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[Portrait of two men with pipes]

Item is an unmounted studio portrait of two men seated, with a flowered curtain behind them, and a plaid carpet at their feet. Both men have facial hair. Both are wearing hats, and are holding pipes - man on right holds it in his mouth, and on left in his hands. One on right has a bandaged finger on his left hand. Man on left has his legs crossed, and is holding something white in his right hand, pipe in his left. White sticker on back of tintype with the letter 'c' written on it.

[Portrait of John Lonctot's father]

Item is a tintype, loose from mount. Cream card-frame with gold details and oval opening. Handwritten on back of card-frame "Probably the father of Uncle John Lonctot." Tintype is portrait of a man with beard and mustache. Hair is standing up on left side, like he has just removed a hat. He stares a camera. He wears a suit jacket and vest, no tie. White shirt underneath. Cheeks are tinted pink. All four corners are angled off.

[Portrait of man and infant]

Item is a cased ambrotype, but front cover is gone leaving image side uncovered. Black case with metal clasp. Image side has brass mat, cover glass and sof brass preserver. Image is of a man with glasses seated and holding a child who is standing up on a chair. The child has one hand on the man's chest. The man has a beard. Both their cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of three men outside]

Item is a cased tintype. Has a metal loop at side which suggests it's not a closed case, but more a frame. No front cover. Image has a brass mat, a cover glass and a soft brass preserver. Image is of three seated men leaning against a wall of a house, with wood siding. One on left wears a top hat and dark suit, with a long beard and mustach. The one in the middle has on a suit with jacket, vest and a chain watch and a hat. He has a cigarette in his mouth and a cane leaning against his legs. The one on the right wears a bowler hat, with suit jacket, vest and tie and holds a cane in his hands. He has a long mustach.

[Portrait of a man and woman]

Item is a daguerreotype framed in cover glass and brass preserver, but no case. Image is of a man and woman. Woman wears a white bonnet with bow tied under her chin. Man wears a suit with double breasted vest and bow tie. He has a can between his legs.

[Portrait of a man]

Item is a hinged black case with ambrotype inside. However, hinge is now gone and both front and back covers are loose. Held close with two metal clasps. Inside front cover has a red velvet soft cushion with some leaf details. Gold details outside edges of black case. Brass matt and brass preserver around ambrotype, but no cover glass. Image is a portrait of a man facing camera. Beards grows along side and under chin, with hair long and parted on the side. Cheeks are tinted pink.

[Portrait of a man]

Item is a black cased ambrotype. Closes with one metal clasp. Inside cover has a gold velvet soft cushion. Image side has brass matt and brass preserver with cover glass. Brass matt inscription on recto "Ambrotype July 4 & 11 185-,". Ambrotype is an image of a man, seated, wears a dark suit with vest and checked bow tie. Has a beard that grows down sides of face to under chin. Cheeks tinted pink.