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Charles Oberdorf Fonds
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Travel Writing for the Financial Post

Series contains original drafts of various travel articles cowritten by Charles Oberdorf and Mechtild Hoppenrath, and commissioned by and published in Financial Post Magazine. Some article files include related correspondence. Many of the article drafts are heavily annotated. There are files for the following articles in this series:

Amsterdam - Shopping & Dining in Amsterdam
Alsace (& Best Meal)
Avon River
Bahamas By Windjammer
Burgenland Story
Castle Hotels Story
Danish Inn, the
Delta Queen - Rollin' on the River
Escaping Frankfurt
Florida - St. Johns - Disney World
Georgia's Barrier Islands
Dining in Halifax
The Hawaii Cruise
London Before Christmas
Madeira and Madeira's Madeira
Le Marais
Mexico - The Yucatan
Okanagan Valley
Ontario - Inn-to-Inn Cross Country Skiing
Ontario - Southwest
Orwell's England
Quebec: Farm Holiday
Queen Elizabeth II
Rothenburg - The Town That Drank Itself to Life
Santa Fe
Santiago de Compostela
St Moritz
Thinking About Traveling
Victoria British Columbia

Oberdorf, Charles

Ryerson Teaching

Series contains materials generated and collected by Charles Oberdorf related to his teaching work at Ryerson.

TV Ten Around Town

Series contains textual and photographic records related to Oberdorf's time working as a producer on the show 'TV Ten Around Town' - broadcast on Philadelphia's CBS affiliate WCAU.

TV 10 Around town - photographs

file contains photographs taken on the set of "TV 10 Around Town," and some production stills distributed as part of press kits. Includes images of Bill Cosby, The Simon Sisters, Gregory Peck, Ray Bolger, Candice Bergen, Pamela Curran, Sammy Davis Jr., . Includes production stills featuring Carroll Baker and Raquel Welsh.


File contains notes, correspondence, clippings, and meeting minutes related to the production of a show on the concept of 'Camp'

Canadian Fashion

File contains notes, and correspondence related to the production of a TV 10 Around Town show on Canadian Fashion.

76 World's Fair

File contains correspondence, clippings, and a copy of "USA Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" published by Kap Studios, Inc. for the Art Directors' Club of Philadelphia

WCAU-TV Miscellaneous

File contains correspondence, marketing materials, and clippings related to Oberdorf's tenure at, and resignation from WCAU-TV

Oberdorf Personal Series

File contains textual and graphic records related to various aspects of Oberdorf's life and career including his time at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and in the Army/National Guard.

Carnegie Institute of Technology - Theatre

Files contains various handwritten and typed screen plays and other theatrical materials, clippings, and one photograph of three unidentified performers relating to Oberdorf's undergraduate career at Carnegie Institute of Technology

Army/National Guard Records

File contains textual records related to Oberdorf's military career. Includes correspondence, administrative documents, and notes. File also contains a small number of photographic prints and negatives featuring images of Oberdorf in uniform.

Sheet Music

File contains handwritten and typed song lyrics and musical scores. Songs represented include:
Wonderful, Wondeful Day
In the Heart of the Allegheny Mountains
A Whale of a Tale
Progress is the Root of All Evil
One Morning in May
Blue Skies
Almost Like Being in Love
I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean
MacCownaghy Square
Wonderful, Wonderful day

Proposals/Job Applications

File contains edited and final copies of correspondence, handwritten notes, proposals, photographs, and application forms related to job applications and fellowship applications submitted by Oberdorf.

Misc. Correspondence

File contains correspondence to and from Oberdorf to friends and work associates in regards to personal and professional matters.

Writing Projects

Series contains textual records documenting a variety of writing projects undertaken by Oberdorf.

Unpublished Manuscripts (MSS)

File contains correspondence and clippings related to various writing projects. Includes records related to potential articles about Philadelphia Art, James Brewster, Bibleland, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Van Dyke Parks, as well as unpublished fictional writing.

miscellaneous published where?

File contains annotated drafts of various articles written by Oberdorf. Includes 'Packing' - Toronto Life Magazine; Losing It In Pittsburgh in 1961; Yankees Oh, Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee, Too; National Geographic at 90; & Club Mediterranee

Success Magazine

File contains news releases and clippings related to the launch of Success Magazine, correspondence, and clippings of the articles 'A Sense of Taste' and 'To Warm the Heartles' written by Oberdorf

Business in Japan

File contains handwritten notes, and an annotated typed draft of the article 'Across the Table From The Japanese' written by Oberdorf.


File contains typewritten and hand annotated draft of the article 'Oxfordhire' by Oberdorf

Four Walks

File contains typewritten and hand annotated draft of the article 'Four Walks' by Oberdorf, and related hand written notes

John D MacDonald

File contains correspondence, clippings, and a typed draft copy of the article 'John D MacDonald' by Oberdorf and subsequently published in Maclean's magazine. File also includes a full colour certificate indicating Oberdorf's membership in good standing in the Travis McGee Fan Club

Old Hotels

File contains notes and a typewritten and hand annotated draft of the article 'Old Hotels' by Oberdorf

Various Articles

File contains annotated drafts of various articles written by Oberdorf. Includes: 'Censorship,' Suburbs,' 'Men's Liberation', 'Gambling,' and 'Singles'

