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Miscellaneous series

Series predominately consists of photographic reproductions of drawings or paintings, often on a cabinet card or carte de visite bases--these objects were mass produced for the commercial market using photography, but the original images were not photographic. Also included in this series are published photographic materials in the form of advertisements, books, and stereocards.

A.T. Orr family photographs series

Series consists of photographs and negatives that belonged to Mr. A.T. Orr and his family. Series also contains several business cards of Mr. Orr's, some of his personal correspondence, newspaper clippings pertaining to birth and wedding announcements, a hymnal, and a lock of Florence E. Orr's hair. Design plans for the Montreal Light Heat & Power Co. are also found in the series.

Lantern slides series

Series consists of sets of lantern slides, often of historical monuments or landscapes. One set of painted slides appears to recount a story, with images of people outdoors on a farm, in a carriage, dancing and fighting. Another set of non-photographic painted slides depicts children working and playing. The slides in this series were mass produced for the commercial market.

Landscapes and industry series

Series consists of photographs of landscapes, usually featuring factories, mills, bridges or other industrial and man-made objects, and images of agriculture. There area few small sub-sets of images in this series related to sports, which show horses and jockeys, cars and grandstands at racing events.

Cameras and optical devices series

Series consists of camera models, from individually hand-crafted to mass-produced, and camera equipment, including filters, light meters, and timers, and darkroom equipment, including enlargers, chemicals, and printing papers. Several non-photographic optical devices are also found in this series, including two toys, a mono print viewer, and a stereo film viewer.

What's Happening Around Ryerson / On Campus This Week

This circular provided the Ryerson Community with information on day-to-day events taking place on Campus. From 1971 to April 1977, the publication was called "What's Happening Around Ryerson" with the name changing to "On Campus This Week" on the September 2, 1977 issue. "On Campus This Week" was last published in 1986. As an alternative, a number of departments agreed to pool their resources to sponsor, on a non-profit basis, a weekly full-page listing of campus events in the student newspaper, THE EYEOPENER.

I.T.U. Lessons in printing - a series of practical printing texts for shop, home, and school

Series consists of courses entitled I.T.U. Lessons in Printing by the International Typographical Union in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contains 8 units of learning that appear to be from 2 different course sections, one in general printing and the other is newspaper printing. Used by the Training and Re-establishment Institute of Toronto, some of the booklets have their crest on the front.
Topics include elements of composition, display composition, job composition, english for printers, imposition and lock up, newspaper advertising, and newspaper practice.

International Typographical Union

Instructor Course Evaluation (ICE)

  • RG 57.1
  • Ficheiro
  • 1983
  • Parte de Senate

"Characteristics of ICE Questionnaires in the Ryerson Environment" was prepared by Dr. John Roth of the Psychology Department and submitted to the ICE Committee of Academic Council in May 1983. The aim of the report was to examine the feasibility of developing a reliable and valid student questionnaire to be used for instructor and course evaluations and to develop such an instrument should it prove feasible.

Recommendations and rationale for the encouragement and management of applied research and technical/creative services at Ryerson

  • RG 57.2
  • Ficheiro
  • 1979
  • Parte de Senate

The Committee on Applied Research at Ryerson was established by the Academic Council (later called the Senate) to review examine the benefits and negatives of applied research, look at other university research as reported in the media, and make recommenations for Ryerson to proceed. The report is dated November 6, 1979.


ROSELEAF is a newsletter published by the Academic Computing Information Centre to provide computing news and information to the Ryerson Community, with an emphasis on the academic sector.Beginning in September 1986, the newsletter changed from a weekly publication to a monthly multi-page publication under the newname of THE BIG PICTURE (RG 63.4)


RG 80.1.1 Wine, Beer and Spirits - Spare Time Guide Series, 1975 RG 80.1.2 Wines, Beers and Spirits - A Consumers' Sourcebook, 1985 RG 80.1.3 Finding Answers (Drafts 1,2,3,4), 1991 (Draft 3 - Floppy Disk), 1992 (Draft 4 - MegaSources), 1999 (Edited Print Version Of Book)

The Big Picture

THE BIG PICTURE is a monthly newsletter published by the Academic Computing Information Centre to provide computing news and information to the Ryerson Community. It succeeded the publication ROSELEAF (RG 63.1) with its first issue in September of 1986.

Miscellaneous External Health Studies*

RG 157.01.01 Sexually Transmitted Diseases In University Health Clinics, 1979
RG 157.01.02 A Phase III Clinical Study Of OR 7-7-7, 1981
RG 157.1.3 "DOLOBID" In The Treatment Of Sprains And Strains, 1984

Jorgenson Hall official opening materials

File contains records relating to the official opening ceremony for Jorgenson Hall. Included are blank registers, programmes, photographs, a list of the items placed in a time capsule, and liquor license for the event.

Province of Ontario - Canadian vocational training rules and regulations

File contains 3 copies for the rules and regulations for vocational training schools.Sections include:

Section I: Introduction
Section II: Implementation of training authorized by the department of veterans' affairs
Section III: Regulation pertaining to the internal organization of the institute
Section IV: Regulations pertaining to conditions of employment
Section V: Regulations pertaining to salary schedules, appointments and salary adjustments
Section VI: Regulations pertaining to compilation of payroll
Section VII: Regulations pertaining to the purchase of equipment and supplies
Section VIII: Rules for the preparation of requisitions to be sent to the regional office
Section IX: Regulations governing real estate and other forms of property
Section X: Regulations governing accountable advances and other forms of accounts
Section XI: Monthly statistical reports
Section XII: Public Relations
Section XIII: Duties of institute and district office staffs
Section XIV: Regulations regarding inspections
Section XV: General
Appendix A: Canadian vocational training re-establishment training agreement

Guest Register

Guest book for various events associated with the Office of the President including: June 24th 1970 Board Dinner in honour of W.m.M.Kelly retiring Chairman of hte Board (sponsored by) Donald L. Mordell, President. Twenty Five Year Club First Annual Dinner (December 9, 1970). Annual Meeting of the Advisory Council (December 17, 1970).

Finance System Project files

RG 63.53.1 Westinghouse Information Services/York-RPI Agreement, 1982
RG 63.53.2 Proposal for Financial Accounting System, 1981
RG 63.53.3 Request for Proposal for Financial Systems, 1981
RG 63.53.4 Review of Financial Systems Report, 1981
RG 63.53.5 Correspondence and Memoranda, 1980-1982

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