building divisions




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  • Collocates descriptors for elements developed originally or primarily as portions of architecture, often adapted to other habitable spaces, such as in large vehicles, and often borrowed or imitated for structural or decorative use on other objects.

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  • Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus

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Hierarchical terms

building divisions

building divisions

Equivalent terms

building divisions

  • UF building division
  • UF divisions, building

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building divisions

10 Archival description results for building divisions

Kodak Canada In Focus stock planning department

Item is a snapshot with an enclosed caption that reads "Julie learning the use of the video display unit at the stock planning department. 'The teacher' is Tuula Multala, stock planning assistant." Inscribed in blue ink below the caption reads "Jan 1980 / Vol. 26 No. 1", likely the issues of Kodak Canada In Focus this photograph may appear in.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Young adult gathering, employees at warehouse

File contains a collection of snapshots, all with borders and some with bevelled edges, that feature images from a gathering of young adults at someone's home or cottage. Additionally, there are images of employees inside a warehouse and office building. A photographer's stamp on the verso of many of the images reads: "W. P. Edwards / 26 Monterrey Dr. / REXDALE, ONT. 741-0192". Previously in green 3-ringed binder. Previous title: Camera repair 1950-1975

Kodak Canada Inc.