany and appearing on the forces’ station AFN. In 1955 Damone co-starred in the lavish Hollywood musicals Hit the Deck and Kismet. The next year he recorded On the Street Where You Live, a song from the new Broadway success, My Fair Lady. His beautifully controlled vocal resulted in a US Top 10 hit and he also released a successful album, That Towering Feeling!, inspired by the song.
Damone had a stroke in 2000 but recovered sufficiently to undertake a farewell tour which included Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. He retired to Miami and his final performance was at West Palm Beach in 2011.
He was divorced four times. His fifth wife, Rena Rowan, whom he married in 1998, died in 2016.

Kodak Canada Inc.

  • Corporate body
  • 1900-

Canadian Kodak Ltd., which became Kodak Canada Inc. in 1979, manufactured photographic films, papers and equipment for over a century in Toronto, Ontario. The company formed the Canadian branch of the successful Eastman Kodak Company, and officially opened its doors in 1900 at 41 Colborne Street under the direction of John G. Palmer. The company expanded and moved to 588 King Street West in 1908, but already plans were underway for an expansive complex to the north of the city. In 1912, Canadian Kodak purchased 25 acres of farmland near Weston Road and Eglinton Avenue to build a major manufacturing facility known as Kodak Heights. By 1925, there were over 900 employees working in seven buildings at Kodak Heights. Over the years, the company earned a reputation for having a cooperative and supportive relationship with its employees, adopting many of the successful practices in place at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York. In 1940, an Employee's Building was constructed to accommodate the activities of the flourishing Recreation Club, the Department Mangers' Club, and the Kodak Heights Camera Club. During the 1990s, the rise of digital media began to have a serious impact on manufacturing programs at Kodak facilities around the world, causing the Eastman Kodak Company to reduce its production of traditional print photography by one third globally. The company chose to focus on digital products, which did not require the extensive facilities used in the production of traditional photographic materials. On December 9, 2004, Kodak Canada Ltd. informed its employees that manufacturing operations in traditional film products would cease entirely at Kodak Heights. The company's facility faced the same fate as many of its foreign counterparts in England, Australia and France, being completely abandoned and demolished shortly after closure in 2005. Kodak Canada still maintains a sales and support office in downtown Toronto, while the manufacture of traditional photographic chemistry has returned to Rochester.

Vastokas, Ron

Dr. Ron Vastokas taught anthropology at Trent University from 1965-1996, where his research interests ranged from visual anthropology (film and video), culture and communication, minority groups, East European post-communist development, Aboriginal rock art and Great Lakes area archaeology. He played an active role in several government organizations, including serving as the Director of the Ontario Heritage Foundation; Director of the Cultural Properties Export and Import Act Review Board, Secretary of State, Canada; and leader of the Vilnius Program for the Government of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs' Canada Baltic Assistance Program. From 1989-2003, he worked with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as a consultant and teacher in post-Soviet Eastern Europe. During his time spent in the Baltic States with CIDA, he became fascinated with the image of Lenin, "the 'father' of the USSR as he was conceived as presented by the state to its citizens during the last decade of its disintegration, generally designated as perestroika." His goal in collecting Lenin imagery was anthropological in approach, not simply "to document a momentous period in history, but to gather palpable evidence that the omnipresent, powerful, and revered image of this superhuman [Lenin], sometimes given godlike attributes, ranked as sacral art, to say nothing of its immediate and ubiquitous significance as political propaganda."

Schipper, Sidney

  • Person

Sidney Schipper B.A., M.Ed., P.MGR., MCI ARB. ran a consulting company that specialized in apparel, fur, and training course development; commercial arbitration, and fur insurance appraisal. He may also have been afiliated with Ryerson's Fashion school at some point around 1986.

Damude, Brian

  • Person
  • [ca. 1995]

Brian Damude has pursued a career as a filmmaker, screenwriter, media educator and, more recently, a photographer with a focus on abstract landscapes. In 1995 he was appointed Chair of the School of Image Arts (Film-Photography-New Media) at Ryerson University, a position he held for 10 years. During his sabbatical in 2005/06 he traveled in Europe and South America to photograph and develop several new photo-based expositions. As of 2014, Brian is working full-time as a professor of film studies and media production at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Zwyer, Sandy

  • Person

Sandy Zwyer graduated from Ryerson's School of Radio and Television Arts (RTA) in 1979.

