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  • Discipline that studies the chronological record of events, such as affecting a nation, community, individual, object, or place, based on a critical examination of source materials and usually presenting an explanation of their causes.

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History (discipline)

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History (discipline)

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History (discipline)

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Ryerson Archives website

The file consists of correspondence related to the development of the Archives' first website as well as Ryerson history articles and sources for web links to related history websites. A completely new and updated website was developed in 2010 with the first being scrubbed.

The documentation in the file is primarily that of the first website.

Archives Department

Margaret MacMillan fonds

  • F 133
  • Fonds
  • 1981-2006

This fonds contains: clippings of book reviews written by MacMIllan, correspondence, clippings, and published books written by MacMillan.

MacMillan, Margaret

Horizon Canada Vol. 3 Number 35

One copy of Horizon Canada Vol. 3 Number 35 which contains the article "Radicals' Turn - the armed uprising in Upper Canada 1837', by Ron Stagg.

Stagg, Ron

Historical notes 1925-1950

Item is a half-bound manuscript notebook containing a detailed day-to-day account of Kodak Canada's corporate operations, compiled on an ongoing basis by the company historian from January 15, 1925 to September 14, 1950. Subject matter pertains to all aspects of the company's corporate life, including plant construction and maintenance, corporate policies, production schedules and procedures, employee activities, and more.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Records pertaining to the history of building #18

File contains correspondence, pamphlets, and photocopied articles pertaining to the history of Kodak Heights building #18. The building was purchased from Moore Business Forms by Kodak Canada in 1981 and housed Kodak's engineering offices from that date until its demolition in 1987 as part of the Toronto Expansion Program (TEP).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Reproduced articles, catalogues, and magazine covers

File contains miscellaneous print-outs and photocopies of articles, catalogues, and magazine covers published both by Kodak and externally. Items were likely used as reference materials by Kodak Canada's communications department or by the Kodak Canada Heritage Collection and Museum. Topics include: photographic history and production; Kodak history; George Eastman; and others.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak customer service pamphlets

File contains originals and photocopies of Kodak Customer Service Pamphlets and order forms, published between 1977 and 1997. These pamphlets were available for purchase and provided technical advice and information on various aspects of photography. Topics include: photograms; camera lenses; and the history of Kodak cameras.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Records pertaining to corporate meetings and presentations

File consists of overhead transparencies and paper copies of notes from internal presentations delivered between 1991 and 1999 in English and French. Much of the file consists of Kodak Canada's Talking Points/Point de Vue initiative, an internal communication system designed to quickly disseminate information throughout the organization. File also includes notes for regional visits, notes and transpariencies for an Image Check meeting from January 20, 1995 and an SGM IS managers meeting from April 26, 1995, and other materials. Topics include Kodak Canada's history, organization, strategic vision, quality policy, customer satisfaction measures, operating efficiency, and revenues.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak company profiles and histories

Sub-sub-series consists of materials produced between 1919 and 1999 promoting Eastman Kodak and its subsidiaries as a corporate entitity. Includes: profiles of the company and its business divisions, environmental policies, manufacturing capabilites, and facilities; histories of various aspects of the company; biographies of Kodak's founder, George Eastman, and more.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Miscellaneous records of Kenneth Winter

File contains miscellaneous corporate documents compiled or produced by Kenneth Winter. Winter was the secretary of Kodak Canada from 1960 to 1976 and became president and general manager in 1976. The records were likely related to the task of the corporate historian, though it is unclear whether Winter ever officially fulfilled this role. Documents include correspondence with the Eastman Kodak historian, overviews of Canadian Kodak's corporate history, corporate memos, excerpts from by-laws, a Kodak Milestones promotional pamphlet, and others. Subjects include: the history of Kodak Canada and of photography; the role of Canadian Kodak Sales Ltd.; the establishment of the plastic molding department; corporate name changes to Kodak Canada Ltd. and Kodak Canada Inc.; changes to length-of-service calcuations; wage dividends; the purchase of building #18; and the inclusion of colour dye statements on Kodak products. File also includes documents produced by Earl S. Currie, president of Kodak Canada from 1945 to 1955, pertaining to Kodak Canada's history .

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak Canada general corporate reference information

File consists of an alphabetized reference resource providing general information on Kodak Canada and Eastman Kodak from 1899 to 1976. File contains information on annual meetings, past executive members and shareholders, buildings history, various committees and company procedures, Kodak publications, and more. The document was likely compiled by Kenneth Winter during his tenure as secretary of Kodak Canada from 1960 to 1976.

Kodak Canada Inc.

History notes 1963-1984

File consists of typescript notes detailing the day-to-day operations of Kodak Canada. The notes were compiled on an ongoing basis by the company historian from January 4, 1964 to January 28, 1984. Subject matter pertains to all aspects of the company's corporate life, including plant construction, corporate policies, production schedules and procedures, employee activities, and more.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Corporate histories and overviews

File contains miscellaneous overviews and histories of Kodak, written and used as reference material by Kodak Canada's communications department between 1958 and 2004. Includes brief background accounts and "fast facts," as well as "Kodak Canada Milestones" documents, which provide year-to-year accounts of Kodak Canada's activities. Most documents provide general corporate information, but some cover more specific topics, including the Ryerson Chair in Photography, Kodak's Toronto Expansion Program, the history of the Kodak camera, Kodak's offices in Quebec, Ottawa, and Edmonton, and the history of the Kodak Heights Power House (building #1). Many of the histories were written by Mel Rubinstein, Company Information Specialist, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. Corporate histories in this file appear to have been written retroactively and can thus be differentiated from Kodak Canada's "Corporate History Notes," which were written on an ongoing basis and provided day-to-day accounts of the company's life.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Eastman Kodak Company research laboratory

File contains copy prints featuring images of a laboratory. Caption adhered to versos reads: "In 1912, George Eastman was one of the first American industrialists to organize a research laboratory. This picture was taken at kodak research laboratories in Rochester, New York, in 1920." I-88-1454

Kodak Canada Inc.

Ron Stagg fonds

  • F 119
  • Fonds
  • 1985-1998

Fond contain various articles and booklets authored by Stagg.

Stagg, Ron

Open College Canadian History courses (various iterations)

This file contains audio cassettes and textual records related to the Open College course: in Canadian History (Search for a Nation (A History of the Canadian People)

Textual records include transcriptions of source interviews used in the finished radio-based course. Audio cassettes in this file include both finished production tapes of the actual broadcasted class and audio cassettes containing source material interviews with numerous historians and authors.

Open College Canadian History Interview transcripts

This file contains a collection of one hundred and ninety one (191) transcribed interviews of a numerous historians and academics conducted by Desmond Glynn, Myer Siemiatycki, Bob Bothwell, and Tom Fulton as source material for Open College courses on the topic of Canadian History (COCR 920 and COCR 921) for both the original course production of 1980-82 and its update of 1990-92.

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