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Media Centre
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Midwifery program graduation

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnic University's Midwifery program graduation. Photographs include images of graduating students from the Midwifery program.

Ryerson Media Centre

Christopher Plummer Honorary Doctorate DVD

The item consists of an edited video of Christopher Plummer speaking during the Fall 2008 convocation ceremony. A copy of this DVD was gifted to Plummer during his Honorary Doctorate Ceremony.

Frank Stronach Centre for Computing and Engineering

The item consists of a DVD created as an investment pitch during the construction of the new Centre for Computing and Engineering. The video shows an animated walk-through with rendering of the proposed building.

Sheldon Levy "calling card" DVD

The item consists of a DVD created as a calling card for Sheldon Levy to hand out during his trip to India. The DVD contains descriptions of the programs available at Ryerson and general information about Toronto.

A Tribute to Claude Lajeunesse DVD

This item consists of two DVD recordings of the tribute dinner to Claude Lajeunesse. One DVD is an edited 4 minute recording of the dinner with narration by RTA Instructor Dana Lee (this version was gifted to Claude Lajeunesse).


Consists of two data DVDs created showcase the partnerships between the Faculty of Engineering and architectural science and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. One DVD has the PowerPoint presentation and videos (.wmv format) and one DVD has full resolution videos (.mov format) showing 11 examples of student research projects.

Yabu Pushelberg DVD

DVD gifted to Ryerson School of Interior Design graduates George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, co-founders of the firm Yabu Pushelberg.

Ontario University Fair DVDs

Event loop DVDs created for Ryerson Admissions to be shown at the Ontario University Fair (OUF). Includes DVDs from 2007, Feb 2008, Sept 2008, Oct 2008 and 2009 DVDs. Some have a soundtrack with audio interviews.

Pedestrianizing Gould Street DVD

DVD of photograph montages from the first year after Gould Street's pedestrianization, includes fall orientation and other 2010 events.

Disc has video montage in .mov and .wmv formats.

Digital Media Projects productions

This series consists of textual, graphic and audiovisual materials produced by the Digital Media Projects Office.

Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office

Academics and miscellaneous

File contains photographs of students and staff in general academic settings. It also includes miscellaneous head shots of unidentified people and locations.

Laboratories and equipment

File contains photographs taken in various laboratories on campus, students working, equipment and general scenes.

Students and student activities

File contains photographs of students walking from Kerr Hall to Library on bridge; Casino night 1978; a games room with foosball, table tennis, pool, and video games; a hallowe'en party; and just general photographs of students.

Landscape Architecture - Urban landscapes

File contains a variety of photographs. The majority of them are of a group of men working at a table. There are also photographs of a man working at a computer printing out large scale plans.

Aerospace Engineering

File contains photographs of two students using the subsonic wind tunnel for low-speed aerodynamic evaluation of various test models located in Howard Kerr Hall. There is also 3 photograph of two other students using another piece of equipment.

Bruce Hemstock - Landscape Architecture alumnus

File contains photographs of Ryerson Landscape Architecture '84 alumnus Bruce Hemstock. Also included in the files are photographs of design drawings of Chinguacousy Park in Brampton. He wrote a report "Chinguacousy Park: Found, Lost, and Rediscovered" in 1986.

Computer Science class - Fashion students

File contains photographs of students in a computer lab. Some show their professor helping them. Photographs taken to advertise Ryerson's Computer Science program. The students in the photographs were actually from the School of Fashion.

Elena Morandi-Bonner, Degussa Canada

File contains photographs of Elena Morandi-Bonner working with chemistry lab equipment, and some photographs with a giant periodic table behind her. Degussa Canada (now Evonik Degussa Canada Inc.) is an international chemical company based out of Germany.

English Literature

File contains photographs of students and their professor in a seminar room. The students are seated around a long table with their professsor at one end.

Survey Camp

File contains photographs of students attending a survey "camp". The majority of the photographs were taken in the field showing the students using a variety of surveying equipment. There is a Landscape Architecture title slide in the folder, but some of the images are also been used for Civil Engineering.


File contains photographs of students in a lab using computers and other equipment, and in a classroom. File titled "Surveying" unclear as to what program it is from - Civil Technology/Engineering or Landscape Architecture.

Administration and Information Management

File contains photographs of students in the Administration and Information Management course (AIM). Photographs from inside the classroom, presentation preparation and giving presentations.

