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December 24, 1997 accrual

Series contains original drawings done by Ben Wicks for his syndicated single frame cartoon and for 4 books.
The syndicated cartoons date from January 1, 1997 to December 27, 1997. The books include "Born to Read and Write" 1996, "Life Insurance for Seniors" 1996, "Sure we're covered...Aren't we?" 1996, and "So you've got Cancer" 1997.
The series is divided into the following sub-series:
RG 959.002.001 Daily Cartoons
RG 959.002.002 Born to Read and Write
RG 959.002.003 So You've Got Cancer
RG 959.002.004 Sure, We're covered....Aren't we?
RG 959.002.005 Life Insurance for Seniors

Wicks, Alfred (Ben)

Facilities Management and Development

  • RG 958
  • Arquivo
  • 2017

This fonds contains records related to the The Office of Facilities Management and Development.

Facilities Management and Development

Kodak acid fixing powder

Package for Kodak Acid Fixing Power, quarter pound size. Prepared for use with Eastman Non Curling Films. Box is empty except for a cork stopper.

Eastman Kodak Company

Velox postal cards

Velox film with prepared postal card backings, ready sensitized, in brown paper envelope that has been opened at one end. The envelope still contains 5 film sheets (of the original 12) as well as instructions for use in English and French, and dated June 1914. On the verso of the package, the vendor has stamped the last return-by date as May 1, 1916.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak non-curling orthochromatic film cartridge boxes

Packaging for 3 rolls Kodak Non-Curling Orthochromatic film, opened. Two boxes still contain rolled sheets with instructions for use. One large box of 128 film, size 3 1/4 x 5 1/2, is stamped with directions to develop before July 1, 1912. The package was produced in Rochester, NY and printed in French, German and Spanish for sale in European markets. Two small boxes contained 116 film, size 2 1/2 x 4 1/4. One package is stamped with a develop-by date of Mar. 1, 1915. There is a sticker taped across this package with the words "Extra Rapid Eastman Speed Film". The second package is in English only, with instructions to use by October 1928.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Portra 120 film

Rolls of Portra 160 VC - 120 film in original packaging, unopened. Stamped on the wrappers is the develop-by date of 05/2002.

Kodacraft Metal Printer Model A

Kodacraft Metal Printer Model A for contact prints. Silver box with red hinged lid and hole on right side for inserting a light bulb (bulb missing). For use with velox or azo papers.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Daylight Kodak high speed ektachrome film

A high speed daylight colour film for slides produced by Kodak, in original, unopened packaging with instructions to process before January 1974. 8, 12, or 16 exposures at EH 120.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Ektrachrome 50 color reversal film

Roll of Kodak Ektachrome colour reversal film in original packagining, unopened, with instrcutions to process before July 1991. 120 ISO 50/8, 10, 12 or 16 exp. Catalogue number #160 3984 Eastman Kodak, U.S.A.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak high speed infrared black-and-white negative film

Kodak high speed infrared black and white negative film in original, unopened packaging with directions to process before December 1975. HIE135-20. 24 x 36mm exposures. Catalogue #164 9631 Eastman Kodak Company, U.S.A.

Eastman Kodak Company

[Kodak Tri-X Pan professional roll film]

Roll film in yellow paper wrapping, unopened. The film likely came in a cardboard box that would have described the film type and speed. The letters "TXP" are stamped repeatedly on the paper, along with the word "Kodak" in red. TXP typically refers to Kodak Tri-X Panchromatic black and white negative films. The only Tri-X films produced in a medium format roll with the designation 'TXP' is a 320 ISO in 120 and 220 sizes.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Vericolor HC colour negative film

Opened box of Kodak Vericolor HC colour film containing 5 rolls of 120 film. Date stamped on side of box directs the user to develop by March 1990.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak Professional film: Ektachrome

Package of 50 sheets, 8x 10 inch. Kodak Professional Ektachrome film for use with tungsten light, opened with some sheets missing. The box has been re-sealed with clear tape. Kodak Canada catalogue number 154 5870. Stamped for use by 03/1991.

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak graphic arts film

Package of 50 sheets, Kodak Graphic Arts Kodalith Orthofilm Type 3 Film, 8 x 10 inches, opened with some sheets missing. Kodak Canada catalogue number 154 5870. Stamped for use by 3/79.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Panatomic-X fine grain black-and-white film

Kodak Panatomic-X Fine Grain black and white film in original, unopened packaging. Develop before dates for 12 of the boxes are given as May 1969, 1 box is stamped May 1971. FX 120

Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak verichrome pan film

Box of Kodak verichrome pan black & white panchromatic film, unopened. VP 828. Develop by date stamped on back - June 1971.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Sylvia A. Morley Sculpture Collection

  • F 2010.001
  • Arquivo
  • [19--]

Collection includes Inuit soapstone sculptures, jewelry and carvings, and wooden African tribal masks and figurines.

