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Academic Standards Committee

File contains Academic Standards Committee meeting agenda and minutes, Academic Council agendas, Academic Standards Committee reports, proposals, and correspondence. Series has been divided by year. Some committee materials are located in the Senate fonds, but for the most part the committee's file were previously stored by School and Department.

2014 donation

Series contains records, photographs, and audio visual materials donated to the Ryerson Archives by Robert Scott in 2014.

Unsorted material

Series consists of materials transferred in the Archives holdings in the 1970s and left in piles on shelving units. No original order was apparent. After viewing materials it was discerned that the best course of action was to maintain existing files, arrange loose papers with file numbers into order by file number, and arrange by topic for those items that have no file numbers.

Scientific measuring Equipment used at the Training & Re-establishment Institute and the Ryerson Institute of Technology

A collection of technological equipment consisting of: Decade Resistance, Spot Glavemeter, Fluxmeter, Demonstration Generator, Precision Wavemeter, Short-Wave Set (Wireless Apparatus) and a Demonstration Short Wave Apparatus. number of the items were used at the Training & Re-establishment Institute (1945-1948) where trades training was offered to returning World War II veterans re-entering the workforce.Although some of the equipment was used only for class demonstrations, other equipment was actually used by physics students in their labs, up until the time it was transferred to the Archives.

Strategic Planning

Series contains strategic planning documents for the Business Division, Faculty of Business and Ted Rogers School of Management. Included are individual goals for the departments and schools under the Business umbrella. The majority of the documents are academic plan related.


Series contains publications created by or related to the Faculty of Business and the Ted Rogers School of Management. Included are faculty newsletters, program newsletters, course calendars, reasearch reports, brochures, and newspapers.

Dean of Business correspondence

Series consists of correspondence created and collected by the person in the role of Dean of Business, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management.
Series is broken down by dean and include files from Charles S. Temple (1951-1970), D. A. Sutton (1980-1985), Timothy Reid (1985-1989), Sarwan Sahota (acting, 1989), Bonnie Patterson (1990-1995), Stan Heath (1996-1999), Tom Knowlton (2000-2005), and Dr. Ken Jones (2005-2013).


The series consists of a textbooks co-written by Catherine Lund :

  • 232.01.01 - Accounting Basics : Introduction by Catherine Lund and Robert.E. Beam

    • Solutions Manual for the Accounting Assistant by Catherine Lund
  • 232.01.02 - Accounting Basics : The Balance Sheet by Catherine Lund and Robert E. Beam

  • 232.01.03 - Accounting Basics : Special Journals and Related Systems by Catherine Lund, Robert E. Beam, and R.A. Myers.


Series contains reprints of articles authored by George Giordano for a variety of publications. The majority of the articles deal with prime numbers.


Articles for a variety of publications authored and co-authored by Judy Britnell.

O'Keefe House Objects

  • RG 209.04
  • Série organique
  • 1975 - 2009
  • Fait partie de O'Keefe House

Series includes a collection of objects/artifacts related to O'Keefe House.


Series contains copies of papers written by Phillip Rawkins


Series contains photographic prints, slides, and negatives from the School of Fashion.
Series contains 201 black-and-white and colour photographic prints, slides, and negatives.

Special events and projects

Series contains materials related to special events, projects, and contests in the School of Fashion.

The Operational Geographer journal

An almost complete collection of the journal, which was published between 1983 and 1993. Published by the The Canadian Association of Geographers the editors, starting in 1988, included Professors Lea, Bardecki, Coppack, Truelove, and Carlson from Ryerson's Department of Applied Geography.

The Canadian Association of Geographers

Conferences, forums, lectures, and workshops

Series contains records related to conferences, forums, seminars, and lectures sponsored by or organized by the Faculty of Community Services. The series contains:
RG 186.003.001 Caribbean Family and Youth conference
RG 186.003.002 Promoting Health Equity
RG 186.003.003 Special and Annual Lectures
RG 186.003.004 Research Methodologies workshop
RG 186.003.005 Critical Pedagogy and Practice forum
RG 186.003.006 Racism and Sexism within Educational Institutions lecture
RG 186.003.007 Social Policy forum
RG 186.003.008 A New Era for Voluntarism conference
RG 186.003.009 Race and Culture in the Classroom forum
RG 186.003.010 The AIDS Pandemic: Nearly Over, or Still Taking a Toll?

