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ETV - 1967

File contains records created in 1967 relating to ETV, and ETV at Ryerson. Included in the file is the brief to the Commons Committee on Broadcasting "Criteria for the Establishment of Educational Mass Media on a Democratic Society" by Howard R. J. Mountain; a brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Broadcasting by the Canadian Association for Adult Education; an address given by an unidentified person "Provincial Educational Television - the role of the Department of Education" given at Ryerson; a brief about the University of Waterloo television system from their audio-visual centre; and correspondence regarding the Ryerson President's Committee on Educational Television.

ETV - 1970

File contains correspondence related to the Media Centre's Instructional Media Office and a copy of the final report of the President's Committee on Educational Television "Planning for Educational Television at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute" dated April 28, 1970.

Office of the Registrar

File contains records relating to the office of the Registrar. Included is student registration information, a cross reference list of old and new course numbers and titles, an exam supervision schedule, registrar's office newsletter, section reports, student grades and lists of important dates.

Faculty/Staff memorandas

File contains all staff, faculty and community memoranda of varying topics. The majority of the memos were sent 1964-1965 by by W. B. S. Trimble, VP Faculty Affairs. There is one memo from 1969, and one from 1980.

Glass mugs

File contains 2 glass mugs. One has Ryerson Polytechnical Institute with crest on it in blue and gold. The other has "Novemberfest" Ryerson proof of age required in red lettering on it.

Michael J. Doucet fonds

  • F 13
  • collection
  • 1977-2003

This fonds contains textual records including: articles, books, correspondence, reports, clippings and academic papers about and generated by Doucet during his time at Ryerson. Files in this fonds include:

Journal Articles
Published Books
Published Papers
Reivews & Critiques

Doucet, Michael J.

Published Papers authored or co-authored by M. Doucet

File contains copies of one paper authored by M. Doucet: 'From Toronto the Good to Toronto the Gray: The Changing Image of Canada's Premier City From the 1970s to the 1990s', and one paper co-authored (with K. G. Jones) 'Locational Modelling for a Spatial Monopolist'.

Marc Rosen fonds

  • F 132
  • collection
  • 1986-1998

Fonds consists of paper, article and reports written by Marc Rosen.

Rosen, Marc

Comparison of Energy and Energy Efficiencies for Cogeneration Systems

One copy of paper co-authored Rosen and D. S. Scott (from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto). The paper was presented at the Winter annual meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers held in Anaheim, California December 7-12, 1986. And subsequently published in the proceedings "AES volume 2-2 - "Computer-Aided Engineering of Energy Systems vol. 2 - Analysis and Simulation".

Rosen, Marc

Energy and Exergy Analyses of Canadian Energy Utilization

One copy of paper co-authored Rosen and D. S. Scott (from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto). The paper was presented at the Winter annual meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers held in San Francisco, California December 10-15, 1989. And subsequently published in the proceedings "AES volume 10-3 - "Analysis and Design of Energy Systems: Thermodynamic Analysis of Industrial Processes".

Rosen, Marc

An Engineering Approach to the Evaluation of the Performance of Stratified Thermal Energy Storages

One copy of a paper co-authored by Rosen of Ryerson's Mechanical Engineering Department, and Hooper and Barbaris of the University of Toronto's Mechanical Engineering Department. Paper presented, and subsequently published in the proceedings of, "Jigastock" the IV International Conference on Energy Storage for Building Heating and Cooling held in Versailles, France October 18-21, 1988.

Rosen, Marc

The Development and Implementation of Cost-Effective Improvements in Energy-Utilization Efficiency at Ryerson Polytechnic University

One copy of a paper co-authored by Marc Rosen of Ryerson's Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sabu Pathan of Ryerson's Department of Physical Plant Operations, and K. M. Vaughan of Energy Programs - Landis Gyr. Paper presented, and subsequently published in the proceedings for, the CSME Mechanical Engineering Forum held in Hamilton, Ontario May 7-9, 1996.

Rosen, Marc

Echo Review annual reports

This file contains 2 copies of 2006/2007 Annual Report and 2 copies of 2007/2008 Annual Report. Name of annual report changed for the 2010-2011 school year.

