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[Ship in Rough Waters]

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand coloured and drawn onto the glass. No information on slide. Illustration of a ship with sails in rough waters.

two sailboats

matte borderless print mounted on wthie card with embossed floral border. Depicts two small sailbroats in water, with oriental-type sails, each with two men sailing. Recto insciption "July 1899". Verso inscription "July 16 / 99"

[passenger ship]

semi-gloss print with white border, printed on textured paper. Depicts a passenger ship with one smokestack, three visible life boats, and three flag poles. It has a dark hull with a light stripe. It is flying four flags, one of which is the union jack. Verso sticker label, bottom right: Wilson Wonsey 324 Jefferson Marine City, Michigan." Came in a green envelope marked "Britannia," along with one other print.

[Woman crouching by water]

Lantern slide, glass slide. Handpainted over B&W slide. No wood frame. Black frame with gold letters "Edward Van Altena 71-79W. 45th St., N.Y.C." Slide is numbered 18 in the series. Printed in BRC of slide "99-68." Black paper around glass edges. Heavily painted. Image is of a young woman with blond hair, crouching by a creek with a bucket. You can see her reflection in the water. She is the same woman from slide 16, 2008.001.1311.

Magic Lantern Slide, Series II

Majority of printed images depict battles(Russo-Japanese War, Battle of Port Arthur, Second Boer War) and there a couple slides with depictions of generals, as well. Other slides depict train passing through town, people riding small animals, and ships caught in stormy waves near a harbour

Magic Lantern Slide, Four Scenes

First scene of printed slide shows people gathered around a cross, in front of mountains and there is a building nearby, possibly a church. The second shows three figures in a jungle crossing using a downed tree. The third shows a family of three walking towards a building. The fourth shows a city, siting on the water, with mountains in the background.

Assorted Stories, View-master Reel

File consists of a set of wheel type stereographs that depict a variety of well known stories. Titles are: The Fiddler on the Roof, The Poseidon Adventure, Thumbelina, The Pied Piper, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi and Lassie, and Timmy in "The Runaway Mule"