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Audiovisual dealer promotions

File contains 3 letters to audiovisual dealers, detailing promotions offered by Kodak Canada Motion Picture and Audiovisual Markets division.

Kodak Canada Inc.

MPAV University

File contains materials from an educational program for Kodak Motion Picture and Audiovisual (MPAV) salespeople entitled "MPAC University". Topics covered include case studies, impacts of credit decisions, applications selling, and financial training,

Kodak Canada Inc.

Center for Creative Imaging

File contains 2 promotional booklets for the Center for Creative Imaging and a memo about the Center's sale to Brace Management Group.

Eastman Kodak Company

Dealer evaluaiton

File contains documents related to a dealer performance analysis program and tool for use by Kodak marketing and salespeople.

Eastman Kodak Company

SER video workbook

File contains a workbook and vocabulary for video created for Kodak salespeople working in the Motion Picture and Audiovisual division. The workbook was meant to be used with a publication entitled "The Video Manual".

Eastman Kodak Company

Eatman Kodak situation analysis and strategic plan

File contains a marketing plan and analysis presented to Kodak Motion Picture & Audiovisual Products division. The report includes the following sections: objectives, industry issues, channel issues, end user issues, company issues, mission statement, strategic plan, key questions, and next steps.

New England Consulting Group

Audiovisual product ads and information sheets

File contains advertisement mock ups and information sheets about a variety of audiovisual products produced by Kodak. Products include: distettes, video recorders and camcorders, video cassette recorders, converters, 35mm cameras, disc cameras, slide projector systems, and 35mm film.

Kodak through its customers' eyes

Item is a booklet published by the Eastman Kodak Corporate Information Department detailing presentations given by company management at the Marketing Education Centre in October 1972. The presentations outline different market divisions of the company, including: Radiography, Potion Picture and Education, Business Systems, Consumer, Professional Commercial and Industrial, and Research and Developement

Eastman Kodak Company

Management letter: Berkey Photo Litigation defense

Item is a summary of the defense used by Eastman Kodak in the Berkey Photo vs. Eastman Kodak Company case. The case was the result of a lawsuit by Berkey Photo, a photo processing and equipment manufacturing company. The suit claimed that Kodak had a monopoly and violated the Sherman Antitrust Act. Berkey won damages of $112.8 million but this decision was reversed on appeal in 1979.

Eastman Kodak Company

Publications containing Kodak advertising or publicity

File includes miscellaneous publications--including magazines, newsletters, and periodicals--containing Kodak advertising or other forms of Kodak publicity. Publications include:

-Chatelaine (Dec. 1933) (Advertisement missing)
-Canadian Photography (Dec. 1952)
-Focus (Feb., 1953)
-OSP Pho-topics (Apr. 1954)
-Popular Photography (Sept. 1956)
-Business Week (June 20, 1977)
-Forbes (September 3 1979)
-Tooton's Photography News (Sept./Oct. 1988)
-Photo Metro (Mar. 1989)
-Time Magazine (Fall 1989)
-The Canadian Shopper (Feb. 1997)
-Photography in New York (Mar./Apr. 1998)
-Playback (January 11, 1999)
-Today's Parent (Oct. 1999)
-Marketing Magazine (Dec. 1999)
-Report on Business (Dec. 2003)

Kodak Canada Inc.

Industry reports

File contains reports published by Eastman Kodak Company, Kodak Canada Inc. and the Canadian government outlining key points in American and Canadian manufacturing and industry for the purpose of strategic decision-making.

Kodak Canada Inc.

CUPE 233

  • RG 285
  • Fondo
  • 1969 - current

Fonds contains textual records generated by or related to the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 233 (CUPE 233).

CUPE 233

Product information - copiers

File contains a product brochure featuring Kodak colour copiers along with examples of colour copies created by the different models.

Eastman Kodak Company

Product information - printers

File contains information on the development and marketing of the Kodak Photo CD. Items include promotional and marketing publications, memos, and printed presentations related to thermal printing systems produced by Kodak. Specific systems include XL7700 printer; XLT 7720 printer; Ektaprint 1392 printer; Ektaplus 7016 printer; DICONIX Color 4 printer; SV6510, SV6500 & SV6600. printers, P6600 printer, SV 6500 & SV.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Product information - Photo CD

File contains information on the development and marketing of the Kodak Photo CD. Items include promotional and marketing publications, memos, and a press kit.

Kodak Canada Inc.

A video closeup: A precourse workbook explaining everything you always wanted to know about video

Item is a training course for Kodak salespeople on the structure and functionality of video. Sections include Anatomy of a conventional video tape, Other types of videotape, Constitution of a videotape, Magnetic recording, Signals, Video and audio recording, RF output measurement, Audio measurements, Drop-out, Measurement principle of luminance and chrominance SNR, Batacam, and Tape format.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Video and videotape educational material

File contains information on the functionality of video and structure of videotapes for training Kodak salespeople. The file includes an outline of product grades, a series of text and graphical pages on how video works, specifications and comparisons of different brands, and a TDK Video Cassette Manual for salespeople.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Motion Picture and Audiovisual (M.P.A.V.) Marketing Plans

File contains marketing plans, quarterly reviews, meeting notes, and documentation for a variety of products including Instagraphic products, motion picture and audiovisual (M.P.A.V.) 0products, professional photography markets, electronic products, large-screen imaging products, photojournalism, and education.

