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Office of University Advancement
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Business Plan

1997/98 Office of University Advancement "Business Plan". Part of a presentation to the Ryerson Board of Governors, March 1997. This document pre-dates the "Invest In Futures" fundraising campaign.

Disc 45 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 13

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-11-08 ITM awards
2006-11-16 Business mentoring breakfast
2006-11-23 Master of Early Childhood Studies (ECS) launch
2006-11-25 Theatre 35th Anniversary gala
2006-11-29 Oren Amitay lecture

Disc 43 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 11

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-10-31 Master Plan media conference
2006-11-01 Social Science programs awards
2006-11-03 Global Monitoring report launch
2006-11-07 RBC cheque presentation (to Gerrard Resource Centre)
2006-11-22 Business Mgmt awards
2006-11-24 Staff Star Awards

Disc 42 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 10

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-09-26 Mold Designer of the year award
2006-10-13 Homecoming
2006-10-14 Homecoming
2006-10-14 Alumni Achievement awards
2006-10-18 Fashion exhibition
2006-10-18 United Way Leadership luncheon
2006-10-19 United Way Pancake Breakfast
2006-10-30 TB - AIDS Diary exhibition
2006-11-10 Remembrance Ceremony
2006-11-11 Remembrance Day Ceremony

Disc 41 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 9

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-09-18 India delegation
2006-09-29 Ontario Universities Fair (OUF)
2006-10-05 OUF President's Thank you reception
2006-10-12 Ann Cavoukian - ethics speaker series
2006-10-12 Positive Space group portrait
2006-10-13 Ryerson Business Building (RBB) open house
2006-10-17 Canadian Youth Business Forum (CYBF) news conference
2006-11-01 Hospitality (SHTM) awards night

Disc 40 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 8

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-09-07 Heaslip House Open House
2006-09-08 Island Picnic
2006-09-08 Student Parade
2006-09-11 Fay Grim pre-screening reception
2006-09-10 Aditya Jha reception
2006-06-20 Dawson College Memorial
2006-09-26 Ravi Gopal retirement
2006-09-26 Heaslip House official opening

Disc 39 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 7

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-06-26 Annual Board Dinner
2006-06-28 Alumni Association BBQ
2006-07-06 Disability Studies (DST) Awards
2006-08-09 Orientation
2006-08-31 International Students BBQ
2006-08-31 Mature Students Meet & Greet
2006-09-01 Shinerama
2006-09-06 Business MBA Wine and Cheese
2006-09-06 Chris Bentley - Reaching Higher announcement
2006-09-06 RSU Group Day - President's Office - added to Picnic
2006-09-06 Welcom Picnic - RSU Campus groups
2006-09-07 Master Plan - preliminary meeting

Disc 38 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 6

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-05-30 Urban Planning Alumni Association
2006-06-26 Associate Vice President Academic (AVPA) reception
2006-06-27 John Craig Eaton farewell ceremonies (2nd disc with this event on it)
2006-06-29 John Craig Eaton farewell ceremonies (2nd disc with this event on it)

Disc 37 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 5

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-05-15 Faculty conference
2006-05-18 Warren's World reception
2006-05-25 ACE competition
2006-05-25 CIBC Access Awards
2006-05-29 Strathclyde University Exchange
2006-06-13 James Bartleman - FNTI Aboriginal graduands
2006-06-21 Sue William farewell party

Disc 36 - Ryerson Events 2006, part 4

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-04-10 Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe, AIDS awareness
2006-05-01 Writing competition cheque presentation
2006-05-09 Black Star exhibit - BCE Place
2006-05-11 HD Studio Ribbon Cutting
2006-05-11 Ted Rogers Dinner
2006-05-16 Michael Guerriere Reception

Disc 35 - Ryerson Events, 2006 part 3

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-03-23 Tonya Williams - Reel World Film Festival
2006-03-31 Dennis Mock Awards
2006-04-04 RHAA (Hospitality) Meet and Greet
2006-04-06 Mass Exodus Fashion Show
2006-04-07 Ernie Bursary Collection
2006-04-07 President's Luncheon for Athletes
2006-04-17 GCM student projects - OUF
2006-04-21 20 Minute Makeover
2006-04-26 Thesis presentations to Levy and VPs
2006-05-09 Sarwan Sahota Award

Disc 34 - Ryerson Events, 2006 part 2

Disc contains photographs of various Ryerson events. Included are:

2006-02-15 Hub Design Contest photos
2006-03-06 Stephen Lewis Lecture and Book signing
2006-03-09 Enkin Reception
2006-03-21 Canada Research Chairs Reception
2006-03-23 Journalism Alumni Association
2006-03-23 RACA (Ryerson African Caribbean Association)
2006-03-23 Tri-Mentoring Awards
2006-03-28 Canada Millenium Scholarship Foundation Event
2006-03-28 International Achievements Receptions
2006-04-06 ITM Alumni Association

Disc 33 - Ryerson Events, 2006 part 1

Disc contains photographs taken at a variety of events. Included are:

2006-01-16 Candidates debate
2006-01-24 OFRB announcement
2006-02-01 NSERC
2006-02-06 Nursing press conference
2006-02-08 Bentley Press Conference
2006-02-09 Simulation Lab opening
2006-02-14 Henry S. Webber presentation
2006-02-21 Volleyball finals
2006-02-23 President's Commission Town Hall
2006-03-01 Bug Push-Sick Children's Hospital
2006-03-02 Bug Push-Cheque presentation
2006-03-02 General Campus tour
2006-03-03 Ice Carnival

Disc 30 - Miscellaneous

Disc contains photographs of a variety of subjects including FCAD student projects, the new Business Building, a lap top computer, Logos, Building and campus exteriors. RTA props, Ryerson Pin, Hospitality props, and other subjects.

Disc 29 - Miscellaneous

Disc contains photographs with varied subjects. Included are photographs of Allan Gardens, an architectural model of Regent Park, year end Architecture student projects, Bay and Dundas Street signs, Blackberry phones, Chemistry and Biology props, Christmas trees, Engineering props, Fashion props, a Fashion exhibition, Ryerson's Formal SAE car and team, Graduate statue on Kerr Hall, Hand-waving system, Interior Design props, and the Isadore Sharp medal.

Disc 26 - Spring Convocation, 2006

Disc contains photographs taken during Spring Convocation ceremonies. Included are Family presentations, Gold and Silver medalists, and honorary degree recipients Pierre Lassonde and Margaret Somerville. Also included on the disc are non-photographic materials related to convocation.

Disc 24 - Fall Convocation, 2006

Disc contains photographs of the David Crombie ceremony and reception and the Raymond Chang ceremony and reception. David Crombie was made Ryerson's Chancellor Emeritus and Raymond Chang the Chancellor during the 2006 Fall convocation ceremonies.

Disc 22 - Convocation, 2003-2005

Disc contains photographs taken at the following Ryerson events:

Fall Convocation, 2003
Fall Convocation, 2004
Spring Convocation, 2004
Fall Convocation, 2005
Spring Convocation, 2005

Disc 22 - Publications, 2006

Disc contains photographs taken for the This Is Ryerson publication. Topics include the RAC, Theatre Producation, Urban Planning, and Jeff Xi.
Also included on the disc are images of off campus buildings and streets including China Town, a Court Room, the Distillery District, the Eaton Centre, Queens Park, a Street Car, the University of Toronto, Yonge St, University Avenue, Bay St., the CN Tower, and the Elgin Winter Garden Theatre.

Disc 21 - This is Ryerson, 2006-2007

Disc contains photographs taken for 2006-2007 This Is Ryerson publications. Included are photographs of Electrical Engineering; Therese Estacion; Food and Nutrition; Johnathan Gray; Dennis Mock award winner Michael Hall; Christopher Hayden; Interior Design student projects; Interior Design year end show; Hailey McCron; Robert Meth; Shemroy Parkinson; Derick Rousseau; Warren Rupnarain; Sean Sallinen; Zsuzsanna Szekely; Theatre building; and Elena Trohonel.

Disc 20 - Ryerson Publications, 2007

Disc contains photographs taken for the Ryerson Magazine Winter edition and the This Is Ryerson magazine. Included are photographs of Donna Dupont;; Sheldon Levy and Aerospace Engineering Students; Ryerson's Race Car team; Tim Sly; Nadine Clarke; Tony Conte; Stefan Kerry; Jennifer Ajandi; Architecture year end projects; Khaled Awad; Jennifer Brayton; Amy Clarke; Computer Engineering; Eaton Centre; and Ryerson's SAE car

Disc 19 - Ryerson Magazine Winter 2007

Disc contains photographs taken for use in the Ryerson Magazine. They include a photograph of Ted and Loretta Rogers at the Rogers dinner, Paula Ruch of Nutrition and photographs of Ryerson's Canada Research Chairs: Irene Gammel; Michael Kolios; Lin Guan; Krishna Kumar; Mohamed Lachemi; Guangjun Liu; Carol Stuart; Tas Venetsanopolous; and Joyce Smith.

