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Faculty of Science

Sub-series contains proposals, reports, and other materials related to the Faculty of Science's submissions to the Academic Standards Committee and the Senate.

Envelope 2

Envelope 2 contains a variety of records relating to course work and projects undertaken by Robert Scott while teaching at Ryerson in Film and Photography (now Image Arts)

RADmag (Ryerson Art + Design Magazine)

File contains copies of RADmag - Ryerson Art + Design magazine. It is a creative magazine spotlighting students all the schools under the Faculty of Communicaiton and Design. Issue 00 was an alumni edition and Issue 01 was published with 3 different covers.

December 6th Memorial Committee

Subseries contains records relating to Ryerson's December 6th Memorial Committee. Sub-series is divided based on content into three files - textual records, posters, and an audio recording.
RG Textual Records - contains correspondence, brochures, announcements and other records related to the December 6th memorial, presentations, Dec. 6th Memorial Fund, Awards, and programs
RG Posters - Posters for Dec. 6th memorial ceremonies and seminars, plays, and other events sponsored by the committee.
RG Audiocassette - Audio recording of Rosemary Brown speaking at the first December 6th Memorial ceremony held in LIB 72.

Dudley series of books

Sub-series contains 2 books in a series about a child named Dudley. Both are authored by George Swede.

Swede, George

University Advancement projects

Sub-series contains 225 files of photographs taken by the University photographers for various projects. The majority of the photographs were published in the FORUM newsletter.

General files

Sub-series contains files with information relating to Ryerson's Board of Governors.


Sub-series consists of a selection of examinations from various courses offered by Ryerson. They are found bundled together on the "Unsorted Materials" shelving. They are organized by subject or department.

George Korey's files

Sub-series contains files collected and created by Dr. George Korey Krozeczowki during his time a Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Dr. Korey was the acting president at Ryerson from 1974-1975. Files contain information on the Ryerson Pension Plan, liquor licence, scholarships and awards and other information regarding the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, Ministry of Colleges and Universities and correspondence.

Ceremony records

The Alumni Achievement Awards program was inaugurated in 1998 on Ryerson Polytechnic University's 50th Anniversary. There were initially two categories - Alumni Award of Distinction and Outstanding Recent graduate. The Alumni Award of Distinction is given for professional achievement. The Outstanding Recent Graduate Award is given an alumnus who brought honour to Ryerson withing 10 years of graduation. The winners are gifted with a medal created with funding from the Board of Directors of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in honour of Mr. Sharpe's induction into the Business Hall of Fame in 1998. The award was re-named for Mr. Sharpe in 2002. In 2008 the Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award was introduced, recognizing alumni who have provided outstanding volunteer assistance to the University. In 2013 the Outstanding International Alumni Award was introduced, recognizing the alumnus that has demonstrated exceptional accomplishment in their chosen profession, exceptional service in community affairs, and has contributed to the advancement of Ryerson University.
Sub-series contains promotional materials relating to the Alumni Achievement Awards and the Wall of Recognition. It is divided by year. For more information on each ceremony, including lists of honourees, see the file level records.

Various Open College International Relations courses

This subseries contains sound recordings related to various Open College International Relations Courses including "Canadian-American Relations: A Complex Friendship", "The History of Canadian Foreign Relations", "International Relations 1914-1945: From War to War", "International Relations 1945-1990: The Uneasy Peace", and "Sustainability: Canadian and Global Views.

Various Open College Psychology courses

This subseries contains sound recordings related to various Open College Psychology Courses including "Psychology: The Study of Human Behaviour", "Issues in the Psychology of Aging", and "Organizational Behaviour".

Media Centre

  • RG 76.15.045
  • Sub-series
  • [1970]-1979
  • Fait partie de Media Centre

Sub-series contains photographs of the Media Centre, its staff and activities. It is divided into two files - Aerial photoshoot and General photographs

Lawrence S. Bloomberg installation records

Copies of the invitation and programme for the installation of Ryerson's Chancellor Lawrence S. Bloomberg held on November 28, 2012 at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Also included are official greetings from other university chancellors and/or presidents.

Alumnae World War II scrapbook

Three ring bound scrapbook containing lists of packages sent overseas to Wellesley alumnae serving overseas, item lists for packages, correspondence from Nurses in Europe regarding the packages; and correspondence from the various charities that the Wellesley Alumnae were knitting for including the Navy Knitters.
Numbering of items reflects their order within the original scrapbook.

Bolton, Grace

Grace Bolton personal scrapbook

Three ring binder with plastic pages filled with scrapbook pages. Appears that the orginal scrapbook was taken apart and placed in the plastic sleeves. Filled with newspaper clippings, correspondence, cards, programmes, and photographs covering Grace Bolton's history with the Wellesley, the history of the Nursing school, the Hospital, and the Alumnae activities during World War II and beyond.
Scrapbook is not completely in order - First several pages are out of order followed by pages starting in 1933, when Grace Bolton graduated from the Wellesley. The pages are in order by year after this until the end when there was a single plastic sleeve filled with many items place together. Starting with letter from a School in the United Kingdom, these items have each been given their own sleeve. The majority of the pages are double sided - with items on both sides of the page.

