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Woodgas Power System

This file contains correspondence,agenda/minutes of Woodgas meetings, Wood Gas Power Systems a joint project of RPI and George Brown College Summary, budget information.

Car Pools

This file contains proposal for a car pool system at RPI, City of Toronto postal code map, Share-A-Ride card, memorandums.

Energy Centre Projects: audio visual

Items on videotape include:

  1. This is Ryerson,
  2. Wind Turbine Project,
  3. Energy Conservation Project,
  4. Solar Cooking in Developing Countries, and
  5. Festival of Energy. (Duplication of RG 104-55).

Research and Innovation newsletter

This file contains Research and Innovation Newsletter for faculty at Ryerson involved in research, development and/or business activities; published quarterly by The Office of Research and Innovation.


This file contains notices of events organized by The Office of Research Services.

Research Services research project files

A number of brief reports (memos, activity, progress, summary) describing individual research projects. The documents have been arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the individual submitting the report.

Quick Facts Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity

Distributed at the launch of the new magazine, "Intersections" show casing a few of Ryerson's current research projects. Event held in George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Atrium, Tuesday 4 November 2008. The first issue of the magazine was also available .

Meincke report

This file contains Report of the Committee on Appointments in the Academic Administration including: Search Committees and Appointments in the Academic Administration, Principles, Procedures and Composition; and Length of Terms of Chairmen, Deans and the Vice-President Academic.

Career Centre promotional records

This file contains brochures, booklets, bookmarks, flyers, postcards, posters promoting the Centre's services and career/job fairs with employers available to full-time student graduates, continuing education graduates, and alumni.

Career Centre

Career Centre workshops and seminars

The file consists of brochures and flyers with workshop schedules and descriptions for writing a resume and covering letter, discovering one's work skills, job search skills, interview skills, and self promotion.

Career Centre

Placement News newsletter

The file contains one page of announcements from the Placement Centre (Career Centre) regarding workshops, employers on campus, and job-related advice. It is less than a newsletter and more of a bulletin.

Career Centre

Ryerson Career Path newsletter

Career Path, September 1998, Issue 1 (vol. 1) is two pages of general Career Centre information, and workshop, seminar descriptions. The newsletter grew to four pages of career advice and information with workshop descriptions.

Career Centre

GRADTalks: Growing you Network

File contains two copies of the handout "GRADTalks: Growing your Network" created by the Career Centre for the Graduate Studies/Career Centre seminar of the same name in March 2018.

Career Centre

Promotion Planning Group

  • RG 111
  • collection
  • 1982 - 1986

This file contains draft and final copy of Ryerson 1986-1987 Promotion Plan submitted to the President by The Promotion Planning Group.

Edward U. Schrader fonds

  • F 112
  • collection
  • 1940 - 1972

Fonds contains textual records, graphic items, artifacts, and film items related to the career of Edward Schrader.

Schrader, Edward U.

Ike Morgulis fonds

  • F 113
  • collection
  • 1970 - 1991

This fonds contains the following files:

F 113.1 - Invitation: Exhibition of Colour Prints, 1986-91.
Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

F 113.2 - Polytechnic '71/Open House, 1970-71.
Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Invitation: Exhibition Of Colour Prints

This file contains 2 Invitations to exhibitions of colour prints by landscape photographer Ike Morgulis, held in September-October 1986 and Februalry-March 1991


This file contains 35 posters advertising Oakham House events.

Ryerson Institute of Technology Kerr Hall

Brass sign that was mounted outside on the building. Kerr Hall officially opened on November 21, 1960. It was re-named Oakham House after Howard Kerr Hall officially opened in 1964.

Marble clock

File contains the marble clock that was removed from a lounge in Oakham House, probably during renovations in the 1970s. Photographic evidence of its hanging location exists in the archives.

