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Toronto Normal School
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Toronto Normal School

  • RG 16
  • Fonds
  • 1846 - 1941

Records, books, and graphic material related to the Toronto Normal School.

Toronto Normal School

Teaching and High School Entrance Certificates - Mary Reeves

Five certificates received by May Ferguson under her maiden name, Reeves. One of the certificates is an admission certificate to a "Collegiate Institute, High School or Continuation School" whereas the remaining certificates are kindergarten/public schoolteacher's certificates. Two of these certificates are for programs taken at the Toronto Normal School.

Toronto Normal School

1923-1924 Toronto Normal School yearbook

3 yearbooks for the Toronto Normal School 1923-1924 from two donations. These books were donated from and appear to have been originally owned by, as follows :

  1. A.1997-078 - Appears to have been originally owned by Leila Bryce (her name appears in tiny print on inside back cover); contains autographs.
  2. 2023-13 - Originally owned by Harvey Curry. Pages were flagged with Harvey's photograph and description; contains numerous autographs.
  3. 2023-13 - Appears to have been originally owned by Velma Quinn; contains numerous autographs.

(Ottawa) Normal School composite class photograph 1892

Sepia tone photograph of the 1892 Normal School graduating class,which includes the donor's (Hugh Brown) mother. Research on the building and several of the individuals depicted in the bottom portion of this photograph lead the Archives to believe that the normal school inquestion is not the one which was in St. James Square in Toronto for so many years but is in fact the school in Ottawa which opened in 1875. William Scott, who served as the Toronto Normal School's first principal and is shown in the photograph, taught at the Ottawa Normal school from 1881 to 1894.

Toronto Normal School

Toronto Normal School - Jack Crossen donation

Jack Crossen was born in 1920 or 1921 and died January 2, 2022 at 101. He attended the Toronto Model School where he athletic awards. At the age of 20 he volunteered for World War II and was enlisted in the 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment (CAC) and The British Columbia Regiment (DCO). A recipient of France's highest medal of honour, The French National Order of the Legion of Honour, for his military service during the Battle of Normandy and the final Liberation of France.

Toronto Normal School

Normal School Literary Society At Home dance card

The file contains a small dance programme with space for 12 dances and an accompanying pencil with which the cardholder penciled-in her dance partner for each dance. Four dance types are pre-set, for example the Rye Waltz. Music was provided by Howard Cable. Verso lists patrons and committee members. Dance card was used at a dance held at the Toronto Normal School on January 24, 1941.

Toronto Normal School

Normal-Model School Boys Championship Cup (Photograph)

The Normal-Model School Boys Championship Cup (1938) was loaned to the Ryerson archives in 1987 for one year. Upon its return in 1988, a photograph was taken of the cup and this record group was created. The original trophy is no longer in the custody of the Ryerson archives.

Toronto Normal School

The Globe Exhibition Competition, 1935 Toronto Normal Model School Senior Fourth Boys, Globe Shield Winners - newspaper cliipping and note

Hand annotated newspaper clipping with image of The Globe Exhibition Competition, 1935 Toronto Normal Model School Senior Fourth Boys, Globe Shield Winners and typed note with index of individuals appearing in the photograph. Picture taken at Gould Street entrance to Normal School.

Toronto Normal School

Reta Willmot - handwritten note books

3 note books containing handwritten lesson plans and notes on early childhood education instruction. The books are filled with many small illustrations in addition to the handwritten notes.

Toronto Normal School

Normal School Graduating Class photograph 1901-1902

sepia-toned photograph of a graduating class of the Toronto Normal School. There are 21 individuals in the photograph including two individuals who appear to be senior officials and Donalda Jean Cruickshank, the donor's grandmother, who is seated front row centre.

Toronto Normal School

Toronto Normal School Handbell

Brass handbell with black wooden handle belonged to Dr. James Carlyle, the fourth Headmaster of the Boys' Model School where he would have used it (1858-1871) and Mathematical Master of the Toronto Normal School (1871-1893).

Illuminated Manuscript - James Carlyle's Retirement

Manuscript contains four pages of hand calligraphy and art, bound in brown leather and inscribed, "To James Carlyle, Esq., M.D. Toronto". The manuscript was presented to Dr. Carlyle upon his retirement in 1893 by the "Old Model Boys", students to whom he was their headmaster (1858-1871) at the Boys' Model School, followed by being the Mathematical Master at the Toronto Normal School (1871-1893).

Stained Glass Pieces: The Normal School

File contains pieces of stained glass of different shapes, sizes, and colours. The pieces are probably from windows of the auditorium in the Normal School building(s).

Toronto Normal School

Sculptured Stone: The Normal School

File contains a 150 kilogram-plus slab, measuring approximately one metre long and a half a metre wide and thick, from the Normal School Building. The stone may have hung on the upper level of a section of the building but the exact location is unknown.

Toronto Normal School

Toronto Normal School - Janet Page donation

The Series consists of 1 page of a Provincial Normal School Lesson Topic form and 17 selected and photocopies of pages from Janet Page's original Normal School scrapbook. Mrs. Page (nee Battersby) was a 1940 graduate of the Toronto Normal School.

Lesson Topic form

Printed on bond paper, this Provincial Normal Schools standard form records the student teacher's practicum lesson to a class in a particular subject, thus the title, Lesson Topic. In this example, Miss Battersby successfully completed teaching the arithmetic lesson based on calculating the area of circles using a mathematical formula to a Grade 7 class. Because it is unclear where Miss Battersby undertook her practicum, the "Critic Teacher" who signed the form could have a Normal School faculty member or a teacher at a Model School class or a teacher in another school. The date and time of the practicum lesson are given. Also of note, the form itself, having been designed in November 1928 with 100,000 printed at that time.

1940 Toronto Normal School Graduate Reunions

These pages are photocopies from Janet Page's (Miss Battersby's) Toronto Normal School scrapbook. The 1940 graduating class held a number of reunions, some of which are documented here and include a copy of a 1940 photograph taken on the front steps of the Toronto Normal School and a hand-drawn cartoon by another graduate illustrating Miss Battersby at her desk in the classroom.

See the 1940 yearbook for photographs of Miss Battersby, the artist of the cartoon, as well as other friends.

Kathleen Maude Shearman Normal School autograph book

Kathleen Maude Shearman of Hamilton attended the Toronto Normal School in 1887 (Second Session). This autograph book contains the signatures, verses, or sketches of most of her classmates, as well as some signatures after her Normal School student days.

Toronto Normal School

Print: Ontario Normal College Graduates 1905-1906

Sepia tone composite print of the graduates of the Ontario Normal College (possibly the Normal School in London or the "Ontario Normal School" in Hamilton* ). Mounted on a 43cm x 51cm board. Placed in a 50 cm x 65 cm frame. There is a reference in the handwritten chronology in the Archivist's 'Ryerson History' binder which reads as follows: "1897 - School of Pedagogy moves to Hamilton and becomes the Ontario Normal College".

Toronto Normal School

Prints and Negatives: Normal School Caretaker Lachlan McCorkindale

black and white copy negatives and corresponding copy prints of three photographs showing Lachlan McCorkindale, caretaker of the Education Department/Toronto Normal School at St. James Square. Mr. McCorkindale was born in Scotland on October 25, 1845 and died on March 17, 1913. 1.1A portrait of Mr. McCorkindale: his wife, Sarah Jane (nee Doak, b. March 25, 1861, d. March 26, 1913); their young daughter, (Edna) Gertrude McCorkindale (b. April 4, 1893, d. 1990); and "Willie", a cousin. 1.2 Shows Mr. McCorkindale with a group of individuals, on the grounds of the Normal School, next to one of its buildings.1.3 Shows Mr. McCorkindale, with four unidentified women, in front of what is thought to have been his residence at the Normal School. This building became the Ryerson "Dreamhouse" in the 1950s -- a model home which served as both residence and classroom for Home Economics students.

Toronto Normal School

Toronto Normal School - Harry Couse donation

This small collection consists of: John Monkman's teaching certificate ("Grade B of the Second Class") issued by the Educational Department for Upper Canada, dated 1863 and signed by Egerton Ryerson; ten examination papers from the Thirtieth Session of the Normal School for Upper Canada (December, 1863); and two timetables entitled "Syllabus of Lectures in the Normal School for Upper Canada" (Twenty-Ninth Session, 1863) and "Programme of Lectures in the Normal School for Ontario (Forty-Sixth Session, August to December, 1871). The 1871 document may suggest a possible return by John Monkman to the Normal School to upgrade his qualifications.

Toronto Normal School

Program of Lectures in the Normal School for Ontario

"Programme of Lectures in the Normal School for Ontario (Forty-Sixth Session, August to December, 1871). The 1871 document may suggest a possible return by John Monkman to the Normal School to upgrade his qualifications.

Toronto Normal School

Educational Institutions, Education Department Toronto - prints

Two antique prints. Both show the Toronto Normal School/Provincial Education Department at St. James Square in 1881-1882 and were published in the following books : The Last Forty Years : Canada Since the Union of 1841 and Picturesque Canada : The Country As It Was and Is. This file also contains reproductions of the covers of the aforementioned books.

