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Heritage Theatre blueprints

Consists of the original blueprints for Heritage Theatre, 550 St. Clair Ave W.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Treasures of Tutankhamun AGO posters

Consists of Treasures of Tutankhamun - Exhibit posters: Tutankhamun. Delivered to Marcia Hackborn from the AGO.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Fraggle Rock Crystal Cavern matte shot

Item is a painting used in season 2, episode 5 of the Fraggle Rock series (“Uncle Matt Comes Home”). It was the backdrop for the Crystal Cavern, a beautiful, legendary place discovered by the character Wembley.

Matte shots are special effects used in filmmaking to combine two parts of a scene or shot (in this case the Fraggles and the backdrop). The blue area in the painting acts as a mask, and the characters would be superimposed, appearing to enter the cave.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Director Paul Almond print

Consists of a colour print of two individuals. The verso of the print notes "Director Paul Almond"

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

The Marriage Circus - slides

Consists of slides taken from the set and while filming a CBC production titled The Marriage Circus

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

I Married The Klondike - slides

Consist of colour slides showing filming location, actors, sets and glass matte shots from the CBC production I Married a Klondike. Some notes on the glass matte slides, noting the distance and focal length used.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Air Farce technical set drawings

Consists of technical drawings for Air Farce sets, and glass mattes used in the production.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Ontario black and white prints with index

Consist of black and white prints taken during productions. Locations include (taken from index):

Music Hop - Trebek
Public School
Sault- Ste Marie - Today Rama
Mike Joyce Graham - River St. Party
World Tour - '67 Cyrpus
Queen Quay Restaurant
Junk Yard - Adelaide St.?
Air Farce Bridge
Vancouver City / Q.E. Theatre
River + Queen Bridge (under)
Under Gardiner Expressway
West End Train Station (CPR)
Beaches Synagogue

Athletics staff head shots

File contains a series of portraits of Ryerson staff members. Included are Mike Hickey, Co-ordinator of Sports Information; Jean Kennedy, Assistant Director of Intramurals and Recreation; Women's Centre Co-ordinator; and Rob Filion.

Hockey miscellaneous

File contains head shots of hockey team members, team members on the ice, and 12 photographs of what appears to be Edmonton Oilers players on the ice.

1979-1980 Lecture Series

Series contains audio recordings of lectures that took place in the Image Photographic Arts department of Ryerson University during the 1970-1980 academic year. The lecture schedule was as follows:
Walter & Naomi Rosenblum, American photographic historians "Social Documentary Photography from Hill & Adamson to Lewis Hine.": November 5, 1979
Berenice Abbott (workshow), American photographer: November 29, 1979
Emmet Gowin (seminar), American photographer: April 3, 1980

Image Arts

Mackenzie King binder #1 prints

Consists of colour prints taken while filming the CBC production Mackenzie King. Locations include on-set studio photographs, the House of Commons and Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Mackenzie King binder #4 prints

Consists of colour prints taken during the filming of the CBC production Mackenzie King, such as on-set photograph of various studio locations and the House of Commons. Also includes handwritten notes with information relating to the prints and negatives.

Mackenzie King binder #2

Consist of photographs taken during the filming of the CBC production Mackenzie King. Locations include a studio set of a house, the House of Commons and outdoor locations.

Mackenzie King binder #3

Consist of photographs taken during the filming of the CBC production Mackenzie King. Locations include the House of Commons and in a studio. The studio scene is a recreation of a rainy street with horse drawn carriages.

Mackenzie King binder #5

Consist of photographs taken while filming the CBC production Mackenzie King during the summer of 1987. Locations include Mackenzie King Estate, Laurier House, the House of Commons and areas surrounding Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Mackenzie King production call sheets

Consists of textual records related to the production titled Mackenzie King. Includes class sheets, production schedules, House of Commons location permission forms, parking notices, press clippings, notes.

[Man and boy with sheep]

Glass slide, handpainted over B&W slide. No wood frame. Black frame with gold letters "Edward Van Altena 71-79W. 45th St., N.Y.C." Slide is numbered 50 in the series. Black paper around glass edges. Heavily painted. Image is of a man standing in front of a big tree with no leaves, and a young boy laying on the ground with his head on a sheep's back.

First Edition Photobook Award

  • 2015.004
  • Collection
  • 2014-2021

Collection contains books created by the winners of the First Edition Book Award. The Award was established to honor 3rd year photography students who have made exceptional achievements in photobook production. It provides incentive for them to achieve early recognition that will have a lasting legacy in our collection.