MacMillan, Margaret

  • Person

Margaret Olwen MacMillan was born in Toronto in 1943. After earning an Honours B.A. in Modern History from the University of Toronto, she completed a B.Phil. in Politics at Oxford University, where she subsequently wrote her doctoral thesis on the social and political attitudes of the British in India.

From 1975 to 2002, Dr. MacMillan was a Professor of History at Ryerson University including five years as departmental chair. In addition to her teaching in the classroom and academic publications, she has collaborated with Professor Robert Bothwell on an innovative series of educational radio programmes for CJRT/Open College on international relations. In 2002, she was named Provost of Trinity College and a Professor of History at the University of Toronto.

Davis, Lindsay

  • Person

Lindsay Davis, M.S. was an instructor in the Ryerson University School of Occupational and Public Health.

Barta, Peter

  • Person
  • [ca. 1967]

Peter Barta received his Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Toronto, and his Masters of Science from a University in New Brunswick. He also achieved his Professional Engineer classification. He started at Ryerson on January 1, 1967 and worked in the Department of Electrical Technology, then the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He joined Ryerson's 25 Year Club in 1992 and retired from Ryerson in 1996.

Berberoglu, Hrayr

  • Person
  • [ca. 1968]

Hrayr Berberoglu received his diploma from the Salzburg Hotel Management School in Austria. After which he worked in hotels in Germany. In 1968 he emigrated to Montreal and then to Toronto - working at the Sutton Place, and Bristol Hotels. He began lecturing at Ryerson's Hospitality and Tourism program. He continued on as a professor with the school for 27 years, retiring in 2001. During this period he also received his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University. Hrayr has written more than 40 books on food, wine, and the hospitality industry. He also contributes work to several online magazines and consults for the food and wine industries.

MacBeth, Christina

  • Person
  • 1915-1974

Christina Isabel MacBeth was born November 8, 1915 in Milverton, Ontario to Malcolm and Janet Stewart MacBeth. She attended Alma College, St. Thomas Ontario. She attended the University of Toronto and graduated in 1939 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She continued on to finish her Masters in Education there and completed post-graduate studies at the School of Film Technique in London and at the University of Waterloo. She worked as and English and Science teacher and later as principal of Merlin High School and taught in Nassau, Bahamas.
She attended Ryerson Institute of Technology and received her diploma in Radio and Television Arts in 1952. She was hired that same year as a facutly member. In 1965, she took a leave of absence from Ryerson to run unsuccessfully for the Liberal Party of Canada in the Perth Riding. In 1968, she became the editor and publisher of the Milverton Sun Newspaper, which had been owned by her father. Christina was a founding member of Ryerson's Faculty Association, acting as its Vice President and acting President in the early 1970s. She was Ryerson's Board of Governors from 1972-1973.

Christina MacBeth retired from Ryerson in 1973 due to illness, passing September 20, 1974. At the time of her death, she was vice-president of the Media Club of Canada (Toronto Branch) and a member of the University Women's Club. The Christina MacBeth Memorial Award was established at Ryerson in her honour.

Scott-Thomas, Lois

  • Person

Dr. Lois M. Scott-Thomas was an instructor in the Department of English at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute from 1950 to 1955. Scott-Thomas was trained as a philologist. She taught courses in Poetry, Journalism and Printing Technology and wrote a column about word origins, titled "A Word With You," for the Ryerson publication, The Little Weekly, circa 1950.

Bevis, Adrian

  • Person
  • [ca. 1976]

Adrian Bevis started in the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Library in 1976. In 1987 he was promoted from library assistant to library technician. Adrian started out as a periodical assistant, eventually ending up in the Media library. He was inducted into Ryerson's 25 year club in 2001 and retired after 27 years service in August of 2003. Aside from his work in the Ryerson library, Adrian is known for his hand drawn cards. He is also a musician and songwriter, playing the bass and the guitar.

