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The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association fonds
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Alumnae Association sous-fonds

The Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association was created in 1915 after the graduation of its first class of 10 graduates.
The sous-fonds contains materials created by the Alumnae Association and its executive or by members. Included are photographs, scrapbooks, artifacts, audio-visual materials, newsletters and other items that document the Alumnae Association, its activities, and its members.


Series contains artifacts created and/or used by the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association. Included are silver tea sets and coffee urns, a shovel used in the sod turning for the nurses residence in 1951 and later gifted to the Alumnae Assocation, and an embossing die used for printing.

Silver coffee urn

Large ornate silver coffee urn with spigot. Embellished handles with pine cone lid grip. Engraved on one side "Presented to the Wellesley Hospital Alumnae by Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Bruce, June 1951". Dr. Herbert Bruce was the founder of the Wellesley Hospital and would go on to become the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario between 1932-1937.

Ceremonial Spade

Wood handled garden spade with metal scoop. Was used in the ceremonial sod turning for the new Wellesley student nursing residence.
It has two plaques on handle. First one is stirling silver and says:
"Presented to The Honourable Dr. Herbert A. Bruce on the occasion of he turning of the first sod for the Nursing Residence Wellesley Division Toronto General Hospital November 5, 1951."
The second plaque is brass coloured and says:
"Donated to the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association in recognition of their caring contribution to the people of Toronto and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Wellesley Hospital Presented by Dean Emeritus, Susanne Williams, RN BNSc.Med Co-Chair, Wellesley Institute This 26th of May 2012."

Alumnae oral histories

File contains 9 audiocassettes with interviews conducted by a Mary (Sandals) Caesar, class of 1965. She interviewed members of earlier graduating classes about their recollections of training and working as a nurse. Interviewees include Helen Carruthers, class of 1916; Gladys (Bateman) Steele, class of 1916; Florence (Stewart) Roberts, class of 1919; Isobel (MacGillivray) Carleton, class of 1919; Jessie (Campbell) Smith, class of 1919; Grace (Mitchell) Berry, class of 1927; Grace Bolton Farthing, class of 1933; and one class of 1925 graduate.

Caesar, Mary (Sandals)

Florence (Stewart) Roberts and Isobel (MacGillivray) Smith

One audiocassette. Side A has continued interview with Florence (Stewart) Roberts, class of 1919 (See RG 976. for beginning of interview). Side A also has start of interview with Isobel (MacGillivray) Smith, class of 1919. Her interview continues on to Side B. See RG 946. for continuation of her interview.

Hospital Tour slide show

The 64 slide show created by the Alumnae Association as an intro the beginnings of the Hospital and its current (to the 1980s) layout and features. The initial slide show was created in 1980 with slides 58-64 were added in 1981-1982. Slides (put in order according to enclosed listing) are as follows.

RG 946. Toronto, 1910
RG 946. 2nd Toronto street scene
RG 946. The Homewood
RG 946. Homewood painting by Paul Kane, 1848
RG 946. Dr. Bruce
RG 946. Lion Crest and motto
RG 946. Original 1912 room
RG 946. 1912 Reception room
RG 946. 1913 original hospital
RG 946. Main Entrance, 1942
RG 946. Main Entrance view from Sherbourne St., 1967
RG 946. View from Wellesley St., 1967
RG 946. Floor plan, 1967
RG 946. Basement floor plan
RG 946. Cafeteria
RG 946. Ultra sound image
RG 946. CAT scanner - Weston Foundation
RG 946. Main Lecture theatre
RG 946. Ground (street) level floor plan
RG 946. Emergency room entrance
RG 946. patient on stretcher
RG 946. Ground floor plan
RG 946. Outpatient Department medical clinic
RG 946. Wilhelmsen House family practice unit, 1975
RG 946. St. James Town family practice unit, 1972
RG 946. Main floor plan
RG 946. heading into Turner wing elevators from main lobby
RG 946. Founder's room
RG 946. Screen in Founder's room is stained glass from Homewood
RG 946. Main lobby tapestry by Grace Brevard
RG 946. Second floor plan
RG 946. Ewart Angus Intensive Care Unit
RG 946. ICU Patient Room
RG 946. OR/ICU family-visitor waiting room
RG 946. ICU Main desk
RG 946. ICU Nursing station
RG 946. ICU Nursing station
RG 946. 6th floor plan
RG 946. 02 private room
RG 946. 7th floor Bruce Wing - Limbic Mechanisms Research Group Scott Laboratory, 1978
RG 946. 7th Floor - Wellesley Foundation research labs, 1978
RG 946. Psych patient lounge - 7N Turner Wing
RG 946. 9th floor plastics - burn bath
RG 946. 1953 Nurses residence - Jones building
RG 946. Jones Building medical library
RG 946. Geriatric chair
RG 946. Centrifuge machine
RG 946. Diagnostic set
RG 946. Breast pump
RG 946. Doppler ultrasonic stethoscope
RG 946. Nurse at wrought iron gate, 1915
RG 946. Dr. and Mrs. Bruce with 1937 graduates
RG 946. 1923 graduating class
RG 946. 1920's O.R. days
RG 946. 1916 graduate Gladys (Steele) Bateman receiving graduation certificate
RG 946. Class of 1972 students, 1970
RG 946. Lion's Crest and motto
RG 946. Chart for hospital progression 1912-1965
RG 946. Chart for hospital progression 1966-1982
RG 946. New projects
RG 946. Entrance to 3rd floor blood work labs
RG 946. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Women's oncology unit
RG 946. T.R. Meighan QC plaque
RG 946. Entrance to new administrative offices

Photographs, in some places, are in a slightly difference order on the VHS and DVDs of the presentation.