As part of MPS507, a 3rd year Image Arts class in The Photographic Book, students are expected to conceive of and create their own book. This is, in part, related to work that has been completed in the co-requisite class, MPS506 - Photographic Production. These are both required courses for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Image Arts) Photography Studies Option.

The Award was established in 2015, enabling the Library to annually purchase the top five books in the class, as judged by the professor, and the Special Collections Librarian. Books are judged at the year end exhibition of the books and evaluation is focused particularly on design, sequencing, and integration of images and text.

Winning books are catalogued in the Ryerson Library system, including a note about the award, and housed in Special Collections. Occasional exhibits are created to showcase the works.

2015 Winners:
Rebecca Zynomirski, Sheila's Tropical Vacation (Toronto: Rebecca Zynomirski, 2014). TR655.Z96 2014
Lodoe Laura Haines, Stateless / Photographs by Lodoe Laura, forward by Tashi Wangdi (Toronto: Lodoe Laura, 2014).
Evan Hutchinson, 43.7000 79.4000 (Toronto: Evan Hutchinson, 2014).
Lucy Lu, Memories of Nowhere : A book by Lucy Lu (Toronto: Lucy Lu, 2014).
Imogen Wallis-Mayer, An Ambiguous Form (Toronto, Imogen Wallis-Mayer, 2014).
Emily Pleasance, My Relative Life : A Mapping of Memories (Toronto, Emily Pleasance, 2014)
Kristina Smith, Orillia: A Photographic Exploration (Toronto, Kristina Smith, 2013).

2016 Winners:
Andrea Chartrand, Save As. (Toronto: Andrea Chartrand, 2015).
Kayla Blaze Kelley, Dear Dad. (Toronto: Kayla Blaze Kelley, 2015).
Mina Markovic, Komlikovani Identiteti. (Toronto: Mina Markovic, 2015).
Terence Reeves, Looking Outside Looking In. (Toronto: Terence Reeves, 2015).
Gabriel Steele, Jackson. (Toronto: Gabriel Steele, 2015).
Alia Youssef, Self-portraits of my Family in our Backyard. (Toronto: Alia Youssef, 2015).

2017 Winners:
Adrian Walton-Cordeiro – Contesse De Bertren
Ailene Devries – Two Cities and a River
Fehn Foss – Remembering, Faring
Julia Garnet – Elements
Feline Gerhardt – About Mankind and the Attempt to Increase Significance
Warren Rynkun – The Yard

2018 Winers:
After Grapefruit, Clea Christakos-Gee
Untitled, Raelene Giffin
In Nocte, Rafaela Conde
In the Water, Lisa McElroy
9869518588, Heather Rattray
Home and Glory, Kalen Huxhan
It’s Good Once You Get There, Hayley Wilsdon

2019 Winners
How to Run Away, Lucy Alguire
Istanbul, Neha Bokhari
Urban Drift, Bahar Kamali
Cowboy, Austen Ambraska
Shallow Season, Ally Ambler
Overdressed, Jared Miller

2020 Winners
Metamorphosis by Julie Ng, 2019
Interplay of light by Jordana Petruccelli, 2019
Biotypes by Gabrielle Tyrie, 2019
Two minutes of Progress Avenue by Austin Wadell, 2019
The disposable Glitch series by Teagan Lopes, 2019
Surveillance culture by Yarden Haddie, 2019

2021 Winners
My Mennonite Mother, by Sarah Bauman, 2020
No, You, by Freida Wang, 2020
You, the Light & Nothing Else, by Christina Oyawale, 2020
Right Here, Right Now, by Dein Squires-Rouse, 2020
Mapping Colour, by Abygail De Leon, 2020
Plant Kingdom, by Zongzhe Cai, 2020
Fag, by Tyler Da Silva, 2020
I Beg You To Have Patience, by Caeden Wigston, 2020

2022 Winners:
Back Book, by Pengxiang Zhou
Shrieking sisterhood, by Kayla Ward
The Paper, by Kayla Ward
Calm and Chaos, by Kay Nadjiwon
Rosemary and Thyme, by Katya Lina
Need me, by Payton Keeler Cox
Meu Avo, by Andrew Moreno
Bring back ice to the lake, by Yixuan Mark Wang

Pimatisiwin (Life) : Indigenous Filmmakers

The flyers advertise a "documentary film screening and talk exploring culture, resilience, and the effects of colonialism in First Nations communities." Presented by The Jack Layton Chair and 'Colectivo' Toronto.