Elder, Bruce

  • Person

Richard Bruce Elder (b. June 12, 1947) is an experimental filmmaker, critic, curator and educator. Elder earned a BA (Hons.) in Philosophy from McMaster University, an MA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto (1970), and a BAA in Media Studies from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Elder began teaching in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Ryerson in 1978. In 1999, he became a Professor in the School of Graduate Studies and, in 2002, earned his full Professorship in the School of Image Arts. Since 1998, Elder has also taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Programme in Film and Media and in the Graduate Programme in Social and Political Theory at York University. In 2005, Elder became the Program Director of the Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture at York and Ryerson Universities. As a filmmaker, his work has been shown throughout Europe and North America and has been exhibited in 11 career retrospectives, including at the Art Gallery of Ontario (1985), the Anthology Film Archives, New York (1995), Antechamber, Regina (2000), and the University of Western Ontario, London (2002). Elder has received numerous awards throughout his career. In 1976, his film Barbara is a Vision of Loveliness earned the Canadian Film Award and, in 1980, his film The Art of Worldly Wisdom, was named Best Independent Experimental Film by the Los Angeles Critics Circle. In 2000, he received the Sarwan Sahota Distinguished Scholar Award from Ryerson University and, in 2007, he was awarded a Canadian Governor General's Award in visual and media arts

Mock, Dennis

  • Person

In 1971 Dennis Mock joined Ryerson faculty in Social Sciences Department as a geography professor. He was part of a group who created the first Applied Geography program in Canada, offered for first time in 1975 at Ryerson. Between 1979 and 1987 he was the chair of the Geography Department. In 1987 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award of the Canadian Association of Geographers for the work he did on a committee that restructured the Ontario high school geography curriculum. In 1988 he was a visiting professor of geography for six weeks in Australia. On May 1, 1989 he was appointed Ryerson's Registrar. Up to this point Dennis Mock had participated in many committees and activities including Chair of the Academic space Planning Committee; Represented Ryerson on the Council of Ontario Universities OSIS liaison committee; Chair of Academic Term Committee of Academic Council; Chair of the GPA Committee; Member of Academic Council (now the Senate); Arbitrator to resolve faculty appeals (at least 3 occasions); Appeals Committee of the Ryerson Faculty Association; and Chair of the Arts Re-organization Committee. In 1989 he was appointed the Vice President Academic, a post he held for 11 years. Between August 1990 - Jan 1991 he was Acting President. In 2000 Dennis Mock retired from Ryerson and the University established the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Awards in honour of his years of service to the University.

Brillinger, Harold

  • 1913-

Harold Brillinger was a professional dancer and a dance instructor at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Brillinger was born to a Toronto pharmacist in China in 1913. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to California before settling in Toronto. During the Second World War, Brillinger flew with the RCAF, then worked as a painter and photographer, notably capturing the likenesses of both Pierre Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson. In his early twenties, he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in show business and appeared in minor roles for RKO, a major Hollywood film studio. These included bit parts with actors such as Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Errol Flynn, and others. In 1978, at age 65, Brillinger graduated with a Diploma in Photographic Arts from Ryerson. He began teaching dance at the Institute in 1979, a position he still held in 1995. He is the author of four books, including his autobiography, These Dancing Feet (1992).

Baines, Carol

  • Person
  • [ca. 1967]

Carol Baines received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan, her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of British Columbia, and her Masters Degree from the University of Toronto. Carol began work at Ryerson University in 1967. In 1979 she appointed Chair of Social Work, and held that position until 1984 when she stepped down, going on sabbatical to work on her Ph.D at the University of Toronto. Carol received her Ph.D in 1991. She retired from Ryerson in 2001, but is listed as a Professor Emerita for the 2008-2009 school year.

Cooper, Linda

  • Person
  • [ca. 1968]

Linda Cooper was a Professor and Associate Director of the Collaborative Degree Program in the School of Nursing at Ryerson University. Dr. Cooper graduated from the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing in 1968. She earned her BSc from the University of Windsor, her MS from Boston University, and her PhD from Wayne State University. Her research focuses on young children's exposure to community violence, the use of creative strategies in the classroom, and mentorship. She teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs, with an emphasis on theoretical foundations of nursing practice and nursing knowledge development. Cooper is actively involved in Sigma Theta Tau International and the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO), acting as the latter's Vice-President and chair of the Awards and Scholarships Committee. She has been awarded research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and others, and has held several positions in clinical practice. Dr. Cooper retired from Ryerson University in 2015.

