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Endnote: The TMU Historical Journal

File contains one copy of the inaugural edition of "Endnote". The Endnote contains the published papers of the students who were selected to present their papers at the undergraduate history symposium.
Papers published in this first edition include:
The Final Frontier: The Implications of the Space Race on Modern Space Exploration by Abdullah Zaidi
The Shadow of Grief in post-war Canadian Collective Memory - an analysis of the double purpose of post first world war commemorative techniques by Rachel Fournier-Peneff
Aspirin and the Birth of the Analgesic Industry by Neea Jacklin
Procurement of the Nineteenth Amendment by Maisha Karim
Instability and the Struggle for Democracy in Myanmar by Jordan Le Roux
Indoctrination, Discipline, and Necessity: a critical book analysis of Hitler's Army by Omer Bartov by Toni Tassoni
The Type of Person Who Will Go After Moby Dick in a Rowboat - an exploration of the power of the historical narrative through Trans Joy by Katie Carson

Grant Collingwood photographic fonds

  • 2021.003
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1996

The Collingwood collection contains 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 negatives as well as prints and color slides. Grant Collingwood photographed Toronto from 1940s to 1990s. The collection consists of photographs of jazz musician, street views of Toronto, events and trade fairs, weddings, architecture and the office culture. Additionally, there are photographs of manufacturers and machinery.

Grant Collingwood

Stereographs, Science

File contains stereographs depicting various planets, maps and people studying.

2 Stereoscopic photographs by Keystone View Co.
3 Stereoscopic photograph by Kilburn Brothers
1 Stereoscopic photograph by C. Beirdstadt
3 Stereoscopic photographs by Young People's Missionary Movement
1 Stereoscopic photograph by T. W. Ingersoll
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Carl Zeiss
1 Stereoscopic photograph by Paul Wing Jr.
5 Stereoscopic photographs by unidentified publishers
1 series of globe diagrams by Underwood & Underwood

Zeiss Ikon

Photography : Vital tool in reaching the moon / A Kodak exhibit

A portfolio with 12 images of the moon landing produced to exhibit "some of the photographic highlights along the United States' path to the moon." The portfolio is accompanied by a letter dated February 9, 1970 from Canadian Kodak Sales Limited (no addressee) and an additional 5 photographs taken with Kodak Ektachrome EF film by astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 16, 1969.

Eastman Kodak Company

Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services

  • RG 792
  • Fonds
  • 1993-

This Fonds contains records related to RASS activity including brochures and pamphlets, notices, posters, gathering documentation, Native Education Partnership Forum, Ryerson Native Roundtable, Environmental Health Officer Program, Aboriginal Policy Administration porgram, alumni events, and notices.

A Framework for Truth and Reconciliation - Yeates School of Graduate Studies

In 2018 Ryerson University released its report "Truth and Reconciliation at Ryerson University: Building a New Foundation for Generations to Come". In 2019, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies, in conjunction with the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives created a YSGS Indigenous Graduate Student Leadership Circle and held the "Rethinking Graduate Education Forum". The school committed to Indigenizing its practices "...

infusing Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into all of the structural layers of an institution. For YSGS this means our academic and administrative supports as well as our programs and policies. The goal of Indigenizing is to create safer spaces for Indigenous learners: a more inclusive environment that affirms Indigenous worldviews and ultimately enhances and enriches the educational and cultural experience of the entire community.
This framework provides context and guidelines for the Indigenization of the school's graduate programs.
Archives has one digital copy of the final report in pdf format.

Yeates School of Graduate Studies Dimensions report

Dimensions Pilot Program at Toronto Metropolitan University, one of 17 across the country, is a program aimed at enhancing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all aspects of and endeavours related to scholarship, research and creativity (SRC), as well as addressing and eliminating systemic and structural barriers to engagement in research and scholarship.
The Yeates School report is graduate studies' response to the initiative, giving 6 recommendations aimed at supporting the recruitment, admittance, retention and success for students from equity deserving groups. The 6 recommendations are:
1) Consider adopting a more holistic approach to admissions review for graduate programs
2) Provide dedicated support and resources throughout the admissions process
3) Provide tailored support throughout the graduate school experience
4) Enhance mentorship opportunities and programming tailored to support students from equity-deserving groups
5) Create a welcoming and purposefully inclusive university graduate student community
6) Advocate for and actively engage in the establishment of an institutional EDIA strategy or framework to support and sustain equity-focused initiatives, across the university and within YSGS
Archives has one digital copy of the final report in pdf format.

How is your graduate education helping you shape our future world - micropoems by Ryerson Graduate Students

Graduate Studies held a contest for the 2018-2019 school year. Graduate students were invited to answer the question "How is Ryerson graduate education helping you shape our future world in micropoem (15 words of less) format. Three winners and three honourable mentions were selected. All of the poems were published in this volume.

Student Learning Centre (SLC)

  • RG 892
  • Fonds
  • 2008 - ?

Fonds contains records related to the planning, construction, and operation of the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre (SLC)


Several photos of the Journalism Department, including the newsroom, classrooms and studio (1985) and of Stuart Mclean (Faculty).

