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Ray Rudiak fonds

  • F 833
  • Fonds
  • 1954-1957, 2002

Fonds consists of textiles, objecs, photographs, graphic material and textual records Rudiak accumulated while a studen at Ryerson.

Rudiak, Ray

Kodak promotional shots of sailboats, cyclers, golfers

File contains promotional colour photographs of sporting activities. Eight prints are duplicate prints of a saiil boat, with the caption "This colorful photo of catamarans in full sail is now on view as the latest Kodarama...This print was made on new Kodak Ektacolor 2001 paper." inserted with each image. Similarly, there are four prints of a man golfing mid-swing, five prints of a group of cyclers approaching the camera head-on, and a single print of a group of men wearing Kodak hockey jerseys posed for a group portrait on an ice rink.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak hockey team, film processing, staff dressed in historical costume

File contains transparencies featuring two images of the Kodak hockey team (c. 1905), two images of film being processed in a lab (c. 1950), two images of a group of women sitting at a desk with a typewriter (ca. 1915), and four images of Kodak employees dressed in historical costume and posed for a composite portrait (ca. 1975?).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kodak people sports, lawn bowling party, golfing, hockey

File contains a portrait of two young men wearing matching sweaters with badges that red: "Weston Juvenile T.L.L. Champions 1930", two matching images of bleachers filled with men and women dressed in suits and hats (between 1930-1939), a group shot of the Sept 1937 Testing & Processing Depts "Lawn Bowling party", an image of "Bob and his girl's" at a golf course, and a portrait of the Kodak hockey team (ca. 1935).

Kodak Canada Inc.

Mattamy Centre Opening Weekend materials

File contains materials created for the opening weekend of the Mattamy Athletic Centre at what was once Maple Leaf Gardens. Included in the file is a commemorative hockey puck, an access pass to the President's reception, a ticket and program for the inaugural men's hockey game and an inaugural weekend ticket and program.

Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, 1931 Official Hockey Rules

The booklet with a red paper cover lays out the by-laws and regulations and the "Playing Rules of the Game" of amateur hockey in Canada with the officers of the national governing association and of each provincial association. Also included is :

  • A memorandum of agreement of the donated silver cup trophy donated by Sir H. Montegu Allan
  • A short history of the Allan Cup
  • Instructions for referees
  • Diagrams of the rink and goal net
  • The record of the cup champions from 1908 to 1930
  • The record of O.H.A. Memorial Cup champions from 1919 to 1930.

Ontario Hockey Association rules book, 1930 - 1931

The OHA rule book does not have a table of contents or index; however, its contents include :

  • Lists of past and current officers from 1890 - 1930
  • List of championship teams for all three series - Senior, Intermediate, and Junior; the earliest being 1891
  • Lists of 1930-1931 Secretaries and Referees
  • Images of past presidents and other officers
  • An extensive review of the past 1929-1930 season, including game winners and team players
  • President's Address : OHA President Richard Butler's 41st annual meeting speech at the Royal York Hotel, November 1930
  • The Constitution of the Ontario Hockey Association and regulations and rules of competition and of the game
  • Images of trophies
  • Samples of forms
  • Schedule of games for the three Series, 1930-1931 season, including intercollegiate games in the Seniors Series.

Ontario Hockey Association

Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens

  • RG 326
  • Fonds
  • 1930 - 2012

The fonds consists of records and objects related to Maple Leaf Gardens and to Ryerson Mattamy Athletic Centre located within the former Maple Leaf Gardens building.

John Caicco fonds

  • F 613
  • Fonds
  • 1953

Fonds consists of a hockey jacket acquired by Caicco while a student at Ryerson.

Caicco, John

Canadian Red Ensign miniature flag

The miniature flag is a representation of the Canadian flag at the time capsule was installed. It is the British red ensign which features the Union Jack in the upper corner (the canton), while the shield of the coat of arms of Canada made it distinctly Canadian.

