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Yeates School of Graduate Studies
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Yeates School of Graduate Studies

  • RG 771
  • Fonds
  • 1999 - 2019

The Yeates School of Graduate Studies fonds contains materials created by or inconjunction with the school. It was been divided into series:
RG 771.001 Graduate Studies
RG 771.002 Theses presentations, defense and oral examination announcements
RG 771.003 Conferences, lectures, exhibitions and symposiums
RG 771.004 Human Resources
RG 771.005 Special Events - general
RG 771.006 School Publications - general
RG 771.007 Funding and Scholarship opportunities
RG 771.008 Degree program promotional materials

Graduate Studies - Records received from Dr. Donald Gillies for graduate program development of Communication and Culture, 2004

Records received from Dr. Donald Gillies in his capacity at the School of Graduate Studies in the development of the joint graduate program, Communication and Culture, with York University. All of the records in this series take the form of emails printed from the account of Dr. Gillies.

Gillies, Donald

Environmental Applied Science & Management (EnSciMan) Ph.D program symposiums

File contains posters, programs and emails regarding the EnSciMan symposiums. Materials included are from the inaugural event titled "A Symposium on the Extant and Emerging Issues of Peak Oil in an Advanced Capitalist System"; the 2nd event "A Symposium on Environmental Research on Nepal"; and the 4th event "Restore, Rejuvenate, Rebuild: Embracing our 200 year History for a Sustainable Future".


File contains email announcement about lecture co-sponsered by the EnSciMan graduate program and the certificate program in Environmental Engineering Science.

Literatures of Modernity Graduate Program symposiums

File contains posters and programs for the Literatures of Modernity Graduate program. Included are posters for the inaugural symposium "Modernity Unbound"; posters and programs for the 2nd symposium "Experience the Modern Through Literature and Art"; and a poster for the symposium "A People's Art is the Genesis of their Freedom" hosted by the Diasporic Modernities class as part of the graduate program.

Literatures of Modernity Distinguished Speaker Series

File contains posters advertising the Literatures of Modernity Graduate Program distinguished speaker series. Included are posters for:
2008 - "Post-traumatic slave syndrome: Late modernity's continuing culture of violence and crime" - Dr. Rinaldo Walcott
2009 - "Dance to the Berdashe" - Kent Monkman
2010 - Seth
2011 - "Richler was Funny, Why Can't You Be? - the pleasure and perils of literary biography" - Charles Foran

Guest Lectures

File contains a poster for lecture "Biopolitical Thought and (Non)(Human) Animals" by Cary Wolfe. Lecture was co-sponsored by the Joint York/Ryerson Graduate Program in Communication and Culture, the Literatures of Modernity Graduate Program, the Arts and Contemporary Studies B. A. program, The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre, and the Dean of Arts.

Promotional materials

File contains promotional materials created by the School of Graduate studies for prospective students. Included are faculty and alumni profiles, research opportunity information, graduate life on campus, how to apply/funding and other items.

Course Calendars

File contains digital pdf copies of course calendars for the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. Calendars between 2006-2013 are divided by term (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) and full year calendars starting in the 2013-2014 school year.

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