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Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

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  • School of Nursing

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1945-1948 (circa): The Toronto Training and Re-establishment Institute offered a Nursing Assistants Course under the auspices of the Provincial Department of Health. In 1948, when TRIT evolved into Ryerson Institute of Technology, the course continued at Ryerson and was run by the Health Department. Although Ryerson provided the physical location for the course, all other course-related matters remained the responsibility of the Department. There is no evidence in the Ryerson Calendars of subsequent years that this course continued to be offered within the confines of Ryerson. 1964 (September): 3-year Diploma course introduced under Health Services. Endorsed by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario it was the first Diploma Nursing Course in Canada to be offered under educational auspices. (RPI Calendar) 1965-1968: 3-year Diploma course. (RPI Calendar) Ryerson did not publish an academic calendar for 1968-1969 but published one for the calendar year January to December, 1969 with the next academic calendar appearing for 1970-1971. It is assumed that there were no course changes during this period of time. 1969: Winter - Diploma course - Introduction of Psychiatric Nursing course (15 wks.) (RPI Calendar) 1970-1974 Nursing Program administered by Nursing Department. Six semesters (including two summer terms). Post-Graduate Nursing Programs: Adult Intensive Care Program (Certificate - 1 term); Pediatric Nursing Program (Certificate - 1 term); Psychiatric Nursing Program (Certificate - expanded to 2 terms). (RPI Calendar) On September 1, 1973, the responsibility for the administration of all Diploma Nursing Programs within the Province of Ontario was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Diploma Nursing Programs formerly operated by hospitals and/or by separately constituted boards, were advised that these programs were to be transferred to the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and Ryerson. Under this directive, Ryerson's Diploma Nursing Program was joined by the Schools formerly operated by the Hospital for Sick Children, Women's College Hospital and Wellesley Hospital. It should be noted that the Nursing STUDENT RECORDS of the abovementioned three hospitals were turned over to Ryerson as part of the program transfer and can be found in the Registration and Records department of the University's Registrariat (confirmed with Gerda Greco, June/2000). See sub-series 6-30, TRANSFER OF NURSING SCHOOLS TO CAAT'S/RYERSON FILES, 1971-1975, for additional records which document the transfer process. 1974-1977: Nursing Program: six semesters Post-Diploma Programs (RPI Calendar) 1977-1980: Nursing Program: six semesters Post-Diploma: Adult Intensive Care Nursing Program - one term. (RPI Calendar) 1980-1983: Diploma Program ( 2 years); Degree Progra (2 years); Adult Intensive Care Nursing Program - one term. (RPI Calendar) 1983-1984: Diploma Program/Degree Program administered by the School of Nursing; Adult Intensive Care Nursing Program. (RPI Calendar) 1984-1988: Diploma Program/Degree Program. (RPI Calendar) 1988-1989: 4-year Degree Program. Two-year Diploma program is currently being phased out. Semesters 4, 5 and 6 will be last offered 1988-89. (RPI Calendar) 2008 - The School of Nursing was named "the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing". Daphne Cockwell is the mother of Jack Cockwell, Group Chairman of Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and a member of Ryerson's Board of Governors. She started her career as a nurse. A new facility for the school is also planned for the future, using a donation from the Cockwell family.



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