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Black Hallelujah

File consists of various reel-to-reel audio tapes from the television series "Black Hallelujah".

Commonwealth Jazz Club

Item contains the audio reel of the Canadian episode of Commonwealth Jazz Club featuring the Tony Collacott Trio and the Rob McConnell Quartet.

Commonwealth Jazz Club

File consists of various reel-to-reel audio tapes from the 1965 music television miniseries "Commonwealth Jazz Club".

Commonwealth Jazz Club

Item contains the audio reel of the Canadian episode of Commonwealth Jazz Club featuring the Jimmy Dale Orchestra and the Sonny Greenwich Quartet.

Black Hallelu-jah [television special]

Performance and broadcast of a song called "Black Hallelujah" composed by Russ Little and Norm Symonds; a 60 minute gospel music version of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Donnellys of Biddulph / Heritage

An episode of the long-running CBC program "Heritage", a show which presented dramatized stories taken from different religious denominations, prepared with the cooperation of the National Religious Advisory Council and approved by the Church denominations each program addressed. This episode told the story of the Donnelly family of Lucan, Ontario, also known as the Black Donnellys, who were murdered by a mob in the early morning hours of February 4, 1880.

Tears are not enough [documentary]

"Tears Are Not Enough" was a song written and performed by a group of Canadian artists in 1985 to raise relief funds for the famine in Ethiopia. This documentary explored the song's creation and recording, and aired on CBC television on December 22, 1985.

Films and Kinescopes

This series contains films and kinescope copies of productions involving the director/producer Paddy Sampson.

Sampson, Paddy, 1926-2005

Belafonte at the O'Keefe

Musical television special about Harry Belafonte performing live at the O'Keefe Center in Toronto. Featuring Greek Singer Nana Mouskouri, Folk-blue artist Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, The Belafonte singers and guitarist George Petsilas.

Filmed in the spring of 1965, and aired the week of November 13th 1965.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Planet Ice

Second half of the musical television program Planet Ice (missing Reel 1).

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Love & Maple Syrup

A kinescope copy of the CBC produced television special Love & Maple Syrup.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Festival: The Duke

Musical television special about Duke Ellington as part of the Festival television series. Shot in a Toronto studio, the show also features members of Ellington’s orchestra, singer Joya Sherrill and the dancer Bunny Briggs. The program is produced and directed by Paddy Sampson.

The four film reels are divided into Reel 1 and Reel 2 and each Reel has Print #1 and Print #2.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Indigo [part 1]

Item is a tape on part one of a sales courtesy program by Indigo.

Insight Productions

Star Trek, View-master Reel

Item consists of a set of wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from the Star Trek original series episode "The Omega Glory" (season 2, episode 23). The back of the envelope summarizes the episode. Packet item No. B 4991.

Flintstones, View-master Reel

File consists of two sets of wheel type stereographs that depict scenes from The Flintstones cartoon television series. On each envelope back, there is a summary of what the wheel shows. One envelope also contains an illustrated booklet. Packet Numbers are B 520 and B 514.

Tommy Hunter, Ombudsman, Trust A Thief, Music of Man, Anne Murray, Umbrella

Files consists of photographs taken during multiple CBC productions, including The Tommy Hunter Show, Ombudsman, Trust a Thief, Music of Man, Anne Murray and Umbrella.

There are four images in the file with racist depictions of Black individuals. They are on-set photographs from a staged blackface performances taken during the production of the CBC television show "The Music of Man" (1979) hosted By Yehudi Menuhin. The images are related to the 6th episode titled "The Parting of the Ways" which explores the influence of African cultures on American music at the turn of the century, resulting in blues, minstrel shows and ragtime. The images show a group of six men in blackface wearing white suits, and a man without makeup holding a banjo at the centre. The performers are on a theatre stage and the seated audience of actors are wearing late 19th century clothing.

Minstrel shows are a style of variety show, most popular during the late 19th and early 20th century, in which white performers use make-up and costumes to depict racist and stereotypical caricatures of Black people. The genre originated in the United States, but Canada had its own troupes and touring companies, and the format was popular with schools, community groups, and religious organizations.