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Item is an albumen carte-de-visit copy of a drawing of half-dressed woman pouring wine over her head into a glass. Man slumped over table. Hand coloured. Recto caption: "Bachantin".


Item is an albumen carte-de-visit copy of a drawing that two men in top hats; two girls in acrobatic costume, one getting a 'piggy back ride'. Recto caption: "CANCAN S".

106th Wolf Cubs

Item consists of a photograph mounted on light grey may with two dark grey borders. Image is of a group of boys seated out on a lawn in front of a building, with a row of adults standing behind them. They are in Scouts Canada uniforms and hold a banner at the front that reads "106th/ WOLF CUBS/ DO YOUR BEST".

1961 Volkwagen (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Car depicted on road next ot wooden fence. A woman is in driver's seat and another is getitng in to the passenger seat. Liscence plate reads: "Volkswagen De Luxe Coach." Recto inscription in grease pencil, bottom left: "2." Recto caption, bottom centre: "The 1961 Volkswagen features a newly designed engine putting out 40 horse power. Al four forward gears are synchronised. The Volkswagen now has an automatic shoke and windshield washers as standard equipment. Bright new colours and matching upholstery trim compliment the Volkswagen's exciting new poiwer and greater flexibililty. Reproduction allowed free of charge Volkswagen Canada Ltd." Verso label pasted in centre: Nor Baker Limited Artists :: Engravers :: Photographers 362 6411." Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-Sept '65"; centre: "18 picas"; bottom right: "100 scr. 3inc half"; bottom right: "Calgary." Verso inscriptions in blue ink- top right: "36"; bottom right: "B1208."

1962 Ford Galaxie 500 XL (car sub-series)

glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Image of car on desert landscape, shot with door open and woman in front passenger seat. Car liscence plate reads 1962. Inset image shows gear shift and driver's interior. Recto bottom left in black ink: "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil include cropping markings. Verso upper right: "55/mm-May"; "Mortise for type." Verso centre: "27 1/2 picas." Verso bottom left: "48.5 Ford Galaxie 500 XL." Verso bottom right; "$12." Verso bottom right in blue ink: 'B590."

1962 Oldsmobile F-85 (car sub-series)

glossy gsp with large white border. Depicts a car seen from the sie, a man and woman standing behind it, and a patio table and umbrella to the right. Recto inscription in black ink, bottom left: "2." Verso has cropping lines in pencil. Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-Nov '61"; centre: "28 1/2 picas"; bottom left: "57%, '62 Olds F-85"; bottom right: "$10". Verso in blue ink, bottom right: "B245"

1965 Ford Bronco (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depicts an open-top off-road behicle with folded down windsheild. Plain background. Liscence plate reads "WL 7448 1." Recto inscription, bottom left, black grease pencil: "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-Oct'65"; centre: cropping marks, "20picas"; bottom centre: "Ford '65- 'Bronco'"; bottom right: "353," "9679," "$25."

1965 Vauxhall Viva (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white borders. Man and women depicted sitting in a car white two children run towards it. The setting is a tree-lined grassy field. Recto inscription in ink, bottom left: "Vauxhall B Viva 2" Verso inscriptionsin pencil: cropping marks; top right: "55/mm-april"; centre: "20 picas"; bottom left: "'65 Vauxhall Viva deLuxe"; bottom right: "120, "37.5%," "5546," "$10."

1966 Bentley T Series (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp, white border. Car seen from side depicted in a fields with treed background. The car has a "B" hood ornament. Recto inscription, black grease pencil, bottom left: "2." Verso top right has pasted-on label with typed instructions: "Bentley 'T' Series Not For Publication until October 6, 1965. See Release Herewith." Verso inscriptions in pencil- top right: "55/mm-Nov.'65"; centre: cropping lines, "24 picas"; bottom right: "110," "42.8%," "9771," "100 scr. 3inc half," "$20." Verso inscriptions in blue ink- bottom centre: "10," "for 1966- Bentley 'T' Series."

1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white borders. Car depicted from slightly above. It is parked at the edge of a lake. A woman sits inside waving to a man in the water. Recto inscription bottom left, in grease pencil: "2" Verso inscriptions include cropping marks in pencil- Verso top right: "55/mm-Nov.'65"; centre: "24 picas"; bottom right: "$10." Verso inscriptions in blue ink- top right: "'66 Valiant Signet"; bottom right: "8". Verso paper printed with pattern reading "a Kodak paper."

