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Book of photographs

A series of black and white photographs taken by third year Photographic Arts students, arranged and published in a book printed by students from the Graphic Arts Program.

Promotional Materials

Promotional material describing the different diploma and degree programs offered by the Film and Photography department, with information about the department and faculty members, removed from the documentation files.

The Alternative

File contains various editions of "The Alternative", the newsletter that was to be a permanent forum to discuss feminist issues.

SPT 011 Still Photograph Studies

File contains textual records of class materials for SPT 011 Still Photograph Studies. File includes photographs of students, exams, readings, projects, reports, and lesson materials.

Canadian Space Agency Workshops

File contains photographs, agendas, correspondence and other materials relating to the week long workshops for the Canadian Space Agency.Workshops were subcontracted to RTA through T.V. Ontario - who were planning on making a documentary from space footage. Workshops took place from December 8 - 11, 1992.

50th Anniversary Slide Show

Colour and b/w images of Image Arts students and faculty from 1950 - 1990s. Slides created in 1998. Images in show are slide versions of images in other series incl. RG 55.19.

New Media Lecture Series

File contains emails promoting the New Media Lecture Series, the result of a partnership with the School of Image Arts and the Ryerson Gallery and Research Centre.

War at a Distance Symposia

Memo introducing the symposium being the second of three conferences hosted by the School of Image Arts during the academic year 2009 / 2010.

Film and Photography Department open house

File contains a framed poster advertising the Ryerson Film and Photography department's open house that took place on May 7-9, 1982. It also contains 3 copies of an oversize poster advertising another open house.

Exhibitions - Image Arts gallery or studio installations

Series contains posters, postcards, and other promotional materials for exhibitions held in the exhibit space in the Image Arts Building, as well, colour slide photographs of exhibit installations and photographic images displayed by students and faculty.

Image Arts

Kodak Class Image competition

File contains a certificate and a poster for the Kodak class image competition. The certificate was awarded for first prize achievement in the photo-journalism category. The poster is advertising the exhibition of the winner and honourable mention photographs in the black and white student print competition.

Student and faculty exhibitions

This file contains various posters from the former RPI Film and Photography Resource Centre: Magali Desbazeille, "the grass is always greener on the other side" (Ryerson Gallery exhibition, February 2001); "MS III" Portfolio Catalogue (Joint Project third year media studies program, Photographic Arts and Graphic Arts Management, Winter 1973); "ryerson: a community of photographers (Royal Ontario Museum exhibition catalogue, 1974); Arnaud Dejeammes (Ryerson Gallery exhibition, March 2002); "them(selves)" (Sylvie Blocher video installation, 1998); Lightfolio: Ryerson Film and Photography Student Publication (Issue 1: December, 1981); Lightfolio: Ryerson Film and Photography Student Publication (Issue 2: December, 1982); Ryerson One, School of Journalism Publication (Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1970); Ryersonia (Winter '72); Ryersonia ('73) Two posters advertising exhibitions of John Solowski computer graphics drawings held in the Film and Photography Department Gallery November 18-30 and December 4-14

Anomie: the journal of dreadful malaise

File contains the journal created by the 1992 MAC033 class to provide a forum for critical writing, dialogue, and debate about issues of concern to the students in the Photo Arts Department.

Faculty and Staff photographs

File contains images of various faculty and staff from the Photographic Arts and Image Arts programs. Included are 2 framed portraits - one of Reginald Soame and the other of Geoffrey M. Bullock.


File contains two t-shirts from the photographic arts course. One is a large yellow t-shirt with “The Medium Is The Message” is stamped on the front. The other is a promotional t-shirt for the Photographic Arts course, instructional media. X-large, white with red “Instructional Media” lettering on back and gold “Ryerson” on the front.

Maximum Exposure and year end show materials

File contains materials from Maximum Exposure, the year end festival and exhibition of work by students in the School of Image Arts. It includes pamphlets, brochures, programs, posters, cards, presentation folders, and photographic prints.

