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Geneva 5
Taiwan 5

Use for: Untitled

Sweden (1) 6
Stockholm 7
Vilnius 1
Versailles 3
Vienna, Austria 2
Portugal (2) 1
Porto 1
Scarborough (UK) 1
Thurso 1
South Africa (3) 5
Rhodesia 0
Africa (15)
  • Second largest continent; noted for early sites chronicling development of hominids; ancient, complex civilizations in North; premodern sub-Saharan populated by hunters and farmers; major European expansion 18th-19th centuries; most nations independent 20th century.
Ethiopia 1
Madagascar 1
Cape Town 2
Egypt (2) 10
Niger 0
Ireland (1)

Use for: Republic of Ireland

  • The independent sovereign nation of the Republic of Ireland shares the name and history with the island of Ireland. It was ruled by the warring tribal kings of Leinster, Connaught, Munster, Meath and Ulster (much of Ulster is now in Northern Ireland). It was then ruled by England from the 12th century. Many insurrections finally allowed it to gain increasing independence from the United Kingdom over the 16th-20th centuries until full independant nationhood on April 18, 1949. The official languages are Irish Gaelic and English. It is some 70272.78 square kilometers in area, and the 2003 estimated population was 3,968,100.
  • Dublin (former administrative division)
Sri Lanka (1)

Use for: Shrī Laṁkā, Shrī Laṁkā Prajātāntrika Samājavādī Janarajaya, Ilaṅkai, Ilaṅkai Jaṉanāyaka Choṣhalichak Kuṭiyarachu

  • Comprises island of the same name and small islets. Settled by proto-Australoid peoples from southern Asia; Indo-Europeans immigrated here in the 5th century BCE, developed into Sinhalese; was Buddhist center by 3rd century BCE; invasions by Hindu Tamils from India 1st-12th century; visited by Arabs in the 12th century, by Europeans in the 16th century; official languages are Sinhalese and Tamil, though English is also used.

Use for: Kalantott , Kalan-Totta, Kolambu

  • Largest city & administrative former capital of Sri Lanka; controlled historically by Moors, Portuguese, Dutch & British; British defense base during WW II; site of 1950 Commonwealth Conference.
  • Was an ancient metropolis of great importance; settled in Neolithic times. Acropolis was fortified by 1200 BCE; became great city-state, ruling and colonizing over a wide area. It was the center of culture influencing all of the Western world in philosophy, theater, and art. The name refers to the goddess Athena. In Homeric Greek the city's name was in the singular form (Ἀθήνη) then changed in the plural.

Use for: Tammerfors

  • River port located on an isthmus traversed by the Tammerkoski (rapids); was medieval trading center; grew dramatically after 1821; now is large industrial center noted for striving to preserve the natural environment around it.
Denmark (1)

Use for: Kongeriget Danmark, Dänemark, Danmark, Kingdom of Denmark, Danemark, Royaume du Danemark, Dinamarca, Reino de Dinamarca, Denemarken, Danimarca

