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February 27, 1997 accrual

Series contains original drawings from Ben Wicks' "The Outcasts" serial and syndicated single frame cartoons. The "Outcasts" series dates from January 9, 1995 to July 27, 1996. The syndicated single frames date from January 2, 1995 to December 28, 1996.
The series has been divided into two sub-series:
RG 959.001.001 The Outcasts
RG 959.001.002 Single Frame cartoons

Wicks, Alfred (Ben)

Anver Saloojee fonds

  • F 386
  • collection
  • 1990-2002

Fonds contains records authored and edited by or conferences participated in by Anver Saloojee.

Saloojee, Anver

Ayer's American almanac, for the use of farmers,...

Thin, paper bound almanac with prediction tables for each month in 1870. The publisher affirms its accuracy for use in North America and Britain. Along the spine is printed the name of the distributor: Northrop & Lyman, Newcastle, General Agents for Province of Ontario.

Ayer, J. C. (James Cook)

Ilford colour filter

Small grey envelope packaging, opened and empty, for Ilford gelatin film filters for daylight use. Produced by Dufaycolor according to sticker on back. 3x3 inch.

Ilford Limited

Kodachrome Type A for Ciné-Kodak

Packages of Cine-Kodak Kodachrome Type A 16mm motion picture film for artificial light. The larger box is unopened, and contains a magazine for loading the film into the camera, as well as 50 ft of film. It is stamped with a use-by date Dec 1946. The smaller box has been opened. It contains 100 ft of film in a small black cannister as well as a folded sheet with instructions. This box is stamped "Simpsons Cameras Toronto" in blue on the back, and with a use-by date of Apr 1943. Both films were manufactured in Rochester, NY but have stickers indicating they are to be returned to Canadian Kodak Co. Limited in Toronto for processing.

Eastman Kodak Company

Jack Livesley fonds

  • F 596
  • collection
  • 1970

Fonds consists of a book edited by Livesley.

Livesley, Jack

Gordon Meinecke fonds

  • F 2007.006
  • collection
  • [ca. 1950]-2007

The fonds consists of photographic chemicals, printing paper, film, dry plates, pamphlets, journals, trade circulars and photo bulbs collected by Gordon Meinecke during the course of his career, and from personal interest as a collector of historical artifacts. Meinecke worked in various photographic formats including 11x14, 8x10, 4x5, 2 ¼, and 35mm, sometimes producing prints as large as 30x40 inches. He primarily employed Kodak material for these purposes, but films from other manufacturers of photographic supplies can be found in the fonds, including Agfa Ansco Company, Ilford Limited, Polaroid and Triple Print Film Labs. Antique film packages, produced by companies like The Stanley Dry Plate Company or Dufaycolor Inc., are mainly empty or opened, and were collected for their historical value rather than for photographic use. A selection of photo lamps and flashbulbs from Osram, General Electric and the Wabash Photolamp Corporation are included in the collection, as well as two glass plate drying racks.

Meinecke, Gordon

Seltona collodion self-toning paper

Grey printed label on envelope reads : Seltona Collodion Self-Toning Paper. Containing Gold, Needs fixing in Hypo only. Full directions enclosed. Sole manufactures: Wellington & Ward. LTD. Elstree, Herts." Envelope has been opened, but the developing papers and a sheet with instructions are still inside. Dates given indicate the lifespan of the company.

Wellington & Ward, Ltd.

Dufaycolor flat film

Plain cardboard packaging with yellow and red checkerboard sticker for Dufaycolor flat film, opened and empty. Originally contained 6 cut celluloid film sheets at 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches. Packaging indicates the product was sensitized and sold by Ilford Limited. Film batch number was D375 830A.

Ilford Limited

Ilford commercial ortho films medium speed

"Ilford commercial ortho films medium speed" printed on box label in brown ink with green and brown graphics; stamped "1 dozen," "7x5," and serial number "C06537A 26." The box is empty except for a cardboard insert.

Ilford Limited

Triple Print colour film

Triple Print Colour Film 126 roll, 12 exposures, in original packaging. One of the boxes has been opened but the film roll is still sealed in plastic envelope and a set of instructions are included in the box. The boxes are stamped with develop-by dates of Jan and Dec 1976.

Triple Print Film Labs Ltd.

Kodak Verichrome pan film

Box of Kodak verichrome pan black & white panchromatic film, unopened. VP 116. Develop by date stamped on back - Sept 1970.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Edison Mazda Photoflash bulb

G.E. Edison Mazda Photoflash Lamp with foil interior in original packaging. Package is stamped along a side edge "FEB 1937-A".

Canadian General Electric Company

Westinghouse M2 flash bulbs

Box of 1 dozen Westinghouse M2 small wire-filled flash bulbs, colour balanced. Package has been opened but all bulbs are present.