Invoice: From David Smith To Mrs. William Thomas

This document appears to be an invoice and is dated August 2, 1849. It is from David Smith, "Silk and Woollen Dyer, Scourer, Hot Presser & C." to Mrs. William Thomas, wife of the noted architect who designed Oakham House. This document was retrieved from the Oakham House documentation file.


This file contains a wallet, that belonged to a resident of the Working Boys Home (now Oakham House). It was found during renovation.

Scientific measuring Equipment used at the Training & Re-establishment Institute and the Ryerson Institute of Technology

A collection of technological equipment consisting of: Decade Resistance, Spot Glavemeter, Fluxmeter, Demonstration Generator, Precision Wavemeter, Short-Wave Set (Wireless Apparatus) and a Demonstration Short Wave Apparatus. number of the items were used at the Training & Re-establishment Institute (1945-1948) where trades training was offered to returning World War II veterans re-entering the workforce.Although some of the equipment was used only for class demonstrations, other equipment was actually used by physics students in their labs, up until the time it was transferred to the Archives.


File contains 1 Multirange Fluxmeter Model FM (range 10 maxwells per division to 50,000,000 Maxwells Full Scale.) , a piece of scientific equipment used to measure magnetic fields.

Strategic Planning

Series contains strategic planning documents for the Business Division, Faculty of Business and Ted Rogers School of Management. Included are individual goals for the departments and schools under the Business umbrella. The majority of the documents are academic plan related.

Faculty of Business Strategic Academic Plan draft 1989/90

File contains a copy of the draft 1989-1990 Faculty of Business Strategic Academic Plan submitted by Dean of Business Timothy Reid to Vice-President Academic Terry Grier for the APG (Academic Planning Group) meeting held June 22-23, 1988. Included in the plan are individual academic plans for each School (Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Office and Administrative Studies) submitted by their chairmen - S. Hulbert, B, Patterson, and P. Williams. Copies of the draft were also submitted to the other members of the APG as well.

Reid, Timothy


Series contains publications created by or related to the Faculty of Business and the Ted Rogers School of Management. Included are faculty newsletters, program newsletters, course calendars, reasearch reports, brochures, and newspapers.

Faculty of Business course calendar extracts

File contains calendar extracts specific to the Faculty of Business. Included in the extracts are program information and course descriptions.
Included are extracts from:
1985-1986 school year
1988-1989 school year (2)
1994-1995 school year
1995-1996 school year
1997-1998 school year (2)
1999-2000 school year
2000-2001 school year
2001-2002 school year
2002-2003 school year
2003-2004 school year
2004-2005 school year
2005-2006 school year (2)

Dean of Business correspondence

Series consists of correspondence created and collected by the person in the role of Dean of Business, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management.
Series is broken down by dean and include files from Charles S. Temple (1951-1970), D. A. Sutton (1980-1985), Timothy Reid (1985-1989), Sarwan Sahota (acting, 1989), Bonnie Patterson (1990-1995), Stan Heath (1996-1999), Tom Knowlton (2000-2005), and Dr. Ken Jones (2005-2013).

Stan Heath file

Stan Heath served as Dean of the Faculty of Business between 1996-1999.
File contains four memos regarding appointments of directors of the various schools withing the faculty.

Heath, Stan

Ken Jones file

Dr. Ken Jones served as Dean of the Faculty of Business between 2005-2013.
File contains memos and emails. Topics include the introduction of the MBA program; the appointment of Dr. Tony Hernandez as the Director of the CSCA and the Eaton Chair of Retailing; and a memo about the new business building.

Jone, Kenneth G.


