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  • Second largest continent; noted for early sites chronicling development of hominids; ancient, complex civilizations in North; premodern sub-Saharan populated by hunters and farmers; major European expansion 18th-19th centuries; most nations independent 20th century.

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  • Getty Thesaurus For Geographic Names

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Letter, P. J(?). Reid to relative

Thin 8 1/2x11 paper with the logo "REID BROS.,/ ARTISTS AND PHOTO ENGLARGERS" at the top of the page. The address is given as 33 Roeland Street, Cape Town and addressed to a relative in Canada. The letter expresses regret that over the death of a young woman named Jessie.

red and white stamp folder

Red and white cardboard folder, the cover of which bears the image of Lenin and a stamp-shaped title area. Inside, the spine is reinforced with fabric, and the inside of the covers have plastic strips to hold postage stamps in place. The folder contains 15 Soviet postage stamps, mainly depicting Lenin in their imagery. Some stamps are Madagascan, Afghan, Soviet, Kampuchean and Ethiopian.

Egypt album

Brown cardboard album is bound with string. Affixed to the front cover is a watercolour of a man and a camel at the base of the Pyramids. Inserted into the 12 paper pages are photographs of wartime Egypt. There are two loose prints: one of a guard tower, and the other of a shield that reads "Patience!! NOUS te PLUMERONS." Also included are 2 postcards: one is of the H.M.H.S. Asturias, and is addressed to Mrs. Wm. Lawler, of Vancouver, B.C.; the other is a group portrait of soldiers, and is addressed to Mrs. E. Shaw, also of Vancouver.

Shields, Lorne

Obelisk and Temple of Karnak

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image is framed in black and gold. Sticker with a Y on wood frame. Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the glass "688 Obelisque et Temple de Karnak Egypte." in french. Image is of the ruins of the obelisk and temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt with a mule in the foreground.

View-Master model A (Sawyer's)

Item is a handheld plastic view master manufactured by Swayer's Inc. This 3D viewer was first introduced at the New York World Fair (1939-1940).Reel of 16 mm colour transparencies of 7 diametrical pairs depicting Victoria Falls, Southern Rhodesia, Africa. The lever on the side of the viewer will rotate the reel one frame at a time once pressed. Originally this item was meant as an educational tool for adults but quickly became a popular children's toy. Item is made of plastic and metal. Reels are interchangeable and come with a variety of themes.

Written on object : Swayer's view master Portland Ore. U.S. pat.2, 189, 255 Foreign Pats Appl'd For Made in USA

Magic Lantern Slide, Series II

Majority of printed images depict battles(Russo-Japanese War, Battle of Port Arthur, Second Boer War) and there a couple slides with depictions of generals, as well. Other slides depict train passing through town, people riding small animals, and ships caught in stormy waves near a harbour

Panorama of Cairo

Lantern slide, wood frame with glass positive B & W slide. Image is framed by black and gold (paint?). Handwritten in pencil on the wood frame is "Panorama of Cairo." Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the wood frame "Cairo - Panorama Egypt." Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the slide "Panorama du Caire 639" in french. Image of Cairo city, looks to be a market outside city walls (?).

Mehmet Mosque, Cairo

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold paint. Handwrtten in ink on a sticker on the glass "276 Mosque de Mehment-Ali de Caire" in french and in print "L. Manasse, Optician, 88 Madison Street, Chicago," and handwritten in pencil above is "Mosque de Mehmet Ali." Image is of the Mehmet Ali Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Holmes nickle and velvet stereoscopic viewer (unknown)

This item is a Holmes style nickle stereoscope with purple velvet covering the viewer, seated on a pedestal. The body of the item is adorned with floral engravings. Item is compact and collapsible. This object was used to view two nearly identical photographs, or stereographs, as one three dimensional image. The stereograph would be placed in the sliding card holder and adjusted to fit the user's vision until the two images overlap to mimic a three-dimensional effect. Item is able to detach from base and become handheld or remain a tabletop viewer. The silver gelatin stereograph that accompanies this object is of an ancient Egyptian temple produced ca. 1904 by Underwood & Underwood Publishers. Image comes with an explanation about the monument.

Stereographs, Complexes (Buildings and Sites)

2 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
4 stereoscopic photograph by Underwood & Underwood
1 stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, 3 in association with James M. Davis
4 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
1 stereoscopic photograph by AM. Mutoscore & Biograph Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by W. Tylar
1 stereoscopic photograph by Stereo-Travel Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by J. F. Jarvis
1 stereoscopic photograph by C. Degoix
29 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers
2 series of stereoscopic photographs (1 on Sears Roebuck & Co.; 1 on T. Eaton Co.)

Stereographs, Egypt

File consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in Egypt, such as Pyramids, and Ships.

15 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
2 stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers; 5 stereoscopic photographs in association with James M. Davis.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Benjn Pike Jr.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Universal View Co.
2 stereoscopic photographs by W. Hammersmith
6 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood.
3 stereoscopic photographs by J. F. Jarvis Publishers.
2 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman.
1 stereoscopic photograph by The Fine Art Photographers' Publishing Co.
1 stereoscopic photograph by Frank M. Good.
10 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers

Stereographs, South Africa

File consists of stereographs and stereoscopic sets depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in South Africa, such as cityscapes, city scenes, and landscapes.

16 stereoscopic photographs by Kilburn Brothers, in association with James M. Davis
2 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood and Underwood
5 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
1 series by Underwood & Underwood

15 Frozen Images on Polaroid Type 150 Film

Portfolio is a series of photographs selected from the exhibition "Moroccan Portraits" and are part of a limited edition of 500. Photographs used Polaroid Type 150 Postive/Negative Film and are black and white. These photographs include a selection of people from Morocco and one monkey, and a smaller Polaroid portrait which depicts another angle of the figure.

Shin Sugino

South Africa horse album

Red cloth cover with embossed gold design. Watermark and stains on cover. White pages with two window openings per page.
Photographs are mostly taken in South Africa. Included are photographs of De Aar, which at the time was the second-most important railway junction in the country. Photographs are mostly of horses on polo fields, some of people playing polo, some of trains and people with horses. There are also photographs of military and military camps, and a photograph at Vry Staat Hotel.

South Africa-India album

Green cover with black edge and corners; spine and binding detached. Green end pages and brown pages throughout. Few handcoloured photographs; several photographs significantly yellowed.

Themes include landscapes, scenic views, snapshot portraits, carriages, coastal views, beach scenes, ships and boats, architectural photographs of popular sites, traditional or tribal dress, early car, military uniforms, weddings, horse-drawn carriages, elephant-back carriage.

Sites and locations include: Bay Esplanade, West Street, The Old Fort and Ocean Beach at Durban, South Africa; some places in Natal, South Africa.

7 More Wonders of the World, View-master Reel

File contains wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from different locations around the world, captive animals from different lands, performing animals, circuses and events, stories/fairy tales, indigenous peoples. Comes with a form to order more in the series and an order form for all wheels

Seven Wonders of the World, View-master Reel

Item is a set of wheel type stereographs that depict the wonders of the world. Each wheel focuses on a different set of wonders: ancient, modern, or natural and the list describing what each wheel portrays is on the back of the packet. Also comes with a 16 page color illustrated booklet.

Strange Animals of the World, View-master Reels

Item consists of wheel type stereographs that depict animals divided by geographic location (Wheel 1: South America and Asia, Wheel 2: Australia and Africa, Wheel 3: Africa and North America). The subjects of the pictures are listed on the back of the envelope. Also comes with a 16-page colour illustrated booklet