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  • UF Aerostats
  • UF Air-ships
  • UF Aircraft, Lighter-than-air
  • UF Balloons, Dirigile
  • UF Blimps
  • UF Dirigible Balloons
  • UF Dirigibles
  • UF Lighter-than-air carft
  • UF Zeppelins

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Aviation album

Black cardboard cover with gold embossed letters "Photographs"; image on cover. Spine missing but stitched binding intact. Black pages.

Photographs of aerial exhibitions at Texas Love Field Air Corps Training Depot on November 12 and 13, 1918 to celebrate the end of WWI. Fairly detailed notations included as text printed directly onto the images. Images show pilots and early airplanes, photographs of blimps; select number of aerial photographs of the land with respective geographic locational coordinates, crowds of spectators, parachute jump - with flags, images of airplane crashes.
Most photographs taken from the air.