Eaton's Centre construction

File contains photographs of the construction[?] of the Eaton Centre along Yonge Street between Dundas and Shuter. Photographs concentrate on the first entrance to the mall after the Eaton's Store.

This Is Ryerson - Robotics

File contains photographs of people in the Centre for Advanced Technology Education using a robotic arm.

This Is Ryerson - RTA

File contains photographs of RTA (Radio and Television Arts) students working in the control room and in the T.V. Studio.

This Is Ryerson - Voice Training

File contains photographs of people working in sound booth and in control room. Students are in Ryerson's Theatre program.

This is Ryerson - Civil Engineering

File contains photographs of Civil Engineering staff, and students. There are classroom and lab photographs showing a variety of equipment used by people in the program.

This is Ryerson

Sub-series consists of files of photographs taken for the "This is Ryerson" promotional booklet. Booklet highlighted the courses and programs offered by Ryerson.

Campus plans

File contains photographs of campus plans. Some are detailed and others are just building outlines.

Technological Studies

File contains what appear to be promotional photographs taken for the Technological Studies degree offered through the Faculty of Technology. The photographs show 4 and 5 men around a technical drawing of some type. Two of the photographs show a faculty member demonstrating a piece of equipment to several students.

Frank McGuire

File contains headshots of former Graphics Arts Management professor Frank McGuire. He was also the Chair of the department.

Ryerson Campaign: With Pride and Purpose - speaker support

File contains photographs of a bound proposal between Ryerson and Dupont Canada as part of the Ryerson Campaign. Also included are photographs of the construction of the Rogers Communications Centre, 285 Victoria Street building entrance, people on the telephone, people on the computer, a red car parked beside the parking garage, a man using a printing press, and a woman using a drum scanner.

Caring Community Conference

File contains photographs taken during the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Continuing Education Conference on care-giving for seniors "Caring Community". Included are photographs from session 5, 7, and 19 as well as some from a meeting.

Melville Johnston

File contains head shots of former Ryerson Graphic Arts Management professor Melville Johnston.

Parking Garage and Bookstore construction

File contains photographs showing the progression of the site on the south west corner of Victoria and Gould Sts from parking lot to parking garage and bookstore. Photographs taken over a year - August 14, 1987 to September 1, 1988.

Learning Resources Centre

File contains photographs of the interior of the Learning Resources Centre. Photographs show students using various resources, study space, periodicals, the Archives - including Archivists Jim Peters and Claude Doucet, entrance doors, service points, Archival materials, and staff members.
Some of the photographs were taken by David Street for promotional purposes.

School of Office and Administrative Studies promotional slide show

File contains promotional slide show for the School of Office and Administrative Studies. Included are slides regarding admissions and course selection as well as slides showing various areas of the campus. The campus slides include photographs of the interior of the library, the pool in Kerr Hall, O'Keefe House, Kerr Hall and interior and exterior scenes around campus.

George McRobie lecture reception

File contains photographs taken at a reception for George McRobie. George McRobie gave a lecture "The Economic Implications of Appropriate Technology" as part of Ryerson's lectures in Economics on March 9, 1978.

Placement Centre

File contains photographs of students using Ryerson's Placement Centre. The Centre was accessible to students and graduates of Ryerson and was run by Student Services.

French - classroom activities

File contains photographs of students and their instructor in class. The students are seated at console desks wearing headphones.

School of Architecture - classroom activities

File contains photographs of a student working on an architectural model, students drafting, and of numerous other examples of models. Also included is a photograph of the front of the building at 720 King Street West where the School of Architecture was housed before the on campus building was constructed.

Inaugural Ryer's Inn Event

  • RG
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1981-02-28
  • Part of Media Centre

File contains photographs taken of the inaugural Ryer's Inn event presented by the Hospitality and Tourism Management course union 'Klondike Daze". The event was black tie and tickets were sold for $50 each. The invitations were sent out to members of the Hospitality industry.

Ryer's Inn

Ryer's Inn was organized and presented by students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program. It was modeled after the Cornell University event "Ezra Cornell Hotel". Its purpose was to show members of the Hospitality Industry what Ryerson's program had to offer by showcasing its' students. The event is completely organized and executed by student's in the program, with faculty supervision. It's inaugural night was held February 28, 1981.
Subseries consists of photographs taken at two events - 1981 and 1983.

Kids Week at Ryerson

File contains photographs from Kid's week at Ryerson. The majority of the photographs appear to have been taken in the Quad. Activities included story time and visits from Paddington Bear and Big Bird.


