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Miscellaneous Archival Materials
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Sub-series consists of a selection of examinations from various courses offered by Ryerson. They are found bundled together on the "Unsorted Materials" shelving. They are organized by subject or department.

Miscellaneous Archival Materials

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This RG contains a collection of miscellaneous archival materials that had been brought into the archives over the years (and especially in the early days of operations) without being properly documented, appraised for selection, or accessioned. Rather than deaccession them, it was decided to retain them in the archives under this RG.

R.I.T. frosh beanies

One beanie made of blue felt with small brim and gold and white "RIT" in felt letters on front.
This beanie would have been worn by a first year student during Initiation when Frosh were required to perform acts, such as shine shoes or sing at the command of other students and often in costume.

Ryerson Blazer

Navy blue blazers with a patch on breast pocket of Egerton Ryerson.


Ryerson had two crests designed in the early years. The first crest, blue, gold and white, approved in 1949, is round with the name “Ryerson Institute of Technology” and a head and shoulders sketch of Egerton Ryerson and the date 1948.
In addition to student use, blazers were worn by cheerleaders, ushers and usherettes at plays, convocation and other ceremonial occasions, the glee club, the choir and the Ryerson band.
With Howard Kerr's efforts, the crest was replaced in 1966 when the College of Arms in London, England granted Ryerson its own official crest.

R.I.T. frosh beanies

The beanies would have been worn by a first year student during Initiation when Frosh were required to perform acts, such as shine shoes or sing at the command of other students and often in costume.

Two blue felt beanies with gold and white felt letters "RIT" on front.

RG Blue plastic liner around interior of hat and white tag
RG hole in front between the "R" and the "I".

Green felt bowler hat

Green felt bowler hat with bright green ribbon trim and bright green plastic around the brim.
The hat was featured at a St. Patrick's Day party held on Friday March 16, 1973. The party was sponsered by the Business Students Society, the Society of Hosts, and the Society of Engineering Technology students.

Magna Carta reproduction

Large scale framed reproduction of the Magna Carta. The original Magna Carta, also knows as the Great Charter of the Liberties of England, was signed in 1215. The charter limited the powers of the King by law.

Photograph of Egerton Ryerson bust

Photographic close-up of the face and head of a marble bust of Egerton Ryerson. The bust is part of the University art collection and was originally on display in the old Normal School building at St. James Square.

Eric Palin Hall print

Framed print of "Eric Palin Hall Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Toronto 1970" by Walter Coucill. The drawing was framed and given to Mama and Papa Wycik. On matte "Presented to Mama and Papa Wycik by the President, Staff, Students, and Alumni of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute October 2nd, 1975 in grateful recognition of their contribution to Campus Life for the past twenty-five years."

Coucill, Walter

Laurie McGaw framed artworks

File contains two artworks by Canadian artist Laurie McGaw:

RG - Oakham House exterior ; 64 x 74 cm including frame ; 41 x 54 cm illustration alone ; ink and watercolour
RG - Ryerson Hall exterior ; 64 x 84 cm including frame ; 42 x 64 cm illustration alone ; ink and watercolour

RPI Signs

File consists of signs for Ryerson Polytechnic Institute including signs for the legal assistance clinic hours, residence visitors, and the prohibition of card playing in the great hall.

Ryerson Exhibition Area - event posters

File consists of posters for a variety of events staged at the Ryerson Exhibition Area. Includes posters for:

Society for Technical Communication - Publications & Technical Art Exhibit
Media Centre Annual Display of Graphics, Prints, Slides
Interior Design Reviews and Graduation Presentations
The Film and Television Design Work of Nikolai Soloviov
Theatre Designs by Staff and Students of the Theatre Department
Electrical Light Centennial
Theatre Department - Costumes From the Past
Ryerson Community Artists
Drawings By Children in China
A Display of Works By Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Lion In Winter - Costumes from Ryerson Theatre Department Studio Production
Interior Design Faculty Shows
IOS TV & Film Scenography
Computer Graphic Art
Fibre To Fabric - Articles Hand Spun and Hand Woven by the Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers
Theatre Department - Recent Designs by Tony Abrams, Resident Designer
Film and Photography Department
Ryerson Community Avocations
Synopsis - Young Canadian Artists
Architectural Technology and Landscape
Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions - IBM Canada Collection of Working Models
Famous Faces - Drawings by Tocam
Theatre Department - Costumes From School for Scandal
Photojournalism from the National Film Board of Canada
Hospitality - Hors D'Oeuvres
Watercolours by Maureen Baker
CBC Institute of Scenography

miscellaneous posters - non Ryerson

File contains a collection of posters with no apparent Ryerson connection, that had been collected but not accessioned at some point in the 1980s. Posters in this file include:

Mackenzie Printing Establishment - Mackenzie House
The Grange
Tocam poster "E Egal Em Ce Deux"
Bittersweet: An Exhibition: Women in Ontario 1900-1975
Sensory City 74
Peking Opera of China
A.E. LePage Poster with image of Toronto Skyline December 1971
Giltmaskface Akhenaton, King of Egypt, A Fantasy Play for Solo Actor John Stuart Anderson
Illustration of female figure by unidentified artist (print 6/50)
Come with Conklin - Conklin Shows recruitment poster

The Great Annual Outhouse Race trophy

Ryerson teams won this trophy twice in the early 1970s in the Great Annual Outhouse Race organized by the leadership and civic organization, the Toronto Jaycees. Ryerson’s team of 20 men led by Dave Newbigging won the race held during halftime of the College Bowl at the C.N.E. on November 23, 1974. The College Bowl teams consisted of Ryerson, University of Toronto, York University, and University of Western Ontario. Thereafter, the Jaycees abandoned the race with Ryerson continuing to hold the trophy.

