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Woman raising right arm in costume

Item is a cabinet card photograph of a character from Wagner's opera Lohengrin. Mostly illegible script written on photograph, except, '1894'. Text below photograph reads, 'Lohengrin, Bayreuther Buhrenfest - Spiel'. Text on verso reads, 'W. Hoffert, Hof Photograph. Breslau, Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Magdeburg, Dresden, Hannover. Photographische Kartenfabrik v. Paul Suss, Dresden.

W. Hoffert Hof Photograph

Agfa Commercial Orthochromatic filmpack

Filmpack produced by Agfa containing 12 cut celluloid films at 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches. In original orange cardboard packaging with blue and white lettering. Packaging has been opened. Red tissue surrounding the cardboard pack has also been opened, but black plastic film pack retains cardboard pull tabs that are typically removed when the film is exposed. Package is stamped with instructions to develop by June 1933.

Agfa Ansco Co.

Frederick The Great

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the glass slide is "4318 Vue sous les tilleuls a Berlin," in french. Note that "sous les tilleuls" translates to "under the linden trees" which in German is "unter den linden," and this is the name of the street the statue is on. Sticker on the wood frame handwritten in ink "Frederick the Great." Handwritten in pencil on actual wood frame "Statue of Frederick the Great." Image is of the equestrian statue of Frederick the Great in Berlin, Germany.

The Palace, Berlin

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in gold and black. Sticker on glass handwritten in ink "4300 The Palace Berlin" in print above "J. Levy & Cie Succrs de Ferrier Pere Fils & Soulier." On other side in black and gold print "T.H. McAllister, Manuf'g Optician, 49 Nassau Street, New York." Image is of a side view of the palace, and an equestrian statue on a bridge next to the palace. Palace known in Germany as the Stadtschloss which translates to 'city palace.'

Royal Palace, Berlin

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Sticker on wood frame handwritten in ink "Throne Room - Royal Palace - Berlin" and on glass in black ink "4324 La Salle Blanche Chateau Royal Berlin" in french - translated means 'the White Room Royal Palace'. Image of inside throne room in the Royal Palace, Berlin, Germany.

Goerz C.P., Anschütz Model I

Item consists of a Goerz C. P. Anschütz Model I strut-folding camera with a focal plane shutter and internally controlled shutter settings. It has a 5" homocentric 1:6.3 Ross London lens. The camera has a leather covering on a wood body. The plate sizes vary from 6x9, 9x12x 10x15, 13x18, and 18x24cm. Later models of the Anschütz with a self-capping shutter and lens viewfinder were called the Ango, a contraction of ANschütz and GOerz.

Stereographs, Germany

File consists of stereographs depicting various locations, buildings, and monuments in Germany, such as palaces, castles, monuments, lakes, markets, gardens, and bridges.

15 stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
7 stereoscopic photographs by J.F. Jarvis
4 stereoscopic photographs by Strohmeyer & Wyman
1 stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers, 1 in association with James M. Davis
8 stereoscopic photographs by Underwood & Underwood
3 stereoscopic photographs by W. England
2 stereoscopic photographs by E. W. Kelley
1 stereoscopic photograph by E. Nesemann
1 stereoscopic photograph by A. Braun
1 stereoscopic photograph by Anslem Schmitz
1 stereoscopic photograph by Baldi & Wurthle
5 stereoscopic photographs by Quaker Oats Co.
21 stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers