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Ryerson Engineering Student Society
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Ryerson Engineering t-shirts

Eleven Ryerson Engineering related t-shirts. The majority were used for orientation week.

RG 306.03.01 - XL black t-shirt - 1988/89 edition - "The Frosh A Day in the Life"
RG 306.03.02 - L yellow t-shirt - 1989/90 edition - "Ryerson Engineering Orientation"
RG 306.03.03 - XL white t-shirt - 1995/96 edition - "RESS Orientation '95 Proud to be Purple"
RG 306.03.04 - XL white t-shirt - 1996/97 edition - "RESS Orientation '96 Proud to be Purple"
RG 306.03.05 - XL white t-shirt - 1998/99 edition - "RESS Orientation '98 Hello my name isnt'.."
RG 306.03.06 - L white t-shirt - 2001/02 edition - "Ryerson Engineering Frosh Week 2001"
RG 306.03.07 - XL white t-shirt - 2002/03 edition - "Ryerson Engineering Orientation Week 2002 Get Rammed"
RG 306.03.08 - XL white t-shirt - 2004/05 edition - "Ryerson Engineering Frosh Week"
RG 306.03.09 - M burgundy t-shirt - "RyEngineering , My drinking team has an engineering problem"
RG 306.03.10 - S black t-shirt - "Engineering Sucks"
RG 306.03.11 - S white t-shirt - "Engineering Sucks"

Coveralls (Denim Cut-offs)

Blue denim coveralls (also referred to as "covies") worn by engineering students during orientation events and other school-spirited activities.
This pair has legs and arms cut short. Covered in fabric paint. Front has "CF Fighter" in yellow paint on one pocket, "Gearhead" with a cog in blue paint and over that "DAVE" in yellow paint. Arms have "Mech Force" on one in yellow and purple, and the RyEng logo in yellow paint on the other. Back of coveralls has MECH" in blue, purple and yellow paint on the top. Faded RyEng logo and "RESS 'O' Crew" silk screened in centre. "Rule #1 Go to Pub Every Thursday!" in blue, purple, and yellow paint, and "Rye Bum" in yellow paint on back pocket.

Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS)

Ryerson Engineering mugs

Two Ryerson Engineering mugs:
RG 306.22.01 - Clear plastic mug with black lid. Ryerson Engineering coat of arms in purple on one side and "RyEng" on other side in purple.
RG 306.22.02 - tall clear glass mug with "Ryerson Engineering 2002" in blue on one side

2015 RESS Frosh Kit materials

This file contains materials from a RESS Frosh Kit. Includes: a yellow hard hat (RESS logo); yellow "Frosh" t-shirt; green hospital scrub pants (RyeEng logo); canvas laundry bag (RyEng logo); decal with RyEngineering Ryerson University; playing cards (RyEng logo) ; and a combination flashlight and beer opener (RyEng logo).

RyEng baseball caps

Two baseball hats. One is navy blue with RyEng logo embroidered on front in gold. The other is beige with "Ryerson Engineering" embroidered in blue on the front left side and the RyEng logo in blue and gold on the left side brim.

Coveralls: Ryerson Engineering Security

A pair of red coveralls with the RESS logo on left pocket. On front is "TATA" in black marker on right side top and "CIVIL" down one leg. "Civil Rules" is on one arm in black marker. Skull and crossbones with Ryerson Engineering Security lettering on back. Also on back the letters “Z.T.C.” have been printed with black marker. The letters stand for “Zero Tolerance Control”.

RESS Flyers

File consists of two flyers advertising :

  1. A screening of two films related to the December 6, 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre, "Polytechnique" and "After the Montreal Massacre" with an opening address by Judy Rebick; presented by RESS and the Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign.
  2. Frosh leader tryouts for engineering students.