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Kodak Canada Corporate Archives and Heritage Collection

  • SC 2005.001
  • Arquivo
  • 1895-2006

The Kodak Canada collection contains records and artifacts from the Kodak Heights manufacturing facility in Toronto, as well as the historical collection belonging to the Kodak Heritage Collection Museum. The collection consists of photographs, negatives, advertising records, magazines, pamphlets, daily record books, recipe books, cameras and other photographic equipment produced by Kodak Canada Inc., or other Kodak plants around the world. The collection includes a small selection of financial records, blueprints for Kodak facilities in Canada, and other corporate ephemera, as well as photographs of events, buildings and individual employees that illustrate the social life of the company.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Graduating class composite photographs

File contains 11 black and white graduation composites:
1) Mechanical and Industrial Technology, 1956
2) Mechanical and Industrial Technology, 1958 (2)
3) Mechanical, Metallurgical & Aeronautical Technology, 1959
4) Mechanical, Metallurgical & Aeronautical Technology, 1960 (2)
5) Mechanical, Metallurgical & Aeronautical Technology, 1961 (2)
6) Mechanical, Metallurgical & Aeronautical Technology, 1962 (2)
7) Mechanical & Aeronautical Technology, 1963
8) Aeronautical, Mechanical and Production Technology, 1964

Ryersonian assignment photographs

The Journalism School stopped maintaining a file for previously used photographs, referred to a a "morgue" file, from which they donated photographs to the Archives for permanent preservation. To continue receiving these records, a short-term arrangement was reached whereby the Archives identified from the newspaper, The Ryersonian, which photographs were desirable, photocopied them and Journalism located the photographs, made copy prints, and sent them to the Archives. The transfer arrangement ended in 1999.

These copy prints are in the file with along with photocopies of the relevant RYERSONIAN article photographs,

Reference file photographs

A collection of black and white prints weeded from Journalism photo files that have been sorted and arranged by subject. Photographs received through accession and were incorporated with RG 95.37 in order not to disturb the physical arrangement of collection records RG 95.6 and RG 95.8, and to avoid creating multiple finding aids. The bulk of this collection covers the 1980s and 1990s time periods.

Negatives & Contact Prints: Student Assignments

This collection represents the blending of a large group of student photography assignments, comprised of black and white photographs and contact sheets from several accessions. The negatives and contact sheets are filed alphabetically, by the photographer's surname, except for a small group which is filed by subject. In addition, there is a small group of unidentified negatives and contact sheets.

Photograph Files

This file contains black and white photographs used by Journalism students in the production of the publication "The Ryersonian".

Large display size prints of Journalism students

Five black and white photographs measuring 41cm x 51cm. Depicts Journalism students pasting up news copy and involved in various stages of publication production, and 3 black and white group photographs (16 x 23 cm ) attached to the sheets of paper.

Reference file photographs

Sub-series consists of 42 files containing black and white photographs used by Journalism students to illustrate articles in various Ryerson Publications or for reference purposes. A FINDING AID is available.

Faculty and Staff Photographs

This series contains 5 photographs of 3 professors from the History Department at Ryerson University. The dates of the photographs are 1978. 4 of the photographs are black and white with one negative.

Departmental display boards

Seven oversized foamcore boards with photographs, text, and newspaper clippings on them. The boards are titled: Awards night; [Hotel students' associations]; [laboratory work]; Ryerson of the Past; The Beginning; Bake Shop 1950's; [Visitors?].

Graduating Class Composite photographs

Colour composite photographs for the graduating classes from all programs at Ryerson.
Some oversized images have been stored separately from the rest.
There are no graduation composites for the 2019-2020 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stephen Lassman Studios

Media Centre subject photographs - slides

Series consists of photographs taken by Ryerson, and Ryerson contracted, photographers to photograph the campus, students, and programs for publications and promotions.

Theatre School brochure

File contains photographs and negatives of the 1991 Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Theatre School brochure. Photographs include images of: a scene from a play, a costumer working on a costume, and a student working the lights.

Ryerson Media Centre

Media Centre subject photographs - prints and negatives

Photographs taken by Ryerson photographers to document events and people at Ryerson. The projects were taken for program brochures or for Ryerson publications such as "The Forum".

Ryerson Media Centre

Media Centre photographs

Primarily 35mm negative strips and corresponding contact prints of various people, places and activities at Ryerson. Photography is believed to have been taken mainly by head photographer Chris Bell. The negatives and contact prints are maintained in their original chronological and numerical order.