1966 Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe (car sub-series)

glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Car depicted in black studio setting with man and woman standing behind it. Recto bottom left corner in pencil: "2." Verso inscriptions and cropping lines in pencil. Verso top right: "55/mm-Nov. '65." Verso centre: "26 picas." Verso bottom right: "100 scr. zinc half."; "98"; "49.5%"; "9771"; '$12." Verso bottom righ tin blue ink: "4- GM- Pontiac Parisienne Sport Coupe- '66"

2nd Annual Outing of Herschell Spillman & Co's Employees

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card. Image shows a group of men seated outside a large brick building with a wooden sign high above their heads "HER-/ SPILLMAN/ THE/ ONLY/ BUILDERS/ OF/ IMPROVED/ 1873-1890" with the image of a carousel painted on the sign. The front row of the group holds up a wooden sign that reads "2ND ANNUAL OUTING/ OF HERSCEHLL SPILLMAN & CO'S/ EMPLOYEES JULY 3RD 1902." At bottom right, embossed in card, "L. H. Linh-pf(?)/ TONAWANDA, N.Y."

66 Chevrolet Caprice (car sub-series)

Glossy gelatin silver prints with white border. Depicts car parked ouside palatial structure, man and woman walking towards car. Recto bottom right in blue pen: " '66 Chevrolet Caprice A". Verso inscriptions include various cropping marks and arrows in pencil, as well as upper right "55/mm Nov. '65," middle "26 picas," bottom right "98"; "49.5%"; "9771"; "$12"; "100 SCR zinc half." Verso bottom right in blue pen: "5"; "GM- Chevrolet '66 'Caprice'."

A.T. Orr

Item features two portraits side by side of same man in different outfits. Black text below photographs reads, 'A.T. Orr c/o Jerry Lodge Associates Ltd. 105 Carlton St, Toronto, 2, Ont. 363-0022'

A.T. Orr family photographs series

Series consists of photographs and negatives that belonged to Mr. A.T. Orr and his family. Series also contains several business cards of Mr. Orr's, some of his personal correspondence, newspaper clippings pertaining to birth and wedding announcements, a hymnal, and a lock of Florence E. Orr's hair. Design plans for the Montreal Light Heat & Power Co. are also found in the series.

AZ Watson Taken at Midnight

Item consists of a sepiatone black and white photograph of a man and a dog at midnight in Nome, Alaska. The man appears to be standing on a porch with his hands in his pockets. He is wearing a long dark coat, glasses and a hat. There are binoculars around his neck. There is a dog in the foreground, at the feet of the man. There is an uneven white border around the image and at the bottom of the photograph is written "AZ Watson Taken at Midnight" in pen. On the back of the photograph in pencil is handwritten "Taken at Nome Alaska at 12 oclock at night continuous light sun set at 10.20 pm June 21st 1902".

Acetic acid bottle

Handblown cylindrical clear glass bottle with cork, empty. Browned paper label with text reads: "ACETIC ACID, WARRANTED PURE, D.H. HOGG & CO., Wholesale Dealers in, Photographic Supplies, 128 Bay Street, TORONTO." Price sticker: "$125."

D.H. Hogg and Co.

Agnes Osberg album

A leather bound cabinet card album with a metal adornment on the front cover, designed like a shield and engraved with the words "Minne" and "…at" along with the owner's name: "Agnes Osberg". Inside front page is printed in German "Von dankbaren Elewen" and Swedish "Nääs 19/12 1892." Many sitters are identified and portrait photographers whose card texts are visible areidentified as Swedish and American.

Osberg, Agnes Isabel, 1867-1935

Albums series

Series consists of albums on a variety of subjects, but all are personal in nature, created by individuals or families. Many focus on geographic locations as subjects of a tour. Some WWI and WWII family and military tour records.

Alfred Thorburn Orr

Item is a professional portrait of Alfred Thorburn Orr. Inscriptions on verso read, 'I certify this to be a true photograph of: Alfred Thorburn Orr Jun. 22 1966. Hodgkiss Studios 3 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, Ont. EM 6-5342'.

