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Shields, Lorne
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Gravures of England

File consists of 33 black and white prints of various attractions in London including Ludgate Hill and St. Paul's Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, British Museum, Trafalgar Square,, Warwick Castle, etc.

Ecuador album

Item consists of an album with a black cover held by a string. The album begins with pages of people in Halloween costumes followed by travel photographs with images of a family on a boat and by a farm. Includes photographs of people and landscapes in Educador. It seems like the family travelled using the Guayaquil-Quito Railroad.

Red leather Victorian-era album

Item consists of a read leather album. The album has the words "Where Rolls the Oregon" etched onto the front cover. Includes several family photographs and group portraits as well as images of locations in the United Kingdom such as Pass of Killiecrankie (Scotland), Queenstown Harbour (Ireland), Balmoral castle (UK). Other subjects of photographs include people on horse-drawn carriages, in military settings, playing sports, on farms, weddings, and chronological baby photos at the end of the album.

Peoria album

Item consists of an album with a black cover held by a string. It contains black-and-white photographic prints of a family in Peoria, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. Album includes images of people on a farm, park and a boat as well as of people posing outside.

Floral family album

Item consists of a black album with a flora design on the cover. The pages have painted floral illustrations around the photographs and gold detailing on the edges. It contains portraits of mostly individuals and a few families or group. Most photographs are by American photography companies from Iowa, Chariton and Michigan.

Floral album

Item consists of a brown and gold album with the text "Floral Album" on the front cover. The pages have painted floral illustrations around the photographs and gold detailing on the edges. It contains portraits of mostly individuals and a few families or group. The images were taking by companies in Stouffville, Montreal and Toronto. Handwritten notes next to most portrait, describing the relationship of the persone photographed ("Flora Powell - cousin, Uncle Dave Wellman - Half brother of 1st family.")

Glassco family album

Item consists of a red album with gold detailing on the edges of the pages. It contains albumen portraits of individuals. Photographers include W.C North (Utica, NY), J.B. Smith (Utica), Maitland (Stratford), Fernando Dessau (New York), Stewart (Oneida), etc. Some photographs have identification information on the verso.

Nurnberg album

Item consists of a small album with postcards of Nuremberg. Album has a red cover, and the pages inside are white with accordion binding. .Contains panorama views and cityscapes, as well as architecture photographs of churches, buildings and landmarks.

Postcard have location description below the image, as well as the following text: Verlag v. Rommler & Jonas, K.S. Hof-Photogr. Dresden 1888

M. F. Peck album

Item consists of a black album with the letters M. F. Peck embossed in gold on the front cover. There is a metal clasp at the top and bottom of the album (bottom one is missing a piece). Contains predominantly tintypes with some colour retouching. Most of the album pages are left empty.

Japanese accordion album

Item is a folding album with a black lacquered wood cover, including painted and ivory inlay decoration. White accordion folded pages. Tissue interleaving. 50 albumen photographs are mounted with glue. Images are hand coloured.

Photographs include scenic views and landscapes, architecture of buildings, portraits - mostly of women engaged in cotton-spinning, cooking and other activities.

Panorama album

Item consists of a large rectangular album with the word "Photographs" printed on the cover. Album includes photographs of lakes, rivers, farms and landscapes in Ontario and Quebec. The first page of the album is a key to the album with names of each location, such as Trout Lake, Deux Rivieres, James Bay. Some pages have large panoramic images of locations, and others have several smaller photographs on the page.

Wood camera frame

Camera is made of wood: a two-part hinged frame supports a hinged lens assembly and hinged contact frame. The lens assembly includes a leather and felt lens cap. There is also a metal-ringed glass lens and a small metal key loose inside the camera body.

Shields, Lorne

Watercolor outfit

Watercolour outfit for hand-colouring photographic prints. The tan cardboard box has a tan label printed with black ink: "VELOX TRANPARENT WATERCOLOR STAMP OUTFIT." Included in the box is a plastic palette and an instruction booklet with colour stamps separated by vellum sheets labeled: "LIGHT YELLOW, FOLIAGE GREEN, DEEP YELLOW, DEEP GREEN, FLESH TINT, LIGHT BLUE, BRILLIANT RED, DARK BLUE, SCARLET, VIOLET, WARM BROWN, STONE GRAY." There is an empty tray for brushes.

