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Toronto Metropolitan Students' Union
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Student Directories and Handbooks

The file contains the directories and handbooks issued by the Ryerson student union in any of its incarnations -

  • Students' Administrative Council (SAC)
  • Students’ Union of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (SURPI)
  • Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU)
  • Ryerson Students’ Administrative Council (RYESAC)
  • Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU)

The earliest issues were simply student directories containing student and staff telephone numbers and home addresses.
The format changed many times over the course of the years. Personal information was eliminated and the directory became more of a guide to familarize first year students with the services and activities offered by both the Student Union and the University.

Orientation memorablia

File consists of materials including T-shirts, mugs, and other materials handed out during Frosh week at Ryerson.

RG 79.4.01 Dog tags (1996)

RG 79.4.02 - t-shirts
RG Extra large. RSU Orientation “United Colours of Ryerson”. Spray dyed.
RG Large white SURPI Orientation T-Shirt. The front of the shirt is decorated with red, yellow and black stars, with
“S.U.R.P.I. Presents Magical Mystery Tour” in black lettering.
RG A large white t-shirt. RyeSAC Orientation “It’s The End OF The World As We Know It!
RG Grey. Large. RSU Orientation “Ryerson Rocks”.
RG (2) X-Large black t-shirt with blue “Ryerson - Proud Of Our Roots” lettering stamped on front, as well as a white tree
with blue ROOTS trademark (beaver) beneath the roots of the tree. The RYESAC logo is on the left sleeve
RG (2) X-Large black t-shirt with blue “Ryerson Roots” lettering stamped over the white ROOTS trademark (beaver) on
front. The RYESAC logo is on the left sleeve.
RG Small white SURPI Orientation T-Shirt. Black lettering. “S.U.R.P.I. Presents Ryerson Orientation”.
RG X-Large red t-shirt with yellow lettering worn by the designated RyeSAC parade and picnic marshals.
RG XXXL red t-shirt with yellow lettering worn by the designated RyeSAC parade and picnic marshals.
RG A red (small) t-shirt with black/white printed words “49th Annual Parade & Picnic”
RG S black t-shirt with red flame on front with "Events Ryerson Students' Union" in white in it. "Strength in numbers" in red on sleeve
RG S yellow t-shirt with "Parade and Picnic" on front in black and yellow. "Parade Marshall" and sign with ambulance in it on back of shirt in black and white.
RG Red T-shirt with white writing on front "Annual Parade and Picnic" and silhouette of students on bottom in black Back of shirt has black writing “Parade Marshall” with a ambulance silhouette in triangle underneath.
RG White t-shirt with "Ryerson Students' Union" and other words on front in blue and black. Back of shirt "I am part of the student movement" in blue and black

RG 79.4.03 (2) Blue bandanas "Ryerson Ground Zero" in white

RG 79.4.04 Laundry bag stamped with blue and black writing. Drop Fees on one side and RSU information on the other.

RG 79.4.05 Two plastic mugs "The United Colours of Ryerson"

RG 79.4.06 Plastic squeeze bottle, "Ryerson's World Schwing" 1992

Ryesac Tax Clinic t-shirts

Three t-shirts worn by participants in the RyeSAC tax clinic

RG 79.104.01 - XL navy blue shirt with yellow graphics and lettering
RG 79.104.02 - L white shirt with blue graphics and lettering
RG 79.104.03 - S yellow shirt with navy blue graphics and lettering


Several t-shirts with relating to different events at the RSU was involved in.

RG 79.112.01 - White cotton t-shirt with blue and orange stamping on it. Front has a white silhouette of students with raised fists and “Education is a RIGHT! Drop Fees” underneath in orange and blue. Back of t-shirt has RSU logo in blue and white.

RG 79.112.02 - RSU stand up and make a difference

RG 79.112.03 - A white t-shirt with blue and black lettering: Ryerson got SuperBuild and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and a tuition fee increase, and a $2.3M budget cut, and larger class sizes…).

RG 79.112.04 - An XL grey t-shirt with RyeSAC logo on upper left chest and “Ryerson Rocks” on back.

RG 79.112.05 - IWD Fair 2008 Volunteer

RSU and Committee Funds

Records contained in 2 red binders - 1958-1959 and 1959-1960. In the binders are also meeting minutes, meeting announcements and some correspondence. They have been filed under Finanacial Records due to the fact that the majority of the records are financial in nature.

RYESERT - Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team

RyeSERT (Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team) is a volunteer based student group that provides on-site medical coverage at Ryerson events and in all Ryerson residences. RyeSERT is made up of students with backgrounds as firefighters, paramedics, first responders, lifeguards, and those just interested in serving the Ryerson community with a genuine desire to help others.

Series contains records and artifacts related to the Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team.

RSU resuable water bottle

Red plastic water bottle with screw top lid. "RSU Ryerson Students' Union" and other things stamped on one side in white, and "Turn on the tap public water it's a public service" on the other in white as well.


This file contains "What Role Ryerson?" Preliminary Brief to the Commission on the Post Secondary Education presented by the Students' Union of RPI.

RyeSAC hard hats

Two red plastic hard hats. Front of one hard hat has sticker "ryesac 2001-2002 board of directors" and yellow peeling letters on the side. The other hard hat has a sticker "ryesac 2001-2002 student campus centre" and "PRATHA" on side in yellow.

Community Service Groups Historial Research

A history, written by Adam Garnet Jones, of four student union services -

Community Food Room
Community Women's Centre
Working Students' Centre

Although the sub title states five histories are included, there are only four. The Working Students' Centre appears twice.

Contracts and Agreements between Ryerson's Students' Union and the Board of Governors

The file contains :

A) Memorandum of Agreement 1974/1975 and dated August 22, 1974 with ten directives :
1.) Students' Union fee allocation.
2.) SURPI Surplus
3.) Accountability (of SURPI'S budgets, financial statements, and audits)
4.) Community Services
5.) Community Services Funding
6.) Community Service Board/Quorum
7.) Community Services Accruals
8.) Community Services Board-Ryerson Centre Board
9.) Future Direction of Ryerson Centre Board and Community Board
10.) Housing Capital/Off Campus

B) A SURPI rebuttal to the Accountability clause

C) An Agreement of 24 December 1975, the principal agreement regarding the collection of and transference of Students' Union Fee funding from Ryerson administration to SURPI, including the I) Obligations of the Board ; II) Obligations of SURPI ; III) Agreements by Both Parties.

Students' Union Board of Directors meetings, August 13, 1977 - March 8, 1978

File contains agenda and minutes from the Ryerson Students' Union Board of Directors (SURPI) from August 13, 1977 to March 8, 1978. The front of the ledger contains the appendices from the August 13 meeting. The rest of the materials relating to the August 13 meeting can be found in record RG 79.49.09. Ledger arranged in two files.

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