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Architecture and Architecture Buildings

The file contains photographic images divided into separate files :
A. - The "Annex" Architecture building in flames and the fire aftermath, including drying of books and journals (1977).
B. - School of Architecture at 720 King St. W. with faculty and students in process of architectural design (1977) ; official opening (1978) ; student projects.
C. - Student award winners (1973, 1982).
D. - Official opening of the Hester How Day Care Centre at Toronto's City Hall with Brian Segal (University President), Paul Godfrey (Metro Chairman), and Arthur (Art) Eggleton (Toronto Mayor) (1981). The playground equipment was designed and constructed by TMU first year Architecture students.
E. - Negatives and contact sheets.

Department of Architectural Science

  • RG 3
  • Arquivo
  • 1949 -

This fonds contains textual records, photographs, and architectural drawings related to the Department of Architectural Science.

Architectural Technology Filing System listing

File contains the listing for the filing system. Files 1-15 is course information; 16-30 is student information; 31-45 is RPI departments - course information; 46-60 is administration files; 61-75 is internal files; 76-90 is budget information; 91-110 are general files; 111-135 are associations and committees; and 150-200 are forms. The finding aid then lists the individual files by number and title.

Unsorted materials

Series consists of materials previously stored on the UM (unsorted materials) shelves in the Archives. Some of the files were organized by school year and had a finding aid, others did not.

Series broken down into sub-series and files.

City Hall annex fire file

The contents of this file originated from a "primary" documentation file assembled during the Archives' early years.They include: newspaper clippings, correspondence and assorted primary documents relating to both the fire and its aftermath.

City Hall annex files

The contents of this series originated from a "primary" documentation file assembled during the Archives' early years and are miscellaneous in nature. It contains correspondence, student equipment guide, floor plan and other materials related to the City Hall Annex location.

325 magazine

File contains copies of 325 magazine. The magazine is written and published by the Architectural Science students at Ryerson. It highlights their work.

Society for Study of Architecture in Canada annual conference

The Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada 's 36th annual conference, hosted by Ryerson Department of Architectural Science, the conference, May 20 to 23, 2009, was held in the Architecture building. The contents includes informational emails, registration form, attendee package, tickets, name tags, and a poster related to the conference. File also includes a copy of The Journal of the Society for the Study Architecture in Canada, Volume 35 no. 2 with a bookmark to an article by Marybeth McTeague entitled "A Janus in the Cold War: The Founding of the Ryerson Institute of Technology".

Also, written and published as an outcome of the same conference is included a copy of the Journal of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada with an article by Marybeth McTeague, "Janus in the Cold War: The Founding of Ryerson Information of Technology.

File is co-arranged with RG 5.284.

First things

File contains two copies of First Things. From introduction: "this book contains work produced during the first year of Ryerson University's Master of Architecture program".

Department of Architectural Science

Travel as Architectural Education: Through the lens of Greek architecture, identity and culture

File contains 2 copies of the publication Travel as Architectural Education: Through the lens of Greek architecture, identity and culture. From insert: "This publication documents outcomes and reflections of the 2011 Intesive Research Seminar and Studio in the Master of Architecture program at Ryerson University."

Kapelos, George

Faculty and staff photographs

File contains portraits and classroom scenes featuring faculty members of the Architecture department. Included are images of P. Popovich, Marvin Tameanko, Doug McCrae, and Chuck Worsley.

Brochures and pamphlets

File contains brochures and pamphlets related to the Department of Architectural Science:

Construction Management Program
Challenging Rewarding Career - Landscape Architectural Technology
Construction Management 1971
Landscape Architecture 1985
Architectural Science 1990
Architectural Science 1993
Landscape Architecture 1993
Bachelor of Technology Architectural Science 1994
Bachelor of Technology Architectural Science 1997
Your Career in Architectural Science 1998
Choose Ryerson Architectural Science 2004
Building Science (MBSc/MASc) Delivering Sustainable Design
Master of Architecture (MARCh)
Master of Architecture (MArch) program overview 2007
Do You Have a Great Idea? Need Money to Kickstart it?
Awards Night 2013
Architectural Science Co-operative Education Internship
Exhibitions & Lectures 2016-2017
Exhibitions & Lectures 2017: Architecture and National Identity: The Centennial Projects 50 Years On

465 newsletter

Contains attatched note: "465 newsletter. Publication of newsletter about 1972. They are not dated and the significance of 465 is not clear".