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Photograph papers

Brown paper-wrapped photographic papers. Sticker printed in burgundy and brown ink: "EASTMAN'S, SOLIO PAPER, 2 1/2 x 4 1/4, FOR SALE BY ALL STOCK DEALERS, FULL DIRECTIONS INSIDE." Price sticker: "Very old, $5.00."

Canadian Kodak Co., Limited

Developer tubes

Orange cardboard tubes have grey labels printed with black ink: "M - Q DEVELOPER TUBES, Adapted to any make of Dry Plates, Films, Developing and Bromide Papers. PAPER, FILMS AND PLATES -- Dissolve thoroughly in Five ounces of water the contents of red end of tube. Then add and dissolve remainder."

Ansco Company

Glass filters in case

Brown leather case has a metal snap and is stamped on the front with "Rollei F&H", and on the back with "GERMANY." The small clear glass filter is printed with "Carl Zeiss Jena, Proxar 1, Nr. 585040." The large clear glass lens is printed with "Carl Zeiss Jena, Proxar 1, Nr. 573601." A card identifies the lenses by name and number in German, French, and English: "These Proxars are so adjusted to each other that, when attached to objectives having exactly the same foci, they again give uniform foci and thus also bring about the same alterations in extension for focusing to various distances."

Carl Ziess

Red filter

Imprinted on the red filter metal holder is "Rolleifilter - hellrot, 999283." Imprinted on the front of the brown plastic case is "OMAG" and on the back is "3459, SWITZERLAND."


Kopil self-timer model 2

Blue and clear plastic case contains a self-timer, an adaptor, and instructions. The self-timer is metal, and has "MOD. ll" in red, and a red and ivory painted plate with the words "KOPIL, MADE IN JAPAN." The instructions are on blue vellum.

Kobayashi Seiki Seisakujo Co.

Lantern slides (.1) and box (.2)

Wood box has sliding lid and is covered with patterned brown paper. Nine of the glass slides are painted with scenes of children engaged in play and work, and one includes the phrase "Good Night." Three slides have been painted with four vignetted cityscapes each. All of the slides are edged with orange tape.

Shields, Lorne

Tru-Vue viewer

Binocular viewer is brown plastic, with black metal slide at the bottom for reel advancement. The eye pieces are fitted with transparent lenses for viewing images against translucent plastic backs--these allow ambient light to illuminate the images from behind. Molded into the body of the viewer is "TRU-VUE, ROCK ISLAND ILL, MADE IN U.S.A., U.S. PAT. 90564", and "INSERT FILM THIS END" (left side). The two-piece cardboard box has a silver top printed with the Tru-Vue logo in black, and a black bottom printed with "Tru-Vue Inc., Pictures With Depth, Rock Island, Illinois, printed and made in U.S.A." in silver.

Tru-Vue Company


Chromatrope devices consist of a wood frame, a metal winding mechanism, a tiny wood crank handle, and colour-patterned layers of glass that, when turned, resemble the optical effects of a kaleidoscope. Used for projection.

Brewster, David

Microphore viewer

Book-shaped contraption resembles a mono version of a stereoviewer. It has a green leather cover with the word "MICROPHORE" in gold letterpress on the spine. A two-part metal clasp releases a lid. When opened, a spring-loaded lens is aimed at an assembly of cotton loops that could attach to small photographs.

Shields, Lorne

Central high football team

Football team portrait. The well-ordered players are standing on stone steps. Hand-lettered on the front of the grey card mount is "Central High / 1927." Written in black ink on verso of card mount is "Left to Right, Front row: Clyde Clancy, Harold Pollack, Jim Connolly, Johnny Wright, Harlan Haulman, Gilbert Edwards; Middle Row: Parley Hyde, Moorhead Tukey, Peter Sawerbrey, 'Auroea' Nelson, Clary Johnson, Les Huff, Graham Cooksey; Back Row: John Epplen, Mgr., Elmo Pace, Roscoe Haynie, Bud Levin, Glenn Cackley, J. G. Schmidt, coach." A faded grey studio stamp reads "Dewell, commercial photographer, (...) 321 (...) Omaha."

Nathaniel Lee Dewell

Mount Vernon souvenir

Blue and green cardboard mailer has a die-cut opening revealing souvenir photographs of Mount Vernon, Va. The mailer is addressed to Miss Lenore Parkinson, c/o Auditor of Disbursements Office, Bell Telephone Co., Elgin Bldg., Toronto, Ont., Canada, Room 902. The mailer is U.S. stamped, and cancelled.