Journalism brochure photographs

The file consists of negatives and corresponding contact sheets produced in approximately the mid 1980s for a Journalism brochure.

Ryerson Media Centre

This is Ryerson

Several photos and images of students engaging in educational activities. Also the School of Fashion with an on-site photo at Lida Baday's factory (1994) and the School of Retail Management displaying a unique looking "cash register".

This is Ryerson

A collection of different faces and activities at Ryerson and events happening in and around the campus, including students participating in athletic activities, theatre, fashion and the sciences.

This Is Ryerson

A collection of different faces and activities at Ryerson and events happening in and around the campus, including students participating in athletic activities.

Rogers Communications Centre - ground breaking

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's ground breaking ceremonies for the Rogers Communication Centre building. Photographs include images of Ryerson President Terry Grier; Broadcasters, Betty Kennedy, Knowlton Nash; Ted Rogers and others. File also contains 1 page of textual material.

Ryerson Media Centre


File contains photographs and negatives of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's students, staff and faculty engaged in a variety of activities and locations on campus.

Ryerson Media Centre


The file contains sleeve/page protectors containing 35 mm black & white negatives, corresponding contact strips, and contact pages. The photographic images are of various people, places and activities at and around Ryerson University. It is believed the images have been taken mainly by head photographer of the Media Centre, Chris Bell.

Finding Aid :

Aerial Views - Campus/Toronto (p. 50)
Architectural Sciences (p. 51)
Bird Of Spring Sculpture (p. 46)
Brunzell, Jennifer (p. 8)
Business Bldg. (p. 24, 27, 47)
Campus Scenes (p. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 23, 23, 32, 35, 43, 44, 50, 52, 53, 55, 59)
Classroom Scenes (p. 25, 26, 28, 31, 32, 37, 47, 48, 49)
Commissionaire/Security (p. 47)
Convocation (p. 8, 9, 54)
Country Scenes (p. 15)
Escalators (p. 31)
Facade (p. 10)
Grier, Terry (p. 8)
Howard Kerr Hall - Sculptures (p. 10)
Individuals (p. 29)
Jorgenson Hall (p. 10, 16)
Lake Devo (p. 4, 10, 13, 27, 36, 44, 45, 47)
Library (p. 59)
Lounges/Eating Areas (p. 22, 23, 31, 36, 37, 53)
LRC (p. 21, 27, 34, 42, 46, 47, 50)
Nathan Philips Square (p. 19, 20, 21)
Oakham House (p. 24)
Pitman, Walter (p. 37, 39)
Quadrangle (p. 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 16)
Registration (p. 25, 30, 33, 34, 38, 50, 53, 57, 58)
Sam The Record Man (p. 18)
Segal, Brian (p. 8, 9)
Staff (p. 33)
Summer Events (p. 1, 2, 3, 4)
Swimming Pool (p. 28)
Technologies (p. 56)
Theatre School (p. 16)
Toronto Scenes (p. 3, 5, 6, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 40, 41, 42, 45, 46, 55)
Yonge St. (p. 25)

Bell, Chris

Media Centre photographs

Primarily 35mm negative strips and corresponding contact prints of various people, places and activities at Ryerson. The photographs are likely to have been taken mainly by Ryerson head photographer, Chris Bell. The negatives and contact prints are maintained in their original chronological and numerical order. A handwritten numerical/subject Finding Aid is available.

John McCallum fonds

  • F 170
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1990

Fonds contains records and writings created and collected by John McCallum.

McCallum, John

Journalism/RTA facility deterioration

File contains black and white and colour photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Journalism facility. Photographs include images of various faculty, staff and students at various RTA classrooms and labs on campus. File also contains 13 negatives housed in paperboard sleeves.

Ryerson Media Centre

Fibre-optic cable - Roger Communication Centre

File contains photographs and negatives of the fibre-optic technology at Ryerson Polytechnic University. Photographs include images of fibre-optic cables, Ryerson's fibre-optic team at the fibre box of the Rogers Centre: Rick Everatt, Pete Degrassi, George Chan, Mike Yamashita, Wayne Detcher, Renee Lemieux, Ken Woo and others. File also contains 1 sheet of textual material.

Ryerson Media Centre

Photograph files

This file contains black and white photographs used by Journalism students in the production of the publication "The Ryersonian". See Finding Aid in file, RG 95.08.01.

Summer acting camps

File consists of brochures relating to the Theatre School's summer acting camps for children ranging in age from 5 to 18.

Conferences held by the Theatre School

Stage Managing the Arts Toronto Conference : Peter Fleming - Course Leader and Alex Gilbert - Course Leader
Production Managing the Arts Toronto Conference: Peter Fleming - Director and Course leader and Genevieve Farrell (TRSM) - Course leader.

RTS News

This file contains Newsletter, first edition of the RTS News. Production ceased due to budget cuts and only 1 edition was ever created.