Cheung, Richard

  • Person
  • [ca. 1989]

Dr. Richard Cheung received his B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. degrees from University of Toronto. After graduation he was a Research Engineer at Ontario Hydro. He became a registered Professional Engineer in 1987 and started teaching at Ryerson University in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1989. Richard Cheung has acted as a consultant for for electricity utilities and the power industry since 1990. He completed over 20 major projects and built 4 special-purposed power converters for Ontario utilities and mining industry, and manufactured 1 solar-energy converter.

Cuenca, Manuel

  • Person
  • [ca. 1996]

Manuel Alvarez Cuenca is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Head of the Laboratory of Membrane Bioreactors at Ryerson University. He holds a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physics and Chemical Engineering, respectively, from the University of Western Ontario. He has over 15 years of industrial experience with multinational corporations in the areas of fluidized bed reactors, bioreactor design, water treatment and clean power generation. In 2002, he founded Ecotechnos Inc., a company devoted to the design and construction of advanced bioreactors for the treatment of industrial wastewater. He is an active consultant for governments and the private sector in Canada, Spain and Iberoamerica in the areas of water treatment, and energy. His academic record spans over two decades with universities in Europe, Canada, and South America, including Ryerson University, U. of Western Ontario, U of Waterloo, U. of Guelph, U of Windsor ), U.Politécnica de Madrid ( Spain),) Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia), U de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), Corporacion Universitaria de la Costa(Colombia ). He holds four patents on the design of compact bioreactors, has authored over fifty papers and one book on Pressurized Fluid Beds Combustion, and has chaired and participated in the organization of numerous international conferences and congresses including the 5th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, San Diego California,1996. Cuenca has taught numerous courses and seminars on Water/wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants and has won several awards as Academic Adviser in Plant Design Competitions with Water Environmental Federation, and Water Environment Association of Ontario (Ottawa 2012, New Orleans 2010, London 2010).

Cott, Bill

  • Person
  • ?-2009

William J. Cott (d. October 20, 2009) was a Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University. Cott earned his BSc (1955) and MSc (1956) from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation, he worked for Dupont Canada Ltd. before joining the faculty at Ryerson in 1968. He was the Assistant Chair of the Department from 1977 to 1980 and again from 1986 until 1997. His research focused on reactions of fluoroalkyl magnesium halides. He retired to Emeritus status in 1997.

Gillin, Terry

  • Person

C.T. (Terry) Gillin is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ryerson University. Gillin was raised in San Francisco. He earned his B.A. in Sociology from the University of San Fransisco and Master's degrees in Sociology (McMaster University), Social and Political Thought (York University), and Legal and Ethical Studies (University of Baltimore). He has also earned s a certificate in Dispute Resolution from the University of Toronto and training in Transformative Mediation from Hofstra University. Before joining the faculty at Ryerson, he lived and taught in Massachusetts, Indiana, New Brunswick and other regions of Ontario. His research focuses on the social analysis of judicial decisions concerning mandatory retirement and of arbitration awards concerning academic freedom. Over the years Professor Gillin has taught a wide range of sociology and interdisciplinary courses.

Coulter, Philip

  • Person
  • [ca. 1952]

Philip E. Coulter graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in 1952. While at Ryerson, Coulter played as a defensive end for the Ryerson Rams football team. After graduating, Coulter received an offer to play with the Toronto Argonauts, which he declined in order to pursue a career in engineering. To this end, he moved to the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, where he built landing strips with the US Army Corps of Engineers, before returning to Canada to earn his Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University (1956). In addition to this degree, he earned a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (1961), a Bachelor's Degree in Education (1966), and a Master's degree in Adult Education (1968) from the University of Toronto. Coulter has spent his career as a professional engineer and educator in private industry and government, including posts with the Governments of Canada and Ontario, the Toronto District School Board, Goodyear Canada, Sun Life Co. of Canada, Scrap Tires Inc. of Ontario, Walters Forensic Engineering, and others. His professional specializations include: heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; system design and analysis; mechanical systems failure analysis; air quality assessment; and expert witnessing.

Butler, Lenora F.