Twin Otter

File contains typewritten and annotated draft of the article 'Twin Otter' by Oberdorf for Financial Post Magazine

Homemaker's Articles/questionnaire

File contains typewritten and annotated drafts of various articles for HomeMaker's Magazine. Includes drafts of the articles 'Travel Survey,' 'The Other Virgins,' 'Northern Portugal,' 'Thinking About South'


File contains typewritten copy of the article 'Streetfood' by Hoppenrath and Oberdorf


File contains correspondence and a typewritten transcript related to the article 'Languedoc' published in Air Canada En Route Magazine


File contains typewritten and annotated copy of the article 'Zurich' by Hoppenrath and Oberdorf and two copies of the Author's Proof for the article


File contains typewritten and annotated copy of the article 'Ballooning,' and related notes

Toronto Tourism

File contains correspondence, clippings and notes related to a project involving Oberdorf and Toronto Alderman Susan Fish related to Toronto's approach to welcoming foreign tourists.

Prose mine

File contains clippings, notes, and typed drafts of various writings including 'The Sun on the Snow', and 'When Prophecy Fails.'

Profund Interviews Etc.

File contains typed and handwritten notes related to interviews conducted by Oberdorf with various members of ProFund Internacional.

Agridius Foundation

File contains Services Agreements and instructions, between Agridius Foundation and Charles Oberdorf regarding Oberdorf's role as Line Editor in respect to the development of a revised version of the Aridius Foundation History, as well as a copy of the history with edits made in pencil by Oberdorf.

Admin System

File contains correspondence, notes, and notices from Oberdorf in relation to his administrative and editorial work in magazine publishing.

Microfinance/Interviews & Drafts

File contains newspaper clippings, newsletters, handwritten notes, a greeting card, and edited drafts in relation to Oberdorf's time working as editor with Calmeadow, a registered Canadian NGO.

Great Lakes Letter

File contains correspondence, newsletters, cost control sheets, as well as drafts of reports and publishing and business plan related to Oberdorf's time working with Great Lakes. File also contains an audio cassette entitles, "Radio Now - Great Lakes Special".

Garden Column

File contains newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, a pamphlet, and correspondence related to Oberdorf's position as the Toronto Star's gardening columnist.

Toronto Life

File contains various drafts of articles written by Oberdorf for Toronto Life Magazine.

open reel audio recordings - various

File contains a collection of open reel audio reels collected and/or generated by Oberdorf. Titles include:

Series contains reel to reel audio reels collected by Oberdorf. Reels in this series with handwritten titles include:
Ideas: Blumenfeld #1 dub for Auerbach ; Ideas
Smitty's tape for John Bradford
TV Around Town Last Swan Music
Toronto In Review: dub for talks
Cut Track of Chateau/Lightfoot
Tape 1 Side 1 (green) Lay, Lady, Lay Side 2 (red) Rock 'n' Roll
Side 1 Adagios
A Concert For Television tape #4972
Gabura Fpr R. Engel
Arts & Science Journal Duplicate dub for Engel
Soundings. 'How Does It Feel' dub
Take One - Magazine Reviews - IQ Tests
Program # 6121324-0016C
Ideas: Ethnic Groups in Mtl. 1/4
Sunday Supplement #3 dub for talks
Sunday Supplement #2 dub for talks
Perf Blum #8
Blumenfeld #4 dub for Auerbach
Blumfeld #9 dub for Auerbach ; Ideas
Brenda Zimmerman, for 'Weekend' 20/12/78
Michael Asch on CBC Radio I of IV
Young Juvenile Delinquents Part II/Undiscovered Young Criminals Part I
Elmhorn Young Juvenile Delinquents Part I
Elmhorn Undiscovered Young Criminals Part II
Elmhorn Undiscovered Young Criminals Part II Dub
M.A. Numminen Electronic Music
M.A. Numminen - II
M.A. Numminen - I
Lorimer III
Blumenfeld #2dub for Auerbach: Idea
Blumenfeld #3 dub for Auerbach: Idea
Blumenfeld #5 dub for Auerbach: Idea
Blumenfeld #7dub for Auerbach: Idea
Fleming Outs & Elmhorn
Fleming Out
OISE Miles & 30's Staff
OISE More 30's
Michael Asch on CBC Radio III of IV
Michael Ascho IV of IV
For Brooke Dunning
Behind the Scene w/ P.W. (Interview with Frederick Complin Wine Steward at 3 Small Rooms rest. & waiter in the wine cellar Jean Johnson
Matinee Good Friday '70 - reel II
Dylan Wigwam Woogie Boogie
Oberdorf at Tivoli
Dr. Thorsten Svovala on Sin & Sex in Sweden int. Oberdorf.
Clyde Jeavons & Jeremy Pascall for "Ideas" (2 copies)
Dub of Ruzicka
Ideas Program of 25 Feb '70, "The Office Idea"
Interview Out-Takes 1
Interview Out-Takes 2
Dr. Arnold Wolff, Chief Architect, Cologne Cathedral
Minna Schneir
Beverly & Jean - Lock Noises, Church Bells & Peter Schutte of Die Black Fooss

Charles Oberdorf Fonds

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This fonds contains a variety of textual, photographic, audio, and computer data records generated or acquired by Charles Oberdorf during the course of his life and multi-faceted career in television product, freelance journalism, and magazine journalism instruction.

Oberdorf, Charles