Alumni directories

RG 2.05.01 Business Administration And Hotel, Restaurant And Institutional Administration (Class of '74) RG 2.05.02 Interior Design (1982) RG 2.05.03 Social Work, School Of (1983) RG 2.05.04 Urban And Regional Planning (1982)

Computer Applications Forum files

Series contains files regarding the planning of the Computer Applications Forum. Includes:

RG Computer Applications Forum 1975
RG Computer Applications Forum speakers file
RG Computer Applications Forum 1975-1978

Programs for the 50+

Under the LIFE Institutue, 50+ offers programs of a fun and of a serious nature for any senior 50 years of age and older who is a member of the LIFE Institute. A 50+ Festival is held in June.

Books authored by George Swede

File consists of published copies of books written by George Swede. Published with a variety of publishers and a variety of formats the majority of the series are poetry books. Also included are several textbooks and children's books.


Series contains papers co-authored by Grace Luk. All papers deal with water pollution and marine environments.


Series contains an articles authored and co-authored by Grace Luk.

The Canadian Institute

The Canadian Institute published a journal starting in 1852. Between 1852-1878 it was titled "The Canadian Journal"; between 1879-1890 it was titled "Proceedings"; and between 1890-1969 it was titled "Transactions".
The Series contains 14 copies of The Canadian Journal.

The Canadian Institute


Series contains articles authored and co-authored by Gosh Zywno in scholarly journals and other publications.

The Jack Layton Book Club materials

This Series contains materials generated and collected as part of the Jack Layton Book Club reading series. The inaugural season of the JLBC was comprised of three lectures given by Dr. Terry Grier, Dr. Alex Wellington and Dr. Jason Boyd in the Spring of 2013.

What's Happening Around Ryerson / On Campus This Week

This circular provided the Ryerson Community with information on day-to-day events taking place on Campus. From 1971 to April 1977, the publication was called "What's Happening Around Ryerson" with the name changing to "On Campus This Week" on the September 2, 1977 issue. "On Campus This Week" was last published in 1986. As an alternative, a number of departments agreed to pool their resources to sponsor, on a non-profit basis, a weekly full-page listing of campus events in the student newspaper, THE EYEOPENER.

FORUM newsletter, 1975-1987

Series consists of copies of the FORUM newsletter published by the Office of Information Services. They were published on the calendar year, each new volume starting in September. Topics included Ryerson-specific news, staffing updates and staff and alumni notices. This series contains Volume's 1 - 12.
The final hard copy edition of the FORUM was published October 2005 - moving to an electronic format with its next issue. It was replaced by an online email newsletter Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009.

Office of Information Services

Reference photograph files

Series contains photgraphs taken and maintained by the Department of Information Services prior to their amalgamation with Community Relations. The photographs were used for publications including FORUM, THE ANNUAL REPORT, THE RYERSON RAMBLER, TECHNIKOS and THE ADMISSIONS BULLETIN during the period 1967 to 1986, covering such subjects as Convocation, Fashion, Homecoming, Individuals, Parades/Picnics, RTA, Visitors and the Winter Carnival. See individual files for further description.

Convocation and Awards records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches and addresses, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes, and related documentation,

RPI Residence Scrapbooks

  • RG 114.33
  • Série organique
  • 1961-1968
  • Fait partie de Oakham House

4 Scrapbooks, containing textual records, photographs, and graphic material documenting residence life at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in the 1960's. Kerr Hall as Oakham House)

329 Church Street architectural pieces

Series consists of two architectural pieces, a wood mantlepiece and a stained glass window, removed from 329 Church Street before its demolition to make way for Ryerson's Architecture Building.

Program promotion materials

Series contains general and program specific program brochures for the Faculty of Communication and Design and the schools that fall under its umbrella.

The Creative School

Unsorted material

Series consists of materials transferred in the Archives holdings in the 1970s and left in piles on shelving units. No original order was apparent. After viewing materials it was discerned that the best course of action was to sort material by Ryerson President and then organize chronologically by their time in office.
The series has been divided into sub-series by President from 1948 to 1980. Presidents were: Howard Hillen Kerr, Fred Jorgenson, Anthony Wilkinson, Donald L. Mordell, George Korey and Walter G. Pitman.