RADmag (Ryerson Art + Design Magazine)

File contains copies of RADmag - Ryerson Art + Design magazine. It is a creative magazine spotlighting students all the schools under the Faculty of Communicaiton and Design. Issue 00 was an alumni edition and Issue 01 was published with 3 different covers.


Yorkvillism is a book created by Ryerson University, Lifetime Developments and the Toronto Star. Book features photographs by Ryerson Image Arts students Eriver Hijano, Arthur Mola, Renee Mun, Andrew B. Myers, Eugen Sakhnenko, and Andrew Williamson. Book was created to highlight Yorkville and was a juried competition - with Arthur Mola as the winner, runner up Andrew Williamson, and honourable mention to Andrew B. Myers.

Lifetime Developments

Unsorted material

Series consists of materials transferred in the Archives holdings in the 1970s and left in piles on shelving units. No original order was apparent. After viewing materials it was discerned that the best course of action was to maintain existing files, arrange loose papers with file numbers into order by file number, and arrange by topic for those items that have no file numbers.

1/1 Miscellaneous

File contains correspondence, memos on policy of elective courses, on the Applied Arts Division departments, , on timetabling and a miscellania of other matters.

1/5 Interior Design

File contains a list of Interior Design courses offered in the Fall of 1975, a memo on calendar changes, outline of the Migrating Student Course and correspondence. Included in the file is a 1975-76 Interior Design calendar.

1/7 Library Arts

File contains a memo on a proposed degree program for Library Arts, curriculum information, outline of some difficulties in the evening studies and correspondence. Included in the file there is a memo regarding the Academic Plan and Library Arts, list of course titles and the Library Arts Program.

3/1 Budgets

File contains correspondence from the Dean of Applied Arts regarding budget matters.

7/1 Correspondence, memoranda and reports

File contains correspondence regarding the Ryerson Copy Shop, one copy of The Exryersonian, R.T.A. events, list of holidays, security, international dinning room, international involvement of AUCC member institutions, brochures and reports. Included is an address to the Ryerson Association by Alan Kingstone.

7/14 Academic Development

File contains information on the Academic Development Process and development proposals. It also includes memos and correspondence.

9/15 Division of Applied Arts

File contains the Theater Department acting program, Library guidelines for Library Arts students, the Radio and Television Arts student handbook for 1975-76 and correspondence related to the Applied Arts Division.

9/18 Convocation

File contains memos and correspondence regarding Spring Convocation 1976, included is also "Notes for Discussion - Convocation".

9/19 Events and Reading week

File contains memos, correspondence and invitations to student events: Winter Carnival, Fashion Show and other events, it also includes information regarding the study week.

11/4 Division of Community Services

File contains a Divisional Overview by the Dean of Community services, a report on the operation of the Ryerson Infant Toddler Centre, a brochure and correspondence.

11/5 Evening Studies

File contains a paper entitled " The Role of the Division of Evening Studies in Ryerson's Academic Plan" and correspondence.

11/6 Technology Department

File contains a copy of the Academic Plan - Technology Division, and other information regarding the Technology Department.

Fundraising and Revenue Generation

File contains memos and other information on revenue generating activities and strategies at Ryerson, it also contains a speech made to a high school guidance counsellors by W. J. L. Clark.

James Colistro

File contains a report and other information on James Colistro.

Solar Cooker

This file contains notes, employees personal data and attendance report, clippings, Solar cooker design and testing project submission for funding, correspondence, notices, Ontario Work-Study Plan documentation, financial statement, Energy Project guidelines, 7 photographs of Brace Research Solar Cookers.

Energy centre materials

This sub-series includes original graphic work for flyers, notices of events, lists of reports, and courses offered in conjunction with the Energy Centre.

Ryerson Energy Information Service

This file contains brochures, proposals, Agreement to operate Energy Information Service between Ryerson Energy Centre and the Learning Resource Centre, correspondence, list of books on energy subjects, notes, Ryerson Energy Information Service Planning Document.

Woodgas Power System

This file contains correspondence,agenda/minutes of Woodgas meetings, Wood Gas Power Systems a joint project of RPI and George Brown College Summary, budget information.

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