  • The nation of Denmark occupies the Jutland Peninsula, extending northwards from the center of western Europe, and some 400 islands to the east of it. It is bounded by the North Sea to the west, the Baltic Sea to the east, Germany to the south, and the strait between it and Norway and Sweden to the north. It measures some 16,639 square miles in area, not counting the independent territories of the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. The area was a seat of changing cultures in Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. From the ninth to the eleventh centuries, Danes took part in the Viking raiding, trading, and colonizing expeditions that shaped much of Europe. The kingdom of Denmark ruled much of the Baltic Sea in the 12th and 13th centuries. The boundaries of the kingdom changed often between the 14th and19th centuries, most recently in 1920. The late 19th century saw a time of depression in which Danish farmers established cooperatives and the rural population became highly literature as a result of the establishment of folk high schools. The Danish tradition of social cooperation and humane governmental institutions began around this time. Denmark was occupied militarily by Germany in World War II, but resisted with some success until the local government fell in 1943; organized resistance continued however until freedom in May of 1945. The official language is Danish, a derivative of Old Scandinavian, though English and German are also spoken. Agriculture is an important economic activity, with 60% of the land under intense cultivation, about half of that devoted to grains such as wheat and barley. The raising of sugar beets and of domestic livestock such as dairy cattle, poultry, and swine are also very important. Fishing is done in the North and Baltic Seas as well as in foreign waters far abroad. Mineral exploitation consists largely of the mining of granite, kaolin, and various clays used in the production of building materials. The major manufactures are of electronic equipment, paper, machinery and equipment, processed foods, footwear, clothing, and furniture. The capital city is Copenhagen on the island of Zeeland. The 2004 estimated population was 5,405,600.
  • The town of Roskilde in the county seat of the county commune of Roskilde, situated at the head of Roskilde Fjord in eastern Zealand, Denmark, in an area renowned for its ancient sacred springs. From ca. 1020 to 1416 it was the seat of the Danish kings and until 1443 the capital of Denmark. It was the most important ecclesiastical center in Denmark until the Protestant Reformation. In 1658 the Treaty of Roskilde was signed there, ending war with Sweden. Historic architecture includes the cathedral, partly Romanesque and partly Gothic, begun in 1170 and finished in 1464. A long line of Danish kings and queens are buried there. The modern town is a major railway center and its industrial activities feature bacon factories, tanneries, distilleries, and a high school for industrial workers. It serves as a residential suburb of Copenhagen. The 2004 estimated population was 43,700.
  • Located in Gooiland area of lakes & woods; developed as small village dependent on agriculture & weaving; grew after arrival of railway in 1874; currently is suburb of Amsterdam.
North Holland (1)
  • Comprising a peninsula in NW Netherlands, nearly all below sea level, surrounded by North Sea, Waddenzee, and IJsselmeer; draining of area began in 17th cen.

Use for: Iritriyā, Dawlat Iritriyā , Iertra , Hagere Iertra, Iertra, Hagere, Ērtra, Hagere

  • The area was part of the ancient Ethiopian kingdom of Axum before the 7th century, and was claimed by Ottomans in the 16th century. In the 19th century it was claimed by Egypt and Italy. From the 1960s, it was part of the modern nation of Ethiopia from, but secessionists fought for independence. Major languages include Arabic, Italian, Tigrinya, Tigre, Saho, and Danakili.
Baykal, Ozero (lake)

Use for: Ozero Baykal, Baikal, Lake, Lake Baikal, Bajkal, ozero, Baikal, Ozero, Baikal, Lago, Baikal-See

  • Deepest lake in the world. One fifth of the world's reserves. Over 80% of fresh water in the former USSR.
Tamil Nādu (1)

Use for: Tamil Nadu, State of Tamil Nādu , Madras Presidency , Madras, State of Madras, Thamizhagam, Tamizgham, Tamishagam, Tamilnad, Tamiland, Tamilagam, IN25

Thanjavur 2
Yeovil 0
Salisbury 0
Oldham 0
Monaco 4
Milan 5
Italy (13) 37
Oceania (continent) (7) 0
Australia (4)

Use for: Commonwealth of Australia, Australia, Commonwealth of

Adelaide 1
Victoria (AUS) 1
Melbourne 1
Perth 1
Lisbon 1
Cannes 1
Culloden Moor 2
Durban Point 1
Frankfurt 1
Fukagawa 1
Genoa 1
Gibraltar 3
Gutenberg 1
Hakone 1
Heidelberg 2
Hull (Eng) 1
Inverness 2
Isipingo Natal 1
Kamakura 1
Kobe 1
Lake of Como 1
Lok Ma Chau 2
Lugano 1
Luxor 1
Malaya 1
Malta 2
Marseille 1
Mopley 1
Morocco 3
Mount Fuji 1
Nagasaki 1
Nairn River 1
Naples 5
Nikko 1
Pekin 1
Pisa 4
Mount Vesuvius 4
Pompeii (1) 5
Pont de Dresde 1
Prussia 2
Rhine River 5
Monte Pincio 1
Rome (1) 16
Seoul 2
Tiber River 1
Vatican City 4
Venice (1) 12
Rialto 1
Walthamstow 1
Warwickshire 0
West Germany (former nation) 22
Yokohama 2
Zurich 1
North and Central America (507)

Use for: North America, Central America

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Cambridge (MA) 12
Boston 13
Lewiston 1
Connecticut (1) 1
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