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Akitt, Alan D.

  • Person
  • 1928-2012

He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1928, and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Manitoba in 1950. He began his career by moving to Toronto to take a position with John B. Parkin & Associates and eventually established the firm Akitt & Swanson with Herb Swanson. He was a sports enthusiast, enjoying skiing, curling and tennis and golf. He also enjoyed travelling with his wife.

Baldwin, Edward R.

  • Person
  • [ca. 1981]

He was an architect active in Toronto, ON.

George and Moorhouse

  • Corporate body

Architecture firm founded by Walter Norwood Moorhouse (1884-1977) and Allan George (1873-1961) in 1913. Their business was interrupted by WWI, and after returning to Canada from service with the Canadian Army during WWI. Moorhouse persuaded his business partner to invite Cecil C. King to join them in the partnership in late 1919. Both Moorhouse and King had already collaborated on the design of Glenmount Church in 1914, and their new firm of George, Moorhouse & King was remarkably prolific, remaining active until 1935. After the departure of King in 1935 the firm of George & Moorhouse continued to carry out major projects until 1943. Moorhouse retired and later died at Oakville, Ont. on 25 January 1977.

Peterson, Oscar

  • Person
  • 1925-2007

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson was a Canadian jazz pianist and composer, born in Montreal, Quebec.

W. N. Malby

  • Person
  • 1880-1892

Walter Noah Malby (c1858-1892) was a professional photographer who operated a portrait studio at 68 East Street, Chichester, England.

Durrer, W.S.

  • Corporate body
  • 1896-1902

Walter S. Durrer operated a photographic portrait studio under his own name, located in Formosa, Ontario.

Johnson & Co.

  • Corporate body
  • 1891-1895

Johnson & Co. was a photography studio that operated in Toronto, Ontario.

The Royal Photo Co.

  • Corporate body
  • [1890]

Photography studio located at 12 Shacklewell Lane, Kingsland, N.E. Kingsland was a small settlement in North East London, now ward of Queensbridge within the Borough of Hackney. The village was adopted as the Dalston Junction with the arrival of the North London Railway in 1865 and gradually became known by the name of the station.

Jas. A. Ross

  • Person
  • ca. 1895

Jas. A. Ross operated a portrait photography studio that was located at 161 Barrington St., Halifax Nova Scotia.

Lee Photography

  • Corporate body
  • 1883-1970

Lee Photography was a studio in the city of Oconto, Wisconsin owned by Wilbur M. Lee. It was open from 1883-1970.

Pittaway & Jarvis

  • Corporate body

Pittaway & Jarvis was a photography studio located in Ottawa, Ontario, that was run by Samuel J. Jarvis and Alfred Pittaway. It opened in 1882 and ran until 1890 when the partnership split and the two became competitors. In 1907 the pair reunited and reopened the studio, which remained open until Pittaway's retirement in 1928

Hobberlin, E.A.

  • 1893

Edward A Hobberlin operated a photography studio at 334 Queen Street East in Toronto, Ontario during the year 1893. In 1892 he was part of a photography partnership, Hobberlin & Hines.

J.W. Boyce

  • Person
  • 1865-1886

John W. Boyce operated a photography studio located that was located in Belleville, Ontario.

Brien, Anthole

  • Corporate body
  • 1901-1936

Anthole Brien operated a photography studio in Montreal, Quebec, located on Notre Dame W.

Johnson Brothers

  • Corporate body
  • [1895-1925]

The Johnson Brothers operated a photography studio that was located in Indian Head, Saskatchewan during the early twentieth century.

Flagg & Plummer

  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1895-1925]

The Flagg & Plummer gallery was a portrait studio that operated in Lewiston, Maine during the early 20th century.

Horace E. Hunt

  • Corporate body

Horace E. Hunt was a photography studio located in Denver Colorado.

W. Farmer

W. Farmer was a photography studio located at 35 King Street in Hamilton Ontario.


  • 1862-?

M. Gillespie operated the Gillespie photography studio in New Castle, Pensylvania during the 1860s.

Crooke, William, 1849-1928

  • Person
  • 1849-1928

William Crooke was one of the best known British professional photographers of his time. He opened a studio at 103 Princes Street in Edinburgh in the early 1890s that was considered to be as beautiful as the photographs he made there.

J.P. Hearn

  • Corporate body

J.P. Hearn operated a photography studio that was located at 114 W. State Street, Olean, N.Y. and advertised in the Williams' Duplex Directory of Olean, N.Y. For 1911 and 1912.


  • Corporate body

A photography studio circa the late nineteenth century located in Sterling Illinois.

F. C. Barnum

  • Corporate body

A photography studio located in Morrison Illinois.

F. G. Lewis

  • Corporate body
  • 1867-1876

New Dominion Fine Art Gallery, a studio operated by Francis G. Lewis from 1867 to 1876, was located at the west side of Thames Street in Ingersoll, Ontario.

Doebereiner, P.

  • Corporate body
  • 1865-1885

P. Doebereiner was an Ontario photographer who operated out of Caledonia and was active from 1865 to 1885.

Hugh H. Ritchie

  • Person
  • 1856-1870

Hugh H. Ritchie operated a photography studio in Edinburgh, Scotland from 1856 to 1870.

Dixon, Samuel J.

  • Person
  • 1876-1896

Samuel J. Dixon was a photographer located in Toronto, Ontario and operated the Electric Light Photo Gallery from 1876 to 1896.

Williams & Williams Arcade Studio

  • Corporate body

Williams & Williams was a photography studio that began operating during the late 1800s located in Cardiff, Wales.

W. H. Gough

W. H. Gough, Artist & Photographer had a studio located in Coventry, England.

F.C.D. Hure

  • Corporate body

Artist, Portrait & Landscape Photographer with photography studio that was located in Shepton Mallet, England.

John Bull

A photography studio that was located in Peterborough, Ontario.

The Notman Studio

  • Corporate body
  • 1869-1923

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and managed by William Hebb until 1876, when Oliver M. Hill took over the position.

Turner and Drinkwater

  • Corporate body

Turner and Drinkwater were photographers who operated a studio by the same name in Hull, Quebec during the late nineteenth century.

Brush, J.A.

  • Person
  • [1870-1890]

J.A. Brush operated a photography studio during the late nineteenth century that was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Leavy's Art Gallery

  • Corporate body

Leavy's Art Gallery, located in New Castle, Pensylvania, featured a photography studio and operated during the late nineteenth century.

Fenner & Co.

  • Corporate body

Fenner & Co. was a photography studio that operated in Toronto, Ontario from 1867 to 1874.

S. Porter

  • Corporate body

S. Porter, Artist & Photographer, had a photography studio located at St. Paul's Street in Chippenham, England during the late nineteenth century.

Sellar, Robert

  • Person
  • 1894-1965

Robert Watson Sellar, politician (b at Huntingdon, Qué 6 Aug 1894; d at Ottawa 4 Jan 1965). Born into a prominent publishing family, Sellar tried various careers before securing a berth in Ottawa as private secretary. He became assistant deputy minister of finance in 1930 and then was treasury comptroller 1932-40. Appointed auditor general in 1940, Sellar reorganized the office, employing a system of personal cajolery and private reproaches. Retiring in 1959, Sellar became royal commissioner examining problems of government organization.

Rice Studio

  • Corporate body
  • 1865-1948

James Rice operated the Rice Studio in Montreal, Quebec from approximately 1901-1948. He was known for his photographs of the Stanley Cup and his portraits of the hockey players of the Montreal Canadiens. His grandfather Moses P. Rice founded the studio in Washington D.C. in 1865.

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