Photographic Negatives

RG 76.07.01 Ryerson Rambler, Cover Page, 1985
RG 76.07.02 Convocation, c1983
RG 76.07.03 Convocation, c1983
RG 76.07.04 Learning Resources Centre Bldg., c1983
RG 76.07.05 Kerr Hall Quadrangle, c1983
RG 76.07.06 Ryerson Orientation Map, 1983
RG 76.07.07 Miscellaneous (Unidentified), c1979-1985

Photographic Slides

RG 76.06.01 Convocation, 1979
RG 76.06.02 Convocation, 1979
RG 76.06.03 Picnic (Island), 1979
RG 76.06.04 Archives, c1979
RG 76.06.05 Archives, c1979
RG 76.06.06 Archives, c1979
RG 76.06.07 Taber, Ron, n.d.
RG 76.06.08 Taber, Ron, n.d.
RG 76.06.09 ECE, 1977
RG 76.06.10 ECE, 1977
RG 76.06.11 ECE, 1977
RG 76.06.12 Williams, Roy, 1976
RG 76.06.13 Unidentified, 1980
RG 76.06.14 Unidentified, n.d.
RG 76.06.15 Unidentified, n.d.
RG 76.06.16 Unidentified n.d.
RG 76.06.17 Unidentified, 1976
RG 76.06.18 Unidentified, 1976
RG 76.06.19 Unidentified, n.d.
RG 76.06.20 Interior Design, 1978
RG 76.06.21 Interior Design, 1978
RG 76.06.22 Kerr Hall Quadrangle (Facade), n.d.

Aerospace Photo Portfolio

A binder/portfolio of photographs/negatives/contact sheets, with descriptions, from the Aerospace Program, submitted to Ryerson's Promotion Services department for selection in the planning and development of the first Aerospace Program brochure. This material has been removed from the binder and placed inside an acid-free folder according to its original order.This material has been co-arranged under the Aerospace RG 644.11 because it is assumed that both areas were involved in the commission of this project.

Prints/Negatives: various ROW Productions

This file contains photographic images and negatives related to various Ryerson Opera Workshop productions including: The Beggar's Opera, Snow White, Brigadoon, Once Upon a Mattress, Kiss me Kate, Bye Bye Birdie, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, & A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament photographs

Photographs of faculty members and spectators taken during and after a Faculty of Arts floor hockey tournament. Participants in the tournament were faculty members from the departments of History, Economics, Politics and Applied Geography.


File consists of various photographs of people and places related to Open College.

Aerospace Photo Portfolio

A binder/portfolio of photographs/negatives/contact sheets, with descriptions, from the Aerospace Program, submitted to Ryerson's Promotion Services department for selection in the planning and development of the first Aerospace Program brochure.

Prints: Large Display Size

Ten colour and black & white photos depicting various activities that Circle K and Kiwanis International are involved in. Used for public displays. Collection also includes two"Blissymbolics" cards.


Thirty-two unidentified negatives of various Circle K activities. Some of the negatives are of prints shown in subseries RG 64.22.


Sixty-two colour and black & white photos of Circle K Club activities including District Convention, parades and children sponsored by Ryerson Circle K in various parts of the world. Some early photos are identified.


The file consists of programmes for exhibitions and events held at the Ryerson Image Centre including:

  • Ryerson Image Centre Grand Opening Exhibitions
  • Toronto Convention About Photographic Collections : Definitions, Descriptions, Access
  • Archival Dialogues : Reading the Black Star Collection
  • Berenice Abbott: Photographs
  • Human Rights Human Wrongs
  • The 'Public Life' of Photographs
  • Exhibitions & Events, January-April ; May-August ; June-August 2013
  • Exhibitions & Events, January-April ; June-August 2014
  • Phil Bergerson : Emblems and Remnants of the American Dream
  • Cue Depth
  • Exhibitions & Events, May-June ; Sept-December 2014
  • Curious Anarchy : The Photographic Collection of Maia-Mari Sutnik
  • Remembering The Real Winnie : The World's Most Famous Bear Turns 100
  • Exhibitions & Events, May-June 2015
  • Photography Historians: A New Generation?
  • All That Glitters : Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection Jewelry Benefit
  • Exhibitions & Events, January-April ; May-August 2016
  • Exhibitions & Events, January-April ; May-August 2017
  • Exhibitions & Events, January-April ; May-August ; Sept-December 2019

Mary Jane Gomes(?) photographs

File contains photographs of a woman who is possibly Mary Jane Gomes, a 1982 Image Arts grad and a former Image Arts faculty member. File also includes a short biography on Mary Jane Gomes and her debut feature.

Advisory Committee (incl. Norman Jewison) photograph

File contains photographs of the members of the Film and Photography (now Image Arts) Advisory Committee in the mid-1980s, including famed film producer and director, Norman Jewison. Included are files on who is who and a brief description of Norman Jewison.

Photographs of students

File contains photographs of various students from the Photographic Arts and Image Arts programs.

Faculty and Staff photographs

File contains images of various faculty and staff from the Photographic Arts and Image Arts programs. Included are 2 framed portraits - one of Reginald Soame and the other of Geoffrey M. Bullock.


File contains photographs related to the School of Image Arts.

Library events photographs

File contains digital photographs, correspondence and supporting documentation. A partial finding aid is available.

Library conditions photographs

Photographs were taken on Monday November 10 by a library staff member to record the condition the library was found in after Sunday's opening. After President Brian Segal and Vice President Tom Sosa inspected the facilities, Segal issued a letter to the Ryerson Community expressing his disgust and concern. He further announced the closure of the library for Sunday November 16. SURPI reacted by organizing an overnight sit-in from Saturday, November 15 to Sunday, November 16 in protest of Segal's actions. Segal later reversed his decision but the sit-in went ahead as planned. For more details see : Library Doc. File, Forum November 14, 1986.

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