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[Jerry Sachs and the Portsmouth Baseball Team]

Item consists of a series of black and white photographs of a young men's baseball team. In one photo, the men are wearing baseball hats with the letter "P" on them, and ties that say "Portsmouth". The guys are standing in a hilly suburb park area with some homes behind them. All of the men in their uniforms are standing in a line, and there is a younger looking boy dressed as an umpire in front of them. There is a small uneven white border around the image. On the back of the photograph, someone has written in pencil "Jerry Sachs, 5 from left side". In another photo, the team is together on a grassy field with a man in a hat and tie. They are off- center and some of the team appears to be cut out of the frame. There is a light leak on the bottom right. On the back of the photograph in pencil is "Jerry Sachs, far-far left back row"

[GEMS Baseball Team]

Item consists of a black and white photograph of a boys' baseball team. The boys wear uniforms with GEMS on the front. They are sitting and standing on a grassy field. Five boys stand in the back, six sit cross-legged in front of them, and one boy is laying in front of all of them. There is a boy visible in the background, leaning on his bat.

[Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett in Sports Uniform]

Item consists of 15 black and white photographs. The photographs are of two young men engaging in different sports. According to the handwritten captions on the back of the photographs, two of these men are Jerry Sachs and Al Corbett. The photographs show the men posing in different athletic uniforms. Boxing, baseball and basketball are some of the sports the men are engaging in.

"Wait till you see our picnic snaps _ they're marvellous!" : Kodak Verichrome film - a Canadian product

Three photographs of snapshots with adults and children in a canoe, playing baseball, and holding a net, and one photograph of a kitten, with illustration of Verichrome film box. Text contains captions for each photograph and consumer information.

The Baker Advertising Agency, Limited

Rogers Centre (SkyDome)

Photographs of the architect's model and illustrations for the SkyDome, a covered convertible dome over a baseball field and entertainment stadium. Artist's illustrations of proposed designs from The Webb Zerafa Menkes Housdon Partnership and The Robbie/Adjeleian/Norr Consortium. Later photographs show the construction of the dome, and an aerial view of hte site. The building was renamed the Rogers Centre in 2005.

Lenscape Incorporated

They played ball and ate chicken

Item consists of a photograph mounted on grey card of a baseball team arranged in four rows, the first three sitting or kneeling. Handwritten (on the negative), "THEY PLAYED BALL (?) AND ATE CHICKEN/ AUG. 27TH 1908". At bottom left, also written on the negative, "PHOTO BY CHURCHILL".