Disc 18 - Publications, 2003-2007

Disc contains photographs taken at events and for the OUF newsletters. Included are:

2004-11-26 ICE book launch
2006 OUF newsletters photographs
Ryerson Magazine winter 2007
AFP award winners

Disc 17 - Publications, 2003-2006

Disc contains photographs taken for the creation of Ryerson related publications and promotional materials. Included are:

2003 Security Walk and Watch brochure

2003 Diversity Institute flyer

2006 OUF Newsletters - Graphic Communications Management, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Deborah Fels with PEBBLES, and Hand-waving system

2006 Theatre poster

Disc 16 - Publications, 2006

Disc contains photographs used in University publications. Included are photos of the Mac computer lab and photos used in the Ontario Universities Fair (OUF) newsletters. Photographs were contributed by:

Arts - Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminal Justice, Geographic Analysis, International Economics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology

Engineering - Aerospace, Architecture, Biology, Chemical Engineering co-op, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Contemporary Science, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Physics

FCAD - Fashion, Graphic Communication Management, Image Arts, and Interior Design

Community Services - Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Education, Midwifery, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational and Public Health, Social Work, and Urban Planning.

Disc 15 - Health Services Management brochure, 2006

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for the Health Services Management program brochure. Included are photographs of Donna Dupont, Omar Ha-Redeye, Winston Isaac, Richard Rementilla, Jill Shorrocks, Barbara Tunney, and John Tzountzouis.

Disc 14 - Publications, 2006

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various Ryerson related publications and promotional materials. They include:

Erica Beasley, GIS brochure
Andy Charles, GIS brochure
Matthew Cole, GIS brochure
FEAS Annual report
Geo-Trio, GIS brochure
Cara Sanders, GIS brochure

Disc 13 - Publications, 2006

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various Ryerson related publications and promotional materials. They include:

Business Annual Report
Business Brochure
Choose Ryerson promotional material
John Craig Eaton photo compilation
Fashion brochure
FORUM photo
Harris (Alumni) directory
IMPACT - summer edition
RIADI (aerospace) Ad portraits
RIADI (aerospace) Ad portraits
Science Newsletter #1
Hospitality and Tourism brochure

Disc 12 - Alumni Magazine, Spring 2006

Disc contains photographs taken or scanned for use in the Spring 2006 edition of Ryerson's Alumni magazine. Included are photographs of:

Alumni association events
Dave Chandler
Kathryn Church
Anita Doron
Ernie the hotdog man
Alan Fitzpatrick, RAC
Tyler Forkes, UA
Valerie Fox
Green Roof
Aziz Guergachi
Michael Guerriere
Ken Jones
Keighley - Polar Express Screening
Filiz Klassen
Julia Kwan
Agnes Meinhard
John Miller
Rick Pews and Lawrence Quinn
Adam and Carolyn Watt

Disc 11 - Alumni Magazine, 2003-2005

Disc contains photographs taken for publication in the Ryerson Alumni Magazine. Included are photographs from the Fall and Spring 2003 editions, the Fall and Spring 2004 editions, and the Spring and Winter 2005 editions.

Disc 10 - Ryerson Events, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various events in 2005. They include:

2005-09-30 Universities Fair
George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre opening
Rogers Communication Centre HD studio opening
David Keighley - Polar Express screening
Arne Kislenko best lecturer award
Dawn Little retirement
OPSEU awards breakfast

Disc 9 - Ryerson Events, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various events in 2005. They include:

Masters in Public Policy and Administration launch
Mass Exodus fashion show
Dalton McGuinty news conference
Nick Graver book donation
United Way pancake breakfast
Urban Planning alumni reception
President's Holiday celebration
Hospitality Alumni Association - John Pye
Retail Managment awards
Hospitality and Tourism awards
Ted and Loretta Rogers reception
UK delegation - Adam dignitaries
Universal Studios lab opening
Urban Planning awards
Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS) Bug Push
2005-12-06 Academic Council
Canadian Federation of University Women
Minister Bentley news conference
Minister George Smitherman class visit

Disc 8 - Ryerson Events, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various events in 2005. They include:

Masters in Nursing launch
Sheldon Levy Media conference
Sheldon Levy and Gideon Wolfaardt
Claude Lajeunesse tribute powerpoint scans
Claude Lajeunesse farewell dinner

Disc 7 - Ryerson Events, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various events in 2005. They include:
Faculty conference
Fashion awards
Gene Logel retirement
Graduate Student essay awards
HBC Olympic Uniforms
Isadore Sharp Outstanding recent graduate award
Information Technology Awards
Tom Knowlton farewell open house
Claude Lajeunesse au-revoir
Sheldon Levy presidential installation
Sheldon Levy and others at Business Building construction site
Sheldon Levy at Orientation BBQ
File also contains photographic prints from Homecoming 2005.