  • Person
  • [ca. 1964]

Lenora F. Butler is a former Professor of Psychology at Ryerson University (1964-1973). Butler earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 1976. After leaving Ryerson, Butler embarked on a career in program management and development, market research, and the non-profit sector. She became the President and Founder of Butler Research Associates (1984 - 1989), President of Market Probe Canada (1998-1999), and Founder and Executive Director of Volunteers Readers Programme (2009 to the present).

Chauncey, Carole

  • Person
  • [ca. 1980]

Carole A. Chauncey is a former professor of Business Technology Management in the Ted Rogers School of Information Management at Ryerson University (1989 - 2014). Chauncey earned her BSc in Biology at the City University of New York (1971), and her MSLS in Information and Library Science (1980) and PhD in Information Science (1987) from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining the Faculty at Ryerson, Chauncey worked as an Applications Specialist at Baxter Corporation (1989) and as a Senior Medical Technologist at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre (1980-1989). Her research interests include information technology management, workflow solutions, process analysis/business process reengineering, and information systems planning and development.

Kawall, J. Greg

  • Person

J. Greg Kawall is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University. In addition to being a Professional Engineer, Kawall earned his BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Toronto. He joined the Faculty at Ryerson in 1998, retiring in 2012. From 2006 to 2012, Kawall was the Director of the Graduate Program within the Faculty.

Maskeri, Anila K.

  • Person

Anila K. Maskeri earned her BSc in Nursing from the University of Delhi, India, and her MA in Nursing Education from Columbia University and in 1995 earned a Masters in Education Counselling from the University of Toronto. She joined the nursing faculty at Ryerson in 1971 after working in varied nursing positions in India, England, the United States, and Canada. She retired from Ryerson in 1996.

Goheen, Kevin

  • Person

Kevin Goheen was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Associate Vice President, Academic at Ryerson University from 1995 to 1996. Goheen earned his BSc (Hons.) at Queen's University and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at University College London. Prior to taking on his role at Ryerson, Goheen was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University. Goheen left Ryerson to pursue a position with Yorkton Securities, Inc. of Toronto. He worked as an Adjunct Professor of Engineering at Carleton University until 2010 and is currently the Executive Director of the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

VanderBurgh, Clive

  • Person

Clive VanderBurgh is a Professor Emeritus with the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University. VanderBurgh earned his BA from the University of Toronto and his MSc from Syracuse University. He joined the faculty in 1990 and retired in 2006. Before his tenure at Ryerson, Clive was an executive producer and producer/director at TV Ontario where he was responsible for creating many children's series including Today's Special, McCabe Mysteries, Math Patrol and MathMakers. As a freelancer, Clive also produced, directed and wrote segments for CBC Sesame Street. He has written, produced and recorded hundreds of children's songs as well as four adult alternative music CD's and has co-written a theatrical musical, developed for the stage.

Hunter-Harvey, Susan

Susan Hunter-Harvey was a professor in the Department of Sociology at Ryerson University from 1975 to 1992. Hunter-Harvey earned her BA from the University of Wisconsin and her MA and PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii. Prior to joining the faculty at Ryerson, she acted as Ward 9 School Trustee for the City of Toronto. In 1991, she was appointed acting chair of the Department of Sociology. Her research interests include youth homelessness, international development, and women's studies. After leaving Ryerson, Hunter-Harvey took a tenured faculty position as the Vice President, Academic and Research, at Brandon University, Manitoba.

Wu, June

  • Person

June Wu was an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University. Wu joined the faculty in 1994. In addition to earning her PEng, Wu received her MEng from the East China Institute of Textile Science and Technology and her PhD in Management Sciences from Waterloo University. Her research interests include systems modelling and optimization, production planning and control, simulation for industrial systems, operations research, and applications to energy, environment and transportation.

Drainie, Bronwyn

  • Person

Bronwyn Drainie is a Canadian arts journalist, broadcaster, and editor of the Literary Review of Canada. Drainie is a former instructor of Journalism Ethics at Ryerson and the author of My Jerusalem: Secular adventures in the Holy City (Doubleday, 1995) and Living the Part: John Drainie and the Dilemma of Canadian Stardom (MacMillan, 1988). She has been a columnist and book reviewer for The Globe and Mail and is a former host of programming on CBC Radio, including the flagship program Sunday Morning. She is the daughter of actors John Drainie and Claire Drainie Taylor.