The Ted Rogers School of Management is home to the TEDxRyersonU talk hosted annually. The first conference was held November 27, 2010.
The file contains 1 copy of the 2011 programme. Speakers included Ryerson (former) President Sheldon Levy, Velma Rogers Graham research endowment chair Tony Burman, Ryerson RTA graduate Gwen Elliot, Ryerson MHs graduate Julie Rochefort, Ryerson Director of Athletics Dr. Ivan Joseph, Ryerson Entrepreneurship professor Sean Wise, Ryerson Fashion Communication student Alex Fox, Co-founder and creative director of 500px Evgeny Tchebotarev, Ryerson (former) Provost and Vice-President Academic Alan Shepard, National Mentoring program founder Dr. Mary Donahue, Ryerson Entrepreneurship student Josh Louie, Ryerson New Media professor Ramona Pringle, Ryerson professor James Smith, Ryerson Distinguished Visiting Diplomat Jeremy Kinsman, Ryerson Early Childhood Education student Reilly Dow, ARB Labs Inc founder Adrian Bulzacki.

Senior Lecturers

File contains a memo and accompanying draft proposal regarding the selection of Senior Lecturers criteria drafted by the Business Division.

Kay Aoyama fonds

  • F 224
  • collection
  • 1974

Fonds contains 1 duotang of photocopied pages for an introductory human physiology course taught by Kay Aoyama. The pages make up the workbook and laboratory manual for PLS 101 and PLS 201 taught in the Fall and Winter semester of the 1974-75 school year.

Aoyama, Kay

Catherine Lund fonds

  • F 233
  • collection
  • 1949 - 1971

This fonds contains the following files:

F 233.01 - Publications:

F 233.02 - Photographic images:

F 233.03 - Ontario Commercial Teachers' Association yearbook, 1961.

Lund, Catherine


The series consists of a textbooks co-written by Catherine Lund :

  • 232.01.01 - Accounting Basics : Introduction by Catherine Lund and Robert.E. Beam

    • Solutions Manual for the Accounting Assistant by Catherine Lund
  • 232.01.02 - Accounting Basics : The Balance Sheet by Catherine Lund and Robert E. Beam

  • 232.01.03 - Accounting Basics : Special Journals and Related Systems by Catherine Lund, Robert E. Beam, and R.A. Myers.

Night Student newspaper

  • RG 24.1
  • Dossier
  • 1978-1983
  • Fait partie de CESAR

This file contains various editions of the Night Student newspaper for night course students.

CESAR and Board of Governors agreements

  • RG 24.13
  • Dossier
  • 1979-1982
  • Fait partie de CESAR

File contains the agreements made between the Board of Governors of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and the Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson.

Ball point pens

  • RG 24.14
  • Dossier
  • 1999
  • Fait partie de CESAR

File contains 4 ball point pens that are branded CESAR (Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson). 3 pens are retractable (2 red, 1 purple) and 1 is not (blue and yellow).

CESAR Evening Childcare questionnarie

  • RG 24.25
  • Dossier
  • 2003
  • Fait partie de CESAR

File contains CESAR's evening childcare questionnaire to assess the need for evening childcare service on campus.

Doug Fetherling fonds

  • F 240
  • collection
  • 1972

This fonds contains the following file:

F 240.1 - Canadian Writers & Their Works : Hugh Garner, 1972.

Konstantine J. Eckhardt fonds

  • F 242
  • collection
  • 1976

Fond contains copies of survey report conducted by Konstantine J. Eckhardt.

Eckhardt, Konstantine J.

Herbert W. Jackson fonds

  • F 244
  • collection
  • 1953 - 1989

This fonds contains the following files:

F 244.1 - Introduction To Electric Circuits, 1959.

F 244.2 - Howard Kerr's Dream, 1989.

F 244.3 - Interview With Herbert W. Jackson by Former Ryerson Archivist, 1989.

F 244.4 - Letter Opener: Ryerson Quinquennial*, 1953.

Jackson, Herbert W.

Walt McDayter fonds

  • F 247
  • collection
  • 1971

This fonds contains the following file:

F 247.1 - A Media Mosaic, 1971.

Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

McDayter, Walt

Bryan W. Fearon fonds

  • F 248
  • collection
  • 1970

This fonds contains the following file:

F 248.1 - Directory Of Courses - Accommodation, food services and travel 1970-1971

Fearon, Bryan W.

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