Normal School postcard with message

Postcard to Miss Elva Lever from Maggis. Two Canada Post cancellation dates are April 15, 1907 and April 16, 1907. Image is a drawing looking at south east corner of the building. Top left corner in red ink, "12509 Normal School, Toronto. Canada".

Scanned architectural drawings of the Toronto Normal School

Scans of architectural drawings taken from the Archives of Ontario in 1984 for Ryerson's Bicentennial display project. Images show various external and internal views of the Normal School building. This file includes printout from Archives of Ontario explaining their collection.

Tremaine's Map of the County of York - non original copy.

1 copy of Tremaine's Map of the County of York, Canada West, Toronto, Compiled and Drawng by Geo.R.Tremaine from actual surveys, published by Geo. C. Tremaine 1860. This item does not date back to 1860 but is a modern copy (date unknown). Map shows Toronto and surrounding region, divided by land plots, and includes several illustrations, including an illustration (10 x 12 cm) depicting the Normal School.

Toronto Normal School

Toronto Normal School year pin

Toronto Normal School year pin. Two piece pin is attached by a gold chain. One of the pieces is usually a two number year denoting the year of graduation of the recipient.
Small plaque shaped base with "TNS" in black around a gold lamp of learning. Fine gold chain attaches to a small "33" pin.

Birks Ellis Ltd.

Correspondence on the Subject of The School Law for Upper Canada

One copy of bound report "Copies of Correspondence between Members of the Government and the Chief Superintendent of Schools on the subject of the School Law for Upper Canada and Education Generally, with appendices (Including correspondence on the subject from March 3, 1846, to April 25, 1850. Printed by the order of the Legislative Assembly. Printed in Toronto by Lovell & Gibson, Front Street.

Letter: From Egerton Ryerson To A. McGregor

One letter written on the letterhead of the Department of Public Instruction for Upper Canada and dated September 1, 1853. It is addressed to A. McGregor, Esq., Treasurer, County Perth, Stratford.

Ryerson, Egerton

Print: Egerton Ryerson

File contains 2 photographic prints of Egerton Ryerson, one is framed and the other is not. One print was originally framed and the frame matting was inscribed with "The Rev. Egerton Ryerson, D.D., 1803-1882, Founder of the Educational System of Ontario".

Normal School printing plate

One block printing plate showing the Toronto Normal School and the park area surrounding it. The plate was used to create illustration in the booklet "Toronto Normal School 1847-1957". Also included is a print made from the plate.

Normal School Stained Glass Window sections

Two pieces of stained glass window believed to be from the upper section of the long windows in the Normal School auditorium. One piece is triangular with clear, green and red glass and the second piece is red, orange, yellow, and green clover shape.

Normal School Frosted Window Panes

A window pane with design and decorations from the Normal School building. The pane was probably located at the front (south) of the main building according to photographs. The design shows a crest, a cross, three maple leaves and leaves in the corners.

Oak filing cabinets

Originally used in the Department of Education offices, the three oak filing cabinets are various sizes. One is a standard single cabinet, one is double, and one has narrow drawers.

Toronto Normal School plate

Small cream coloured ceramic plate with pattern around rim of plate in brown. Centre of plate has what looks iris's and cherry blossoms surrounding picture of the Normal School main building in brown as well.

Primavesi & Sons

Natural philosophy, Part I

One copy of 'Natural philosophy, Part I : including statics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, dynamics, hydrodynamics, the general theory of undulations, the science of sound, the mechanical theory of music, etc. designed for the use of normal and grammar schools, and the higher classes in common schools.'

Ontario Teacher's Manuals

File contains a collection of Ontario Teacher's Manuals published between 1915 and 1925. Some of the volumes include marginalia, inserts and other markings.

Books in this file include:

Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Geography
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Nature Study
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Grammar
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - History
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Arithmatic
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Primary Reading
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Composition – Spelling
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Literature
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Literature
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Writing
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - A Manual of Suggestions For Teachers of Science
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Elementary Agriculture and Horticulture
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Household Science in Rural Schools
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - Household Management
Ontario Teachers' Manuals - ART
Ontario Normal School Manual - History of Education
Ontario Normal School Manual - School Management
Ontario Normal School Manual - Science of Education
Ontario Public School - Spelling Book
Ontario Public School - Hygiene

The Toronto Normal School 1847-1897 Jubilee Report

2 copies of "The Toronto Normal School 1847-1897 Jubliee Report. Report contains information on the celebrations held October 31 - November 2, 1897; biographical sketches, graduate and faculty lists and other information.

Warwick Brothers & Rutter