See The Ryersonian, November 26, 1974.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Championship trophy

Wooden barrel with copper straps. Brass plate with “O’Keefe Award” and brass plate with “Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Championship”. Smaller plaques around base "RLCC 1965", "Omega Mho 1966", and "ELECL Club 1967". Some of the plaques have come off.
This trophy was presented by the O’Keefe Brewery for the most outstanding ice sculpture entered in the Ryerson Winter Carnival. Until the mid-1960s, the O’Keefe Brewery was located on property presently owned by Ryerson. It owned and occupied the Business Building, O’Keefe House, the CJRT Building and the Film and Photography Building, as well as the main brewing plant on the site where the Institute’s Bookstore and Parking Garage complex now stand.

O'Keefe Brewery

Blue leather and wood office chair

Blue leather and wood office chair with tree base and four feet on castors. Wood arms and legs with padded leather back and seat piece. Decorative brass tacking around arms and on back of chair. Plastic marbled scuff protectors on top of chair feet.
Chair was found near the original Principal's office and board room, so there is a possibility it was used in the main office.

Wunder Furniture Manufacturing Company Limited

Drinking vessels

Sub-series consists of a variety of glass and ceramic mugs, glasses, and steins created for Ryerson with its name and crest on them.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute beer stein

Ceramic beer stein with green exterior and blue interior. Stamped with "Ryerson Polytechnical Institute" and the crest in gold. There is a price sticker on the bottom from the Ryerson Bookstore for $3.98. The bottom is stamped with a maker's mark - the stein was made in Ireland.

Mente et Artifio pewter mug

Tall pewter mug/stein with the Ryerson crest and motto engraved in centre on one side. Bottom of mug is glass. There is also a Ryerson Institute bookstore sticker on the bottom, the mug was sold for $8.75.

Ryerson crest glass mug

Barrel shaped glass mug with textured sides. "Ryerson", the crest, and motto are on one side in black. The rim is silver. There is a price tag on the bottom - Ryerson Institute bookstore.

Beer (Ginger) stoneware bottle

A two-toned stoneware bottle that may have been used for ginger beer produced by the O’Keefe Brewery in the early 1900s. The top of the bottle has been broken off. Measurements: 16cm high and 6.5cm in diameter. The black lettering stamped around the bottom of the bottle identifies it as a product of O’Keefe Beverages Limited, Toronto, Canada. This bottle was found behind Oakham House during renovations in 2004

Ryerson crest cuff links

File contains one set of gold coloured cuff links. Their diamond shaped front has the old Ryerson crest on them in blue and gold. These cuff links are examples of ones that were given to male staff members when they left Ryerson.

Epidiascope projector

One epidiascope of unknown origin. It is presumed that is was used for classes at Ryerson.
An epidiascope (opaque projector, epidioscope, or episcope) is a device which displays opaque materials by shining a bright lamp onto the object from above. A system of mirrors, prisms and/or imaging lenses is used to focus an image of the material onto a viewing screen.

Normal School/Ryerson Hall vault keys

Keys to the Vault of the Toronto Normal School. These keys probably date back to the 19th Century, when the Normal School was built on the very site where Toronto Metropolitan University stands today. The inscription on one of the key rings reads: "The Union Trust Company, Limited, Toronto / Savings Dept. Pays Four Per Cent."

Marble sphere

Originally thought to be a shooting marble, the white sphere appears to be made from marble and clearly has broken off of a larger item.

Wood benches

Two long wooden benches with desk arms for students to use to rest books on. Each bench is numbered 49-60. An alumnus indicated that people would be assigned seat numbers in class.

Wood in glass

One small glass jar with a piece of wood in it and a large round display case holding a large upright piece of wood with a smaller piece of wood attached to it.

The wood was found during the excavations for Kerr Hall. The smaller piece was found in 1972 at the North west end of the building. The larger piece was found while they were excavating for the pool. Both pieces were carbon dated to be about 12 000 years old.

Lamp of Learning

The lamp of learning was originally used as the top of the trophy for the Chariot races that used to be held at Ryerson, usually before football games in the 1950s. From 1953 to the early 1980's it was carried at the front of the procession at convocation on a pillow.


Light brown wood cane with plastic or french ivory checker board pattern on end of grip. Blue plastic grip on bottom badly damaged.

Comptometer Model WM

Item is a model WM, "War Model", Comptometer manufactured by the Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company of Chicago. The model WM is a variation of the model M to require less materials during times of war.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, St. James Square

Two large brass plaques installed at the North and South entrances to the Quad of Howard Kerr Hall. They were believed to have been installed when the building was complete in 1964. In 2003 the two smaller plaques, with wording composed by Archives staff, were installed to explain the out of date name signs for the school which by then was Ryerson University.

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity sign

Triangular wood sign painted green and white with Delta Sigma Phi's letters and triangle emblem on it. The pledge emblem is a white circle with a green equilateral triangle set inside of it. Gold lines radiate from the center of the emblem to the three points of the triangle in addition to outlining the circle and triangle. The pledge emblem is very prevalent in the symbolism of the fraternity; not only is the emblem on the pledge pin, but the emblem also graces the flag, the membership badge and the basic design is also the basis of the fraternity's seal.
Delta Sigma Phi was the only non-profession related fraternity at Ryerson.

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