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News Releases

File contains a news release on the donation of a Gestalt Photomapper to Ryerson from Spar Aerospace Ltd. and Northway Map Technology Ltd.


A piece of cornerstone 15cm x 19cm x 28cm mounted on a wooden base measuring 32cm x 38cm presented to the department of Survey (Civil) Engineering by the 1972 graduating students. There are four inscribed brass plates attached to the wooden base housing the stone.

Wild T4 Universal Theodolite Instrument

This instrument was used for angular measurements of the highest accuracy and astronomic-geodetic observations, providing a high resolving power and brilliant image, at 60x and 80x magnification. Its specific applications included: First Order Triangulation; Primary Control by Distances; Geographical Determinations (azimuth, latitude, longitude); Determination of the Deviation of the Vertical by Astronomical Observations; and as a Stationary Instrument in Observatories. Manufactured by the Wild Heerbrugg Ltd. company of Switzerland (Dr. Heinrich Wild brought his revolutionary ideas into the scope of astronomic-geodetic measurements), the Wild T4 was purchased by Ryerson’s Civil Engineering Department around 1968.

Annual Awards night

File contains invitations and programs for the Civil Engineering annual awards night held in November.

2009 ceremony - Thursday November 12, 2009, Oakham House
2010 ceremony - Thursday November 11, 2010, Sears Atrium - George Vari Building
2011 ceremony - Thursday November 10, 2011, George Vari Building
2012 ceremony - Thursday November 8, 2012, Sears Atrium - George Vari Building
2015 ceremony - Thursday November 12, 2015

Jules P. Paivio fonds

  • F 251
  • collection
  • 1965

This fonds contains the following files:

F 251.1 - Specifications For The Ontario Rugger Union Clubhouse, 1965.

F 251.2 - Personal Letterhead/Envelope, n.d.

F 251.3 - Print: Portrait, n.d.

Paivio, Jules P.

Grad shot glasses

A collection of shot glasses given out to graduates. Each glass has the year of graduation screened onto it. In the Spring of 1954 the previous year's graduates, in concert with SAC (Students' Administrative Council), presented a "RYE '54" shot glass to each member of the Class of '54 at their graduation dance. The "old"alumni filled each glass with an appropriate libation (Rye) and toasted the new alumni. While this first ceremony was conducted just for fun, the idea caught on. The filling of the glasses stopped when the number of graduates swelled in the 60's but the glasses continued to be handed out to graduates until 1993.
The date range on this collection is 1985-1993.

The Ryerson Capital Campaign

RG 26.14.01 The Ryerson Guide To Canvassing.Produced by Ryerson Alumni Crew -- Office Of Development/Alumni through Applied Arts TV Production Facility, 1988
RG 26.14.02 The Ryerson Campaign - With Pride And Purpose.Produced by Office of Community Relations through Applied Arts TV Production Facility
RG 26.14.03 Ryerson Campaign announcement plaques

Ryerson Campaign materials

Material has been arranged into three separate folders: Committee minutes and agendas; General arrangements and organization; and memorabilia - miscellaneous which includes posters, flyers, t-shirts, photograph etc.

Barry Lord fonds

  • F 260
  • collection
  • 1974

Fonds consists of a book authored by Lord.

Lord, Barry

J. D. Duff fonds

  • F 261
  • collection
  • 1974

This fonds contains the following file:

F 261.1 - Feedback Systems II:ELT 519-Course Notes, 1974.

Records are under review. Contact the Archives for information on access.

Duff, J.D.

Peter Such fonds

  • F 263
  • collection
  • 1973-1979

Fonds contains books authored by Peter Such.