Kodak Canada Inc.

On Cue

  • RG 285.06
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 2004
  • Parte deCUPE 233

This file contains one copy of the newsletter produced by CUPE.

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute "Welcome to Ryerson" folder

The item is a folder for textual information likely handed to potential students containing particulars about becoming a Ryerson student or with information helpful to welcome and orientate a new student. The inside cover has a description of Ryerson at the time, approximately mid 1980s.

Textual materials

Series contains textual materials in the Archives that do not belong in any specific group, and may well not fall under the mandate for the Archives. Included in the series are newspapers and a selection of exams from the 1950s and 1960s.

Comptometer Model WM

Item is a model WM, "War Model", Comptometer manufactured by the Felt & Tarrant Manufacturing Company of Chicago. The model WM is a variation of the model M to require less materials during times of war.

George Swede fonds

  • F 36
  • Fondo
  • 1968 - ?

Fonds consists of work created and published by George Swede. Included are poetry, books, and pamphlets.

Swede, George

Books authored by George Swede

File consists of published copies of books written by George Swede. Published with a variety of publishers and a variety of formats the majority of the series are poetry books. Also included are several textbooks and children's books.

Kodak 25 years of service medal

Item consists of a medal with the engraving " Presented to James A.L. Johnston in recognition of more than a quarter century of loyal service with Kodak Canada ltd. 1973" Includes a plastic stand to hold the medal.

Kodak sales tour photographs

File contains photographs related to Kodak representatives on sales bus tours and camera conventions. Includes images of Niagara falls and various camera displays at shows.

Kodak Advantix Film enamel pin

Item consists of an enamel pin the shape of a roll of 35 mm film for "Kodak Advantix Film". It has "Special Olympics, 1997 World Winter Games" engraved on the film roll.

Kodak souvenir glasses

Item consists of a glass cup with the text "Here's to the Talkies from Kodak" and one with the Kodak logo imprinted around the cup in red and yellow.

Kodak Sales training film

Item consists of a double-perforated 16mm film reel. Approximatively 8 minutes long. The film presents a group of Kodak Canada employees, mostly men with one woman, who are Kodak HQ in Rochester, receiving training in how to sell Kodak products. The film has different chapter headings as it goes along, explaining what comes next. Johnston is included in several scenes.

Personal photographs and textual records

File contains prints of James Johnston and his spouse at Kodak events and meetings, photographs of Johnston opening a large gift which contains a piece of luggage and one print of the front of Kodak's office. Includes letters addressed to James A.L. Johnston from Eastman to commemorate the first day of issue Eastman commemoration stamp , a newspaper clipping highlighting Johnston as a veteran, his business card and a biographical summary written by his daughter.

Also includes a book on The Canadian Rockies containing a series of 18 hand-coloured Vandyck photogravures, a imitation Life magazine cover dated March 23, 1959 featuring Johnston and other Kodak representatives, and a certificate dedicated to J.A.L. Johnston as a Member of Order of the Good Time

Kodak sales group portraits

Consists of several group shots of Kodak sales representatives from various events including a Kodak Retail Photographic Salesmen's Training Conference (1952), the Medical Division Technical Representatives (1951), the Medical Division Technical Representatives (1954) and a Kodak Sales Meeting, mounted on board (1959).

Also includes a copy of Dealer News (summer 1962) with an article featuring Jim Johnston, and a print of a mountain landscape with a river and trail mounted on board.

Andrew James Little Johnston - employee series

Series contains various promotional items carrying the Kodak logo in addition to photographs and documents related to Andrew James Little Johnston, a Kodak sales representatives from Nova Scotia. Includes Kodak memorabilia customized for Johnston in addition to documentations related to sales tours and conventions in North America.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Brownie Six-20 Camera Model D

Item is a metal box camera, for 2.25" x 3.25" exposures on 620 film. It was a continuation of the Six-20 Brownie cameras but was renamed Brownie Six-20. The Model D camera features flash contacts.

Popular pressman

Item is the first reflex camera produced by W. Butcher & Sons Ltd. The wood and black leather camera has interchangeable backs for 3.25 x 4.25 and 4 x.5 plates and also has a Graflex 3.25 x 4.25 inch roll film adaptor. Focusing is waist level and included a long, leather focusing hood. Focal plane shutter with a 4.5 Butcher anastigmat 5.75 inch focal length lens.

McKoewn pg. 173

The LTO Exchange newsletter

The faculty newsletter featured information on teaching and learning, gave notices of events and conferences, and reported on LTO activities and articles. Following a department re-organization, this newsletter continues where the GREET Exchange newsletter left-off in 2006.

Distinguished Educator Speaker Series

This file consists of informational notices on the Distinguished Speaker Series, featuring faculty from other universities across Canada who had won awards of excellence and/or who wanted to share their research or teaching methods. Each event was aimed at the faculty of a particular TMU school or faculty, but all teaching staff were welcome. A buffet lunch was often included.

LTO Charettes

This file contains notices about two charrettes, an intensive unique weekend educational experience for students, in these cases in interdisciplinary fields and offered across the university for more senior undergraduates.

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