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Robert MacIntosh City of Toronto Book Collection

  • 2013.007
  • Coleção
  • 1807-2004

Collections contains historical and contemporary books on the history of Toronto, featuring tourist guides and souvenirs from the city form the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

All books are catalogued on our library catalogue: Search "Robert MacIntosh" and narrow down TMU location to Special Collections.

Assignment photographs

Series consists of 7,278 photographic negatives or b&w prints created by Ryerson staff and students in the 1950's and 1960's. The photographs were taken for use in the student newspaper, "The Ryersonian" ; the academic course calendar ; the yearbook ; and other school publications. Contact prints for the majority of the collection are available for viewing in our reading room. Negatives are in the process of being scanned.

The photographic images are arranged according to subject :

  • Aerospace Technology
  • Anti-Cutback Rally (request from RG 95.1 box)
  • Architecture
  • Art Shows
  • Athletics
  • Awards
  • Barbers
  • Basketball
  • Bookstore
  • Business Administration
  • Campus - Old
  • Career College
  • Chemical Technology
  • Church Street
  • Circle K (Kiwanis)
  • Civil Technology
  • CJRT
  • Classroom Scenes
  • Clubs
  • Convocation
  • Convocation at Deer Park
  • Dances
  • Drama
  • Early Childhood Management
  • Eggy
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronic Technology
  • Extension Department
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Fashion
  • Food Administration
  • Food Services
  • Football
  • Furniture and Interior Design
  • Gas Technology
  • Health Clinic
  • Health Inspectors
  • Hockey
  • Homecoming
  • Home Economics
  • Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Administration
  • Howard Kerr Hall
  • Initiation
  • Instrument Control Technology
  • Journalism
  • Kerr Hall (Oakham House)
  • Library
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Metallurgy Technology
  • Miscellaneous
  • Miss Ryerson
  • Music
  • Ontario Government
  • Parades
  • Photographic Arts
  • Picnics
  • Printing Management - Graphic Arts
  • Queens and Princesses
  • Radio and Television Arts
  • Registration
  • Remembrance Day
  • Retirement Dinner
  • RIOT
  • ROW
  • Ryerson Hall
  • SAC
  • Secretarial Science
  • Secretaries Luncheon
  • Soccer
  • Statue of Egerton Ryerson
  • Visitors to Ryerson
  • Works of Art on Campus

The New Canadian Dominion

File contains reprint of Egerton Ryerson's "The New Canadian Dominion: Dangers and duties of the people in regard to their government. Originally published in 1867.

Ryerson, Egerton

The Story of My Life

Nine copies of "The Story of my Life" by Egerton Ryerson and edited by J. George Hodgins. The book was published after Ryerson's death.

Ryerson, Egerton

Egerton Ryerson

File contains 3 copies of "The Maker's of Canada - Egerton Ryerson" by Nathanial Burwash. The deluxe edition was published in 1903 and the parkman edition was published in 1906.

Burwash, Nathaniel

The Ryerse-Ryerson Family, 1574-1994

One copy of the geneaology booklet "The Ryerse-Ryerson Family, 1574-1994" authored by Phyllis Ryerse and Thomas Ryerson. Published in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Ryerse-Ryerson family in Upper Canada in 1994. Book contains information on early generations in the Netherlands and the U. S. and the history and descendants of brothers Samuel Ryerse and Joseph Ryerse.

Ryerse, Phyllis

Ontario History, Vol. LXIII no. 4, December 1971

One copy of volume LXIII No. 4 of Ontario History - the journal of the Ontario Historical Society. Included in this edition:
The Rev. Robert Murray - Ontario's first superintendent of schools by R. D. Gidney
Egerton Ryerson, Albert Carman, and the founding of Albert College, Belleville by Alex McGregor
George Jervis Goodhue - pioneer merchant of London, Upper Canada by Frederick H. Armstrong
Robert, Gourlay, Gadfly by Lois Darroch Milani
The yeomanry veterans of Elizabethtown by James Easton Godkin