The Grogan Photo Service

Minstrel show group portrait

Item is a group portrait of a minstrel show. 42 performers, including children and adults, are posed seated or standing on a stage. Six of the performers appear in blackface, wearing makeup and wigs.

Minstrel shows are a style of variety show, most popular during the late 19th and early 20th century, in which white performers use make-up and costumes to depict racist and stereotypical caricatures of Black people. The genre originated in the United States, but Canada had its own troupes and touring companies, and the format was popular with schools, community groups, and religious organizations.

A two-page hand-written eulogy was found with the photograph that begins "Ella Roberts age 85 years of Galena, Ohio died November 28, 1949..."

Shields, Lorne

Mercury deluxe album snapshots

This yellow paper photo album, "Mercury deluxe Album Snapshots", is printed in blue, and held by a blue plastic binder. The photographs show examples of early-20th century residential architecture, and are captioned "Santos (Brasil) 1950 new suburb" and "2nd house we lived in, in Cuba."

Mercury Photo Service Ltd.

Redbook reader

Photograph is of a woman sitting in front of a fireplace, with Redbook magazine open on her lap. The support for the image is a neon-red paper. On the lower right of the tan card mount is embossed the studio logo. On the verso is inscribed in green ink: "To Jessie, Wishing you many happy returns of the day. Violet. Jan. 1 1912."

Rembrandt's Studio

Horse team

Photographic image is of a two-horse team standing on a dirt road with cart and driver in front of residential buildings. The card mount is taupe and dark gray.

Jesse J. H. Plato

Canterbury cathedral and girl

Two pairs of photographs originally grouped together. Two photographs are of a girl seated on a miniature chaise longue in front of garden wall, and two photographs are of the interior of Canterbury Cathedral. The cathedral photographs have both been written on verso in pencil "Canterbury Cathedral," and individually in ink, "Presbytery and Archbishop Bourchier's Tomb" and "Effigy of the Black Prince from his Tomb."

Shields, Lorne

Barn raising, boating, and other outside pursuits

These photographs share few similarities in image content besides all being taken out-of-doors. Four images show a barn raising, and sixteen images are of boats, including the "Stoney Lake" and the "Modello." One photograph is of a man in a wheatfield--written on verso is "What do you think of this for Western Wheat 10 mi.'s from Regina?" The other photograph written on verso is of a man and an airplane--"Douglas Lindsay out on the Sask. River Jan. 15 / 36 at Prince Albert where the fish bask from Leechee (sp?) Rouge is situated."

Shields, Lorne

Motherhood advertisement

Print is captioned "Motherhood." It depicts a woman in a white fur-trimmed robe holding an infant in a white blanket. On verso, the work is identified as a Glaxo Baby Book advertisement. The envelope is addressed, Canadian-stamped, and cancelled.

H. F. Ritchie & Co. Ltd.

Black album, no cover

154 photographs affixed to 24 black paper pages, 11 loose prints--the album cover itself is absent. The photographs have primarily vernacular images: snapshots of individuals and small groups, individual and group portraits, vacation scenes. Captions and dates are in white pencil: "1929," "Pt. Stanley 1937," "Wingham 1937," "Cub Camp 1939," "Churchill 1940-1," "Lake Joseph," and "Natural Park." On the verso of one photograph is partially written "Dear Gertrude,-This is a picture...of our new home...Mildr(ed?)" A truck is shown painted with "...S TAXI CABS, 2400 CHATHAM." A boat is shown painted with "The 100 Mile Cruiser To NATURAL PARK, SAGAMO." A park entrance gate made of tree branches spells out "CAMP TINAWATAWA, YWCA, YMCA." On a page entitled "Camp 1921" the prints have been typed on "Lake Couchiching." One loose print is written on verso "May 1963."

Shields, Lorne

The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1895

Green clothe-bound cover is embossed with “Scovill’s Photographic Series" and gold letterpress "The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1895.” This 438 p. book contains photomechanical reproductions of Alfred Stieglitz' "Outward Bound", p. 27, and "A Young Garibaldi", p. 254. Unpaginated appendices include vendor lists and advertisements.

Scovill & Adams Company

Egypt album

Brown cardboard album is bound with string. Affixed to the front cover is a watercolour of a man and a camel at the base of the Pyramids. Inserted into the 12 paper pages are photographs of wartime Egypt. There are two loose prints: one of a guard tower, and the other of a shield that reads "Patience!! NOUS te PLUMERONS." Also included are 2 postcards: one is of the H.M.H.S. Asturias, and is addressed to Mrs. Wm. Lawler, of Vancouver, B.C.; the other is a group portrait of soldiers, and is addressed to Mrs. E. Shaw, also of Vancouver.

