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Photographic chemicals

Photographic chemicals

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Photographic chemicals

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Photographic chemicals

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Kodak liquid retouching colors

Item is a set of colour pigments, produced by the Eastman Kodak Company and used to touch up colour prints and transparencies. The set contains 10 pigments; green, cyan, blue, magenta, red, yellow, orange, brown, neutral and reducer.

Eastman Kodak Company

Engineering field notes

Sub-sub-series contains notebooks and loose pages documenting the work of the engineering department at Kodak Heights. Notes detail the construction, repairs, and renovations of buildings on the site as well as land surveys.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Instruction manuals and reference guides

Sub-series contains reference guides and instructional manuals published by Eastman Kodak Co., its subsidiaries, and other companies between 1891 and 2000. Includes general guides on various photographic topics, as well as manuals for specific products. Manuals and guides were intended for amateur and professional photographers and filmmakers, as well as Kodak dealers, and those using Eastman chemicals and solvents.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Production of motion pictures in color using Eastman color film / Eastman Kodak Company

Item is a bound illustrated manual providing instructions for producing motion pictures films using Kodak products. The manual contains the following chapters and appendices: introduction; Eastman color negative film; Eastman color print film; Eastman panchromatic separation film; Eastman color internegative film; suggestions for processing machine design and construction; dermatitis due to color processing chemicals; certification and sources of supply of chemicals used in processing Eastman color negative, color internegative and color print film; formulas for processing solutions; analytical reagents and procedures for use in processing control for Eastman color films; and some equipment suppliers.

Kodak Canada Inc.

Developer tubes

Orange cardboard tubes have grey labels printed with black ink: "M - Q DEVELOPER TUBES, Adapted to any make of Dry Plates, Films, Developing and Bromide Papers. PAPER, FILMS AND PLATES -- Dissolve thoroughly in Five ounces of water the contents of red end of tube. Then add and dissolve remainder."

Ansco Company

Acetic acid bottle

Handblown cylindrical clear glass bottle with cork, empty. Browned paper label with text reads: "ACETIC ACID, WARRANTED PURE, D.H. HOGG & CO., Wholesale Dealers in, Photographic Supplies, 128 Bay Street, TORONTO." Price sticker: "$125."

D.H. Hogg and Co.

Brodie MacPherson photographic chemical fonds

  • F 2009.006
  • Fonds
  • [19--]

Bottles of photographic chemicals used by Brodie Macpherson in his home lab. Most are glass bottles with cork stoppers, a few Seagram's beer bottles and other re-purposed household containers, with handwritten labels indicating their contents.

Macpherson, Brodie

Historical report : determination of pAg, Kodak Park

Item is a bound report aggregating information about silver ion concentrations. Includes the following sub-reports: "Report on the determination of silver ion concentration as made in film emul. dept., Kodak Park" by Burton Barcliff (published by Eastman Kodak Co., 1937); "Preparation of Ag/AgCl Reference Half-cell for portable pAg meter"; an excerpt from the Beckman Bulletin (August 1950); "Report on the use of concentration cells in measurements of silver ion concentrations (May 23, 1939); and miscellaneous notes, correspondence, and photographic prints.

Eastman Kodak Company