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England album

Green cover bound by knotted green string. The word "Photographs" on the cover in gold lettering. Black pages - photographs held in with black photo corners. Some loose photographs. Many pages blank, missing photograph.

Photographs are mostly of people and various family snapshots in Great Britain and France. Some activities included are biking, picnicking, camping, canoeing, and many amateur shots from around the home. There are also photographs taken of the military, and of school composites.

Dates incude: May 27th, 1945 (back of a loose photograph).

Stereographs, large sets

File consists of narrative series' of stereographs that depicting story-lines through tableau. Most stories are comedic, heart-warming, or sarcastic in nature, often focused on domestic topics. Many popular series were either recreated or sold, reprinted, and marketed by different companies. Some of the photographic series in the file are incomplete.

Stories include:

Wedding series:
23 stereographs, B.W. Kilburn (James M. Davis Publishers), n.d.
9 stereographs, The 'Perfec' Stereograph (H.C. White), 1902
24 stereographs, Underwood and Underwood, 1903
12 stereographs, Universal View Company (William H. Raw), 1903
7 stereographs, no publisher (reproductions), n.d.
12 stereographs, no publisher (bound reproductions), n.d.
25 stereographs, no publisher (hand-coloured, boxed reproductions), n.d.

The New Cook Series:
21 stereographs, Griffith & Griffith, 1901
6 stereographs, International View Co. (copyright C. L. Wasson). 1901
10 stereographs, Keystone View Company, n.d.
1 stereograph, Sterro Photo Co.,
16 stereographs, Underwood & Underwood, 1900
2 stereographs, Universal View Company (William H. Raw), 1902
15 stereographs, no publisher (hand-coloured reproductions), n.d.

French maid Series:
12 stereographs, American Stereoscopic Co., 1903
2 stereographs Keystone View Co., n.d.
12 stereographs, The "Perfec" Stereograph (H.C. White), 1902

The New Secretary:
5 stereographs, Keystone View Co., n.d.
12 stereographs, Underwood & Underwood, 1899

How Biddy Served the Tomatoes:
1 stereograph, Griffith & Griffith, 1900
3 stereographs, Keystone View Co. (B. L. Singley), 1900
4 stereographs, B.W. Kilburn, n.d.
3 stereographs, Underwood & Underwood (Strohmeyer & Wyman), 1897
1 stereograph, Universal Photo Arts Co. (C.H. Graves), 1897

A Sodier's Return series:
11 stereographs, Underwod & Underwood, 1900

The "New Woman" series:
2 stereographs, B.W. Kilburn (James M. David), 1897
2 stereographs, Keystone View Company, 1899
2 stereographs, Underwood & Underwood (Strohmeyer & Wyman), 1897
1 stereograph, American Photo Company, n.d.
1 stereograph, International Stereoscopic View Co., n.d.
1 stereograph, Universal Photo Arts Co. (C.H. Graves), 1900
1 stereograph, Webster & Albee, n.d.
1 stereograph, The Whiting View Company, n.d.
4 stereographs, no publisher, n.d.

The First Balkan War
22 stereographs, J. Hollinger (reproductions), n.d.

WWI family album

Brown cloth cover with gold embossed letters- "Photographs." Black pages with photographs mounted with glue. Notation on photo borders with black ink. Sewn binding. Photographs are mostly family snapshots of people, sometimes with automobiles or in uniform from the Northcote family. Also included are images of golfing, bridges, fishing, horse riding, camping, farms, cattle, sheep, chicken coops, horse drawn sleigh, the beach, trees, houses, dogs, trains, children, biking, deer and wagons. Three newspaper articles are pasted in. One about the Northcote family (mother, six sons and two daughters) all serving in the war, one about Pte. Wm. Clements dying in battle, and one of Corporal Northcote being the first Royal Engineer to be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Seaside album

Red fabric cover with gold embossed letters- "Sunny Memories." Fabric spine and binding. White and green pages have window openings of various shapes and sizes for different sized photographs. Some drawings are interspersed throughout as well.
Photographs show the coastline of Gordon, Scotland and a variety of snapshots.
Activities include swimming, farming, hay-baling, hunting,
Subjects include people, dogs, landscapes, ships, waterfalls, buildings, farms, trains, seashores, parks, gardens, sailboats, horse-drawn carriages

Portrait of a soldier, pointing

Item is a beige carte de visite with an image of a soldier, with plumed helmet and sword, in front of a studio backdrop. The man is posed, pointing off camera. On verso, in black letterpress, "No.../ GEORGE CROUGHTON/ FIRST CLASS PRIZE MEDALLIST,/ MINIATURE PAINTER & PHOTOGRAPHER,/ 19 ALBERT PLACE,/ LONDON ROAD SOUTH,/ LOWESTOFT./ THIS PORTRAIT CAN BE ENLARGED/ TO ANY SIZE AND FINISHED IN/ BLACK AND WHITE, OIL OR WATER COLOR."

Croughton, George Hanmer, 1843-1920

Portrait of American officer with bicorne hat

Item is a yellow card with photograph of an officer with Napoleon-style hat and sword, in front of a rough wooden fence (in studio). On verso, an elaborate brown etching with flowers, camera and artist's paints reading "Davis & Douglas./ Photographers,/ 58 MAIN STREET/ FALL RIVER, MASS,/ INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS USED EXCLUSIVELY./ NEGATIVES PRESERVED./ DUPLICATES CAN BE HAD AT ANY TIME." In pencil, at top "15-".

Davis & Douglas

Portrait of soldier, outdoors

Item is a folded card card, brown, with lighter brown mount inside and photograph of a soldier standing on the edge of a deck or patio with woods behind him. At bottom right, embossed in brown, a wreath with two letter Ms intertwined and the text "Morton/ LINDSAY/ CANADA." Floral tissue insert. On front, embossed shield with dragons.

M.M. Morton

Portrait of a soldier

Item consists of a photograph (reproduction) of a military gentleman. Signature at the lower left reads "Karsh/ Ottawa" and another signature at the lower right gives the date as 1944, but the name is illegible.

Karsh, Yousuf

[Portrait of Canadian WWI army officer in uniform]

Item is a cream coloured bi-fold card (3 flaps) with an embossed ribbon on the front flap at lower right. Inside, a vignetted photograph of a man in Canadian army uniform, with a badge on his right shoulder labeled "Toronto". The back of the photograph is stamped "HALKSWORTH WHEELER/ 109A SANDGATE ROAD./ FOLKESTONE". This is handwritten on the front of the photograph, and the date August 1917 is written on the card.

Wheeler, Halksworth