Canadian Westinghouse Company

Polaroid Polacolor Land film type 108

3 boxes of Polaroid Colorpack film type 108, 2 packages have been opened but the film inside remains sealed in plastic envelopes. A folded sheet with instructions and a pack of film mounts accompanies the film in each package. Each film pack contains 8 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch prints. All three boxes are stamped with a use-before date of Aug 1972.

Kodak Professional film: Vericolor III type S

Packages of Kodak Professional Vericolor III film, type S for 8 x 10 inch prints. One package is unopened, the other has been re-sealed with scotch tape. The boxes are stamped for processing by 07/1990 and 11/1990.

Eastman Kodak Company

Ansco Orthochromatic film box

Packaging for Ansco Orthochromatic Non-Curling Non-Halation film, opened and empty. The film box is blue and orange and is made of cardboard. The box would have contained roll film that was 8x14cm and had 6 exposures. The film cartridge that the box once contained was prepared for machine development. A stamp on the side of the box gives the expiry date as Dec 1 1913.

Agfa Ansco Co.

How to use your Brownie 127

  • 2005.
  • Pièce
  • about 1940

Item is a small folded pamphlet describing how to use the Brownie 127 camera.

Applied Science in Environmental Management MASc (EM) program

File contains the proposal put forward by the Faculty of Community Services, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Faculty of Arts for a MASc program in Applied Science in Environmental Management. Included is volume 1 - The Program; volume II - The curriculum vitae of faculty and List of proposed consultants; supporting documents; and a review of environmental masters degree programs at Ontario Universities.

Master/Ph.D in Molecular Science

File contains a variety of proposals and reports related to a graduate program in Molecular Science. Included is the proposal for a Master of Science in Molecular Science; Two copies of the Library report to support a proposed MSc program; 2 draft library proposal to support a Ph.D program in Molecular Science; and an orientation agenda for the Molecular Science Program.

Multimedia Minor

File contains two copies of the proposal for a Multimedia Minor for the Faculty of Communication and Design. Proposal was submitted by the Interactive Multimedia Committee. Also in the file is correspondence regarding course revisions for the minor program.

FIDER Program Evaluation Report

File contains a copy of the FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) Program Evaluation Report on Ryerson's four year baccalaureate degree program in Interior Design.

Graphic Communications Mangement Periodic Program Review, 2006

File contains the Periodic Program Review for the Graphic Communications Management program. Also in the file is a "Retention rates 1992-2004" document, 2 copies of the GCM activities update for May 2006 including a book chapter written by Abhay Sharma, a CD Rom copy of the program review, and a copy of the April 2006 GCM alumni newsletter.

Certificate in Landscape Design

File contains three copies of the Landscape Design Certificate review and revision proposal from February 2008. Also in the file is an addendum to review, and detailed course descriptions for CKLA 310, CKLA 330, CKLA 420, and CKLA 430.

Certificate in New Media

File contains 2 copies of the proposal for a new Certificate in New Media prepared by Image Arts and the Chang School. Also in the file is a submission to the Continuing Education Divisional Council to discontinue the Certificate.

Certificate in Leadership and Management in Nursing

File contains a proposal regarding changes to the Certificate in Leadership and Management in Nursing and the Certificate in Environmental Management. Also in the file is a Certificate review and proposal that the Certificate be phased out and a new Advanced Nursing Leadership and Management Certificate be introduced.

Certificate in Long Term Care Administration and Certificate in Health Services Management

File contains two copies of the request to Continuing Education's Divisional Council for changes to the Certificate in Long Term Care Administration. Also in the file is the proposal put to the Academic Standards Committee to make changes to the Certificate in Health Services Management and to discontinue the Certificate in Long Term Care Administration.

Certificate in Family Supports

File contains a request to the Continuing Education Divisional Council for the addition of elective courses to the Family Supports Certificate. Also in the file are two proposals - one to the Continuing Education Divisional Council and the other to the Vice President Academic - for the amalgamation of the "For Family Life Education" and "Family Resource Programs" streams in the Family Supports Certificate.

Program Review - Applied Geography

File contains a copy of the 2002 Program Review for the Applied Geography program with Volume 3 - Program Course Outlines and Volume 4 - Faculty Curricula Vitae also on CD. Also in the file are two copies of the Peer Review reports, two copies of the Department of Geography's response to the peer review and correspondence related to the peer review.

Proposal for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Economics with extended internship and regular options

File contains two copies of the proposal put forward by the Department of Economics for a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Economics. Also included are copies of the departments response to the peer review of the proposal and other materials including correspondence relevant to the creation of the proposal.

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