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The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association fonds
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Brown photograph album - 1911 Visit and opening of Hospital by Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Photograph taken on the front steps of The Wellesley Hospital at its opening in 1911. In the photograph are (from l-r): Dr. Herbert A. Bruce; Senator J. K. Kerr; Sir Edmund Osler; Dr. J. E. Elliott; Lady Laurier; Mrs. R. J. MacMillan; Sir Wilfrid Laurier; Dr. R. J. MacMillan; Miss Powell; Dr. F. W. Marlow; Mrs. J. K. Kerr; Miss Elizabeth Flaws; Sir William Mulock; and Mr. A. E. Dyment (seated).

Wellesley School of Nursing - Nursing procedures

Wellesley School of Nursing nursing procedures manual containing instructions on a variety of topics. Manual was used during the time with Wellesley Hospital was a division of the Toronto General Hospital. Topics include patient admitting and discharge, room cleaning, medical procedures, pre- and post-operative care, medicine administration, charting, and equipment use. Included are examples of the variety of forms used by doctors and nurses and a separate booklet of information on oxygen administration published by the Linde Company.

Graduation pins and rings, and year pins

File contains the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing year pins and graduation pins. The year pins were given to students at the start of their 3rd year and the graduation pins were handed out at graduation. Unlike other hospital nursing schools, the Wellesley pin stayed the same from 1915-1974. The graduating class of 1975 did not receive their graduation pins. The Lion rampant used for both pins is from the Wellesley Hospital crest which Dr. Herbert Bruce received permission from the Duke of Wellington (Wellesley) to use the family's crest as the Hospital's crest.


Series consists of photographs, objects, and textual records related to graduation of the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. Series is broken down into 3 sub-series or files:
RG 946.03.04.01 Graduation class photographs
RG 946.03.04.02 Graduation and year pins
RG 946.03.04.03 Graduation documentation files
RG 946.03.04.04 Yearbooks
RG 946.03.04.05 Certificates
RG 946.03.04.06 Graduation exercises and cornerstone laying

Wellesley World magazine

File contains copies of the Wellesley World magazine created the the Wellesley Hospital with news and stories about the Hospital, its, staff, and its auxiliary. Also included in the magazine was a page called "The Lion's Roar" which featured news and information from the Wellesley School of Nursing Alumnae Association. The magazine was published four times yearly.
Included in the file are:
Autumn 1967 (1)
December 1967 (1)
Spring 1968 (1)
Summer 1968 (1)
Spring 1969 (1)
Summer 1969 (1)
December 1969 (1)
March 1978 (1)

Christmas Carols by the Choir of the Wellesley School of Nursing

Cream coloured cardstock cover with green writing "Christmas Carols by the Choir of The Wellesley School of Nursing December 19, 1968". In the centre of the front cover is an illustration in red of nursing students singing and playing instruments. Inside the booklet are the words to the carols - O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come All ye Faithful, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, and Silent Night, and a programme of events.

Wellesley School of Nursing calendars

File contains two copies of Wellesley School of Nursing calendars. One dates from around the mid-1960's and the other from around 1970. Calendars contain information on a wide variety of topics including program curriculum, admissions, fees, financial assistance, and other topics students need to know about attending the school.

The Wellesley Hospital...for your information

"For your Information" booklet given out by the Wellesley Hospital to incoming patients. Topics include what to expect when you arrive, while you are in the hospital and when you leave. There is also a section on who you might see while staying in the hospital and how to identify them by uniform, a history of the hospital, a comments card and pages for notes.


File containing magazines published in the 1960s. Included are:
September 1964 (1)
September 1966 (1)
Christmas 1966 (1)
March 1967 (2)
Summer 1967 (2)
Autumn 1967 (3)
December 1967 (4)
Spring 1968 (1)
Summer 1968 (1)
Autumn 1968 (2)
Summer 1969 (1)
December 1969 (1)

The Wellesley Hospital

Graduation, 1965

File contains materials relating to the Class of 1965 graduation from the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. Included in the file are two copies of the superintendent's report given by Dorothy Arnot during the ceremony, two invitations to the graduation reception, two invitations to the graduation ceremony, one copy of Miss Jenny Weir, Director of the School of Nursing at Queen's University, speech, i copy of the programme, and 2 copies of a press release about the graduation ceremony.

History of Nursing scrapbook

Scrapbook unbound with laminated basswood covers. Pages contain photo clippings from various sources that have been glued to the pages. The topics included nurses, healthcare, hospitals/residences, Nursing associations and memorials.

People included are: Paula (of Rome?); St. Elizabeth; Sister Andrea Arntzen (Norway); Jeanne Mance; Elizabeth Fry; Hildegarde; Frederika Fliedner; Florence Nightingale; Edith Cavell; Flora Madeline Shaw; Linda Richards; Margaret Breay; Mary Snively; Agnes Jamieson; Jean S. Wilson; Miss Clayton; Mabel F. Hersey; Dorothy Dix; Elizabeth L. Smellie; Dr. Anna Hamilton; Norah Livingston; Mrs. Rebecca Strong; Miss Bessie Beavis; Mlle. Chaptal; Baroness von Hogendorp; Sister Dora; Anna Caroline Maxwell; Rahere and King Henry I; Representatives from 5 countries accepted into the International Congress of Nurses - Yugoslavia, Greece, Philippines, Brazil, and Sweden; Grand Council of ICN; Nurses from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland; American Women's Hospitals School in Greece first graduating class; Sir Ronald Ross; and Joseph Baron Lister.

Buildings and places and things included are: Royal Ottawa Sanitorium (Ottawa); Presbyterian Hospital (New York); L'Hotel Dieu (France); Stevenson Memorial Hospital (Alliston); Royal Victoria Hospital (Montreal); Anna C. Maxwell Hall (Columbia University); Lady Mortimer Clark Residence for Nurses; Hospital for Sick Children nurses' residence (Toronto); Military Base Hospital (Toronto); Hospital of Sick Children (Toronto); Nurses leaving residence (Sick Children's Hospital); Toronto Western Hospital; Toronto Hospital for the Incurables; Toronto General Hospital nursing residence; Trudeau Sanitorium (New York); Sanatorium Point (Muskoka Lake); Southam Pavilion, Mountain Sanatorium (Hamilton); Queen Alexandra Sanatorium (London, Ontario); La Salpetriere (Paris); Ecole des Infirmieres Salpetriere (Paris); International Hygiene Exhibit in Dresden Germany; Nurses Home (Jerusalem); Jeanne Mance monument (Montreal); Jeanne Mance statue (Hotel Dieu, Montreal); portraits and memorials to Miss Nightingale; Miss NIghtingale's wheelchair; Carriage at St. Timothy's Hospital; Nurses in Crimea; McGill University campus; Health Welfare Centre (Israel); Interior pavilion at Lakeside Home; Canadian Nurses Association display; and sign from original Presbyterian Hospital (New York);

Central Business College Toronto pin

Pin awarded to Helen Carruthers by the Central Business College of Toronto. Pin has laurel leaf pattern across bottom with filagree across the top surrounding a round metal disk inscribed with "Central Business College Toronto" around a typewriter. The back of the pin is inscribed "Awarded to Helen Carruthers Dec 1900".

Central Business College

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