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Judith Bernhard fonds
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Judith Bernhard fonds

  • F 512
  • Fonds
  • 1990-2006

Fonds consists of book chapters, books, correspondence, journal articles, papers, and reports all authored/co-authored by Judith Bernard. Also included in this fonds is a copy of her PhD thesis.

Bernhard, Dr. Judith

Papers authored/co-authored by Judith Bernhard

This file contains Papers authored/co-authored by Judith Bernhard:
-Developmental Psychology in Cultural Diverse Environment
-Toward Girl-Friendly Science: A Survey of Interventions for Elementary Teachers in Ontario
-Cultural Perspectives on Human Development: Beyond Universalism
-Can Teachers Adopt A Cultural Psychological Prespective? The Example And Semiotic Analysis of A Course in Human Development
-Culturally Situated Explorations of Child Development: A Home Visit Project in an Early Childhood Education Preparation Program (coauthored with Patricia Corson)
-The Cultural Context of Inflant-Toddler Care
-An Ethnography of Latin-American Refugee Families' Involvement in Canadian Metropolitan Primary School
-Resisting Enculturation in Canadian Elementary Schools: Culturally Contested Issues of Latin Amerian Parents (authored with Marlinda Freire and Veronica Pacini)
-Institutionalized Disadvantage in Education and the Right to Equal Benefit of the Law: The Next step after Non-Discrimination

Journal articles authored by Judith Bernhard:

This file contains Journal Articles authored by Judith Bernhard:
F 512.06.01 Assessment of Socio-Culturally Diverse Students: Problems in Special Educational Theory; Implications for Practice
F 512.06.02 Gender Related Attitudes and the Development of Computer Skills: A Pre-School Intervention
F 512.06.03 The Effects of early French Immersion Programmes on the Learning Disabled
F 512.06.04 Increasing Internal Locus of Control for Disadventaged Group: a Computer Intervention
F 512.06.05 Latino Refugee Children: Families of War and Persecution in the ECE System
F 512.06.06 Child Development, Cultural Diversity, And The Professional Training of Early Childhood Educators
F 512.06.07 Latino Refugee Children in Childcare: a Study of Parents and Caregivers
F 512.06.08 Special Section on Second language Issues in Early Childhood
F 512.06.09 Teaching Human Development to Early Childhood Education Students: A Cultural-Contextual Perspective
F 512.06.10 Troubled Relationship in Early Childhood Education: Parent-Teacher Interactions in Ethnoculturally Diverse Child Settings
F 512.06.11 The Preparation of Early Childhood Educators in Three Canadian Areas of Immigrant Influx: Diversity Issues
F 512.06.12 Recognizing the Centrality of Cultural Diversity and Racial Equity: Beginning a Discussion and Critical Reflection on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (co-authored by Gloria Roberts-Fiati & Patricia Corson)
F 512.06.13 A Latin-American Parents' Group Participates in their Children's Schooling: Parent Involvement Reconsidered
F 512.06.14 Latin Americans in a Canadian Primary School: Perspectives of Parents, Teachers and children on Cultural Identity and Academic Achievement

Overview of presentation paper

This file contains an overview of the presentation paper, "Teaching a Human Development Course for Future Educators Based on a Cultural-Contextual Approach," authored by Judith Bernhard and presented at Conferencia Interamericana sobre la Teoria de la Actividad, Havana, Cuba 1996