The films include :

  • "Memory in Bones" 2005
  • "Twilight Dancers" 2017
  • "Thirst : Canada's Dirty Little Truth" 2007

Speakers include :

  • Joanne Dallaire
  • Gail Maurice
  • Theola Ross
  • Paola Marino
  • Nataleah Hunter-Young

Lantern slides (.1) and box (.2)

Wood box has sliding lid and is covered with patterned brown paper. Nine of the glass slides are painted with scenes of children engaged in play and work, and one includes the phrase "Good Night." Three slides have been painted with four vignetted cityscapes each. All of the slides are edged with orange tape.

Shields, Lorne

High Street

Glass slide. No frame. Black paper covering edges. White frame around image. Handwritten in ink on verso "High St. looking W. from Knox Ho." and in print "T.J. Walls, Optician, 12 Forrest Rd, Edinr." - T.J. Walls still exists today as an optician at 35 Forrest Rd, Edinr. Image is a street scene with clock tower, and another spire in distance. The title refers to the Knox house, one of Edinburgh's oldest houses and was supposedly once the home of Protestant Reformer John Knox. Dominating the skyline are the spires of the Tron Kirk and the High Kirk of St Giles where Knox preached his famous sermons.

Military tour of duty album

Red cover embossed with foreign letters in gold; bound with yellow and black string. Notations in white ink and drawing on pages in yellow pencil. Black pages with thin protective paper bound between pages. Some photographs lose or partially loose.

Additional materials consist of stamps, envelopes, menus, business cards, receipts, advertisements, postcards, newspaper clippings, foreign [paper] currency; includes elements from British Red Cross Society, International Photo Supply Co., Kodak film, and a menu and program from Old Alleynians Annual Dinner containing multiple signatures on the back.

Sites and locations include Whitfield Barracks, The Bank of China in H.K., The Elinor, Hong Kong Bisley, the Sai King Patrol; countries include Singapore, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay,
Themes include military photographs, sailing, ships, rugby, individual and group portraits, early military tanks and activities.

Aloha Hawaii

Black cover with an eagle made of shell in 3D on cover. Very fragile. Hard cover. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Interleaving between each page.

Consists of a large album with black and white photographs of a military base in Hawaii. Includes individuals and group shots of men in military uniforms, images of the landscape and military equipment and buildings, women on a beach and a partially nude woman posing for the camera.

Aviation album

Black cardboard cover with gold embossed letters "Photographs"; image on cover. Spine missing but stitched binding intact. Black pages.

Photographs of aerial exhibitions at Texas Love Field Air Corps Training Depot on November 12 and 13, 1918 to celebrate the end of WWI. Fairly detailed notations included as text printed directly onto the images. Images show pilots and early airplanes, photographs of blimps; select number of aerial photographs of the land with respective geographic locational coordinates, crowds of spectators, parachute jump - with flags, images of airplane crashes.
Most photographs taken from the air.

Cheescake pinups

Brown embossed cover, bound with green string. Photos held with black photo corners. Individual portraits show naked women in variety of settings such a studio and outdoors.
Consists of images of nude women of multiple heritage, including Chinese, Japanese, USA, Hawaii.
Some photos have copyright symbol printed onto photographs.

Anne Murray Dome '71, Anne Murray '72-73, Music of Man '78, Healey Whelan '79, Joyce Sullivan 'Costume' '57, Man Alive Special Bruce Cockburn '74, Miss Teen Canada '69, Sandra O'Enil '67, Damned If You Do!, Cindy '65 - Slides

Contains colour slides form multiple shows, including:
Anne Murray Dome (Feb-May 1971)
Anne Murray (1972-1973)
Music of Man (1978)
Healey Whelan (1979)
Joyce Sullivan 'Costume' (1957)
Man Alive Special Bruce Cockburn (1974)
Miss Teen Canada (1969)
Sandra O'Neil (1967)
Damned If You Do!
Cindy (1965)

Head-Guts & Soundbone, Paper Wheat, Portrait of a Mask '75, Turncoat '76, Good & Faithful, Fountain Pen '79, A Rosen By Any Other Name '78 - Slides