Disc 6 - Ryerson Events, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various events in 2005. They include:

25 year club
Aboriginal Awareness Day
Adam Kahan and Keith Ford
Alumni Achievement Awards
Alumni Association Event
Annual Fund Campaign
Black Star Collection
Civil Engineering Car Hoist
Carribean conference
Phyllis Clarke lecture
Cordiano Aerospace announcement
Dennis Mock Awards
Disability Studies Awards
Engineering Open House
Ernie's Hot Dog Day

Disc 5 - Publications, 2005

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various publications and promotional materials. the Invest in Futures campaign newsletters; the Masters in Policy and Public Administration program brochure; Poster of students superimposed over the Howard Kerr Hall Quad; and photographs taken for Retail Management.

Disc 4 - Publications, 2004-2006

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographers for various publications and promotional materials. They include the Admissions booklet, the Aerospace research booklet, Computer Science; Fair newsletters; The FORUM; Impact Fall 04 newsletter; International Finance; ITM; Masters of Nursing; a student cut-out; and pledge sheet photos.

Disc 3 - Ryerson Events, 2004 and departmental

Disc contains photographs taken by University photographs at various events and at the bequest of various departments for events, brochures, and promotional materials. Topics include:

2003 Photoweb - events, building exteriors, facilities and people
2004-11-15 Ronald Besse learning commons opening
2004-10-15 President's Reception for International students
2004-10-06 Ottawa Alumni event
University Advancement - ribbon cutting, and Disability studies alumni
Sports and Recreation - varsity sports teams and portraits
2004 Hospitality and Tourism Awards
Security - emergency response team
Registrar's Office - group photo
President's Office - Holiday party
Occupational and Public Health - Health and Safety group in Brazil
Midwifery - International Midwifery pre-registration program portraits
Community Services - Internationally Educated Dieticians pre-registration program
Business Management - awards
Graphic Communications Management - departmental and awards night
Fashion - Christmas tree
Disability Studies alumni - Aloma
Admissions and Liaison - Tony Conte and Sandeep Kumar
Engineering - Aerospace: RIADI, students; Mechanical: ATV and SAE; Vari centre
Continuing Education - Univesity of Technology, Jamaica delegation
Architecture - City Hall display

Disc 2 - Ryerson Events, 2004

Disc contains photographs taken by the University's photographers for various events including:

Christmas sing-a-long
Faculty conference
ISTR conference
Kufluk Centre opening
Disability Studies - Lights...Camera...Attitude!
Michael Belcourt lecture
OPSEU staff star award
President's state of the University address
Hospitality and Tourism awards night
Student Ambassadors
Summer Event in the quad
University Advancement open house
University Fair
2004-10-01 Heaslip House groundbreaking
2004-10-19 Ken Anderson Lecture
2004-10-30 Planet Youth conference.

Disc 1 - Ryerson Events, 2003-2004

Disc contains photographs taken by the University's photographers for various events including:
2003 campus carnival clown
2003-05-08 Andy Barry Panel Discussion
2003-05-10 Alumni reunion at the Senator restaurant
2003-10-10 Homecoming
2004 25 Year Club
2004 Alumni Achievement Awards
2004 Campaign Launch
2004 Campus Carnival
2004 Continuing Education/CESAR Awards
2004 Disability Studies Awards
2004 Ed Burtynsky AGO Exhibit
2004 GM event
2004 Information Technology Management Awards

University Advancement photographic assignments - digital

Series consists of two subseries. One contains annual photograph discs created by the University Photographer for the Ryerson Archives. The second contains an archive of CDs, DVDs, and zip drives used by University Advancement to store photographs taken by the University photographers.

Ruberto, Dario

Sheldon Levy installation

This file contains 3 copies of Program for Installation of the President and Vice-Chancellor, list of representatives of the university and community colleges joined the academic procession for Installation ceremony, 4 invitations, 3 posters, 1 ticket to the ceremony, and ceremony reservation reply card.

Chantal Hall-Skinner

This file contains clippings announcing sudden death of Chantal Hall-Skinner; notification of establishing Chantal Hall-Skinner Memorial Scholarship Fund, and 1 wedding photograph of Chantal and and her husband.

Alumni Relations Strategic Plan

This file contains a copy of Alumni Relations Strategic Plan, a copy of Strategic Plan Executive Summary prepared by Tyler Forkes, Executive Director of Alumni Relations; E mail notifications.