Bolton, Grace

WIE Volumes 1 - 10

Sub-series contains ten files (in individual folders) of textual records, related to Women in Engineering "Discover Engineering" camps. Files include correspondence, distribution lists, financials, research materials, and other materials related to the planning, organization, and running of the annual week long summer camps.
File Listing:
RG 521.003.001.001 - WIE Volume 1 1989-90
RG 521.003.001.002 - WIE Volume 2 1991
RG 521.003.001.003 - WIE Volume 3 1991-92
RG 521.003.001.004 - WIE Volume 4 1992
RG 521.003.001.005 - WIE Volume 5 1992-93
RG 521.003.001.006 - WIE Volume 6 1993-94
RG 521.003.001.007 - WIE Volume 7 1994-95
RG 521.003.001.008 - WIE Volume 8 1995
RG 521.003.001.009 - WIE Volume 9 1995-9
RG 521.003.001.010 - WIE Volume 10 1996

Graduation pins and rings, and year pins

File contains the Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing year pins and graduation pins. The year pins were given to students at the start of their 3rd year and the graduation pins were handed out at graduation. Unlike other hospital nursing schools, the Wellesley pin stayed the same from 1915-1974. The graduating class of 1975 did not receive their graduation pins. The Lion rampant used for both pins is from the Wellesley Hospital crest which Dr. Herbert Bruce received permission from the Duke of Wellington (Wellesley) to use the family's crest as the Hospital's crest.


Sub-series contains various parts of nursing uniforms worn by Wellesley School of Nursing students and staff. Included are female and male uniforms, bibs, aprons, caps, and capes. The majority of the items have been grouped by type (caps, bibs, aprons etc.) with some exceptions. The capes have been described as stand alone items because of their individual nature. Also three full uniforms (dress, bib, apron, cuffs, collars) have been grouped together because that is how they came into the Archives.

Information Technology - general program information

The School of Information Technology changed the name of its' degree in 2011 - changing from a Bachelor of Information Technology Management to a Bachelor of Business Technology Management. The name of the school remained the same.
Includes information on secretarial science.

Black and white negatives

Contains 6027 b&w negatives from the Kodak Canada Corporate Archives spanning the history of the company from 1900-2005. Negatives are organized by prior arrangement when processed, which was loosely based on the Kodak Canada's organization of the files in their archives index. Files of negatives originating from the previous index associated with the collection have been kept together, with the individual file numbers and index titles referenced in the Notes field of each record.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Blueprints and Plans

Sub-series contains plans and blueprints of Kodak factories and facilities in Ontario including : early blueprints and schematics for the King Street plant, approval drawings and area plans for the Kodak Heights facility showing buildings 1, 3,5, and 8, and detailed blueprints relating to the construction of Kodak Brampton Paper Finishing Plant, Building #35. Subject terms have been used to indicate Kodak site locations in Ontario, specifically the King street, Brampton and Kodak Heights operations.

Annuals, periodicals, and newspaper clippings

Sub-series contains periodicals and annuals, created between 1900 and 2008, previously held and donated by Kodak Canada Inc. as part of the Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection. Most periodicals are published by Eastman Kodak Co. and its susidiaries, Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd., and Kodak Limited (U.K.). Many of the periodicals were published for internal use, serving communications and community-building purposes for Kodak employees. However, many periodicals in the sub-series were also published for amateur and professional photographers, dealers of Kodak products, chemical engineers, and others. Some periodicals within the sub-series were published by external publishers.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Human resources and industrial relations records

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to Kodak Canada's human resources and industrial relations practices from 1896 to 1997. Includes logbooks pertaining to employee salaries and work hours; reproductions of employment contracts; records related to wage dividends; records related to union activity, including collective bargaining agreements and clippings from the employee strike of 1974; records pertaining to employee benefits; and Kodak employee handbooks and information brochures.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum records

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the operation of the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum. The Kodak Canada Heritage Collection was instigated in the early 1990s as a continuation of the Kodak Canada Archives, intended to document and display Kodak Canada's corporate history. The archival was never formally absorbed by the museum and was housed in a room adjacent to the museum exhibition space in building 9 of Kodak Heights, in a series of 5 filing cabinets. The Heritage Collection operated under the curatorship of Bonnie Chapman, an employee in Kodak's Corporate Communications department. A request was made in 1996 to establish a permanent exhibition space for the collection in building 9 of Kodak Heights. In 1998, Kodak Canada collaborated with consultants from the Royal Ontario Museum to conceptualize and install the exhibition that was housed in this permanent space. The Museum officially opened in 1999 and was closed as part of the dissolution of Kodak Canada's manufacturing operations in the early 2000s. Many of the records and objects contained in the overall Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection housed at Ryerson University were originally part of this Museum collection. Records in this sub-series include: display labels and captions; notes and correspondence related to museum events; records pertaining to Kodak's partnership with the ROM; loan agreements and calls for donations; reference material; records and inventories of artifacts; and other ephemera. There was significant crossover between the activities of the Kodak Heritage Collection and Museum and those of the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs department, particularly surrounding Kodak Canada's centennial celebrations in 1999.

Kodak Canada Inc.

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