Hodgskiss Studios

Aloha Hawaii

Black cover with an eagle made of shell in 3D on cover. Very fragile. Hard cover. Black pages with photos held in with photo corners. Interleaving between each page.

Consists of a large album with black and white photographs of a military base in Hawaii. Includes individuals and group shots of men in military uniforms, images of the landscape and military equipment and buildings, women on a beach and a partially nude woman posing for the camera.

Amphitheatre, Pompeii

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Sticker on glass handwritten in black ink "11667 Amphitheatre a Pompei" in french. Written in pencil on the wood frame "Amphitheatre Pompei." Image of an amphitheatre - ruins, in Pompeii.


Mounted image of bridge over river in Amsterdam. Inscription in black ink beneath photograph reads, 'Amsterdam, eglise St. Francois Xavier & pont sur le canal'. Inscription in pencil on back of mount reads, '$20'

Anna G.

Item is a portrait of young woman. Black text on back of card reads, 'Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco, United States, The World, Vienna 1873 Gold Medals, 429 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. Cal.' Inscription in pencil reads, 'Anna G.'

Bradley & Rulofson

Annie Deacon

American actress, burlesque performer. She is recorded as having performed in "Our Cinderella: A Burlesque" by William Gill in the Colville Company's 1878-9 season, and in "The Magic Slipper" for Haverley's Theater in New York in August 1879, produced by Samuel Colville's Opera Burlesque Company.

Waters, H.

Arch of Constantine in Rome

Lantern slide, wood frame with glass positive B & W slide - image framed in black. Handwritten in ink on sticker on the slide is "Arc de Titus a Rome" but the word Titus is scratched out and written over top is the word Constantine. Image of an arch with the colloseum in the background, to the right. Wood frame has the word constantine written in pencil above image.

Arches of Triumph, Pompeii

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold. Sticker on wood handwritten in ink "arches of Triumph Egypt Pompeii." Printed direclty of slide "7669 Arcs de Triomphe et Rue du Forum, a Pompei." Same written on wood in pencil. Image of arches and road with some ruins.

Arrow Sport airplane and pilot

unmounted print with white border. Depicts a pilot standing in front of a plane. Recto inscription "Arrow Sport - LeBlond - List $3485 - '29" Verso inscription "Arrow Sport- '29, Side by side seating. LeBlond 5 engine. Demonstrator with 25 hours- 1500. New- $2000, list 3485 FOB Lincoln."


Item consists of photographs of a family taken at Atherley. Subjects include water bodies, a canoe, the Samuel de Champlain monument (in present day Orillia and designed by Vernon March), a house, and a cow.

Austin Healey Sprite MKIII (car sub-series)

Print with white border, shows car in studio. Recto caption: "Austin Healey Sprite MKIII, 1098 c.c. engine, 616 h.p. (gross) at 5, 750 r.p.m. New deluxe cockpit. New suspension. Copyright free. Austin press office, Longbridge, Birmingham, Priory 2101. neg. no. 120038." Recto inscriptions include cropping instructions, "55/mm June."

Aviation album

Black cardboard cover with gold embossed letters "Photographs"; image on cover. Spine missing but stitched binding intact. Black pages.

Photographs of aerial exhibitions at Texas Love Field Air Corps Training Depot on November 12 and 13, 1918 to celebrate the end of WWI. Fairly detailed notations included as text printed directly onto the images. Images show pilots and early airplanes, photographs of blimps; select number of aerial photographs of the land with respective geographic locational coordinates, crowds of spectators, parachute jump - with flags, images of airplane crashes.
Most photographs taken from the air.


Item consists of a notice, written in French, indicating the Seigneurie Delery will be at the King Edward Hotel the week of November 11-15, 1940 to discern intestersts of rights.

B.C. Electric Railway Co's Observation car, Vancouver, Canada.

print with white border. Depicts an open air street car filled with sight-seers. Stores and traffic visible on surrounding street. Store awning reads "Normandy Hats." Signs on side of streetcar read: "Seeing Vancouver 2hr Trip fare 50c," "Sightseeing car trips leave Robson & Richards at 10 & 11 AM, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 PM daily," "BC Electric Rly. co. 123." Recto caption, bottom: "B.C. ELectric Railway Co's Observation Car, Vancouver, Canada. Harry Bullen Photo 1747 west 5th Ave." Verso purple ink stamp: "Jul 24 1948," "350."

B.W. Kilburn: A Mining Camp in the Klondyke

Item is an albumen stereograph. Images depict a group of men surrounding two log cabins in the forest. Many trees have been cut down. Recto caption, left: "James M. Davis, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney"; right:"Copyright 1898 by B.W. Kilburn"; bottom: "12730. A Mining Camp in the Klondyke." Verso caption, centre: "Photographed and Published by B.W. Kilburn, = Littleton, N.H."

B.W. Kilburn: Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Californaia

Item is an albumen stereograph. Images depict a series of buildings on a mountain, including a domed telescope enclosure. Recto caption, left: "James M. Davis, New York, St. Louis, Liverpool, Toronto, Sydney"; right: "Copyright 1895 by B.W. Kilburn"; bottom: "9990 Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Califoraia [sic]." Verso centre: "Photographed and published by B.W. Kilburn = Littleton, N.H."

Baby Rer. 6 wks.

Item consists of two black and white photographs of a woman lifting a baby out of a wicker baby carriage. The woman and carriage are on a walkway to the front of a house. There are some flowers in the background. The carriage is posed diagonally, baby and woman are looking at each other. The photos appear to be developed and fixed improperly, as there are liquid markings and fingerprints on the prints. The two images are identical but flipped and cropped differently. One is lighter than the other. On the back of each photograph is handwritten in black pen "Baby Rer. 6 wks."

Baby portrait.

Item is a baby portrait. Black text below photograph reads, 'Weston & Son, Dover & Folkestone'. Black text on back of card reads, 'Photographed From Life by Lambert Weston & Son. Waterloo Crescent, Dover. Sandgate Road, Folkestone.'

Lambert Weston & Son

Bacharach, Germany

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten in black ink on the slide "Bacharach on the Rhine, Germany." in french. Handwritten on a sticker on the wood frame "Bacharach on the Rhine, Germany." Image of the town of Bacharach, named for Bacchus, the ancient Roman god of wine, a medieval walled town only meters from the river's banks. The Rhine river once splashed up against the town's walls, but a landfill has been added to accommodate a road, train tracks and boat docks. In the image you can see the river, the spire of a church and rooftopes.


Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Sticker with Y on wood frame. Handwritten in ink on a sticker on the glass "107 Baden Baden vu au…" left blank because this part of sticker has been ripped off. Image framed in black and gold pain. Landscape image of a town in mountains or hills.

Balmoral album

No binding - album pages are loose. Black cover embossed with "Photographs" in gold. Black pages, photos glued in.
Notes with album suggest the Parkdale Train Station, Hepworth, and Balmoral. Almost all photographs peeling away from pages. Some photographs quite yellow, some fading especially around edges.

Photographs are amateur snapshots of a cottage, children and family, picnics, parks, a wedding, canoeing, the beach, biking, landscapes, an automobile with a 1920s liscence plate number, posed group shots in many different locations, a horse drawn carriage, all thought to be taken around or near the Toronto area.
One photograph appears to either be a double exposure, or a photograph taken looking through a window and has captured the reflction in the window as well as the view beyond.

Sites and locations include The Simkincoe, located at Jackson's Point, Ontario.

Banff album

Brown soft cover album with word "Photographs" on front. Bound by green braided string. Black pages with photos glued in. Handwritten notations in pencil. Back cover folded in upper left corner.
Photographs are family snapshots taken around Toronto, Orillia, Banff, Regina, Ancaster, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. Some activities include rowing, tennis, canoeing, and attending various events.

Baptistery of St. John, Pisa

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten on sticker on glass "Baptistery Pisa." Printed on sticker on glass "T.H. McAllister, Manuf'g Optician, 49 Nassau Street." Image of the baptistery of the Cathedral of Pisa in Italy. It is round domed building, very ornately decorated. It is located in the Piazza dei Miracoli, near the Cathedral and the leaning Tower.

Barn raising, boating, and other outside pursuits

These photographs share few similarities in image content besides all being taken out-of-doors. Four images show a barn raising, and sixteen images are of boats, including the "Stoney Lake" and the "Modello." One photograph is of a man in a wheatfield--written on verso is "What do you think of this for Western Wheat 10 mi.'s from Regina?" The other photograph written on verso is of a man and an airplane--"Douglas Lindsay out on the Sask. River Jan. 15 / 36 at Prince Albert where the fish bask from Leechee (sp?) Rouge is situated."

Shields, Lorne

Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Italy

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. White sticker on glass in black ink "Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy." Sticker on wood in ink "Santa Maria maggoir, Rome Italy." Scratch out marks in pencil on the wood. Image of a basilica with two domes, and a clock tower with an obelisk out front. This basilica is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Basilica of St. John Lateran, Rome

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Sticker on glass handwritten in black ink "1282 Interieur de St Jean de Latran a Rome" in french. Written in pencil on the wood frame "Int. St. John of the Latran, Rome." Sticker on the wood handwritten "Interrior St John of teh Lateran Rome Italy." Image of the interior of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome, Italy. It was the first church to be built in Rome. It contains several important relics.

Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold. Sticker on glass handwritten in ink and pencil "Belvedere Palace - Vienne" in french. Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Image of palace and gardens with a statue in the pond.

Beniamino Gigli

Item is a publicity portrait of Beniamino Gigli, an Italian operatic singer who sang for many Italian opera companies and debuted for the Metropolitan Opera in 1920. He is shown in profile, with one foot resting upon a chair. Black ink inscription on surface of photograph reads, 'Bgigli Montreal 1925'


Betty Burroughs

Item is a publicity portrait print of Betty Burroughs, taken by theatrical photographer Nasib. Inscriptions in white on surface of print read, 'Betty Burroughs' and 'NASIB 7'. Inscription on back in pencil reads 'Betty Burro-' and in purple stamp, 'Wine, Woman and Song' and 'Photo for newspapers only'.


Bison (car sub-series)

Glossy gsp with white border. Depcits a futuristic truck/industrial vehicle in a studio setting. A man is in the driver's seat. The vehicle has the number '75' printed on the back, and the vehicle's reflection is visible in the shiny floor. REcto has red ink cripping marks on right and left sides. Recto centre left has a printed number pasted to the image surface: "4." Recto caption, bottom centre: "Bison." Recto inscription, bottom left, in blakc ink: "2." Verso inscriptions in pencil- centre: cropping lines; top right: "55/mm-July"; bottom centre: "pic D"; bottom right: "strip up," "1186," "32.7," $25."

Bison side view (car sub-series)

Glossy gelatin silver prints with whtie border. Shows a side view of a futuristic truck/industrial vehicle with '75' printed on the side. A man sits in the driver's seat. Reflection of the wheels is visible on the floor. Recto caption, bottom centre: "Bison." Recto inscription, bottom left, black ink: '2." Verso inscription in pencil, bottom left: "GM," bottom right: "$25."

Black album, "Photographs"

Black leather album, lined with satin, bound with black string. "Photographs" is embossed on the front cover, and "Royal Albums" and "Made in USA" are in gold letterpress inside the back cover. Snapshots are glued to 40 black construction paper pages. Primarily vernacular images of weddings, soldiers, and vacations. Only Dick Gossett, Alan Pride, Bill McMillan, Duncan Wallace, and Minnie (Wallace) Owens are identified. One photograph of young men is entitled "Bolsover Flirts."

Royal Albums

Black album, no cover

154 photographs affixed to 24 black paper pages, 11 loose prints--the album cover itself is absent. The photographs have primarily vernacular images: snapshots of individuals and small groups, individual and group portraits, vacation scenes. Captions and dates are in white pencil: "1929," "Pt. Stanley 1937," "Wingham 1937," "Cub Camp 1939," "Churchill 1940-1," "Lake Joseph," and "Natural Park." On the verso of one photograph is partially written "Dear Gertrude,-This is a picture...of our new home...Mildr(ed?)" A truck is shown painted with "...S TAXI CABS, 2400 CHATHAM." A boat is shown painted with "The 100 Mile Cruiser To NATURAL PARK, SAGAMO." A park entrance gate made of tree branches spells out "CAMP TINAWATAWA, YWCA, YMCA." On a page entitled "Camp 1921" the prints have been typed on "Lake Couchiching." One loose print is written on verso "May 1963."

Shields, Lorne

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