Public Supply

File contains materials from Public Supply. "Public Supply" is a piece in which the audience, by telephone,supplies the sound material. The performace was broadcast on CJRT on March 7 and was organized by Max Neuhaus.

Catalogue: Living Picture/them(selves)

File contains a catalogue of the video installation them(selves) by Sylvie Blocher. The residency of Sylvie Blocher and the exhibition was a collaboration with the School of Image Arts at Ryerson, the Art Gallery of York University, and the Association française d'action artistique.

Student Films: Ben Caza, Instructor

Ben Caza donated 15 cans of student film assignments to the Archives. A selection was made from these films based on the following criteria:

  • indoor/outdoor footage of Ryerson;
  • work of student who was former employee or has received recognition in their career;
  • work showed Ben Caza;
  • work was excellent example of narrative or technique.

    Can A. 5 films dealing with humour, the RPI library and longer narratives. The film "Johnny" deals with the First World War.
    Can B. 5 films dealing with Ryerson street scenes and the library. One humourous film has two "Frantic" members in it. The film, 'Alien' was done by a former RPI staff member, Chris Bell.
    Can C. 4 films dealing with Ryerson street scenes and the Library. One film stars Ben Caza. A longer documentary shows a maple syrup farm and the Kitchener-Waterloo market.

T-Shirt: "Instructional Media"

File contains a promotional t-shirt for the Photographic Arts course, instructional media. X-large, white with red “Instructional Media” lettering on back and gold “Ryerson” on the front.

Photographic Arts Motion Picture Graduates booklet

This little booklet was produced by the graduating students in the Motion Picture Studies Option in Photographic Arts in 1972. This was the very first class to graduate in a film option at Ryerson. It was, at the time, a three-year Diploma Option. The Graphic Arts Department published the booklet.

Studio Tungsten Lamp

File contains one of the last Standard Studio Tungsten Lamps used in sound-stage of the School of Image Arts before the conversion to tungsten halogen lamps. This lamp is either a tungsten argon lamp or a tungsten vacuum lamp and had a power of 2,000 watts. These old lamps suffered from vapourization of the tungsten filament which, as evidenced on this lamp, left a dark deposit on the inside of the glass envelope, thus reducing the brightness over time. This lamp and accompanying historical information was provided by Professor Elvino Sauro of the School of Image Arts.


An early example of a 1/2" reel-to-reel videotape. This tape would have been used in a unit called a "Porta Pack" by the School of Image Arts. It was a heavy black and white video recording unit whereby one held the camera in one hand to shoot pictures while the recording unit hung from a shoulder strap.The videotape and accompanying historical information was provided by Elvino Sauro, retired faculty member, School of Image Arts.

Film: "Ryerson"

A colour film depicting various Ryerson, city and other scenes. Examples are: student parade, ferry crossing and island picnic; Ryerson statue, Howard Kerr Hall; demolition of O'Keefe brewery; "Daisy" computer system; class and lab scenes such metallurgy, home, economics, fashion (shows), photography; Howard Kerr Hall quadrangle; library; class scenes; "Great Hall" cafeteria (Howard Kerr Hall); basketball game (Ryerson/York); Toronto scenes/Nathan Phillips Square; Don Gillies in class; Secretarial Science class; RTA studio (Show: Interview with Elwy Yost), RTA students/TV cameras/consoles; Library; Exams in gymnasium; Convocation: Procession/Lamp of Learning/ Howard Kerr Hall Quadrange fountain/cermonies/Fred Jorgenson/Eggy the Ram. Approximately 30 minutes in length. The sound quality is poor. This description has been placed inside the film can. Film produced by Darryl Williams, probably during his student years before graduating from Photograph Arts, who later became a Ryerson faculty member. Faculty member Ben Caza was the production manager.