File contains photographs of a variety of musical performers and performances. No indication of who the people are and if they performed on campus.

Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Administration

File contains general photographs taken most likely for promotion of the Hospitality department. The majority of the photographs were taken in 1976-1977 when the program was call Hospitality Restaurant and Institutional Administration. Photographs include the dining room - set up and serving, kitchen scenes, and cooking demonstrations.

Logos and Titles

File contains slides with old Ryerson logo, address, departmental titles, and an administration organizational chart.

General photographs

  • RG
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1976-1986
  • Part of Media Centre

File contains photographs taken in the media centre, of media centre staff, equipment, and staff at work filming and photographing.

Aerial photoshoot

File contains photographs taken at Buttonville airport in 1979 as the media centre staff prepared for an aerial photo shoot. Photographs and film to be used in various ways to promote Ryerson. Man holding video camera is Media Centre employee Albert Santolini.

Media Centre

Sub-series contains photographs of the Media Centre, its staff and activities. It is divided into two files - Aerial photoshoot and General photographs


File contains photographs of convocation ceremonies between 1975 and 1983. Included are photographs of the procession through the quad, the ceremony, the stage party, and several of people posing with Eggy the Ram.

Eyeopener staff

File contains photographs of the Eyeopener Newspaper staff posing together.

Student Services

File contains photographs of the different resources that Student Services has available to help students. Included are photographs of the housing registry board, kiosk set up on Victoria Lane, counselling, and the help desk.

Summer at Ryerson cart

File contains photographs of the "Summer at Ryerson" cart situated at Gould St. and Victoria Lane. Cart has brochures and "Summer at Ryerson" t-shirts on it.

Ryerson student parades, undated

File contains photographs of students and floats in the annual parade. They appear to be from a variety of parades and are undated.

Ryerson Student parade

File contains photographs of the floats and students walking in Ryerson's annual parade to Toronto Island. Photographs taken waiting for parade to start on Gould Street.

Student parade and picnic

  • RG
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1979-09-00
  • Part of Media Centre

File contains photographs of the 1979 Ryerson student parade and picnic at Toronto Island. The photographs include images of the floats, the ferry ride, and the picnic.

Student parades and picnics

File contains photographs of the Ryerson student parade and picnic held every September. There are photographs of the 1979 parade and picnic, the 1985 parade, and the 1989 parade "Purple Haze".

Guidance seminar

File contains photographs of a seminar held at Ryerson for Guidance Counsellors. Photographs are of the various departmental booths and attendees.

Ryerson Fitness Trail

File contains photographs from the official opening of the Ryerson Fitness Trail. The running track with exercise areas along the way. The photographs show people running around the quad, including Walter Pitman. See RG 4.64 for more information on the fitness trail.

Athletics and Recreation

File contains photographs of a variety of Ryerson sports and recreation activities - weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, running, fencing, curling, aerobics, and swimming. Included are photographs of the inside entrance of the RAC (Ryerson Athletic Centre) and the work out equipment area.
The majority of the photographs were taken by photographer David Street.

Architectural building model

File contains photographs of an architectural building model. An unidentified man is in many of the photographs posing with the model. Building unidentified as well.

Theatre School

File contains photographs of students in Ryerson's Theatre School. The majority of the photographs are of students in the Dance program, but there is one of production students, and several of students miming.

Secretarial Science

File contains photographs of students and faculty in the Secretarial Science program in the classroom, and using various equipment.

Ryerson Campus - repair sites

File contains photographs taken around campus (interior and exterior) of repairs needed. Repairs include everything from crumbling concrete to water leaks.

Historical photographs from Archives collection

File contains photographs of the old campus, classroom activity, students, and photographs of the old Ryersonian newspaper headlines. The majority of the photographs appear to have been taken from RG 95.1 - another collection in the Archives.

Oakham House

File contains photographs, majority of which were taken by David Street, of the exterior of Oakham House.

Street, David

Architecture Building (325 Church Street)

File contains photographs of the exterior and the interior of the Architecture Building at 325 Church Street. The exterior shots were taken by David Street. The interior shots were taken by a Ryerson photographer.

Victoria Lane from Gould St. to Gerrard St.

File contains photographs showing the intersection of Gould and Victoria Lane, the Library building, the Podium Building, Jorgenson Hall, and the fountain at Gerrard and Victoria. Included are building photographs, aerials, people photographs, and construction of laneway and fountain photographs. Lake Devo is visible in some of the photographs. Several of the photographs were taken by photographer David Street.

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