Shields, Lorne

Lantern slides series

Series consists of sets of lantern slides, often of historical monuments or landscapes. One set of painted slides appears to recount a story, with images of people outdoors on a farm, in a carriage, dancing and fighting. Another set of non-photographic painted slides depicts children working and playing. The slides in this series were mass produced for the commercial market.

Portraits series

Series consists of cabinet cards, cartes de visite, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes and gelatin silver prints made by professional photographers, generally featuring a studio mark or imprint. Prints are usually found mounted on cards.

Miscellaneous series

Series predominately consists of photographic reproductions of drawings or paintings, often on a cabinet card or carte de visite bases--these objects were mass produced for the commercial market using photography, but the original images were not photographic. Also included in this series are published photographic materials in the form of advertisements, books, and stereocards.

Landscapes and industry series

Series consists of photographs of landscapes, usually featuring factories, mills, bridges or other industrial and man-made objects, and images of agriculture. There area few small sub-sets of images in this series related to sports, which show horses and jockeys, cars and grandstands at racing events.

Cameras and optical devices series

Series consists of camera models, from individually hand-crafted to mass-produced, and camera equipment, including filters, light meters, and timers, and darkroom equipment, including enlargers, chemicals, and printing papers. Several non-photographic optical devices are also found in this series, including two toys, a mono print viewer, and a stereo film viewer.

Albums series

Series consists of albums on a variety of subjects, but all are personal in nature, created by individuals or families. Many focus on geographic locations as subjects of a tour. Some WWI and WWII family and military tour records.

A.T. Orr family photographs series

Series consists of photographs and negatives that belonged to Mr. A.T. Orr and his family. Series also contains several business cards of Mr. Orr's, some of his personal correspondence, newspaper clippings pertaining to birth and wedding announcements, a hymnal, and a lock of Florence E. Orr's hair. Design plans for the Montreal Light Heat & Power Co. are also found in the series.

His only pair

Cream card with photograph of an engraving of an old woman in a rocking chair holding her hand through a hole in a pair of trousers while a young boy, about 5 years old, leans against the chair in only his shirt and waistcoat. There is a small white dog at his feet, and the angle of the window gives the appearance of an attic. At the bottome edge, in purple letterpress, "HIS ONLY PAIR." On verso, handwritten in pencil, "3-".

[Infants with fan]

Brown card with thin gold border and a photograph of a drawing of two infants playing with an oversized paper fan with floral motif. At the bottom left of the image, an artist's signature reading "f. Dvorak 1887". At the bottom right of the image, an overturned bottle with decorative stopper.


Item is an albumen carte-de-visit copy of a drawing of half-dressed woman pouring wine over her head into a glass. Man slumped over table. Hand coloured. Recto caption: "Bachantin".


Item is an albumen carte-de-visit copy of a drawing that two men in top hats; two girls in acrobatic costume, one getting a 'piggy back ride'. Recto caption: "CANCAN S".

[cartoon, cabinet card]

reproduction of drawing on cabinet card. Depicts oversize bed with many women in it, and a row of cradles with babies at the foot. Across the top of the bed is printed "Bringham Young's Bedstead". Above border of image, "THIS SHOP TO LET." A quote at the bottom of the image reads "And the place which knew him once shall know him no more for ever./ MOMENTUM CIRCUMSPICE./ FOR HIS MONUMENT LOOK AROUND!"

[Notman winter scene]

montage of images on cabinet card, depicting winter scenes and portraits. Central image is an ice palace. Many are group/ composite photos. Recto captions: "Wm. Notman & Son. Montreal". Verso inscription in gold, "Wm. Notman Montreal, -oni soit qui mal-, Photographer to her Majesty, also at Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa & St. John. N.B. (etc.)"

William Notman & Son

The Old Oaken Bucket

photo of an engraving, mounted on card with gold border. Depicts boy drinking water from a well bucket. Two dogs nearby, house in background. Verso inscription, pencil: "The old oaken bucket." Verso caption, purple ink stamp: "Photographed by G.W. Squires, 4 State Street, Rochester NY."

St. Agnes

albumen print of engraving mounted on card. Depcits medieval woman with ahlo, holding a lamb. Recto caption, bottom: "St. Agnes." other captions are too small and faint to be legible. Blue border on card.