Such, Peter

Pitman Shorthand Reference Books

This file contains 17 books not authored by E. Thompson titled :

  • New Basic Course in Pitman Shorthand, 1962 265-2.1
  • Stenographie pitman simplifiee, tome 1 & 2, 1973 265-2.2
  • Pitman Shorterhand Dictionary, 1976 265-2.3
  • Manual of Phonography Pitman Shorthand, c1900 265-2.4
  • "Daughter of the Regiment" in Pitman Shorthand, c1900 265-2.5
  • "The Sign of Four" by Sir A. Doyle in Pitman Shorthand, c1900 265-2.6
  • Civil Service Shorthand Writer's Phrase Book, c1930 265-2.7
  • Canadian Legal Forms with Pitman Shorthand Vocabulary, c1920 265-2.8
  • Pitman Shorthand Rules and Vocabulary, 1956 265-2.9
  • Course in Isaac Pitman Shorthand, 1924 265-2.10
  • Guide to High Speed Writing in Pitman Shorthand, n.d. 265-2.11
  • How to Write 240 w.p.m. in Pitman Shorthand, 1955 265-2.12
    • Teacher's Manual and Drill Book, n.d. 265-2.13
  • Pitman 2000 Shorthand First Dictionary, 1975 265-2.14
  • Self Culture in Pitman Shorthand, c1900 265-2.15
  • Pitman's Shorthand New Era Edition Shorthand Instructor, c1930 265-2.16
  • Pitman's Shorthand Writing Exercises and Examination Tests, c1930 265-2.17

Marvin Tameanko fonds

  • F 267
  • collection
  • 1968-1991

Fonds consists of a book, article, and course notes authored by Tameanko.

Tameanko, Marvin

Ryerson Rambler advertising policy and contract

File contains documentation detailing the placement of advertisements in the Ryerson Rambler including advertising schedules, correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings. Also included are several drafts of an advertising contract established between Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and Youth stream Canada Limited and supporting documentation.

Ryerson alumni scrapbook

A scrapbook/binder maintained by the Alumni Office containing news clippings, photos and correspondence related to Ryerson alumni.

Patricia Jensen fonds

  • F 200
  • collection
  • 1982-[1991]

Fonds contains items authored and co-authored by Patricia Izard Jensen in her role as a professor in the Nutrition program at Ryerson University.

Jensen, Patricia Izard

Caroline Wheeler fonds

  • F 201
  • collection
  • 1972-2000

Fonds contains items created and collected by Caroline Wheeler during her time at Ryerson in the Politics and Public Administration Department.


File contains invitations and associated materials sent to Caroline Wheeler. The majority of the materials are Ryerson related but there are several personal invitations in the file as well.

Delta's Chelsea Inn ceramic jar

One cream coloured ceramic jar with lid. "View for Delta's Chelsea Inn" in printed on the lid. On the body of the jar is are drawings in buildings, labelled, that can be seen from the Delta's Chelsea Inn - Included is Ryerson's Library Building.

White Oak Pottery


Series contains reprints of articles authored by George Giordano for a variety of publications. The majority of the articles deal with prime numbers.


Articles for a variety of publications authored and co-authored by Judy Britnell.

Campus Buildings - plans, maps, and architectural drawings

This file contains 24 plans, maps and drawings of campus buildings, including :

  • 19 Bay Street
  • Floor plans of various campus buildings
  • Campus Expansion Master Site Plans
  • 20 Church Street alterations
    -18 Church Street
  • Jorgenson Hall Boardroom
  • Kerr Hall (Quadrangle), 1972 & 1973
  • Locker Relocation Plan
  • O'Keefe Brewhouse proposed renovation
  • Podium Area, Locker Location Plans;
  • Technology Annex
  • 21 Victoria St. (CJRT Bldg.)
  • Proposed Athletics Facility

UPACE: Studies,Surveys,Reports,Building Program/Phase I

This file contains UPACE(University Planners, Architects and Consulting Engineers documentations: Surveys, Building Programme, Phase 1, correspondence, RPI Preliminary Report to the Board of Governors prepared by UPACE, Februalry 25, 1965.

UPACE: Framed Rendering - The Future Ryerson

An architect's Gouache-based rendering, 75 cm x 71 cm, mounted on a 90 cm x 90 cm frame, depicting a futuristic concept of Ryerson's campus. Re-matted by the Picture Frame Factory Limited (documentation in Arrangements File).

Campus Planning documentation files

This file contains guides, planning designs, projects requirements, drawings, minutes of the meetings, planning briefs, memorandums, Capital Requests, Physical Resources Guidelines- Long Term, Vacancy Notices, Comprehensive Planning Status Report, Statements of Program Requirements for Residence Project.

News Releases

This file contains copy of News Release "Ryerson Centre of Entrepreneurship Offers Its First Course" - Entrepreneurship and Executive Development.

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