Advisory Committee (incl. Norman Jewison) photograph

File contains photographs of the members of the Film and Photography (now Image Arts) Advisory Committee in the mid-1980s, including famed film producer and director, Norman Jewison. Included are files on who is who and a brief description of Norman Jewison.

Film: "Expansion": Jorgenson Hall Construction

"EXPANSION"A 16mm black and white narrated film, approximately 7 minutes, produced by an RTA student. The film on the early stages of the construction of Jorgenson Hall. Several interviews with staff, faculty and students about their thoughts on the changes and expansion of the Ryerson campus were interspersed throughout the construction scenes.


This series contains textual, moving image, and data records related to The International Academic Congress "Filmbuilding.99 - Devices and Delicacies of Film Design", which was hosted at Ryerson. Includes conference program, periodicals, posters, grant applications, organization committee meeting minutes, promotional materials, correspondence, and financials.

Filmbuilding.99 textual records

This file contains textual records related to The International Academic Congress "Filmbuilding.99 - Devices and Delicacies of Film Design", which was hosted at Ryerson. Includes conference program, periodicals, posters, grant applications, organization committee meeting minutes, promotional materials, correspondence,

Filmbuilding.99 - video cassettes

This file contains 8 videocassettes: Filmbuilding - Contemporary Case Studies ; Design/Film Practice ; Technology as Technology ; Sunrise ; Deutelbaum/Broken Lance Excerpt ; Historical Case Studies ; End/Q&A Historical Cases - Stylistics in Cinema Design ; Stylistics in Film Design (contd.) - Planning for Next year.

File contains various volumes of the newsletter of the School of Image Arts,

FUNCTION magazine

Published jointly with Graphic Communications Management until 2002/03. An issue was not published for 2001/02. Issues 1998/99 - 2000/01 co-arranged with GCM: RG 56.21.

Image Arts students' handbooks

File contains various student handbooks from the School of Image Arts. File also contains promotion regulations, prerequisite schedules, manuals, and the technical operations handbook.

Photography Collection postcards

An incomplete boxed set of photo postcards put together by Peter Higdon, Curatorial Manager, School of Image Arts, for Ryerson's fiftieth anniversary celebrations. The postcards are reproductions of original prints in the fine art photography print collection housed in the Mira Godard Study Centre in the School of Image Arts. A complete description of the collection and its role in Image Arts is provided on the first postcard in the box.

October Crisis and Miscellaneous Short Production films

A short film done in 16mm (two separate rees - film and sound) by a third year RTA student for instructor Bob Scott's Media Applications course. The date of submission of this project is likely March 12, 1971, as indicated on the film can. The film consists of scenes filmed in Ottawa during the October Crisis in the Fall of 1970. While a protester addresses a crowd on Parliament Hill, various scenes are shown: views of the War Monument; views of the police and the army; views of streets and houses; and views of the residence of the Governor-General. The National Anthem and a "Repeal the Act" (i.e. the War Measures Act) chant are heard. The film's duration is 5 minutes and 40 seconds.
On the same reel, several other short student productions also appear, although it is not determined if these were created by the same student. They appear to be unrelated to the October Crisis segment. The total time of these productions is 15:23.3. A videotape copy of these films was made through the School of Image Arts (G. Bottomley - Motion Picture Lab) for reference purposes.

SightSoundSystems "Reunion"

Contents include a flyer and an article on the "Reunion" event celebrating 35 years since the electronic sight and sound chess game of 1968 between two artists Marcel Duchamp and John Cage.

Program Review Process

File contains:
Program Evaluation Process c1980
Program Assessment Committee Report Sept. 1982
Proposal for Three Programs to replace Dept. of Film & Photography Oct. 17, 1983
PREP - Photographic Arts c1982
Academic Quality Element 1989-90
Societal Need Element 1989-90
Finanical Viability Element Jan. 31, 1992

Revised curriculum proposal

File contains materials related to the Revised curriculum proposal for the Film and Photography Department. File includes correspondence, reports, and the revised curriculum.

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