This file contains slides from LINK Program and a 2 pages promotional flyer "Thinklink, the Ryerson link program".

Gold Medal: Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate

One gold plated medal with the Ryerson crest and "Ryerson Polytechnic University" on one side and a side view of Isadore Sharp and "The Isadore Sharp Outstanding Recent Graduate Medal RYERSON" on the other.
The Isadore Sharp outstanding recent graduate medal is awarded to an alumnus who has within 10 years of graduation brought honour to Ryerson and achieved distinction in their professional life.

Diploma, certificate, and degree samples

Samples of Ryerson official certificates presented to graduating students.The collection consists of samples of certificates from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and Ryerson Polytechnic University. The certificates are:
Ryerson Polytechnical Institute: Certificate Diploma Diploma With Honours Degree Degree With Honours
Ryerson Polytechnic University:Certificate Diploma Diploma With Honours Degree Degree With Honours
All but one sample have the Ryerson Seal affixed.

Campus News

Campus News has been discontinued effective October 19th, 2009. The information found from this source can now be found in Ryerson Today (RG 395.12).

Sign - Welcome To Ryerson

Poster mounted on foamcore. It is a four-color shot of the clock tower with"Welcome To Ryerson - Ryerson University" on it. Used at Ryerson events. This item became obsolete with the change of Ryerson's logo.

Mounted Photograph: PEBBLES Program Donation

Colour photograph mounted on wood base (28cm x 35cm). Photo is of President Claude Lajeunesse accepting a cheque from Wayne Gretzky in the amount of $50,000, on behalf of the Bay as part Ryerson's PEBBLES Program. Also in the photograph, standing next to C. Lajuenesse, is Administration & Information Mangement Faculty member and Director of the Centre For Learning Technologies, Deborah Fels, who developed the program.

Ryerson chair - drawings and photographs

Drawings and digital (cd) images of Ryerson's official "Chair". The cd documents the various stages of the production of the chair, designed by Interior Design student Agata Jaworski. This chair was the winner in a competition among Ryerson's Interior Design students. The chair serves as a gift to major benefactors to the University. An image (chair and designer) has been printed from the cd and placed inside the file folder.

Ryerson Stationery: Miscellaneous Samples

File contains samples of miscellaneous Ryerson letterheads, business cards, personal note cards, envelopes, certificates, invitations, etc., maintained by the Marketing Communications area of the University Advancement Office.

Ryerson and Ryerson University signs

Three silver signs with "RYERSON" in blue and three white signs with "RYERSON UNIVERSITY" in dark and light blue. Information provided is that these signs were used on lecterns at various campus events.

Official Ryerson Flags

Three different flags used by Ryerson.

RG 395.68.01 ca. 1972 - (4) White, blue and gold flag with old crest - lamp of learning in gold and triangle in blue.

RG 395.68.02 ca. 1985 - (2) Blue and White flag. White background with "Ryerson" in blue under official coat of arms

RG 395.68.03 2001 - (2) large flags for exterior flag pole and (2) flags - both sets are white background with "Ryerson University" under the coat of arms. "University" is in a lighter blue colour.

Biographies, Curriculum Vitae and Resumes

A collection of biographies, currciulum vitae and resumes for Ryerson faculty, staff, board members and honorary award recipients, maintained by University Advancement (including files passed along from Information Services and Community Relations). Access is restricted because some documents contain confidential information.

Canadian University Productivity Awards Program honourable mention plaque

Canadian University Productivity Awards program honourable mention plaque awarded to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.
Full text on plaque : Canadian University Productivity Awards program sponsored by The Royal Bank of Canada, Xeroc Canada Ltd. Power Corporation of Canada and Canadian Association of University Business Officers 1991 Honourable Mention Ryerson Polytechnical Institute".

BOG Elections/Referenda

Four binders (probably maintained by the Chief Returning Officer) containing preparation/procedure documentation for the BOG elections and any referendum during the periods 1986/87, 1988/89 (RESS Referendum), 1990/91 and 1992/93 (CKLN Referendum).

Videotape: Ryerson Honours David Crombie: Chancellor

A brief (7:40 minutes) retrospect of David Crombie's life and career at Ryerson, presented at a farewell reception, celebrating the end of Crombie's term as Ryerson's first Chancellor. Terry Grier, Al Wargo, Lynda Friendly and Claude Lajuenesse gave brief personal comments about the individual, David Crombie.


This file contains eForum sent to Ryerson community by the Public Affairs at Ryerson.

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