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Photo Trade 0
N. Toronto Herald 0
Plant Administration 0
student 1
school 0
Preservation 1
Digital moving image formats 1
Canadian Cleaner and Launderer 0
  • Here are entered works on the caricature of Asians by non-Asians through the use of makeup, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc.
Tourism 2
Contracts 1
Training 1
Batteries 1
Trade secrets 2
Environment 1
Lawsuits 3
Software 1
Printers 3
Digital photography 11
Scanners 3
Audiovisual materials 4
Sales 28
Videotapes 4
Digital cameras

Use for: Digital camera, Cameras, digital

Painting & Decorating 0
Rationing 4
military buildings 1
first aid 1
ration books 4
cookbooks 1
cooking 1
Oral history (discipline)

Use for: History, oral

Music--Canada 1
Consolidated Truck Company 0
Folk music

Use for: Traditional music


Use for: Art music, Art music, Western, Classical music, Musical compositions, Musical works, Serious music, Western art music, Western music (Western countries)

Commercial Authors Services 0
Amputation Association 0
Canadian Purchasor 0
Eglinton Church 0
Whitsed publishing 0
Sporting goods Canada 0
Canadian Packaging 0
Volume Retail Merchandising 0
Trade builder 0
Heavy Construction 0
Eaton Demolition 0
Graphic Arts Association 0
Drug Merchandising 0
Canadian Grocer 0
Glamour photography

Use for: Boudoir photography, Cheesecake photography, Glamor photography, Pin-up photography, Pinup photography

N.M de Munnih 0
Dentist 0
Kiwanis Club 0
Laundry + Dry Cleaning 0
Trader's Lounge 0
Style Magazine 0
Sport Goods + Playthings 0
Sheraton Centre 0
Purchasing Agents 0
Printer & Publisher 0
Morris Gay 0
King Edward Hotel 0
Harbourfront Centre 0
Harbour Brick Company 0
Fullerton Publishing Company 0
Four Season's Hotel 0
Foremen's Clubs 0
Fashion Fabrics 0
Fashion Buyer 0
Hardware + Metal 0
Crang Plaza 0
Church service 3
Chick'n Deli 0
Canadian Manufacturer's Association 0
Bus & Truck 0
Bourbon Street 0
Ballet Companies 3
Babies 0
Albert Hall 0
Scarborough Centre 0
Lytes, Royal York Hotel 0
Dr McJazz Band 0
Ontario Science Centre 0
Jazz musicians 9
Grant Collingwood Photography Labels 0
Group portraits

Use for: Group portrait, Portrait groups, Group portrait

  • Portraits depicting two or more individuals.

Use for: Orchestras and bands, Orchestra


Use for: Comic opera, Lyric drama, Opera--History and criticism, Opera, comic, Operas--History and criticism

  • Here are entered general works about opera. Musical compositions in this form are entered under the heading [Operas.]
Musical theatre

Use for: Musical theater

  • Here are entered works on the broad area of music in the theater, including opera, musical comedy, pantomime, revues, etc., and works about more than one such type.
Theatre programs

Use for: Theater programs, Programs, theater, Program, theater, Theater programmes, Theater programme, Programmes, theater

  • Printed or written lists of the acts, scenes, selections, or other features composing a theater performance, including the names of the performers.
Theatres (2)

Use for: Opera-houses, Playhouses (Theaters), Theaters

  • Here are entered works on facilities used to stage drama. Works on drama as a literary form are entered under [Drama.] Works on drama as acted on the stage are entered under [Theater.]

Use for: Coliseums

Music-halls (Variety-theaters, cabarets, etc.)

Use for: Cabarets, Concert gardens, Concert rooms, Concert saloons, Variety shows (Theater), Variety-theaters


Use for: Sinfoniettas, Symphonies (Orchestra), Symphoniettas

  • Here are entered symphonies for orchestra.
Ballet programs 1
Programs (1)
  • Here are entered works on printed lists providing the order of events and other pertinent information for public presentations.
Theatre programs--Canada

Use for: Theater programs--Canada, Theatre programmes--Canada, Theatre programme--Canada

Theatre (performing arts genre)

Use for: Theater (performing arts genre)

  • Genre of performing arts concerning theatrical or dramatic entertainment, often reserved for works intended for stage presentations.
Event programs 2
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