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ROSELEAF is a newsletter published by the Academic Computing Information Centre to provide computing news and information to the Ryerson Community, with an emphasis on the academic sector.Beginning in September 1986, the newsletter changed from a weekly publication to a monthly multi-page publication under the newname of THE BIG PICTURE (RG 63.4)

The Big Picture

THE BIG PICTURE is a monthly newsletter published by the Academic Computing Information Centre to provide computing news and information to the Ryerson Community. It succeeded the publication ROSELEAF (RG 63.1) with its first issue in September of 1986.

Financial Planner

This file contains 1 copy of Financial Planner guide prepared for the Alumni and Friends of Ryerson Polytechnic University by Alumni and Community Relations Department.

President's newsletter

The President's Newsletter, issued bi-annually, Spring and Fall, discussed updates and noteworthly events related to the school and faculty in a hardcopy format. It was discontinued as of October 19th, 2009 and replaced with the wholly digital, Ryerson Today.

Research and Innovation newsletter

This file contains Research and Innovation Newsletter for faculty at Ryerson involved in research, development and/or business activities; published quarterly by The Office of Research and Innovation.

File contains various volumes of the newsletter of the School of Image Arts,


A joint publication between the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation and the Office of University Advancement.Last publication: May 2007

The Ryerson Report

File contains copies of the newsletter published by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Included in the file are:
Volume 1, No. 1 May 1982
Volume 1, No. 2 August 1982
Volume 1, No. 3 December 1982
Volume 2, No. 1 March 1983
Volume 2, No. 2 September 1983
Volume 3, No. 1 May 1984
Volume 4, No. 1 May 1985

Hospitality and Tourism

One copy of the April 1975 Vol. 1 no. 2 edition of "Hospitality and Tourism". Newsletter is created and published by the students in Hospitality and Tourism. Funding was provided through the "Society of Hosts" - the Hospitality students course union.


This file contains 2 copies of Faculty of Communication and Design Newsletter Fall 2006.

School of Business Management newsletter

The following paragraph was copied from the Business Management section of the Ted Rogers School of Management "The present Newsletter came from humble beginnings. Probably in 1991, a regular Ted Rogers School of Business newsletter began with the Monday Morning Musings written by Prof. Bob Kurys, the first faculty member to hold the new position of Associate Dean of the School. Then the name changed to the Weekly with a succession of editors, Prof. Lee Maguire, Prof. Chris Phillips, Prof. Stan Bowen. Antoinette Andrade was a proof-reader for the Weekly. After Lee, Chris and Stan's retirement, Antoinette Andrade took over as editor of the newly-named Newsletter."NOTE: The newsletter ceased production after the retirement of Dr. Peter Luk in 2007.

Placement News newsletter

The file contains one page of announcements from the Placement Centre (Career Centre) regarding workshops, employers on campus, and job-related advice. It is less than a newsletter and more of a bulletin.

Career Centre

Ryerson Career Path newsletter

Career Path, September 1998, Issue 1 (vol. 1) is two pages of general Career Centre information, and workshop, seminar descriptions. The newsletter grew to four pages of career advice and information with workshop descriptions.

Career Centre

FCAD's Publications

Series of publications created and distributed by Applied Arts and later Communication and Design. Publications included departmental newsletters, scholarly research updates, and annual reports.

NEXUS newsletter

Contained in the file are issues of the Library's second newsletter, Nexus, the purpose of which was to inform its readership - Ryerson faculty and Library staff - of Library activities, including employee profiles and relevant administrative changes. In November 2009, with Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue. Due to increased use of electronic communications within Ryerson, Nexus was discontinued, the last issue being Spring 2014, Issue 29, and replaced in 2016 by a News section on the RULA* website home page.

*RULA - Ryerson University Library and Archives

Library newsletters

The Series consists of newsletters published to inform its readership of the activities of the Library, including employee profiles and administration updates.

The LRC newsletter (Library and Research Centre) was produced simply and in-house (within the Library) in 1987 and had no official title. No other issue was produced.

"Nexus" replaced the first newsletter in April 1990, as a more formal newsletter and aimed at a readership including Ryerson faculty and Library staff. With the November 2009, Issue 21, NEXUS became available only as an e-issue. The last issue was Spring 2014, Issue 29.

Open College Listeners Network

Open College Listeners Network - The Educational service of CJRT 91.1 FM Newsletter. The newsletter provided profiles of professional and academic course developer/presenters

Second Look

This file contains Second Look, a look at recent editions of The Ryersonian - what was good and not so good, memorandums, clippings.

RTS News

This file contains Newsletter, first edition of the RTS News. Production ceased due to budget cuts and only 1 edition was ever created.

FORUM newsletter, 1994-2009

Over the years, the FORUM newsletter was published weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, and, finally only six issues per year. Topics included Ryerson news, staffing updates, and staff and alumni notices. The publishing schedule was changed in 2006 to a calendar year from the academic year. The October 2005 issue was the last hard copy and a solely digital format was was released with the next print in 2006. Tthe FORUM was discontinued in 2009 and replaced with a new newsletter, Ryerson Today, on October 19, 2009 distributed via email notification and a link to the webpage. This series contains volumes 20 - 30 and then newsletters from 2006-2008.

President Sheldon Levy's column, "On My Desk," October 2005, Vol. 30, Issue 6 to Jan/Feb 2009 digital issue.

Office of University Advancement


This file contains issues of, "Briefing Notes, The Newsletter of the Ryerson Public Administration Program". It was written primarily by faculty to students, however, students did contribute as well, keeping them abreast of matters around public administration and events.

LRC newsletter

File contains the inaugural issue of the LRC newsletter. Its purpose was to impart information about the activities of the Library and Research Centre (LRC) and to provide a forum for the writings of people who worked in the LRC; to profile individual employees; publish original short fiction and non-fiction; report relevant activities of RFA, OPSEU and the LRC administration; and publish other news and information that the readership would find interesting.

Ryerson News

File contains an incomplete run of "Ryerson News" published by the School Liaison Office in the Admissions Office at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. Included in the the file are:
1978 - announcement regarding the new Metallurgical Engineering Technology degree
undated announcement regarding Bachelor of Technology Day on December 6
2 blank "Ryerson News" letterheads
1974-1975 - Newsletter #1, #3 and #4
1975-1976 - Newsletter #2, #3, #6
1976-1977 - #1, #4, #5
1978-1979 - #1
1983-1984 - #4

School Liaison Office - RPI