Ryerson Theatre School Special Events

File contains brochures, invitations, programs and a poster related to special events hosted by the Theatre School. In the file is a brochure for 35th Anniversary events held in November of 2006; brochures and a poster for the 40th anniversary alumni weekend held in February of 2012; and 2 tickets to the cocktail reception held in honour of Nadia Potts held in 2010.

Theatre production: scanned prints

A series of print-outs from scanned original photographs maintained by the Theatre School. These photos are from the numerous drama and dance productions performed by Theatre School students. They are arranged chronologically by year.

Proposal For A BFA Degree In Performance

This file contains Ryerson Theate School Proposal for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Performance (Acting/Dance) prepared by dr.Iris MacGregor Bannerman, Nadia Potts, Program Directors; and Sandy Black, Chair.

PREP: Proposal For A BFA in Dance

This file contains Ryerson Program Review and Evaluation Process Proposal for A BFA Program in Dance:
-Academic Quality Element
-Societal Need Element
-Financial Viability Element and Summary of Societal Need and Academic Quality Elements
and correspondence, and Brief to The Ontario Council on University Affairs on the Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance at RPU.

PRP: Theatre Technical Production

PREP: Assessment of Academic Quality March 1991
PREP: Assessment of Societal Need March 1991
PREP: Assessment of Academic Quality Oct. 1991
PRP: Financial Viability Element Jan. 26, 1993

Ryerson and University of Toronto co-operative project - Opera Dept.

Correspondence and information relating to the use of second and third year Technical and production students from Ryerson by the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, to spend 50% of their production training time in building, running and lighting various operas and operatic excerpts. This relationship provided important professional education for Ryerson students.

Performing Arts Series Agents

Advertising and correspondence regarding various artistic groups who toured North American theatres. Some of these groups and individuals were engaged by the Ryerson Theatre Department.

Departmental Council minutes

This file contains notices and minutes of Departamental Council meetings, agenda and minutes of staff and faculty meetings and Acting Faculty meeting minutes.

Open House

Minutes of Open House meeting (Sept. 14, 1971) and a report on the Open House (Dec. 7, 1971) made to Information Services.

Acting program and productions

Correspondence, and lists of acting and production crews for various performances staged by the students of the Theatre School. These performances were a learning tool for first and second year acting program and technical production students.

Technical Production program

File containing correspondence and memos written by the Director of the Technical Production program Sandy Black. Included are class lists, staffing responsibilities, charts, and guidelines for productions.

Theatre School faculty files

Lists of faculty and their area of specialty, as well as related correspondence and memos concerning resignations, new staff hired, salaries and hiring procedures.

Theatre Arts Course proposal

This file contains A Proposal for a Theatre Arts Course to be set up at The R.P.I. prepared for F.C. Jorgensen, Principal by J.R. McAllister, Instructor-Supervisor.

Canadian College of Dance

Letters written by Sonia Chamberlain, Director of the Canadian College of Dance. Includes memos, budget proposals and letters received from students interested in attending the program. Includes a short history of the Canadian College of Dance from its origins, in Montreal (1957), to its present affiliation with Ryerson Theatre School. Biography of Sonia Chamberlain. Posters for performances can be found with other poster from the Ryerson Theatre Company and The Ryerson Theatre School.

Examination papers

Exam papers from the Theatre School and the Canadian College of Dance. Also included is a supplemental exam from 1971 and exams created by Jack McAlister for his History of Drama class - which pre-dates the Theatre School.

Departmental planning

Three files containing correspondence and memos regarding proposals and schedules for various subjects taught by the Theatre department. Also included are appeals by the department chair for funding and staff.

Theatre School buildings and renovations

Correspondence between the Theatre chair, the Dean of Applied Arts, and Physical Plan regarding renovations to Theatre School buildings. Included are drawings, cost estimates, and equipment lists.

Chairperson's external correspondence - Jack McAlister

Correspondence to and from John ("Jack") R. McAllister. McAllister was the original the artistic director for Ryerson's Theatre School and was later named the chairperson. Collection includes letters from Canadian dignitaries, as well as interesting correspondence from friends and colleagues.

Jack McAllister correspondence

Correspondence written by Jack McAlister. Letters regarding his applications for funding from the Federal Government to finance trips to various theatrical institutions around the world through the Canadian Council Arts awards. His research led to the establishment of Ryerson's Theatre School - incorporating the best techniques of the schools he visited. File also includes letters written by him to his colleagues at Ryerson during his travels.

Theatre School documentation files

This file contains records related to the theatre department in general including news releases, invitations, notices regarding visiting theatre troupe productions, memorandums, vacancy notices, agenda of Departmental Council meetings, programs and brochures.

Margaret Scott MacGregor fonds

  • F 264
  • Fonds
  • 1967 - 1971

This fonds contains the following file:

F 264.01 - Books - published, 1967-1971.
F 264.02 - Curriculum vitae

Open. Records are available for consultation without restriction.

Books - published

This file contains 3 books authored by Margaret Scott MacGregor:

  • 2 copies of, "Some Letters from Archbishop Tache on the Manitoba School Question"
  • 1 copy of, "Henry James"

MacGregor, Margaret Scott

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