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[Women and Girls Sitting on a Porch]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of three women and thee girls sitting on the steps of a porch. The young woman on the left is wearing a dark dress and appears to be holding a camera. The woman in the middle is wearing white and holding a young girl in her lap. The woman on the right is wearing a dark dress and a wide brimmed hat with ornaments, and a sash. All three of the young girls are wearing white dresses. The house appears to be in a rural area.

water wheel

borderless snapshot mounted on thin card of the same size. Depicts a wooden waterwheel with three female figures standing around it. Verso inscription: "May. The Water Wheel. Mr. L and I had half and hour 's argument- because I refused to sit upon the stump marked with a cross. if I had succeeded in getting on I should have fallen off backwards because it was much steeper behind than in front. You would hardly believe what a long jaw we had over such a silly thing. Mary has on the Russian headdress."

[Young girl posed on a chair]

Item is an unmounted tintype featuring an image of a young blond girl sits in a chair, in a studio portrait with elaborate background. Her one leg is crossed underneath her. The chair is made of wood, and looks like branches. She wears a sailor style dress.

[Portrait of a child sitting on chair]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of a young girl in a dress sitting in a chair with a cap and tassle hanging off the left side. Her feet are crossed and her hands rest on her lap. Her head rests against the back of the chair. She is wearing a frilly blouse with a necktie under a coat with a skirt.

[Portrait of a little girl]

Item has a cream coloured card-frame with embossed vignetting around oval opening. Tintype is of a little girl sitting on a chair, her right arm resting on the chair's armrest. Her other hand is in her lap. She stares at the camera.She is wearing a plaid dress, with black detailing. Her hair is pulled back from her face. Her cheeks are tinted pink. Gem size?

[Portrait of a young girl]

Item is an unmounted, small tintype, not gem, but maybe cut smaller. Portrait of a little girl, sitting on a studio chair, left hand on armrest. She looks at camera. Hair is short and parted down the middle. She wears a polka dot dress. Very simple. Her cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of a young girl]

Item is a brown hinged with tape case with daguerreotype inside, held in with a brass mat, cover glass and brass preserver. Inside cover is a soft red velvet cushion with detail of a butterfly. Red cloth frames image side too. Image is of a young girl, staring at camera, in a polka dot dress with white lace collar. Her hair is in two braids. One arms rest across her stomach. Her cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of two young girls]

Item is a cased ambrotype, but front cover does not match back cover, not hinged, separated from each other. Front cover is brown with two metal clasps, and back cover is black case with one metal clasp. Inside front cover is a red velvet soft cushion with detail of a flower. Image side has brass mat, soft brass preserver but no cover glass, ambrotype is not protected. Image is of two young girls sitting side by side and holding hands. They look directly at the camera. Both wear dresses, one on left has a plaid one on, and girl on right has a polka dotted dress. Girl on right has long ringlets and has freckles. Girl on left has her hair up and parted down the middle. Both wear the same necklace with locket. Their cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of Emma Margaret Holmes or Ellen Jane Holmes as a small child]

Item is a hinged union case (plastic case) with design of "Night with Her Children, Sleep and Death" based on an engraving of Bertel Thorvaldsen's popular bas-relief. "The angel is a messenger holding dominion over Sleep and Death," p. 149 of same book mentioned in 2008.001.1870. Casemaker is S. Peck and Company which began manufacturing after 1852. Chosen case reflects sentiments of a newspaper clipping found inside case that reads :

"Died . Holmes - In Adeleide, on the 15th of February, 1878, of diptheria, Emma Margaret, aged 4 years, and Ellen Jane, on the 20th February, 1878, aged 10 years and 4 months, daughters of Mr. O.C. Holmes, of Adelaide. The grief-striken parents have the sympathy of their neighbors in their great bereavement."

Image is a tintype of a baby in long white gown, pink cheeks, being held by unidentified person, most likely the mother. Inside cover has a red velvet cushion which falls out when case is opened, to reveal hidden beneath it a piece of floral cloth as well as the newspaper clipping. Image is held in place with a cover glass, brass matt and brass preserver. Date for tintype based on daughters ages from newspaper clipping.

[Portrait of a girl]

Item is a small silver gelatin portrait print. Yellow and brown in colour, image is of a young girl with long brown hair, tied up on the side with a barrette. Background is a studio setting with a pillar or column. Inscription on recto "Florence" handwritten in black ink, across bottom of image. Inscription on verso "Tel. Main .3877 A. E. Otis Photographer Open Sundays & Holidays 457-59 Fulton St., B'klyn" in red ink stamp.