Fred Hainsworth fonds

  • F 694
  • Arquivo
  • 1925 - 1976

This fonds contains textual records related to Fred Hainsworth's Ryerson career. It includes items from the RIOT variety show and the Ryerson Opera Workshop.

Hainsworth, Fred

Landscape Architecture

Series contains:

RG 3.77.01 - Submission for a Degree In Landscape Architecture 1979
RG 3.77.02 - Preliminary Report: Proposal for a 4 Year Degree Program In Landscape Architecture May 1987
RG 3.77.03 - Assessment of the Societal Need for the Landscape Architecture Program

Curriculum change and restructuring proposals

File contains correspondence and reports relating to curriculum and admissions restructuring within the Department of Architectural Science. It has been divided into 2 files:
RG 3.76.01 1994-1995 Admission and curriculum changes
RG 3.76.02 Curriculum restructuring proposal, 1995
RG 3.76.03 Program changes proposal, 1998

Landscape Architecture program review process

Series contains:

RG3.74.1 - Assessment of Academic Quality of the Landscape Architecture Program
RG3.74.2 - Assessment of the Societal Need of the Landscape Architecture Program
RG3.74.3 - Program Review Process: Description of the Process from OCUA (Ontario Council on
University Affairs).

Former Kodak employee donations

  • C 2011.014
  • Arquivo
  • [196?-2002]

Series contains programmes for events, film samples, letters to and from Kodak employees in both the Canadian and American branches of the Kodak company. Some published materials are also available in this series.

Slides: RIOT'82/RIOT'83

  • RG 215.07
  • Ficheiro
  • 1982-1983
  • Parte de RIOT

File consists of 211 slides of the RIOT shows from 1982 and 1983 including photos of cast members, rehearsals, and props.

Architectural Science program review process

Series is arranged into the following files:

RG 3.73.1 - Program Evaluation Process: Academic Element - April 1982
RG 3.73.2 - Report of the Program Assessment Committee - May 1982
RG 3.73.3 - Program Evaluation Process: Bachelor of Technology (Architectural Science)
RG 3.73.4 - Assessment of the Financial Viability of the Architectural Science Program (1992)
RG 3.73.5 - Assessment of the Academic Quality of the Architectural Science Program (ca.1992)
RG 3.73.6 - Societal Need element of the Architectural Science Program (1992)

Advisory Committee files

File contains annual reports, proposals, minutes, correspondence, memoranda and supporting documentation relating to the activities of the Advisory Committee to the Department of Architectural Technology.

Bowling trophy

Large wooden base with a silver figure (broken), silver bowling pins and lane. Silver and brass name plates. “Architectural Club Bowling League”. Winners range from 1956-1968.

Architecture Building

Several photos of the architecture building before, during and after the complete build. Officially opened on October 14, 1982, in attendance were Premier William Davis, Metro Chairman Paul Godfrey, Lieutenant-Governor John Aird, Board of Governors Chairman Colin Graham, Susan Fish M.P.P for St. George riding, and Vice-President Administration Tom Sosa.

Architecture building

File contains photographs and negatives of the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's Architecture Building exterior. Photographs include images of the exterior of the Architecture Building during construction.

Ryerson Media Centre

Campus Buildings

File contains photographs, contact sheets, and negatives of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's buildings. Photographs include exterior images of :

  • Learning Resource Centre (Library)
  • Jorgenson Hall
  • Photographic Arts
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Oakham House
  • Journalism
  • Architecture
  • Monetary Times
  • Theatre School
  • Interior Design
  • Kerr Hall
  • CJRT/Open College
  • C.A.T.E.
  • Office of Research and Innovation
  • Business
  • Bookstore
  • Garage
  • O'Keefe House

File also contains 2 sheets of textual material.

Ryerson Media Centre

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