Contains colour slides form multiple shows, including:
Head-Guts + Sound Bone (1974)
Paper Wheat (n.d.)
Portrait of a Mask (1975)
Turncoat (1976)
Good and Faithful (Cyril S. / n.d.)
Fountain Pen (1979)
A Rosen by Any other Name (1978)

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Setting the Stage

Consists of 3 educational videotapes on scene painting, titles are:

Setting the Stage 1: Preparing the Surface
Setting the Stage 2: Painting Exteriors
Setting the Stage 2: Painting Interiors

35mm negatives binder with index

Consists of colour and black and white negatives taken during various television programs. Titles are included on the negative sleeves.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Juliette, Miss Grey Cup '70, Winter Garden TH., Film Drama, National News '75, New Year's Eve '68, Woodbine '85, Trust A Thief '79, Umbrella '66, ACTRA Awards '82, German Xmas '83, NE Passage '77, Fraggle Rock '90 - Slides

Contains colour slides from multiple productions, including Juliette, Miss Grey Cup '70, Winter Garden TH., Film Drama, National News '75, New Year's Eve '68, Woodbine '85, Trust A Thief '79, Umbrella '66, ACTRA Awards '82, German Xmas '83, NE Passage '77, Fraggle Rock '90.
handwritten index included

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

In Opposition prints

Consists of colour prints taking during the filming of a television program titled In Opposition

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

In Opposition negatives

Consists of colour negatives for the Canadian television program titled In Opposition.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Academic Council Statutes and Procedures

  • RG 57.8
  • Dossier
  • 1988-1995
  • Fait partie de Senate

This file contains Statutes And Procedures for the years 1988 and 1995. See Collection Record RG 57.3 (Minutes/Agendas - September or October) for documents prior to 1988 and after 1995.

Kodak Monitor Six-20

Item is a folding Roll film camera for 620 film. Viewfinder on top, with Kodamatic flash shutter and synchron contact. Kodak anastigmat 4.5 105mm coated lens. The Monitor was also manufactured for 616 film. Item has a homemade leather case.

Fall Reading Week

  • RG 57.63
  • Dossier
  • 2011
  • Fait partie de Senate

The file contains the announcement and report to Senate from the Ad Hoc Committee on Fall Reading Week, as well as an announcement regarding the implementation committee.

Kiwanis showboat days album

Black leather cover, gold embossing ("photographs" and "showboat days"). Black pages with photographs glued in. Album bound by black braided string. "No. A Balmoral Album / Made in Canada by Canadian Kodak Co. Limited (Genuine Leather)."

Mostly collage work, cut out from show program, newspaper clippings of reviews and photographs from the London Kiwanis Club "Showboat Days Revue" at the Grand Theatre.

The review included glee club performances, theatrical acts and minstrel shows. The minstrel performances included several white performers in blackface.

Minstrel shows are a style of variety show, most popular during the late 19th and early 20th century, in which white performers use make-up and costumes to depict racist and stereotypical caricatures of Black people. The genre originated in the United States, but Canada had its own troupes and touring companies, and the format was popular with schools, community groups, and religious organizations.

Kids in the Hall sketches and notes

Photocopied sketches and notes related to various "Kids in the Hall" sketches. Including a "Flying Pig" sketch.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Academic Council Meetings minutes and agenda

  • RG 57.3
  • Dossier
  • 1968-
  • Fait partie de Senate

An incomplete set of minutes, agendas, miscellaneous correspondence, and documentation pertaining to Academic Council meetings. Course related appendices from the earlier years have been removed and filed in the respective department documentation file. Many records created by Academic Council during the course of its business (policies, by-laws, committee and departmental/divisional council reports, course changes, membership lists, etc., can be found in this file.

CBC Set Diagrams

Consists of hand drawn set diagrams, a CBC 1979-80 Set Design Schedule, drawn and painted set illustrations for Air Farce and The Tommy Hunter Show.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

photographic rolls

Consists of rolls of photographs showing set paintings, designs, drops, photo flats, cutouts etc.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Air Farce Glass Shots photographs

Consists of four prints, one taken from a television monitor and the three others from a production set. Shows behind the scenes view of a glass shot illusion of people walking on the edge of a building.

Hackborn, Robert Arthur, Mr., September 22, 1928

Storyboard assignment textual records

Consists of notes, storyboards (with notes and drawings), blank story board template paper; assignment descriptions for a course titled Art In Communication (BRD. 040-001)

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