Chu, Alice

  • Person
  • [ca. 2013]

Alice I-fang Chu is a colour designer specializing in colour pedagogy and colour/design trend forecast and is a former professor of Colour and Design in the Department of Fashion at Ryerson University - she retired in 2013 after 36 years at Ryerson.
Chu earned her BFA at the National Taiwan Normal University, her Diploma in Education from McGill University and her MFA from Columbia University.
She has worked as design editor in New York City, Boston, Montreal and Toronto. Chu was the Chair of the Graphic Design Department, Dawson College of Montreal from 1974 to 1977, Board Director of the Canadian Society for Color from 1983 to 1987, Board Director of the Color Marketing Group International from 2000 to 2003, and has been a registered graphic designer of Canada since 1978. Chu was named Ryerson’s Professor of the Year in 1989 and was recognized as a "Popular Prof of Ryerson" by Maclean's magazine in 2006. She was the recipient of the CMG International Color Link Award, and was inducted to the Who’s Who in Canadian Women in 1977.

Easa, Said

  • Person

Said Easa is a professor of Civil Engineering at Ryerson University. Easa earned his M.Eng. from McMaster University and Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley. His research interests include Highway Geometric Design and Road Safety, Human Factors in Transportation, Traffic Operations and Management, Modeling of Transportation Networks, Transportation Systems Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Geographic Information Systems. Easa was Vice-President (Administration) of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and member of CSCE Board of Directors. In 1996, he initiated and chaired the highly successful CSCE transportation conference series, held in Edmonton, Halifax, London, Montreal, Saskatoon, and Toronto. His international activities include serving as chair of the ASCE Intermodal Committee, as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, and as guest editor of several special issues of this journal. Easa was Chair of the Executive Committee of the ASCE Urban Transportation Division (1997) and its CSCE counterpart (1994-98), and co-chair of the ASCE conference in 1998. That same year, he led a CSCE delegation to China focusing on sustainable transportation systems. His work has received several national/international best-paper and lifetime achievement awards, including the 2005 Arthur M. Wellington Prize from ASCE for best paper, the 2003 Sandford Fleming Award from CSCE, and the 2001 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award from ASCE. He has authored and co-authored more than 350 technical works, including nearly 200 refereed journal articles and book contributions.

Easton, John

  • Person

John Wallace Easton is a former Chemistry Professor and Director of Ryerson's Office of Co-operative Education. Easton graduated from Ryerson with a diploma in Chemical Technology in 1964 and earned his PhD from McMaster University in 1974. While a member of the faculty at Ryerson, he was the Chair of the Department of Applied Chemistry and Biology and the School of Chemical Engineering from 1986 until 1996, during which time co-operative education was established in both programs. After Ryerson, Easton joined the faculty of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he has served as the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and as the Co-ordinator of Co-operative Education.

Yuce, Ayse

  • Person

Ayse Yuce has been a Professor of Finance at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson Unversity since 2001. Yuce receive her PhD from Louisiana State University. After graduation, Yuce worked at Bilkent University, Turkey, before taking a position as a visiting professor at Wilfred Laurier University, then as an assistant professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. She has several publications in finance journals, as well as two books. As an emerging market expert, Yuce has delivered speeches at the IMF and the World Bank on Eastern European Stock Markets. She is a member of the American Finance Association, Financial Management Association, Middle Eastern Economic Association, Multinational Finance Society, and Women Economist's Society.

Magness, Vanessa

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Vanessa Magness has been an Associate Professor in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University since 2000. Magness earned her BA in Administrative Studies from York University (1983), her MBA from the University of Toronto (1992), and her PhD in Accounting, Finance, and Environmental Economics at the University of Manitoba (2000), having received the Meloche Monnex Society of Management Accountants of Canada Doctoral Scholarhip. She became a Certified Management Accountant in 1989. Before joining the faculty at Ryerson, Magness held instructional positions at the University of Manitoba, Keyano College (AB), and York University. In 2003, she won the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada's Best Paper Award and the Canadian Academic Accounting Association's Innovation in Accounting Education Competition. Her research interests include environmental accounting, environmental reporting, and shareholder reactions to environmental management.