Alumni achievement awards and wall of recognition

On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary in 1998, Ryerson Polytechnic University established the Ryerson Alumni Achievement Awards to pay tribute to alumni who have excelled in their respective careers and who have made a significant contribution to their profession, their community and their country.

Convocation records

Records consists of convocation programmes, transcripts of speeches/addresses, press kits, photographs, invitations, cassette tapes, some videocassettes and related documentation.

In December 1996, the name of the Office of Development, Alumni and Community Relations was changed to University Advancement Office and, thus, responsible for Convocation and ceremonies until 2008 with the creation of a separate department, the Office of Convocation and Awards.

See also:

RG 4.04 - Information Services - 1950 to 1986
RG 122.02 - Community Relations - 1987 - 1994
RG 395.12.01 - University Advancement - 1995 to 2007
RG 928.01 - Convocation and Awards - 2008 to present


Series contains papers authored and co-authored by Ingrid Bryan.

Book Chapters

Series consists of book chapter written by Ingrid Bryan.


Series contains an article published by Ingrid Bryan.

Administrative materials

Series contains textual records related to various aspects of administration/running of the Ryerson School of Nutrition.


Series consists of papers authored by Rena Mendelson.


Series consists of reports authored and co-authored by Rena Mendelson.

Published Material

This series of files contains published works and materials produced by the faculty and students of Ryerson University from 1970 onward. The bulk of the series are poetry collections and some short stories.

Landscape Architecture

Series contains:

RG 3.77.1 - Submission for a Degree In Landscape Architecture 1979
RG 3.77.2 - Preliminary Report: Proposal for a 4 Year Degree Program In Landscape Architecture May 1987
RG 3.77.3 - Assessment of the Societal Need for the Landscape Architecture Program
RG 3.77.4 - Program Review ProcessL Description of the process from OCUA (Ontario Council on University Affairs)

Toronto Normal School - Jack Crossen donation

Jack Crossen was born in 1920 or 1921 and died January 2, 2022 at 101. He attended the Toronto Model School where he athletic awards. At the age of 20 he volunteered for World War II and was enlisted in the 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment (CAC) and The British Columbia Regiment (DCO). A recipient of France's highest medal of honour, The French National Order of the Legion of Honour, for his military service during the Battle of Normandy and the final Liberation of France.

Toronto Normal School

Ryerson Energy Centre

This series contains a variety of textual records related to the Ryerson Energy Centre. Includes financials, correspondence, meeting minutes, promotional materials, proposals, and notes.

Ryerson certificates and diplomas

49 Ryerson certificates and diplomas, divided into two files: blank/template certificates and diplomas, and certificates and diplomas linked to specific individuals.

Photograph envelopes

File contains 142 photographs. Majority of them are of the demolition of the old campus buildings, but does include other campus building photographs, and photographs of faculty and staff.

Horney, Charles Roy, Mr.


This series contains textual, moving image, and data records related to The International Academic Congress "Filmbuilding.99 - Devices and Delicacies of Film Design", which was hosted at Ryerson. Includes conference program, periodicals, posters, grant applications, organization committee meeting minutes, promotional materials, correspondence, and financials.

Exhibitions - Image Arts gallery or studio installations

Series contains posters, postcards, and other promotional materials for exhibitions held in the exhibit space in the Image Arts Building, as well, colour slide photographs of exhibit installations and photographic images displayed by students and faculty.

Image Arts

Published Materials

Series consists of published materials related to student housing.

Briefs to establish permanent schools once TRIT closes

File contains petitions for the permanent establishment of existing schools under the Training and Re-establishment Institute once the Institute is disbanded. The schools concerned are: Food Industries; Electronics; Architectural draughting; Beauty Culture; Welding; and Barbering. Included are multiply copies of each petition.

Published Materials

Series consists of materials published by the Rho Alpha Kappa fraternity.

CJRT-FM Open College books and coursepacks

Series contains 3 course pack books:

RG 7.10.01 Understanding the People of another Culture: A reader - Margaret Norquay
RG 7.10.02 Gerontology II selected readings - Greta Riddell-Dixon
RG 7.10.03 Canada and Quebec: One country, Two histories (rev. ed.) by Robert Bothwell

Norquay, Margaret


Series consists of one book


Series consists of a report co-authored by Sharon Wilson.

Promotional materials

Series consists of promotional materials related to Food Services.

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