Extra slides

Two separate containers (one plastic container labelled "Old slides from 1980s - Hospital tour" and the other a cardboard box "Update G. floor when Le...[?] completed") of slides. Some are duplicates of ones used in slide show - others were not used at all.
RG 946. Nursing desk, 1981
RG 946. Nursing desk, 1981
RG 946. Wellesley Hospital new projects
RG 946. 1912-1965 Hospital history chart
RG 946. 1966-1982 Hospital history chart
RG 946. Second floor plan
RG 946. Main lecture hall
RG 946. Administrative office entry
RG 946. Patient breathing oxygen
RG 946. Patient picking book from mobile cart with Hospital worker
RG 946. Wilhelmsen House
RG 946. Staff doing x-rays on patient
RG 946. Wellesley Hospital organization chart
RG 946. Main floor plan
RG 946. Hospital executive and exterior show of hospital
RG 946. Pharmacy and staff
RG 946. Candy striper helping patient in traction
RG 946. Hospital volunteers handing out items to a patient
RG 946. Cover of Dr. Bruce's book "Varied Operations"
RG 946. Lion crest and motto
RG 946. Duke of Connaught and others at opening of new wing August 27, 1912
RG 946. Exterior of modern hospital building
RG 946. Emergency and Admitting entrance exterior

Alumnae World War II scrapbook

Three ring bound scrapbook containing lists of packages sent overseas to Wellesley alumnae serving overseas, item lists for packages, correspondence from Nurses in Europe regarding the packages; and correspondence from the various charities that the Wellesley Alumnae were knitting for including the Navy Knitters.
Numbering of items reflects their order within the original scrapbook.

Bolton, Grace

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 2

Second page in scrapbook. Front has typed note "Box sent to Miss M. McMullen for Easter in March 1946". Underneath this is a newsclipping listing the contents of Overseas parcel no. 129 and the cost for shipping parcel.
Back of page has typewritten "Contents of boxes sent to overseas nurses Xmas 1945". Underneath this are two typed lists of box contents for Parcel No. 83 for servicemen, and parcel no. 90 for civilian in the British Isles.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 8

On the front of page 8 is a typewritten list of recipients of Christmas 1944 boxes and cards sent by the Alumnae Association. Included are Lieutenant Nursing Sisters J. McCready, E. Rudd, E. M. Brown, M. Hillman, M. R. Adams, L. Hamblin, K. Fisher, M. Montizambert, M. Littlejohn, H. Pangman, D. McKnight, H. Haugh, E. Moore, G. M. Stewart, C. J. Cuthbert, M. Montgomery, and L. Jamieson. Box also sent to Major Alex G. Shaw. Cards were sent to Captain E. C. Noble, Miss H. Cunningham, Miss M. McMullen, and Major C. A. Tavener.

Back of page is typewritten inventory of the contents of overseas boxes as well as the inventory of parcel 62 for servicemen.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 11

Front of page 11 has a typewritten list of items placed in the boxes sent to Nursing Sisters in Africa. Box recipients were C. Tavener, H. Pangman, C.J. Cuthbert, L. Jamieson. At the bottom of the page is the mailing costs for all of the boxes sent out for Christmas, 1943.

Back of page has content listing for civilian boxes sent which were sent to Helen Cunningham (class of 1923), and Mildred McMullen (class of 1926). Bottom of page has list of recipients of letters and airgraphs (same as those sent boxes).

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 17

Letter from Nursing Sister Rae Adams. Letter is blue and folds up into its own envelope - an armed forces air letter. Her letter is dated 3 days after D-Day and the landing on the beach at Normandy by Allied Forces. Rae Adams had been injured during an air raid on Catania, Sicily, on September 2, 1943 when anti-aircraft shell fell on No. 5 Canadian General Hospital, injuring her and 11 other nurses. She was sent back to England for recovery.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook pages 55-56

Two page typewritten letter from Jean Wood, secretary-treasurer of the Toronto Branch of the British Minesweepers Auxiliary. The letter thanks Grace Bolton and the Alumnae for the knitting they have done since Aug. 4, 1943, listing all the items contributed. It also thanks them for sending money to cover the wool provided by the auxiliary for the projects.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 65

Letter from Mrs. A. J. MacKenzie, wool convenor, of the Toronto Chapter of the British Mine Sweepers Auxiliary - Overseas Parcels League thanking the Wellesley Alumnae for their contribution of 4 pairs of navy socks, 5 pairs of navy mitts, 1 pair of gloves, 4 seaman's caps, 2 ribbed helmets (balaclavas), and 8 turtle neck tuck-ins.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook page 87

Letter from Mrs. W. G. Shedden, secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary - Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve. She thanks the Wellesley Alumnae of their knitted contribution of 12 pairs of navy socks, 4 pairs of grey socks, 7 scarves, 2 turtleneck sweaters, 5 pairs of mitts, 2 pairs of two-way mitts, 2 pairs of seasocks, 6 helmets, and 2 tuck-ins.

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