National Hockey League, Official Rule Book

The pocket-sized booklet with a light brown cover has 49 pages and was used as an easy reference guide to rules and penalties set out by the NHL for spectators. It includes past championships, divisional game statistics, hockey player statistics, and the NHL game schedule for the 1930-1931 season.

National Hockey League

Maple Leaf Gardens time capsule

The series consists of the following.

  • Four daily newspapers, September 21, 1931 : The Globe ; The Mail and Empire ; The Evening Telegram ; The Toronto Daily Star
  • A four-page, typewritten manuscript and envelope likely from the directors of Maple Leaf Hockey Club
  • A four-page stock prospectus
  • A miniature Canadian Red Ensign flag
  • An ivory elephant pendant with blue ribbon fragments
  • 1930-1931 Official Rule Book, National Hockey League (NHL)
  • 1930-1931 Ontario Hockey Association Rules (OHA)
  • 1931 Official Hockey Rules, Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA)
  • 1931 Toronto Municipal Handbook

Maple Leaf Gardens, Limited

Hockey (men's) team photographs

File part contains team photographs of the men's hockey team at Ryerson. Included are:

RG 1953-1954 C.O.H.A champions ( 3 copies)
RG 1954-1955 (3 copies)
RG 1956-1957 C.O.H.A champions [different from RG 946.] (2 copies)
RG 1957-1958 (3 copies)
RG 1959-1960 (3 copies)
RG 1962-1963 O.I.A.A champions (4 copies)
RG 1963-1964 (5 copies)
RG 1985-1986 (signed by players) (6 copies)
RG 1975-1976 (3 copies)
RG 1986-1987 (signed by players) (4 copies)
RG 1956-1957 (4 copies)
RG 1955-1956 C.O.H.A. champs (3 copies)
RG CD's of scanned images. The cd's contain digital copies of team photographs. Two of the discs contains scans from the Archives collection. The two discs contain team photographs not in the Archives collections.
RG ca. 1952-1953 (3 copies)
RG 1961-1962 - signed by 4 of the players
RG 1958-1959
RG 1949-1950
RG 1950-1951 (2 copies)
RG 1953-1954
RG 1961-1962
RG 1971-1972 (2 copies)
RG 1972-1973 (3 copies)
RG 1973-1974 (3 copies)
RG 1974-1975 (2 copies)
RG 1976-1977 (2 copies)
RG 1977-1978
RG 1978-1979 (3 copies)
RG 1979-1980 (4 copies)
RG [1980-1982]
RG 1982-1983 (3 copies)
RG 1983-1984 (2 copies)
RG 1984-1985 (2 copies)
RG 1989-1990 (2 copies)
RG 1991-1992 (3 copies)
RG 1992-1993 (3 copies)
RG 1995-1996 (3 copies)
RG 1996-1997
RG 1997-1998 (2 copies)
RG 1998-1999
RG 1999-2000
RG 2000-2001 (3 copies)
RG 2001-2002 (3 copies)
RG 2002-2003
RG 2003-2004
RG 2004-2005 (2 copies)
RG 2005-2006 (3 copies)
RG 2006-2007 (2 copies)
RG 2006-2007 (2 copies) different from .047
RG 2007-2008
RG 2007-2008 (2 copies) different from .049
RG 2008-2009 (3 copies)
RG 2009-2010 (2 copies)
RG 2010-2011 (3 copies)
RG 2011-2012 (2 copies)
RG 2011-2012 (2 photocopies) different from .054
RG 2012-2013 (2 copies)
RG 2008-2009 (10 photos) different from .051

On the back of RG is a photograph taken at the 1949-1950 Athletic Awards Banquet and a photograph of the Ryerson Men's basketball team playing.

Hockey (men's) team photographs

File consists of Ryerson Rams men's hockey team. The sub-series has need divided into team photographs and player/action photographs.
RG Hockey (men's) team photographs
RG Hockey (men's) - various team, action, and head shots

Winter scenes

File contains negatives and contact sheets of various students participating in winter activities at various locations on Ryerson Polytechnical Institute's campus. Images include: student's playing hockey on Lake Devo, trees and landscape on campus covered with snow.

Ryerson Media Centre