Ontario Historical Society

Egerton Ryerson and his times - essays on the history of education

Three copies of "Egerton Ryerson and his times" edited by Neil McDonald and Alf Chaiton. Includes:
Canadian Educational Historiography - some observations by Marvin Lazerson
The pre-Ryerson years by J. Donald Wilson
Egerton Ryerson and the Methodist Model for Upper Canada by Goldwin S. French
The moral education of Egerton Ryerson's idea of education by Albert S. Fiorino
Egerton Ryerson and the school as an agent of political socialization by Neil McDonald
The professionalism of teachers in mid-nineteenth century Upper Canada by James Love
The public instructor - Ryerson and the Role of the Public School Administrator by Alison Prentice
The development of an administrative system for the public schools by R. D. Gidney and D. A. Lawr
The reality behind the rhetoric: the social and economic meanings of literacy in mid-nineteenth century - the example of literacy and criminality by Harvey J. Graff
The rhythm of work and the rhythm of school by Ian E. Davey
Social reform and education - the issue of compulsory schooling in Toronto 1851-1871 by Susan E. Houston
The Ryerson tradition in Western Canada 1871-1906 by Alan H. Child
Ontario at Philadelphia - the centennial exposition of 1876 by Robert M. Stamp

McDonald, Neil

Medical magic lantern slides depicting skin conditions

Item consists of 14 glass magic lantern slides depicting various skin conditions, along with 2 slides of poison ivy plants. Conditions pictured include chicken pox, hives, athlete's foot, acne of the face, impetigo, poison ivy, ringworm, boils, pediculosis, scabies, measles, and animal ringworm. The slides are accompanied by a short, typewritten sheet with a script entitled "Description of Slides" and dated July 15th, 1944, which describes poison ivy and athlete's foot. The slides appear to be written for prospective campers, and intended to be presented by a Miss Hankinson and Mrs Benham. the series was published by the Ryerson Film Service department of Ryerson Press.

John Strachan

One copy of "John Strachan" by John L. H. Henderson. Book was authored as part of the larger Canadian Biographical Studies project and was allied with the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

Henderson, John L. H.

The House that Ryerson built

Three copies of "The House the Ryerson Built - essays in education to mark Ontario's bicentennial" edited by Hugh Oliver, Mark Holmes, and Ian Winchester. Includes the following essays:
Trends in the History of Ontario Education by Willard Brehaut
The Ontario School House by Jean Cochrane
Progressivism vs Traditionalism by Mark Holmes
What to teach by Walter Pitman
Education of Schooling? by Jim Parr
The Independent Schools by Harry Giles
Franco-Ontarian Education: from persecuted minority to tolerated nuisance by Stacy Churchill
The Schooling of Girls by Dormer Ellis
Special Education by Robert McIntyre
The Emergence of a system of Continuing Education 1945-1984 by Alan Thomas
Unfinished Dreams - Education and the oppressed by Paul Olson
Ontario and its Universities by Robin Harris
The Gradual Emergence of Ontario's Community Colleges by Delmar McCormack Smyth
The Future of the house that Ryerson built: Ontario education in the 21st century

Oliver, Hugh

The Canadians - Egerton Ryerson

5 copies of "The Canadians - Egerton Ryerson" by Laura Damania. There are 3 different covers on the books. This book was part of a series of dozens of books written about historical figures in Canada.

Damania, Laura

Serious Money: Acting Production Prompt Script

File contains contact list, schedules, show reports and prompt script act I & act II, meeting minutes, notes on the play, coaching breakdown, musical scores, rehearsal notes and stage and production notes. (3 folders)

Dances 2003: Dance Production Prompt Script

File contains schedules, memos, meeting minutes, rehearsal reports, contact list, prompt script, performance reports, dancer contracts and stage and production notes. (4 folders)


File contains photographs of students working in the newsroom and using recording equipment.

Journalism promotional slide show

Two carousels of slides used for a Journalism promotional show, accompanied with written script and a selection of out-takes.

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