The Volunteer's Vision

albumen print of painting, mounted on card. Depicts soldier surrounded by family in clouds. Group of men watch from a distance. Recto caption: "The volunteer's vision. The pledged we the wine cup and fondly swore / from my home and my weeping friends never to part / my little ones kissed me a thousand times o'er / my wife sobbed aloud in her fulness of heart. Lith. and Pub. by J.H. Bufford, 313 Wash. St. Boston. Bufford's print, Soule photo. Entered according to act of congress, in the year 1862, by J.H. Bufford in the clerk's office, of the district court for the district of Massachusetts. Bufford's publishing house, 313 Washington St. Boston Mass."


photomechanical print of painting mounted on card. Depicts castle, lake with sailboat, surrounded by mountains. Recto caption, bottom right: "Direnmann & Zurich." Recto inscription, bottom: "Chillon."


albumen print of painting, mounted on card. Depicts young girl in garden setting. Recto caption, bottom, "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by John P. Soule, in the Clerk's office of the District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Spring. GG Fish, Pinxt. Photo. and Pub. by J.P. Soule, Boston."

Peche Interromptue

albumen print mounted on cabinet card with gold border. Depicts a painting of two men and drowned boy in rowboat. Recto caption, top "E. Chigot," bottom: "salon de 1887, Peche Interromptue, A Block, Edit., Paris." Verso caption: "Cette photographie est faite en grande format 24/30c."

The Morn After the Wedding

albumen print of drawing and poem, mounted on yellow CDV. Depicts man and woman talking to older man on sofa, with portraits on the wall behind them. Recto caption "The Morn After the Wedding" and accompanying poem. Verso inscription "5.00"

Sackville Street, Dublin

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand painted onto the glass. Handwritten on sticker "Ireland - Sackville Street, Dublin." Illustration of a busy street scene with people, horse & buggies, streetcar with buildings on either side of the street, and the Nelson's Pillar at the end of the street. Cobblestone street, men in top hats. Please note, date is based on the knowledge that since 1924, the street has been known as O'Connell Street, Dublin's main thoroughfare. The Nelson's Pillar was erected in 1808 and destroyed by a bomb in 1966. It is a granite pillar topped by a statue of Horatio, Lord Nelson.

Railroad Bridge by Moonlight

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand painted onto the glass. Printed on a sticker on wood frame "Express Train - Railroad Bridge by Moonlight." Illustration of a railway bridge over water, with a forest behind and the moon above. Unable to find reference to title on slide.


Glass slide in wood frame. The glass slide is exposed, no protective covering. Missing the moveable part of the slide to make the illustration change. The black paint around the illustration is exposed. The illustration is a handpainted joker with a jester hat and costume, his tongue is sticking out and it looks like he's holding a big blank book that covers his body.

[Bar Scene]

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand painted onto the glass. Only information on slide is carved into wood frame "T.H. McAllister Optician N.Y." Illustration of a bar scene, with an American flag hanging above the bar. There's men standing beside a bar, with a bartender standing behind it. Looks like the men are arguing, and one of the seated men a glass broken on his head, and there's blood. There's a dog in the foreground barking at the men.

[Ship in Rough Waters]

Lantern slide, glass slide in wood frame. Image area is circular as is the hole in the wood frame. Illustration is hand coloured and drawn onto the glass. No information on slide. Illustration of a ship with sails in rough waters.

Coming Thro' The Rye

Lantern slide, glass slide in thinner wood frame. Image area is circular, though in square glass. Image is hand coloured perhaps from an engraving. Printed on slide "Coming Thro' The Rye" and "Crystal Magic Lantern Slide." Sticker of a Y on frame. Image is of a woman and a man embracing, the man kissing the woman, a field behing them. It is an illustration representing the poem "Coming Thro' The Rye" by Robert Burns (1759-1796), composed 1796.

Gallery in Museum of Capitol, Rome

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image is framed in black and gold. Handwritten in black on sticker on glass "Gallery in Muesum of Capitol, Rome," and again on a sticker on wood frame "Gallery in Capitol Rome Italy." Image of a hallway with busts and statues lining it. Great ceilings with arches, window at far end. Research lead to the Capitoline Museums on Capitol Hill in Rome, Italy, but unsure if Capitol Museum is the same as Capitoline Museum.

House of Parliament, London

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Printed on slide "Houses of Parliament London" on one side, and on the other printed in gold on black background "C.T. Milligan, Magic Lantern Manuf'r, No. 728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa." Sticker with a Y on it. Thinner wood frame with paper or thin cardboard pasted over top. Image of the Parliament building in London, England.


Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Handwritten on sticker on glass "Church Cologne," but the words are difficult to decipher. Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Image of a town, view of rooftopes, a square, a man with horse & buggy, a church in the background.

Dresden Museum, Germany

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten on sticker on glass "6326 The Museum Dresde." Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Image of the facade of a building with arches and a dome. Research into Dresden museums showed that it resembled the facade of the Old Masters Picture Gallery, state art museum located in the Semper wing of the Zwinger Palace.

Baptistery of St. John, Pisa

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten on sticker on glass "Baptistery Pisa." Printed on sticker on glass "T.H. McAllister, Manuf'g Optician, 49 Nassau Street." Image of the baptistery of the Cathedral of Pisa in Italy. It is round domed building, very ornately decorated. It is located in the Piazza dei Miracoli, near the Cathedral and the leaning Tower.

St Giles-without-Cripplegate Church, London

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black, and shaped like an circle. Y sticker on wood frame. Image of the interior of St Giles-without-Cripplegate Anglican church in London, England. It shows the tombs of Ben Johson, Edmond Spencer, John Milton and Samuel Butler. When the church was built it stood without (outside) the city wall, near the Cripplegate. The church is dedicated to St Giles, patron saint of beggars and cripples. It is one of the few medieval churches left in the City of London, having survived the Great Fire of 1666.

[White Mountain]

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Printed on the slide "J. Levy & Cie Sucrs de Ferrier P.F. & Soulier - Paris." In ink "9118 Mount Blanc, from d'Sivier" in french, difficult to read that second word 'Sivier' (note that Mount Blanc means White Mountain). Image of mountains in the distance, in the foreground there's a road, trees, grass. Mount Blanc, also referred to as The White Lady (La Dame Blanche), is a mountain in the Alps. The mountain lies between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Haute-Savoie, France.


Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Printed on the slide "J. Levy & Cie Sucrs de Ferrier P.F. & Soulier - Paris." No information as to origin of image. Image of a cathedral or basilica, surounded by houses and/or buildings. View from above.


Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image decoratively framed in black and gold. Sticker of a Y on wood frame. Nothing is printed or handwritten on slide. No information. Image of an obelisk (with Egyptian Hieroglyphs on it) in centre frame, with two men standing in front and beside it. Looks like some houses have been drawn in and some foliage too. Very simple image.

Bridge at Tragne

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten in black ink on the slide "4249 Le Pont a Tragne" in french. In pencil looks like "Bohemia" is written below the ink. Cannot be sure that it is Tragne or Fragne, no trace of either. Handwritten on a sticker on the wood frame "Bridge at Tragne." Image of a town with a bridge and statue in foreground. Looks to be the start of the bridge, big covered archway. In BLC (white sticker facing you), you can see the ghost of people walking. Cannot find where bridge is, as not sure to the correct spelling of its name.

Bacharach, Germany

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten in black ink on the slide "Bacharach on the Rhine, Germany." in french. Handwritten on a sticker on the wood frame "Bacharach on the Rhine, Germany." Image of the town of Bacharach, named for Bacchus, the ancient Roman god of wine, a medieval walled town only meters from the river's banks. The Rhine river once splashed up against the town's walls, but a landfill has been added to accommodate a road, train tracks and boat docks. In the image you can see the river, the spire of a church and rooftopes.

The Amazon, Berlin

Glass slide in wood frame. Image framed in black. Handwritten on slide in black ink "The Amazon, Front of Museum, Berlin, Germany." Handwritten in ink on wood frame "Amazon" the rest of the sticker has come off. Image is of an equestrian statue outside a building with columns. The statue is of a naked woman, holding a spear, sitting on a horse rearing up, with a lion latched to its throat. Cannot figure out which museum it's in front of in Berlin, Germany. Please note that the wood frame is a thicker cut than the others, and not a straight cut.

Forum Triangular, Pompeii

Lantern slide, glass B&W slide in wood frame. Image framed in black and gold. Handwritten on slide in black ink "765 Fragment de forum Triangulaire Pompei" in french. Handwritten in pencil on wood frame "Fragment of Triangular Forum, Pompeii, Italy." Handwritten in pencil on sticker on the wood frame "..of Forum Triangulaire.." rest of sticker ripped off. Image of ruins, columns and buildings from Pompeii, Italy.

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