Tremblay, Pierre

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Pierre Tremblay is a Toronto-based artist and an Associate Professor at Ryerson University. Tremblay was born in Québec City. He earned Bachelors of Applied Arts in Design and Photography from Laval University and in Still Photography Studies from Ryerson University. He received his MFA in Art and Technology of Image from Paris University Bibliothèque Nationale Bayard Presse. Tremblay lived and worked for many years in Paris. From 1994 through 1996, he taught advanced computer imaging at the Paris branch of the Parson's School of Design, moving to Toronto in 1998. Tremblay's work in still and motion picture photography, as well as sound and new media, has been exhibited for over twenty years and appears in a number of public and private collections in Canada and France. Tremblay has acted as the coordinator for the French visiting artist program at the School of Image Arts and has coordinated cross-cultural conferences, bringing together artists and scholars from Quebec, Ontario and France to discuss new media technology and artistic practice.

Middleton, Catherine

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Catherine Middleton earned her B. A. from Queen's University in Kingston, her MMA from Bond University in Australia and her PhD from York University. She joined the School of Information and Technology Management at Ryerson University in 2002. Catherine was a Canada Research Chair in Communication Technologies in the Information Society and was named to the inaugural cohort of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in 2014. Her research and publication history focus on the development and use of new communication technologies, with specific interests in mobile devices and fixed and wireless broadband networks.

Carvalho, M. Juliana

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  • [ca. 1990]

M. Juliana Carvalho is a professor of Physics in the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University. Carvalho joined Ryerson in 1990 after earning her PhD and MSc in Physics from the Unversity of Toronto, and her Liceniciada from the Universidade de Lisboa. Her research focuses on collective motion in nuclear physics, algebraic models, Schur function formalism, and MAPLE as a pedagogical tool.

Kembley, Lorne

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Lorne Garfield Kembley graduated from Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1960 with a Diploma in Electronic Technology. While at Ryerson, Kembley was a member of the Ryeham Radio Club and was awarded the E.L. Palin Trophy upon graduation. He became certified as an Engineering Technologist by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario in 1961 while working for the Northern Electric Company, Ltd. of Belleville, Ontario.

Gekas, George

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George Gekas joined the faculty of Business Administration at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University as an Associate Professor in 2002. Gekas holds a PhD in Accounting from the University of Hull, England, an MBA in Financial Management and a BA (Hons) in Policy-Marketing from the University of Windsor, Ontario, and a BA (Hons) in Economic Theory from the Graduate School of Business and Economics, Greece. Gekas additionally earned an MA in Economics from Lakehead University, as well as a PMgr and CMA certificates. Prior to his appointment to Ryerson, Dr. Gekas taught for over 20 years in Business Administration at several universities in Canada, the US, and Europe. His academic career includes appointments with the University College of Cape Breton, Algoma University College, University of Maryland, American College of Greece (Deree), and the University of Western Ontario.

Bea, Jack

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  • [1932-present]

John R. (Jack) Bea was born in Hamilton in 1932. For high school he attended the F. R. Close Technical School in Hamilton. He enrolled in Ryerson with the Electrical Technology Department. While at Ryerson, Jack was a member of the Ryerson Choir and on an intramural volleyball team. He also won a scholarship for electrical measurement. Jack graduated in 1952, and became a member of Ryerson's Electrical Alumni Association.

Shelton, Eric

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Eric Shelton graduated from the Architectural Science program at Ryerson University in 2003. After Ryerson, Shelton took on the role of Project Manager at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign, where he performs duties in the areas of project management, operations, and business development. He is an active member of the Ryerson Architectural Alumni Association, and is responsible for managing the association's finances, branding/web development and meeting facilitation. He has been heavily involved in the coordination of successful association activities, including 2010's The Built Forum II - Infrastructure and Design.

Rebick, Judy

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Judy Rebick is a Canadian journalist and political and feminist activist. Rebick was the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University from August 2002 to January 2011. In addition to teaching courses in Politics during her tenure as Chair, Rebick organized numerous political inititiatives, including The Gathering of Mother Earth Protectors protest, The Anti-Racism Taskforce, The Toronto Social Forum, The Gindin Debates, and others. She was the president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women from 1990 to 1993 and co-hosted CBC's Face Off (1994-1998) and Straight from the Hip (until 2000). Rebick is a regular contributor to CBC Television's Sunday Report and CBC Radio. In 2001, Rebick became the founding publisher of, an independent, progressive multimedia news and editorial site. In 2001, Rebick published Ten Thousand Roses: The Making of a Feminist Revolution, which charts feminist movements in Canada from the 1960s to the 1990s. She followed this publication with her 2009 book, Transforming Power: From the Personal to the Political and 2012's Occupy This. Rebick has been an active member of the New Democratic Party of Ontario, joining the party as a member of the "Campaign for an Activist Party" in the 1980s.