Morley, Sylvia Alden

Three worlds of drama

This file contains a book authored by Jack Livesley, published by MacMillan, Toronto, 1970.

Cyko acid hypo for photographic paper

1/4 pound tin of Cyko Acid Hypo prepared by the Ansco Company for use fixing dry plate, film and paper photographs. The cannister is empty.

Agfa Ansco Co.

M-Q developer tubes

Empty cardboard tube with labelled "M-Q Developer Tubes" produced by Ansco Company. The label further explains that the chemicals in the package were "Adpated to any make of Dry Plates, Films, Developing and Bromide Papers" and gives directions for use developing photographic papers, films and plates. Two pieces of cork which would have blocked the ends of the tube are shoved inside.

Agfa Ansco Co.

Agfa Commercial Orthochromatic film

Packaging for Agfa Commercial Orthochromatic film, opened and empty. A sticker on the top left indicates the product was safety film. A red, circular sticker at the top right depicts the logo for the NRA.

Agfa Ansco Co.

2002 Academic Standards Committee

File contains correspondence, meeting notes, agendas, committee reports to the Academic Council (Senate) and proposals. Included in the file are proposals and reports for:

Degree designation change for Urban and Regional Planning
Curriculum changes for the School of Fashion
Curricular modifications - Faculty of Communication and Design
Certificate in Economics through Chang School
Advanced Certificate in International Economics through Chang School
Certificate in New Media Studies through Chang School
Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Management and Community Studies through Chang School
Certificate in Law Procedures through the Chang School
Certificate in Health Services Management through the Chang School
Post Degree completion program for CAAT grads in Information and Technology Management
Degree designation change for Interior Design
Curriculum changes in Food and Nutrition
Engineering and Applied Science grading, promotion, and academic standing variances
Early Childhood Education curriculum restructuring
Undergraduate degree program in Gerontology
Industrial Mathematics at Ryerson
Curriculum changes for School of Child and Youth Care

Proposals and Reports

Series contains new program proposals, periodic program reviews, self study reports, curriculum revisions, degree designation reports, and accompanying materials from the departments and schools that deliver Ryerson's Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Education programs. The series has been divided into sub-series by Faculty:

RG 961.003.001 Faculty of Science
RG 961.003.002 Yeates School of Graduate Studies
RG 961.003.003 Faculty of Communication and Design
RG 961.003.004 G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education of Community Services
RG 961.003.005 Faculty of Arts
RG 961.003.006 Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science
RG 961.003.007 Ted Rogers School of Management
RG 961.003.008 Faculty

Proposal for Certificate in Economics and Finance

File contains two copies of the proposal submitted by the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts; the Department of Finance, TRSM; and the Arts Department, Chang School for Certificate in Economics and Finance. Also in the file are 2 proposal executive summaries.

Certificate in Architectural Preservation and Conservation

File contains two copies of the proposal for, and two copies of the certificate review and revision proposal for the Certificate in Architectural Preservation and Conservation. The proposal is undated (potentially early 2000s). The review and revision proposal was put forward by the Chang School and the School of Architecture in 2008.

Certificate in Publishing

File contains a report on the changes to the Publishing Certificate made in 2001. Also in the file are two copies of the Publishing Certificate review self study dated May 2008.

Certificate in International Business

File contains a draft proposal, two proposals for a Certificate in International Business submitted by the School of Business Management and the Continuing Education Division; a proposal to make changes to the Certificates curriculum; and three copies of the Certificate in International Business certificate review.

Proposal for Five Individual Course Series - Information and Technology Management

File contains proposal for five individual course series offered by the Chang School and the School of Information and Technology Management. The series include: Net Application Developer; Certified Cisco Networking Associate; Computer and Network Support Advanced Training; J2EE Solution Developer; and Website Design and Development.

Certificates in Retail and Services Management

File contains two copies of the submission to the Academic Standards Committee by Retail Management and the Business section of Continuing Education for changes to the Certificate in Retail and Services Management I; the discontinuation of the Certificate in Retail Services Management II; the introduction of two new course series - Retail Buying and Retail Operations; and the proposal for further research into two new Certificates "Merchandising Management" and "Operations Management".

Degree Designation Change for Justice Studies

File contains 2 copies of the proposal put forward by the School of Justice Studies, the Department of Politics, and the Faculty Arts to change the degree designation for Justice Studies from a Bachelor of Applied Arts to a Bachelor of Arts.

Faculty of Community Services

Sub-series contains proposals, reports, and other materials related to submissions to the Senate (Academic Council) and the Academic Standards Committee for new programs, degrees, and curricular changes.

School of Urban and Regional Planning Program Review, 1999

File contains the 1999 program review by the School of Urban and Regional Planning. Included are Volume 1: Program and Development Plan; Volume 2: Appendices for Volume 1 and Peer Review Team Report and Replies; a second partial Volume 2; and Volume 3: Curriculum Vitae. Also in the file is the program review employer survey revised final report.

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