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Kincardine 1
Listowel 1
Georgina 0
Baldwin 2
Vaughan 1
Cobourg 1
Coboconk 1
Milford Bay 1
Mud Lake 1
Banff 3
Canmore 1
Kikino Metis Settlement 1
Coquitlam (1) 3
Nunavut (4) 6

Use for: Coppermine

Manitoba (8) 11
Winnipeg 23
Newfoundland (1) 6
Jonquière 2
Napierville 1
Delson 1
Gatineau (1) 3
Île des Soeurs

Use for: Nuns' Island

North Hatley

Use for: 45°17′N 71°58′W

Mont-Joli 1
Pointe-des-Cascades 1
Saint Lambert, Quebec 1
Saint Boniface 1
Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu 1
Westmount 1
District of Kent 1
Langley 1
Sidney (BC) 1
Halifax 18
Wapella 1
St. Andrews 1
Saint John 2
St. Stephen 1
Fredericton 2
Saanich 2
Fort William, B.C. 1
Nova Scotia (5) 19
Yarmouth 1
Hartford 1
Dillon 1
Regina 10
Saskatoon 15
Tuktoyaktuk 1
Dolphin Island 1
Kamloops 8
Maple Ridge 1
Prince Rupert 1
Richmond 4
Whistler 4
Saskatchewan (10) 7
Fort QuAppelle 1
Moose Jaw 1
Moosomin 1
Maple creek

Use for: Untitled

Vanguard 1
New Brunswick (5) 17
Northwest Territories (3) 10
Cloverdale 1
Surrey 3
Kelowna 4
New Westminster 5
Kitimat 1
Ladner 1
Port Moody 2
Vernon 0
Digby 3
Glace Bay 1
Moncton 2
South America (1) 1
Guatemala 1
Jamaica 1

Use for: Brasil , Federative Republic of Brazil

  • Large nation comprising the Amazon basin in the north and the Brazilian plateau in south. The area was inhabited by Tupí-Guaraní peoples, who were semi-nomadic and lived in scattered settlements, when it was charted by the Portuguese ca. 1500. European colonization began in 1530. The official language is Portuguese.
Montana 1
Arizona 3
Mesopotamia 1
Argentina 2
New Zealand 3
Norway 4
Costa Rica 1
Panama 1
Algeria 2
Chile 2
Al Qāhirah

Use for: Cairo, Al-Qāhirah, Al-Qahirah, Al Qahirah

Camposanto 1
Balboa Island 1
  • Largest settlement in Northwest Territories; situated on N shore of Great Slave Lake; gold was discovered in area in 1934; connected by highway to Hay river & Alberta.
Ailsa Craig 1
James Bay 1
  • The city of Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic, its limits encompassing some 192 square miles, and it serves as both the national capital and the capital of the Středočeský region. It is situated on both sides of the Vltava River at the intersection of ancient trade routes across Europe. There is a history of human settlement in the area from Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Celtic periods. The site of Prague itself was settled by the second half of the ninth century CE. A ruling family, the Premyslids, established itself in the region later called Bohemia with Prague as its capital. From 800 to 1306 trade flourished under the protection of the Premyslids and the city grew and prospered, becoming the nucleus for the Bohemian kingdom. It was a brilliant medieval center, with a university founded in 1348 that drew scholars from all over Europe. The city grew to cover both banks of the Vltava River. Prague was the scene of Hussite rebellions in the early 15th century, ultimately put down with much violence by the Hapsburg emperors of Austria who became rulers of Bohemia. The religious strife plus two outbursts of plague sent the city into decline in the 17th century, but it revived with great economic growth in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1918, Prague became the capital of the newly founded nation of Czechoslovakia. Following the end of World War II, restoration of the older sectors and buildings of the city began to take place. In 1968, a growing liberalism within the communist state was crushed by Soviet military occupation. In 1989, rebellion against the communist government was centered in Prague, and with the establishment of the Czech Republic in 1993, it was named the capital. Prague is one of the world's richest centers of culture, its Old Town being declared a World Heritage site in 191992. In the year 200, it was named a European City of Culture. It is famed for its astounding architecture, with churches and civic buildings from the Medieval, Baroque, and Classical periods. Its many churches give it the nickname of the
Democratic Republic of Congo

Use for: Congo, République Démocratique du (preferred,C,V,French,U,N) République démocratique du Congo (C,V,O,French-P,U,N) Congo, république démocratique du (C,V,French,U,N) Democratic Republic of the Congo (C,O,English-P,U,N) ............ 1964-1971, and again since May 1997 Congo, Democratic Republic of the (C,O,English,U,N) Democratic Republic of Congo (C,O) ............ name recognized by the US & other nations May 19, 1997 República Democrática del Congo (C,O,Spanish-P,U,N) Congo (Democratic Republic) (C,O,display,English,U,N) Демократическая Республика Конго (C,V,Russian-P,U) 刚果民主共和国 (C,V,Chinese-P,U) جُهور ةً ا ىًوهغو الدّيملراط ةَ (C,V,Arabic-P,U) COD (C,O,ISO3L) CD (C,O,ISO2L) ISO180 (C,O,ISO3N) CG (C,V) CG00 (C,O,FIPS) Congo Kinshasa (H,V) Zaïre (H,V) ............ 1971-1997 République du Zaïre (H,V,French,U,N) ............ 1971-1997 Zaire (H,V) ............ 1971-1997 Republic of Zaire (H,V,English,U,N) ............ 1971-1997 Kongo, Republik (H,V) Belgisch Congo (H,V,German,U,N) ............ 190

  • Region had early Niger-Kordofanian populations; was home of important Luba kingdom and Kuba chiefdoms during 16th-18th centuries; Portuguese arrived in 15th century; Belgium claimed the territory in 19th century; official language is French, though English, Lingala, Swahili, Kingwana, Kikongo, Tshiluba and over 400 Bantu and Sudanese dialects are also spoken.
Squamish 1
Qu'Appelle 1
MacTier 1
Labrador 2
Penticton 1
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