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Found in the library art projects
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Found in the library art projects

  • F 939
  • Fonds
  • 2008-2012

Fonds contains sous-fonds of a variety of art projects that have been found in the book stacks at the Ryerson University Library and Archives.

The Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Fonds

This sous fonds contains the four book items/art objects that were collected by library staff in 2012, after the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club had surreptitiously placed them on Ryerson library's shelves as part of "The MNT Books Project" According to the MNT website: "We recently took a trip to the various libraries around our fair city and were shocked to learn that a number of landmark texts were missing from their shelves. Where was My Erotic Life by Richard Nixon, for instance? Or The Art and Fundamentals of Competitive Defenestration by Edita Cernosek?...Why burden the under-funded, under-staffed library system with another problem when we could simply donate the needed volumes ourselves? And to make things even easier, why not prep the books in advance with all the required barcodes and classification numbers? oath was made: the MNT Club would seed the libraries of Toronto with six great books on April 1st 2012.

Ryerson staff collected the 'planted' books associated with this hybrid April Fool's Joke/performance art piece, in the days following the initial discovery of the activities of the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club. The book items themselves are actually older books, which have been repurposed for this project with the absurdist dust jackets added

Book titles that were successfully collected by staff and added to this fonds include:

Puppies For Africa - How to Solve Poverty, AIDS and Genocide with Adorable Dog Babies!
My Erotic Life - Richard 'Dick" Nixon
Why Are Babies so Ugly - Oprah Winfrey
Circus of Desire - Penelope Brimshaw

Supplementary plates: The V.I. Fonds distribution project

Sous Fonds contains planted photographs that are the result of a project assigned by Image Arts Professor Vid Ingelevics to his Documentary Media MFA students for the course Databases, Archives and the Virtual Experience of Art. For the project, students were presented with an archive of 100 images on CD and asked to create a system to classify them. Past student Mark Laurie, who graduated from the program in 2010, chose to rely on the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress Subject headings to help categorize the disparate images.

The title of the project "Supplementary plates: The V.I. Fonds distribution project" describes Laurie's decision for classifying the images through placing them into library books. Each individual photograph remains connected to the others in archival fashion by fonds, acknowledging the original source and organization of the images, in a group of 100 from Vid Ingelevics.

The artist printed the images as photographs, and divided them into library books because "without knowledge of the images, provenances and the archival motivations behind their co-mingling, [Laurie] realized that by merely organizing them into batches, [he] could not hope to restore their meaning or significance." Assigning each image, or small group of similar images, a Library of Congress Subject heading, Laurie searched the Ryerson Library catalogue and chose books with identical subject headings to place the photographs in. He used the Dewey Decimal and the Library of Congress Subject heading to complete the classification of his images, and placed them into books indicating that they were "on loan" from the V.I. Fonds to that book, adding to the Ryerson Library's collection of images on that subject.

Laurie, Mark


Sous Fonds contains an album containing colour photographs from the 1970's, feauturing young men and women socializing. Included on the front page of the album are two invitations to 2014 events at Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Hackerlove and Duorama #114.