Estable, Mario

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Mario Estable is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology and a researcher in the Molecular Retrovirology Lab at Ryerson University. Estable received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Ottawa, his Master of Science from Laval University, and his PhD from the University of British Columbia. Estable completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at The Rockefeller University in New York City. In addition to his research on vaccines for illnesses such as SARS, Estable gained notoriety in 2006 for discovering, cloning, and naming a protein--Major CDK9 Elongation Factor (MCEF)--that can repress the viral replication necessary for HIV to progress to AIDS.
Estable comes from a lineage of scientific researchers. His grandfather, Clemente Estable (1894-1976) studied in Madrid with Nobel Laureate Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal, then later established the Biological Research Institute in Uruguay. Meanwhile, Estable's parents, Juan and Rosita Estable, worked at the National Institutes of Health, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Stanford University, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration-Ames Research Centre.

Newton, Ruth Ann

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Ruth Ann Newton (née Bond) graduated from Ryerson in 1959 with a diploma in Journalism. While attending Ryerson, Newton was an active member of the Student Advisory Council (SAC), president of the World University Service (WUS), social convenor of the Ryerson Press Club, and helped organize debates for the Young Progressive Conservative Club. In her first year at Ryerson, Newton was co-captain of the basketball, volleyball, and badminton teams. In 1959, Newton received an award from the SAC and from the Ontario Weekly Newspapers Association (OWNA) for the best journalism thesis. That same year, Newton donated funds to establish a bursary to assist women studying Journalism at Ryerson.

Forgacs, Gabor

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Gabor Forgacs is an Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University. Forgacs joined the faculty in 1997 and was the Assistant Director of the School from 2005 to 2006. He is a member of the Graduate Faculty of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Guelph, Ontario, where he has taught Advanced Revenue Management for the MBA program since 2006. Forgacs earned his Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the College of Commerce and Hospitality Management in Budapest, Hungary. He earned his Master's degree in Economics of Commerce and his Doctorate (DR.Oec.) at the Karl Marx University of Economic Sciences, also in Budapest.

Cameron, Brian

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  • [ca. 2000]

Brian Cameron is a Digital Initiatives Librarian at Ryerson University. Cameron holds a BA in History and Political Science from Guelph University, an MA in History from Laurier University, and an MLS from the University of Toronto. Prior to coming to Ryerson in 2000, Cameron held positions in Health Sciences Librarianship at the Toronto Hospital and the University Health Network. Cameron was editor-in-chief of OCULA Online Publications (2010-2013), Director of Publications for the Canadian Health Libraries Association (2001), and President of the Toronto Health Libraries Association. Cameron is a published photographer and publishes informally and academically on Celiac Disease.

Gammel, Irene

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Irene Gammel is a literary historian, biographer and curator. She is a professor of English and holds the Canada Research Chair in Modern Literature and Culture at Ryerson University. Gammel is the Director of the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre at Ryerson and has served on the executive boards of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association, the journal Canadian Literature, and the L.M. Montgomery Institute. Her research focuses on Modern feminist performance art, Canadian and American literature, and European avant-garde movements, such as Dada and Surrealism.
She holds a PhD (1992) and MA (1987) in English from McMaster University, and a Staatsexamen's degree from the Universität des Saarlandes in Germany. She has acted as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Comparative Literature and the Department of English at the University of Toronto (Spring 2004), a visiting professor at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and Erfurt Universität in Germany (Spring 2001), and has taught at the University of Prince Edward Island. Gammel was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2009.

Seeman, Neil

Neil Seeman is an adjunct professor of health law at Ryerson in the School of Health Services Management. He is a healthcare consultant, lawyer, businessperson and founder and CEO of the University of Toronto’s Health Strategy Innovation Cell.

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